Best 3D Printing Pen Reviews In 2022 [Editor’s Choice]

You may be a professional artist or a beginner, the idea of using a 3D pen seems impressive. Isn’t it? 3D printing pen is the newest addition to advanced technology. The crafter likes this pen very much and so; its popularity increases almost in no time.

To make a familiar figure and unique shape in 3-dimension, a handheld 3D pen fulfills the crafter demand. The 3D printer works well, but the 3D printing pen offers more craft options. As a beginner, you have to spend a little time to have the basics. Then you can practice a lot to usurp your talent and skill. If you want such a pen, look at this page from top to bottom for the best 3D printing pen list.

Editor’s Pick: Top 5 Best 3D Printing Pen

What Is 3D Printing Pen?

A 3D printing pen is a version of the normal pen that can produce 3-dimensional things. The 3D pen has plastic filament instead of ink. It is a handheld printing object, and it can draw material things or figures in the thin air.

The plastic is inserted into the pen heated. The hot plastic comes out of the pen and cools down while you can give it a form. It provides the opportunity to make different shapes, forms, and physical designs only by hand. After learning the basics of using it, you can showcase your creativity to make a brainstorming figure.

Features You Need To Check Before Buying 3D Printing Pen

Though the 3D pen is the latest innovation, the popularity has been increased. But before buying a 3D pen, you should check its features. Know what are the best things that a 3D pen should have.

  • Design

Since it is a handheld drawing tool, the design matters of tremendous importance, the design should be helpful to hold it in hand quickly and draw with it smoothly. The best 3D printing pen has an ergonomic design that helps to keep it tight and draw the structure up and down at a smooth rate.

best 3d printing pen

  • Filament Type

There are dozens of filament types for the 3D pen in the market. Filament type determines the flow of art and durability of a structure. If the filament is easily replaceable, the plastic will come out smooth and set up easily in what shape you want to give.

what is the best 3d pen

  • Control Ability

The speed control ability gives accuracy and offers professional-level art. There is a gear system to drive the speed at the proper settings. Some pen has the dual drive technology that allows the best speed control. Several 3D printing pen reviews prefer the dual drive technology while making structure at best precision.

professional printing 3d pen

  • Temperature Control

3D pen feeds plastic filament, and then it has to be heated. Then it comes out and cools down to give a form. For this process, the temperature needs to fluctuate. It is imperative to have the best temperature control so that there is no chance of an accident. Look for this feature carefully.

Check all these features closely when you go and buy a 3D pen. Have the best printing pen that gives the correct accuracy.

Top 9 Best 3D Printing Pen Reviews

With the increase in the popularity of the 3D pen, the number of this pen has also increased. So, finding the best 3D printing pen reviews is a challenging task. Look top 10 3D pens below and find one.

1. MYNT 3D Printing Pen Review

When you try to make an imagined format into reality by using the 3D pen, there should be helpful features to make it perfect. MYNT comes with a 3D pen with an adjustable feed that you will find amazingly easy to control filament speed and flow. If you are giving this 3D pen, you will be astonished that your kid can use it instantly and make gorgeous figures or objects. It is easy to slower, or faster continuously.

The temperature adjustment creates the exact right filament outcome, and it does not severely affect your hand control. The temperature range is perfect for keeping the plastic output nice and sitting it as you want to do. This set includes some accessories like a filament adapter of 3 colors of plastics and a touch pen. So, showcase your creativity or give it to your kid to help their brainstorming.


  • OLED to monitor the temperature
  • Easily adjustable feed
  • Temperature does not fluctuate rapidly, and the range of increment is only 1 degree
  • Display to check the variety of material settings


  • More extended design making is not possible

2. MYNT PLA Compatible Super 3D Printing Pen Review

MYNT brings one of the best 3D printing pen for adults that make amazing 3D art to bloom creativity professionally. This pen allows continuing a smooth flow with the help of a stepless slider. It increases the speed of the filament outcome. There is no chance of creating any clog or jam of filaments. The ultrasonic nozzles keep it smooth and prevent clogging. This feature is responsible for the best durability of the pen and plastic filament.

This pen is suitable for people of all ages, from kids to professional artists. With the flow of outcome and updated features, you can draw, design, and even repair your form with this pen. The temperature changing is done through an adjustment screw. This smartgear 3D printing pen has replaceable nozzles for easy operation. There are red light and green lights to signal the on, off, ready mode. This has become easy to use, even for the kids.


  • The ultrasonic nozzle is sealed and replaceable
  • Clog proof feature
  • Stepless slider to speed up the work
  • PLA compatible
  • 3 ABS plastic filament


  • Sometimes, colling down may take a while that waste some time

3. 3Doodler Printing Pen for Teens, Adults, and Artists Review

3Doodlers comes with dual drive technology as the latest invention for the 3D pen. This technology provides gear at two sides, and it helps for the smooth decisive outcome of plastic filaments. It increases the durability and reliability of pen use. You will have a premium experience. The experience of making a 3D structure will be unique and accessible. Pick the pen, insert plastic with the more straightforward method, plug it in to heat the pen, and after a while, your pen is ready to create fantastic things.

The 3Doodler application is an interactive software. For the new user, you will find the step-by-step guide of the simple stencil section. They will offer badges too to encourage your creativity. You can share your experience through social media instantly. This pen is compatible with ABS, PLA, and also flexy plastic filament. So, you can make a professional career using this 3Doodler pen. For all of these functionalities, it is the best rated 3D printing pen.


  • Dual drive technology
  • 15 plastic refill included
  • Stencil guide book
  • PLA, ABS, flexible filament compatibility


  • Not wireless

4. MYNT 3D Pro Printing Pen Review

If you are an expert or a starter, this is the best 3D drawing pen. For a beginner, there is enough support for making new designs and structure your own self. For a skilled expert, this 3D pen offers opportunities for loads of drawing 3D arts. The set of this 3d pen provides PLA plastic filament pack and a design mat with the pen. The PLA package consists of 32 colors of filament that are gross to make plenty of works and design with various colors. It offers to increase the creativity and corporate taste for professional need.

PLA filament is of premium quality and proficient ability with color changing and glowing effects. There are 1000 feet of filament to meet your demand.  With the pack, the design pad is a great helper for beginners especially. It offers a solid stand-alone base with silicone at both sides to support the figure standing straight. The pad is a transparent formulated surface that gives superior adhesion to trace the design patterns. With higher durability, continue your work smartly.


  • PLA super pack with 32 colors
  • Free design pad mat
  • 1000 feet of filament
  • Sealed nozzle design for the higher durability


  • Expensive

5. SCRIB 3D P1 Printing Pen Review

If you need a 3D pen for your kids or gift someone, this is the best 3D pen. This scribbler 3D printing pen is the perfect choice for the kids. It supports excellent safety with a ceramic anti-clogging nozzle, premium motor, 2 minutes sleep function after stopping doodle, and intuitive controls. If your kid forgets to off the pen, it will go auto sleep and prevent any accidents. So, this is a suitable 3D printing pen for kids.

Several accessories help you as a beginner, like 15 meters of 3 unique colors or 15 meters of 10 colors, a step-by-step guide book, a power adapter, and a stencil guide. This pen is very easy functional. Just plug it, select the filament color, let it heat up when the red button is on, and you can start your job only after 2-3 minutes. The SCRIB pen is good for multi-functional use with a speedy slider and continuously from fast to slow.


  • 60 meters of 10 colors and 5 meters of 3 colors
  • Beginner-friendly easy operation
  • Versatile compatibility with filament type
  • Anti-clogging feature


  • No charging

6. MYNT Basic 3D Printing Pen Review

3D printers use ABS and PLA filament for making 3-dimensional figures or structures. These filaments are widely available. 3D printing pens also use these filaments. So, it is easy to manage filaments and create designs and creatures broadly. You do not have to purchase a 3D printer with a high amount. The 3D pen will meet your demand, and you will have more opportunities to make new art crafts, patterns and increase your creative talents.

The nozzle is sealed to provide premium durability. You can smoothly change the speed with the help of gears. Without having any clog, the artwork will be at an excellent level of speed. You can slow the speed, fast, or moderate. Your pen filament will come out at a flawless finish. The premium quality of the filament will make things like the 3D printer.


  • User-friendly printing pen
  • Compatible with available plastic filaments
  • Over-built gearbox to control the speed
  • Sealed nozzle type


  • The adapter must have 2A power

7. SCRIB Advanced 3D Printing Pen Review

SCRIB brings another best 3D doodle pen to enhance your talent and practice to maximize your skill level. To be an expert, you will have all the supporting help. The smooth speed control and adjustability offer the best advantage to create some innovations. This pen has a slim designed that you feel comfortable while holding to produce artistic models. In terms of accuracy and precision, you will get the perfect experience to grow your career.

If you want to make some gifts for someone or wish to have it for fun, then you can feel free to use it at your best. You or your kid will get the best enjoyment. This pen is safer for your kid. A stencil guide for four free projects helps beginners to get the ultimate practice base. The sealed nozzle, easy adapter, easy-to-use functions, etc., provide fantastic activity.


  • 15 meters of 3 colors
  • Soft-touch on pen create a structure
  • Easy on and off slide button and red and green light of understanding steps
  • LCD monitor to set the temperatures
  • Auto sleep timer


  • After using some minutes, the filament automatically gets back and cool down

8. MYNT Junior2 3D Printing Pen Review

If you want a 3D pen for your kid, then go for MYNT junior2. This is the best supportive 3D pen for the kid or teen. MYNT designed this pen to help kids use their brainstorming imagination to create a newer form or structure. The pen runs with battery power so that the wire connection can make any accidents for kids. The battery is rechargeable with a USB port, and your kid can use this pen with ultimate interest. No need to worry further for your kid.

This is the best 3D printing pen that you have to hold no tension for your kid. It works with low temperature to heat up that keeps your kid safest. It uses PCL filament to use this low temperature as PLA, or ABS filament needs more temperature. There are a user manual, stencils for the starter, 3 rolls of PCL filament, and the USB cable for charging the battery with the set. So, let your kid enjoy it for countless hours.


  • Low-temperature operation with PCL filament
  • Three rolls of filament included
  • Sealed nozzle for the safe output
  • Battery-powered


  • Not suitable for the professionals

9. MYNT Super 3D Printing Pen Review

For the beginner or the expert, MYNT fulfills all interests in every way. This is a complete solution to creating the latest brainstorming structure in real. The set includes everything you need to exercise your skill. You will have a great 3-dimensional pen with PLA filament and a design mat. PLA filaments are of variety in color like red, blue, green, orange, pink, yellow, tan, golden, black, and brown. So, there are gorgeous ways to ad a wide range of colors to your creativity.

The 3D pen set allows you to make any geometric shape that helps to stand the format at first, and then you can set the design on the base form easily. The design mat provides the extra support to sit the form and then do your magic instantly. This mat has the adhesive power to hold the form firmly. The PLA filament quality is so that you can turn the design into anything you want, and a more extensive design is also possible.


  • Temperature adjustability
  • Speed control
  • Design pad included
  • PLA filament included refilling the pen


  • A quite high cost

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Final Thoughts

Making new figures or structures is fun. A 3D pen meets this interest of all ages. Many 3D pens offer loads of features. Look for the best 3D printing pen with the best safety features, crafting opportunities, and applications.

You can make a nice gift for your friends or kin with a 3D printing pen. The upgraded options will allow creating unique and fantastic things. Select a full-features 3D pen and explore your talent.

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