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Three-dimensional printing is an advanced level of the manufacturing process. Though it is pretty new in the market, it is becoming famous fast. 3D printing is an excellent source of enjoyment. To some extent, this technology is used professionally. This expert use is increasing quickly. 

When you buy a 3D printer for professional outdoor projects, indoor projects, artworks, tools, prototypes, etc., the printer matters the most. Many 3D printers come with a complete list of features and functions. You should go for the 3D printer made in USA, as they are the leading brand of the global 3D printer market. If you can get the right 3D printer matching your need, you will get the best benefit out of it.

On this page, you are getting a list of the top USA-made 3D printers to choose from. Do not be late and find one soon.

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Things To Check In 3D Printer Made In USA

To have the correct 3D printer, you have to be wise enough. It is because you must match the printer type with your job. Let’s focus on notable features that you need to look at before selecting a printer.

  • Printer Style

Most customers go for the fused deposition modeling printer (FDM), which uses heat to extrude melted plastic material to make the object. Other printer styles include different printing processes like SLS-selective laser sintering, SLA-stereolithography, and DLP-digital light processing. At first, you have to decide what you will make and what filament type is better for you. Then select the printer style to match your need.

3D Printer Made In USA

  • Print Resolution

The resolution of 3d Printers is measured in microns. FDM printers work on the lower end of 25 microns, and resin printers work on the higher end at 100 microns. You also have to check the adjustability of the printer with the final project. The balance of the resolution depends on the layer height, belt tension, etc.

  • Safety Features

Since 3D printers work with high heat, there should be enough safety. Some printers have the heat dissipation function to cool the printer down after completing the printer or when there is a chance of overheating. Some printer has the movable nozzles that prevent filament clogging and cool the nozzles immediately after printing.

Comparison Table Of Made In USA 3D Printer

ProductManufacturerCompatible DevicesMaterialCompatible MaterialEditor’s Rating
COMGROW Creality Ender UL Certified 3D PrinterComgrowPersonal ComputerAluminumPolylactic Acid5
Monoprice Pre-Assembled 3D PrinterMonopricePC, LaptopPlaAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene , Metal , Wood , Copper , Bronze , Alloy Steel , Polylactic Acid , Polyvinyl Alcohol5
ANYCUBIC MEGA-S Upgrade 3D PrinterANYCUBICPersonal ComputerAluminumAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene , Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol , Metal , Thermoplastic Polyurethane , High Impact Polystyrene , Wood , Polylactic Acid5
BIBO Dual Extruder 3D PrinterBIBOPersonal ComputerPlasticAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene , Plastic , Acrylic , Polycarbonate , Thermoplastic Polyurethane , High Impact Polystyrene , Polylactic Acid , Polyvinyl Alcohol5
FlashForge Metal Frame 3D Printing CreatorFlashForgePC, LaptopWood, AluminumPolypropylene , Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol , Metal , Thermoplastic Elastomers , Aluminum , Thermoplastic Polyurethane , High Impact Polystyrene , Polylactic Acid , Polyvinyl Alcohol , Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene , Polycarbonate , Wood , Pearl4.9
Official Creality 3D Metal Frame PrinterCreality 3DPCAluminumAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene , Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol , Metal , Thermoplastic Polyurethane , High Impact Polystyrene , Wood , Polylactic Acid4.9
COMGROW Creality Open Source 3 PrinterComgrowPersonal ComputerplaPolylactic Acid4.8
JG MAKER Metal Base Magic 3D PrinterJG MAKERPC, LaptopAluminumAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene , Metal , Wood , Copper , Bronze , Alloy Steel , Polylactic Acid , Polyvinyl Alcohol4.7
GIANTARM Dual Extruder Mix Color 3D PrinterGIANTARMPC Laptop SD cardAluminumpolylactic acid4.6
R QIDI TECHNOLOGY Closed Structure 3D PrinterR QIDI TECHNOLOGYPC, LaptopPlasticAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene , Plastic , Acrylic , Polycarbonate , Thermoplastic Polyurethane , High Impact Polystyrene , Polylactic Acid , Polyvinyl Alcohol4.5

Top 15 American Made 3D Printers Review

As the USA is the leading manufacturers of 3D printers, you should check these printers below. You will indeed find the right one for your purpose.

1. COMGROW Creality Ender UL Certified 3D Printer Review

3D printing is amazingly fun when you do not have any risk. As you are working at a high temperature, having trouble is possible for 3D printing printers. These printers are the safer option. This Ender 3 Pro has the UL certification for the secure power supply. Reaching 10 degrees temperature takes only 5 minutes. So, it is common to have unexpected power surges. This COMGROW printer ensures a safe power surge at every point. It provides an even temperature spread all over the build plate. 

Operating this printer is easy for all the supportive features. When it comes to you, it is already partially assembled. So, you do not have to take the hassle to assemble the rest. Then you work with this printer with easy steps. Make your own design and then command for printing. The rest of the job falls on this printer. With a nice finish, this printer makes the perfect thing you like. If you have to pause your printing job, you can resume it precisely from where you left it. It can keep the record of the last work and start printing from the previously recorded extruder position. 


  • Removable build surface plate
  • UL certified safety surety
  • Assembling is easier
  • Resume printing from last recorded position


  • The absence of instruction makes it hard to run

2. Monoprice Pre-Assembled 3D Printer Review

Monoprice comes with a 3D printer that is pre-assembled and compact. With the small footprint, it will take minimal space to sit on. The open-frame design also needs less space to operate this machine. A small desk is enough to keep this device and work at ease. 

There are many types of 3D printer filament to make many unique things out of different materials. But all printers cannot support all kinds of filaments. This Monoprice printer supports a wide range of filament types from primary level filament to an advanced level, including ABS and PLA filament, conductive PLA filament, Wood and Metal composites, and dissolvable PVA.

With the wide range of filament support, this printer also provides higher temperatures to work with all types of filaments. The maximum temperature support is up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. This ability offers the option to make numerous designs. This printer comes with all supportive accessories, including a MicroSD card, PLA filament sample, bed scraper, etc. It also has connectivity options for Micro USB and MicroSD cards. You can work with PC and Mac and different types of software like Cura, Repetier, etc. 

For the beginner-level printing practice, this printer provides sample PLA filament and MicroSD cards with installed models. So, you do not have to buy filament and other things initially. You can practice a few times and begin your job with complete confidence. 


  • Support for almost all types of filaments
  • Sample filament and models included
  • Reasonable in the price range 
  • Pre-assembled printer and compact design


  • Bed heating is low

3. ANYCUBIC MEGA-S Upgrade 3D Printer Review

When the settings and frame of the 3D design are precise and accurate, it will be perfect. ANYCUBIC Mega-S printer ensures the premium precision of filament extrusion. This printer is also compatible with almost all types of filaments. You will have the chance to make many things with different materials. In fact, if you decide to make a design on a perfect filament material, the longevity of the prototype will increase. This printer provides so many options that enable you to create gorgeous designs with the desired filaments. 

While printing a design, it is possible to have a sudden power cut, or filament can end. This printer supports these situations. It can record the last position and then resume printing from that point when the power comes again. It can provide an alarming sound when the filament is run out. All these functions allow you to work smoothly, and you do not have any problem with the sudden interruption. 

This 3D printer designs at stable positions. It has a patented coating on its platform surface. This coating is microporous, which keeps the printer stable with excellent adhesion power. When the design is ready, then it comes off the printer base. This feature makes the job easy. With the TFT touch screen, you can operate the printer at the best comfort. It provides lifetime technical support from these 3D printer manufacturers.


  • Easy to assemble within a short time
  • Ultra-base with a microporous coating to keep the model stable until it is finished
  • Sensor detection for sensing the filament condition
  • Support all types of filaments


  • Screws are loose to connect

4. BIBO Dual Extruder 3D Printer Review

With the upgrade functionality, BIBO comes with an advanced 3D printer. This American-made 3D printer has a dual extruder that makes work easier and saves time. You can print one object in two different colors for the dual extruder, which increases the design uniqueness and crafting option. You can show your creativity more with this function. You also can print using the dissolvable filament as the printing support.

This printer supports wi-fi connectivity that allows you to run the printer using a PC or tablet, or your smartphone. The filament detection feature allows filling the filament at the right time. It will save your time and let you print without any worry about the settings. When you are doing a big project, it is a common situation to run out of filament. This printer pauses and lets your fill the filament at ease. 

This printer can copy print which means that you can print two objects using two different extruders. It saves your time and lets you make a big production. Get this printer to your home or office and create unique designs and models with better precision.


  • Color touchscreen to operate the device easily
  • Filament detection option
  • Dual extruder to make one object in two colors or two objects
  • Time saver printer


  • Quite expensive

5. FlashForge Metal Frame 3D Printing Creator

FlashForge printer is another advanced-level printer that prints models keeping the extrusion stable and perfect. The base platform is Metal, and it provides a guide rod that ensures an accurate Z-axis movement. For this 10 mm guide, the platform arm stays safe and does not deform. The precision of the model comes from this feature. The aviation level plate is aluminum made, having a thickness of about 6.3mm. This plate keeps the surface completely flat and makes a perfect dimensional presentation. 

The heating process cannot warm the aluminum aviation plate for high thickness and construction system. It increases the durability of the printer. The printing chamber is enclosed that insulates and protects filament prints. It keeps the model fresh until it is complete and ready to remove. The metal platform support model is standing position firmly with the adhesive power. 

This printer supports a range of filament types including PLA, PLA color change, Pearl, ABS Pro, ABS, PVA, PETG, HIPS, Elastic, TPU TPE, Flexible filament, Conducive, Metal filled filament, PP, and Wood served filament. With the firm and sturdy metal body, you can use this printer for a long-term job.


  • Metal platform with guide rod
  • Aviation flat level plate
  • Support variable filaments
  • Enclosed chamber to protect the filament


  • It makes noise

6. Official Creality 3D Metal Frame Printer Review

Creality 3D brings a 3D printer to let you craft your skill to keep up with the updated time. You can showcase your talent and creativity through this supportive printer. It allows you to work with the help of new generation technology. 

The resume print technology allows you to stop the chance of failing. There was a time that a power cut could destroy all your printing job. But this resume technology can resume your printing job smoothly. After having an accidental power cut or sudden running out of filament cannot stop the job but pause until the power is on or filament is filled. Then it will resume the printing job exactly where it was stopped. 

This 3D printer manufactured in the USA offers the advanced MK-8 extruder’s genius design that reduces the chance of clogging and uneven extrusion. This technology ensures an even extrusion of filament at the proper heating position. To bring the most precision, it has ball-bearing wheels. It provides a perfect presentation of filament in the right shape and form. This printer was engineered with an incredible thermoplastic that delivers low friction, excellent dimensional stability, and high stiffness.

This printer comes half-assembled, which reduces half of your job. To get this superb printer with all the helpful features, get it soon. 


  • Resume technology to cut the chance of failure
  • Smooth and easily adjustable pulley
  • High dimensional stability to form a perfect model
  • Ball-bearing wheels to provide the accuracy


  • The printing surface may not remain flat

7. COMGROW Creality Open Source 3 Printer Review

COMGROW comes with advanced technology in the Creality Open-source printer. The extrusion follows the upgraded technology that reduces the risk for plugging and ensures even extrusion. The Wheel is of V-shape that makes the operation noiseless and smooth. It makes a durable model with perfect base construction and model frame. With the smooth movement of the leveling bed, you can create exactly what you need. It provides you to practice your skill and creativity.

When running the printer, it takes only 5 minutes to reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. This hotbed has safety protection and a safe power supply ensuring your security. This 3D printer manufacturer tested this printer and every part carefully before delivering it to the market. You will get the resume technology with this printer that cuts the chance of printing failure. It resumes printing, keeping the printer paused for a day too.

Providing the precision core technology helps you to increase your credibility and talent. Grab this 3D printer as soon as you can and make unique designs.


  • Updated extrusion technology
  • Safety and protection from heat and power supply
  • Quiet operation
  • Included resume technology


  • Assembling it is immensely complicating though it comes half assembled

8. JG MAKER Metal Base Magic 3D Printer Review

JG Maker offers an incredible 3D printer with a firm and sturdy metal base that keeps the printer stable during printing a model. This machine provides a power supply from the base part, making it safer to use and heat the hotbed effectively. It uses industrial-grade silicone wire in a perfect dimension, and it can create a durable and robust model with unique designs. The supportive features help to work using your talent to the whole level. 

This 3D printer designs in a stable way, and so you will get the chance to make some exciting things with different structures. It will let your use all your creative senses. When the printer is out of filament, it detects it and informs you to fill it up in time. There can be other problematic issues with the filament settings, and this printer can detect these problems too. Besides, you do not have to pause or stop printing from filling the filament into the printer. There is a side filament holder that allows to fill it without disturbing the process.

This printer is also easy to assemble though it takes two hours. The SD card slot is removable. You can remove it and insert it again. It provides the flexibility to use it. 


  • Safe power supply
  • Filament condition detection
  • Side filament holder to quickly fill it up
  • Resume printing technology


  • Quite noisy 

9. GIANTARM Dual Extruder Mix Color 3D Printer Review

With the GIANTARM 3D printer, you will get the best customizing option. This printer allows using of multiple-colored filaments in one piece of the model using two extruders. Having advanced ideas of different designs, you can make exciting models that are different from anything. With a giant printing board, you have broad space to practice other things causing. You also can make two different models at one go as there are two extruders. Though two extruder works together, they make even extrusion. 

The large building platform provides enough space to customize designs and also keep the model stable during printing. This printer uses resume printing technology too. You do not have to think of failure; this printer will automatically pause the printing job if there is a power cut or other issues. When the power supply is again on, it resumes printing from the last recorded points.

This printer is also easy to assemble in a short time range as it comes 90% pre-assembled. After making the model, you will be fascinated by seeing the result. The models are high in quality and durable. 


  • Printing option in multiple colors 
  • Dual extruder for a fast job and customizable printing
  • Resume printing technology included
  • Auto-leveling option


  • Spool an extruder positioning is not helpful; it corrodes one another

10. R QIDI TECHNOLOGY Closed Structure 3D Printer Review

R QIDI TECHNOLOGY comes with the most interesting 3D printer to support in every way. When you are printing using ABS filament or this type of filament that needs a closed box, it works as a secure box printer. This time, this printer provides excellent efficiency and better safety. In closed position, this printer makes perfect heating spreading and produces proper design. When you need to create models in an open system, you can do it in this printer. 

The printer is designed for a high-end industrial-grade FDM structure to provide professional support. It can be less effective for home use or personal DIY use. It is perfect for large models. The platform space and other machinery are suitable for industrial-grade structure formation. 

The printer’s nozzle is 0.2 mm in diameter that provides extra accuracy than the 0.4 mm nozzle. You can set both sets of nozzles at a time. This allows more delicate printing on the flat surface. ]this is the chance to show your creativity in every detail of the design. A fantastic feature of this printer is the self-developed slicing software. It comes in two different modes- regular mode and expert mode. Normal mode is for the beginner that is easy to understand. The expert mode is for the professionals that include many expert level parameters to increase its delicacy. 


  • The nozzle is of a smaller diameter
  • Supportive slicing software from QIUI
  • Industrial grade design of the printer
  • Particular printing platform that performs both in closed and open form


  • Slightly expensive

11. ELEGOO MSLA UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer Review

If you need faster production, you will have this ELEGOO 3D printer. It takes only two seconds to print one layer. It is three times faster than a regular 3D printer. This advanced printer is built with an updated COB structure that emits an efficient light source to provide an even and bright light emission. It ensures a uniform printing service to make a proper balance, strong base, and exact form in the model. This printer works with 2K mono LCD that let your see printing condition.

With the LCD monitor, you can easily control printing precisely at the time of modeling. It ensures the accuracy and precision of every layer. The machine is built of a solid and firm resin body with an aluminum alloy platform. It is much stable and durable. Within the monitor, this printer support in other ways too. It includes slicing software to make your job easier. This software is also responsible for faster operation. This printer takes only one minute to format the files and is ready to print.

With this printer, you can make many perfect models in a short time range. You can run a business with an increased production rate. 


  • Three times higher printing speed
  • LCD monitor
  • Uniform and even light emission
  • Precision and accuracy at a high rate


  • Only closed system available

12. Da Vinci XYZ Mini 3D Printer Review

The Da Vinci 3D printer is small in size and compact design. Though the size is small, it offers many features included. You can produce in high quantity comparing with the size. Its printer bed is aluminum made with a balanced size and diameter. It is 5.9 by 5.9 by 5.9 inches in length, width, and diameter range. It offers an easy operation through wireless connectivity. You can produce models at a fast speed commanding from wireless devices. 

Da Vinci printer provides an environment-friendly filament that is PLA plastic made from corn starch. This printer also provides a supportive printing software solution, which is free. It helps the beginner to create a design for 3D models. 

To operate this printer, it has LED buttons with colored lightning. It makes it easier to understand the functionality of all the buttons. You can efficiently run the printer and create unique designs for your models.


  • Compact in size and design 
  • Single-button printer for easy operation
  • Free software available from Da Vinci
  • Non-toxic Da Vinci filament


  • Not suitable for extensive model designing

13. FlashForge 3 Lite FDM 3D Printer Review

FlashForge comes with a noise-free 3D printing solution. This printer is perfect for big to small projects. With the high building volume, you can grow your business with full support. This printer supports various filaments, including PLA, ABS, Metal filled filament, PLA color change, Wood field filament, high-speed PLA filament. It can work at high temperature that ranges up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. 

With the standard heated build plate, printing is easy. You can remove the build plate and get the model quickly after completing it. It makes the work flexible. Nozzles are also detachable that increases flexibility. This printer is a noise-proof platform that allows working without making harsh noise. You can make a big bundle of printing peacefully. This printer has 2.8 inches UI interface to make your printing in complete control. 

Leveling the build plate is easy too. You can easily make the bed ready to work within a short time. 


  • Support lots of filament types
  • Flexible and removable heating bed
  • Noise proof printing solution
  • Digital UI interface


  • Filament spool capacity is low

14. MakerBot Replicator Smart Extruder 3D Printer Review

The MakerBot printer has received a massive response from customers for its supportive features. This printer has earned several awards that prove its efficiency. To make it environment friendly, it uses non-toxic materials. This printer is tested by NIOSH and declared to be safe for classrooms or offices. 

Within the environmental safety, this printer ensures easy operation through aluminum casting and extrusions. Extruders move so smooth and sound that they increase the flexibility to use the printer. This printer offers more working options through the small spool and large spool. There is also support to work with MakerBot rigid material filled large spool. You can work with various filament types, including copper fill, wood fill, and bronze fill. 

This printer comes with one MakerBot replicator, a smart extruder that swaps fine, one PLA spool, a flexible build plate, and USB cables. It is absolutely a complete solution to practice a lot of designs of models. 


  • Environment-friendly building design
  • Different filament support
  • Includes supportive accessories
  • Cloud-enabled printing option


  • Expensive

15. ANYCUBIC Photon Resin 3D Printer Review

Anycubic photon printer is one of the faster resin 3d printers to perform the best in a short time range. You will be able to make premium quality prints in a short time. This printer takes only 1 to 2 seconds to print one layer.  It has a 4K monochrome screen to ensure printing at an ultra-high resolution to turn the model uniquely superior in quality. It restores every detail in all the models. 

This printer is supportive for the beginner and excellent for the expert. The screen allows to change or modify or control edits on printing during the printing time. You can check and restore all the details and parameters anytime you want. Though it provides a delicate detailing in the designs, you can easily change and edit even a small parameter.

To support expert-level 3D printing, this printer offers a double linear guide. The Z-axis of the printer work with the combination of an anti-backlash nut, screw motor, and dual linear manual. It improves the stability of the platform. The slicing software also helps in making premium-level designs. You will be able to make anti-aliasing and smoother printing with high accuracy. The light source of the machine is uniform, and even that ensures high precision in the setting of all the layers.

This resin printer has a UV heat dissipation channel to cool the printer down when needed. It ensures higher-level security. So, work with the best safety and high precision.


  • Slicing software included
  • UV heat dissipation channel to keep the printer cool
  • Double linear guide for the best accuracy
  • Faster printing solution


  • A little high in the price range

3D Printer VS Laser Cutter

Creating a three-dimensional model through the digital manufacturing process is one of the most popular technology. Among various digital manufacturing processes, 3D printing and laser cutting technique is the most appealing processes. 3D printers produce 3-dimensional products by adding material layer by layer. After making a digital model design on your computer or laptop, you have to print it through the 3D printer.

Laser cutting technology uses a high-powered laser beam to cut cardboard, acrylic material, Wood, MDF, POM, etc. to make the model. The 3D printer and the laser cutter are efficient in creating prototypes. The perfection depends on the high-end product from these two processes, the size of the model, and the nature of the project.

best 3d printer made in usa

Laser cutters can make flat products mostly and angular objects to some extent, whereas 3D printers can make utterly 3-dimensional products. Sometimes, 3D printers produce a part of the complete object when people add the created product to the entire thing. Sometimes, people make a whole object using 3D printers. 3D printers are cheaper compared to most laser cutters. Many customers rely on laser cutters even if it is pricey because of the chance of printer jam. 

Laser printers are time-savers too. A 3D printer makes an entire object from the filament. A laser cutter only makes some cuts and creates the object. So, the choice between a 3D printer vs Laser cutter depends on the need and interests of customers.

Is FlashForge American?

There is Zhejiang Flashforge 3D technology corporation, a manufacturing enterprise of 3D printing equipment. 

On the other hand, FlashForge USA is an authorized reseller, and there is FlashForge USA Direct. Both FlashForge offers the fastest turnaround time and personal support directly from FlashForge USA technicians. They provide lifetime technical support and a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty for their 3d printers. These supports and services are out of the facility in Los Angeles, sunny California. Personally, FlashForge USA ensures the best services to their customers. Customers have to ensure that they are ordering the product from the authorized resellers of FlashForge USA.

Is 3D Printing Worth Investing In?

Yes, 3D printers are worth your investment. If you learn the printing process thoroughly and get all the essential information, you can work effectively and create valuable prototypes. Many people take it as a hobby. But if you can use your creativity and talent properly, you can craft unique and exciting models out of the printers. 3D printers provide the chance to practice your skill, and you also can do your own business.

In the market, many 3D printers are offering excellent service at an affordable price range. If you can plan wisely and purchase the right 3D printer, you will make a good profit.

3D Printer Made In USA

Who Is The Biggest 3D Printer Manufacturers?

The usage, adoption, and spending on 3D printing have been rapidly increasing in the recent century. Internationally, the US has the most extensive base of 3D printers comparing other companies. They are efficiently leading the market with over 35% global manufacturing revenue in recent years. They are printing cars, toys, athletic shoes, etc., in abundance. 

With the increasing level of the 3D printing market over the past years, it can be assumed that there is a high future potential for this 3D printing service as another business has the chance to make a potential benefit. They are already continuing investment in the research, development, and educational assistance for 3D printing improvement.

Other than the US, other countries like UK, Germany, France, China, South Korea, and Australia are concerned in this 3D printing market.

Final Thought

If you are concerned about 3D printers, the best choice will be from 3D printer made in USA. We have selected the most popular and influential 3D printers from USA manufacturers. They sell and provide helpful and supportive machines. For the initial and expert levels, these 3D printers offer significant functions at an affordable price range.

You can seek the 3D printer for your home use or the official use. One of these 15 printers must match your demand.


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