3D Printed Ceramics in Art and Education

3D printed ceramics open completely additional opportunities for earthenware workmanship and training, and in this episode, we talk with two trailblazers around here to study what should be possible. Go along with us as we plunk down with Abiam Alvarez, Ceramics and Studio Arts Teacher at Ann Sobrato High School, and Timea Tihanyi, pioneer and overseer of Slip Rabbit Studio, a technoceramics studio in the Pacific Northwest, and a showing teacher in the Interdisciplinary Visual Arts program at the University of Washington. Both have accomplished astounding work with 3D-printed pottery and will impart their encounters to us in this episode.

In the event that you are new to 3D printed earthenware production, it could be useful to comprehend a little about how it functions. Rather than utilizing plastic and other fiber materials expelled through a spout to make an article, the ceramic 3D printer utilizes dirt that is expelled through an enormous needle that is furnished with an unclogger to push the material out through the end in layers that form the eventual outcome.

A considerable lot of the work area artistic 3D printers like the 3D Potter – utilize the cardinal pivot framework instead of the delta printer setup, and that implies the bed stage that the dirt item is being made on is moving while the needle stays fixed. In the video underneath, you can perceive the number of the work area earthenware 3D printers work.

There are additionally bigger modern measured ceramic 3D printers that permit you to make numerous enormous articles relentless whenever joined with a persistent stream container, like designs and dividers, however in this episode of 3D Universe Untethered, we will zero in on work area artistic 3D printing with an emphasis on how they are being utilized in instructive settings.

Abiam and Timea share a ton of lovely pictures of their 3D printed earthenware craftsmanship pieces in this episode and we exceptionally urge you to watch when you have time, so you don’t pass up their interesting pieces they have made!

Beneath, you will track down the video as well as the digital broadcast joins and profiles for every one of them!

3D Printed Ceramics in Art and Education | Video

The video for Episode 23 of 3D Universe Untethered is live on YouTube for those that like to pay attention about the 3D printing materials accessible. You can track down the connection to the video here.

For those of you who like to pause for a moment or two and tune in while you explore your life, you can look at the 3D Universe Untethered digital recording of this episode here or utilizing the player beneath.

Abiam Alvarez | Ceramics and Studio Arts Teacher at Ann Sobrato High School

Abiam Alvarez experienced childhood in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico for a considerable length of time prior to relocating to the United States in 1999 and getting comfortable the little California town named Firebaugh, which is a cultivating local area town encompassed by many fields of yield. Abiam encountered a portion of the works through the agronomically related positions accessible in the summers as he grew up and went to class.

In the wake of graduating secondary school, Abiam went to California State University, Fresno from 2005 till 2011, where he procured his four year certification in craftsmanship and plan with an accentuation in ceramics and figure. He later returned to school to procure his single subject helping accreditation in the workmanship to have the option to show secondary school craftsmanship. His summers were as yet spent working relentless occupations in the focal valley as he went to school.

Abiam is a first-age understudy in quite a while family. He as of now dwells in the narrows region as a ceramics and craftsmanship secondary teacher at Sobrato High School in Morgan Hill. His underlying foundations are intently attached to the focal valley, where he grew up and makes work that talks about the works and policy driven issues encompassing farming, industrialism, and migrant specialists while dealing with his MFA degree at San Jose State University.

Look at this episode of 3D Universe Untethered and figure out how he is utilizing 3D printed pottery with his understudies, how he showed himself how to utilize this innovation and see a portion of his wonderful work!

To see Abiam Alvarez’s work, kindly visit:

Timea Tihanyi is a Hungarian-conceived interdisciplinary visual craftsman and ceramist living and working in Seattle, Washington. Tihanyi holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary; a BFA in Ceramics from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston; and a MFA in pottery from the University of Washington.

Tihanyi’s work has been displayed in the United States, Brazil, Australia, Denmark, Spain and the Netherlands, including Shepparton Art Museum, Henry Art Gallery, Bellevue Art Museum, Mint Museum of Art and Design, Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburg, Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences, Foundry Art Center, International Museum of Surgical Science, SculptureSpace NYC and the Museum of Glass, Tacoma.

She has gotten numerous acknowledgments, including the 2018 Neddy Award in Open Media, a 2018-19 Bergstrom Award, a New Foundation travel award, 2020 McMillen Fellowship and 2021 CityArtist grant. In Seattle, her work has been essential for various performance and gathering shows at Gallery 4Culture, CoCA, Consolidated works, Seattle Art Museum (SAM) Gallery, Davidson Contemporary, and SOIL Gallery. Her work is addressed by the Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle. Her show “Article Permanence”, a cooperation with craftsman Sywia Tur, will open in January 2022 in the Bellevue Arts Museum.

Tihanyi is a Teaching Professor in the Interdisciplinary Visual Arts program at the University of Washington. She is likewise the organizer and overseer of Slip Rabbit, the first technoceramics studio in the Pacific Northwest. This remarkable coaching space, which involves clay 3D printing for trial and error and learning is an examination center point at the convergences of workmanship, plan, design, science, and designing.


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