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Printer Reviews is maintained by a group of technology lovers, who started off helping others with choosing the best printer according to their needs. Printer Reviews is a platform where you find guidelines and reviews that will help you to choose the best tech gadgets or smart devices for home, for school, and for business. All the articles on our website are well researched and limited to technology that are readily available for purchase.  We hope the information we provide helps you with your printer selection.

The motivation for helping others began with the love of printers and its history. Much of how our communities are held together is because of printers. Consider, a printing machine revolutionized public communication and the exchange of ideas in 15 Century Europe. Historians readily refer to that printing machine as The Gutenberg Press; an invention by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450. Because of the movable type face technique, printers increased the number of books they could print.This movable type technique was developed in late 900s China but once Gutenberg introduced it  to Europe, it revolutionized the ways people communicated in a public sphere.  Before the Gutenberg Press, printers were manually carving an individual block to print a single page. This might have been cheaper but it was also time consuming, inefficient, and hard to recycle. 

Let’s be honest, 500 year before the Gutenberg Press, no one was really thinking about how mass printing was time consuming, inefficient, and hard to recycle. At that time, most people couldn’t read and literacy rates were low. In the 9th century, Chinese craftsmen developed a way to mass produce books by carving words and pictures into wooden blocks, inking them, and then pressing paper onto the blocks. Each block consisted of an entire page of text and illustrations. It is only because we are looking back from today that we might feel that the printers of the past were inefficient. They helped us get to where we are today.

This is all to show you how much we love printers and technology here at Printer Review! 🙂

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