Top 10 Best Scanner For 11×17 Artwork [Recommended]

When you need to scan larger size documents than the A4 size, you will need an 11×17 size scanner. This is also known as a ledger scanner. For many professional works like scanning drawings, maps, blueprints, exclusive photos, etc. You may look for the balance of size. It may need shrinking of the paper or images. And this is not the right choice. It can destroy the actual image or map information.

The 11×17 Scanner can be an essential tool for graphic engineers, photographers, engineers, artists, etc. Finding a list of the best scanner for 11×17 artwork can be an extra advantage in choosing the suitable Scanner.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Scanner For 11×17 Artwork

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What to Look Before Buying The Best Scanner For 11×17 Artwork

As the 11 by 17 inches is a particular size requirement, your Scanner should have all the necessary functionalities. So, check appropriately if essential features are present or not.

  • Scanner Type

Some scanners are well fit to scan A3, A4, A5, A6, etc. Some traditional scanners are flatbed for scanning legal or letter size documents or books. If you know your need, it will be easy to select the type. There are some flatbed scanners with a glass base to scan A3 or A4 size too. So, check properly before buying.

large format flatbed scanner

  • Document Type to Scan

You may have to scan uncommon things like passports or topographic maps, etc. Or, you may need to scan usual items like cards, documents, images, etc. Some 11×17 scanners can do every type of scanning. If you need to scan hundreds of papers, you should check the scanning speed too. Find such a scanner that can do more types of scanning.

best scanner for 11x17 artwork


  • Network Scanning

Many scanners can directly scan to emails, clouds, network folders, or even to USB in the market. Check if the Scanner has all these capabilities. It will increase the work field and enhance flexibility.

  • Budget

You may have a low budget or high. But you do not want to waste a penny. So, check the availability of the feature and make a balance with the necessity and price range. If you miss some features for a low amount of money, you may feel inadequate in the future. So, check the need and wisely make the budget.

large format flatbed scanner

Top 10 Best Scanner For 11×17 Artwork

Finding the Best 11×17 Scanner is challenging as many scanners can meet your demand. They have high-end features and fine-tuned finish in their specifications and design. So, selecting one can be tricky. Check the top-rated scanners below and choose.

1. HP Officejet 7740 Wide Format Printer Scanner Review

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This HP 11×17 printer scanner provides the ultimate performance as a scanner. The flatbed scanning plate keeps the papers straight and intact. There is no chance of folding or scratching forms. So, the scanned photos or documents are right at every angle. Besides, you can print, copy, and fax.

In terms of print speed, this is one of the best 11×17 printer scanner. This printer scanner can print and scan 22 pages per minute. The auto documents feeder and duplex printing option can print at a faster speed.

This Scanner has connectivity with iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. You can potentially scan and take them directly to social media, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud. It allows to keep them safe to those platforms. It will enable print from those media with an edit option. If you want to turn old photos into a new version, you can scan to high resolution, edit to change anything you want and then print to get the latest images of old memories. The print-out produces scratch-resistant photos.


  • Flatbed large format scanner 11×17 size
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Touch screen keypad to operation
  • Two 250 sheets tray


  • 3rd party ink use is prohibited

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2. Canon PIXMA 11×17 Flatbed Scanner for Home Office Review

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Canon comes with an all-in-one scanner that can print, copy, or fax too. The scanner tray can support 11 inches by 17 inches and produce a multi-page scanned copy. The auto document feeder increases the scanning and printing speed. It has the PIXMA application included that improves the quality of the scanned object. The auto documents feeder, multi-page scanning support, and color scanning option with PIXMA offer increased versatility for working fields.

The Scanner produces soft copies of borderless photos at 11 by 17 inches, and this opens a broad way to show your performance at best. This Scanner is one of the best 11×17 flatbed scanner all in one that supports legal and letter paper size. You can make unique things on different bases by scanning the design and printing on them. You can do your new business and attract your clients to increase your business boundary. This Scanner can make documents, including reports, booklets, leaflets, proposals, etc. So, have this great Scanner and get fun working with it.


  • Over-sized scanning option
  • Multi-page document feeder automatic system
  • Flatbed scanner type
  • Connectivity through smartphones or PC


  • Envelopes and high-resolution paper cannot produce 11 inches 17 inches scan

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3. Brother All-in-one Inkjet Printer Scanner Review

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Brother brings a scanner that can produce high-resolution scanned images or sharp-edged borderless document setup. This means that you can scan anything, and you will have the option to set them right and align them at the proper angle. Then you can print and get the correct format of your document. It allows you to make edits within soft copies, and you do not have to make copies using your hand and then type.

Brother engineered this Scanner to perform all purposes, and it allows the production of high-quality documents and images. The Scanner permits scanning old and scratched photos and edit them to make a newer version. You can produce surprising results while working on photos. This option will show you’re the way to make different amazing decorative things too. You can download any design and patterns and produce unique wall mates or posters with images. This will show you a way to do your own business.


  • INKvestment Tank system to decrease the ink use
  • Flatbed scanning option
  • 250-sheets paper tray capacity
  • Versatile paper handling support


  • Paper type hanging is a hassle to handle

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4. Epson Expression Photo Scanner Copier Review

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This Epson 11×17 scanner has an innovative design to reduce the hassle and operation facts. It has a fold-over scan lid, and you can use the overall 11×17 size to scan your photos. This Scanner can take pictures to make high-resolution photos, and you can be sure that you will be able to make lots of posters or banners at 11×17 size. It opens many ways to work with this machine and work with premium quality photos. This Epson creates borderless photos at 11×17 height with the 6-color use.

The Claria Photo HD ink provides ink in such a way that it falls on the right place of the papers to make the correct gradations and correct skin tones. After scanning, you may feel like there is no need to edit anymore. This Epson machine is the best 11×17 copier and Scanner. You can print the scanned photos and make corrections by editing them before print. You also can make many copies of the images to create a lot of posters or materials. So, have this Epson scanner and printer to take big projects.


  • 11×17 scanning option
  • Professional quality photo creation
  • Innovative scanner design
  • inches touchscreen for the operation


  • Scanning set up need to start for every separate scan

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5. Brother Wireless Color Inkjet Scanner Printer Review

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Brother provides a scanner that has smooth wireless connectivity. You can connect the printer through the wi-fi direct or wi-fi indirect by the router. So, you do not need to have a wi-fi router always. You can connect to wi-fi direct and work smoothly. You can scan any images to turn them into digital format and make a newer version of your old photos. You will get lots of options to edit them.

This brother scanner also offers cloud connectivity. You can scan your images directly to Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, etc. If you want to keep them secret, you have to reject the access to anyone of that image. When you want to print, you can print from anywhere through your smartphone.

There is a Brother cloud storage option too to store your hidden documents or secret images. You can share them with any media after scanning. For easy operation and commanding, there is 2.7 inches touchscreen display. So, with all its benefits, you can do many things and do unique jobs.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Touchscreen display
  • Wi-fi direct
  • Cloud connectivity
  • 50-sheet capacity for scanning


  • Large in size

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6. Xerox Phaser Color Laser Scanner Review

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Xerox has the PANTONE color-approved ink toner to provide the better quality of scanned images. The perfection comes with the color simulations. The xerox scanner uses color correction technology to correct the exact color on the paper and blossom the color representation after digitizing photos. So, digitize your images with this Scanner to create new forms of those images.

In terms of quality, this is the best Scanner for 11×17 artwork. This Scanner allows you to scan images and print them out at 1200 by 2400 dots per inch resolution. So, whatever the quality of your photos, you can produce premium output from this scanner printer. There are lots of chances to work with this Scanner and make unique artworks. If you are a professional art worker, have this fantastic 11×17 laser printer scanner, scan your designs or patterns, and then print them out. When you want to make some changes to the digitized format, edit and create beautiful things.



  • Cannot handle multi-page scanning

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7. Brother All-in-one Wireless Color Inkjet Scanner Review

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This Scanner is the business class scanner series that can print, copy, and fax too. This is the brighter series of all Brother scanners for providing the best performance. The scanning quality will meet the professional demand to make your own friendly small office at home. This Scanner offers a flexible paper handling option through a 250-sheet paper tray, single-sheet bypass tray for cardstock and envelopes, and 100 sheets output tray. The Scanner will allow proper paper management to minimize paper misuse.

This Scanner is one of the best 11×17 printer scanner combo for students. Yes, if you are a college or university student, you will get lots of chances to produce unique things. You will get to play with your talent and skill. Practice a lot. The single bypass tray can handle cardstock and envelope, which allows making interesting creative things. You can make many gifts out o this scanner printer that can print precisely how you want. You will set the alignment, and this scanner printer produces boundary-less papers.


  • Maximum convenience with the innovative business series
  • 250 pages paper tray
  • 100-page output tray
  • Single bypass tray


  • Brother replacement ink cartridges are costly

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8. Plustek A3 Large Format Flatbed Scanner Review

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Many 11×17 Scanner reviews talk about the Plustek Scanner. The flatbed glass base helps in proper paper management. There is no chance of misusing any paper. It saves the paper. If you are a professional art worker, you will know the importance of such a large format scanner. When you have to change your plan, you have to scan that plan paper and then make the edit before printing. This necessity can be fulfilled with this Scanner. Moreover, you can scan two-page spread book, large format documents, magazines, newspaper, and scrapbooks.

You can be sure about the scanned image quality. The LED light source allows making the premium quality scan. This Scanner creates 300 dots per inch resolution, and so your demand to produce documents or images at standard quality will be met. This Scanner takes a fewer time range to perform the scanning. It needs only 15 seconds for the color scan and only 9 seconds for the grayscale scan. Operating this Scanner is simple and easy. There are four one-touch buttons to scan, PDF, OCR, and Email. The process will be done automatically as you commanded.


  • LED light source design for saving energy use
  • 300 DPI resolution scan
  • One-touch button navigation
  • Powerful software to handle the process


  • Quite expensive for its large-format size

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9. Epson Large Format Document Scanner Review

[amazon fields=”B009EUFV4W” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

If you have to make business cards, you can scan the sample format with the help of this Epson scanner and then make the edits you need before printing. So, this allows us to make business cards in the correct format. This Epson scanner posses a 4-line CCD sensor with red, green, blue, and black ink. So, it can produce vivid color combinations and detailed color presentations. Your documents texts will be sharp-edged and right placing. It is easy to make hard books, thesis papers, reports, proposals, agreements, etc., by scanning the regular format and then printing.

This Scanner is a perfect choice for professional persons, engineers, CAD workers, art workers. You can scan the maps, drawings, plan books at right angles and proper placings. After printing in a large format, you will get perfect official documents. Operating this Scanner is also easy with the flexible paper handling and simple navigation system.

To increase productivity, this Epson scanner has professional module software and an optional networking module. So, if you are an expert professional or a beginner artwork, you will perform the best with a precision core job. Have this fantastic machine and raise your career to the next level.


  • 4-line CCD sensor for vivid color presentation
  • TWAIL ISIS driver integration
  • Secure network connection compatibility
  • Precision at output


  • A little expensive

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10. Brother Compact Flatbed Digital Color Laser Scanner Review

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Brother comes with another quality scanner that has lots of positive 11×17 Scanner reviews. This Scanner offers the flatbed scanning glass that allows making the correct paper alignment to scan. The scanning resolution is high and of perfect quality. The glass base makes the accurate color presentation on the scanned result. It is easy to handle the scanning procedure for the adjustable paper tray and LCD. Yes, you can view your scanned image or document on the display of the Scanner itself.

The wireless connectivity offers many edit options through your smartphone to make adjustable prints of scanned paper. The Scanner supports letter size or legal size or 11×17 inches size, to produce loads scan in the correct format. This Scanner also allows scanning photos with the excellent reliability. The manual feed slot helps in proper paper handling. You may need some documents and some image scanning. The manual slot allows maintaining the continuity one by one. The 250-page tray reduces the frequent refill.


  • Vivid color document printing
  • Manual feed slot
  • 250-sheet paper tray
  • Flatbed glass scanner


  • Auto sleep mode disturbs the settings

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Final Thoughts

The 11×17 scanners are capable of scanning large format documents or images. These scanners are not only for professional designers or engineers. They are also handy for art workers. Many art students can have them practice some unique works like scanning the large images and work on that.

In the market, there are many scanners of this size that have high-end design and extra advanced features to meet the demand and increase the creativity area. So, get the best 11×17 Scanner and grow up your career in this field.

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