The 10 Best Binders for High School {Cool Binders for School}

The next school year for your teenager is knocking at the door. It is time again to prepare and organize the backpack. It is never too late; we have the solution to get your child organized to enter school with more zeal.

Teachers love handouts, but students find them to be the worst thing in the world. In an academic year, students earn hundreds of documents. It is difficult to keep track of them all. After a few tasks, folders are almost entirely useless.

A binder can be useful in keeping the documents sorted out and compartmentalized. Indeed, binders remain useful even as cloud and electronic storage technologies have improved. They can be used to store records and duplicates.

We figured your child needs ideal binders. The binders of the right kind help stay organized. The binders help in help improve the organization of each subject along with days and months of the week.

In this write-up, we want to give you a detailed picture of the best binders for high school, with a review and buying guide so; you know what is perfect for your child.

Editor’s Pick: Top 5 Best Binders for High School

Top 10 Best Binders for High School Reviews

1. Cardinal 1.5 Inch 3 Ring Binder Review

Cardinal 1.5 Inch 3 Ring Binder, D Ring, Assorted, Black, Red, Blue, Green 4 Pack, Holds 375 Sheets (29300)

Key Features:

  • Three D-ring binder
  • Recycled material
  • Holds 375 sheets
  • Assorted colors
  • Reusable

The Cardinal 1.5 inch 3-Ring Binder, D Ring is a favorite brand because of its assorted colors that help in distinctive organization. The binders are 1.5 inches, holds 375 sheets, which is 25% more than the binder whose ring is round. The slanted mechanics and the D ring is especially convenient as it has enough space for turning the pages easily. The binder also has a plastic cover sheet for labelling.

Customize the plastic front, back and spine of this 3-ring binder in the color and font of your choice. Makes an ideal look for reports, budgets or conference materials. The personalized touch is a must-have for job seekers, students, new business owners and more.

The Cardinal binders are nonstick and PVC-free, so the inks do not stick and leave no obnoxious substances. Therefore, the binders are reusable. That is great; you do not have to buy for the next year.

The manufacturing material is of fiber, 100% recyclable or 98% pre-consumer (PCF) so it a recycled product manufactured from thrown away papers.

Bring bold and bright colors to your shelves with this pack of four Cardinal 1.5 inch 3 ring binders in black, red, blue, and green. The round rings hold up to 375 sheets and are slant-D shaped for easy page turning and viewing.


  • Easy to handle
  • Highly durable
  • Sturdy


  • Quality not good for school-children

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2. DocIt 4 Pocket Binder Review | Perfect for School

Doc It 4 Pocket Binder, Multi Pocket Folder and 1-inch 3 Ring Binder, Perfect for School, Office and Project Organization, Holds 300 Letter Size Papers, Grey (00939-GY)

Key Features:

  • 3-ring 1-inch diameter
  • Blank labels for identity
  • Folder with multi-pocket
  • Made of thick polypropylene
  • The capacity of holding 300 pages

The DocIt 4 Pocket Binder is a multi-pocket folder combined with 3 rings, 1–inch wide. These binders are suitable for storing 300-letter sized papers. The manufacturing material is thick polypropylene, which makes it less susceptible tear. Being durable, and multi-pocketed, the DocIt 4 Pocket Binders are the best binders for middle school. For identification, each has a white, blank label for writing the identity of the owner.

Jennifer Hobbs designed the 4 pocket binder after watching her students struggle to stay organized for years. The 4 pocket binder is built with a tough enough exterior that a student could use for years, but inexpensive enough on its own so parents don’t feel “nickel and dimed” when it’s time to stock up on supplies.

The binder also comes with two buttons and closures made of elastic to keep the materials secure on closing. The documents are also easily accessible on opening closure. The binder is convenient as it fits perfectly with regular schoolbags. The dimensions of the binder make it suitable for setting its desks, and appreciable a good binder for high school children.

Durably constructed to last all year, these Binder Organizers help you to store documents, notes, and other items for easy access. A set of blank write-on labels are included to clearly mark the tabs.

One disadvantage is that the dividers are all the same lengths, making it difficult to identify the subject of each folder


  • Durable
  • Easy to carry
  • Resistant to tearing off


  • Same length of dividers

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3. Case-it 2-Inch Binder Review | Open Tab Hook

Case-it Open Tab Hook Loop Closure 2-Inch Binder with Tab File, Red

Key Features:

  • Binder with 3 rings
  • Construction of body rigid
  • Additional folder pocket
  • O-rings of 2-inch diameter
  • Inside mesh-pocket zippered
  • Made of Kraft Board and Ripstop nylon

Have you ever thought of having a red-colored binder you would love to carry your project presentations to school? This Case-it Open Tab Hook Loop 3-ring binder with 2-inch capacity is a cute binder for high school students. You will love it for the size and expanding nature of the 5-colored tab binder.

It is specially designed for binder spines that lay flat when opened, making it easier to add and remove papers, and take notes. Case-it makes quality binders that provide unique organizing tools for use at school or at home.

The super rigid body construction karft board with ripstop nylon give a stunning look to this binder. This eye catching colorful binder will win the heart of your kid.

The manufacturing material of the binder Kraft Board and Ripstop nylon, giving it a stiff shape and firmness. It is versatile and has a mesh pocket with a zipper. This netting is convenient for additional storage.

On the other inner side, there is an inner folder pocket to hold papers. Your child will love it for the two elastics, a convenience to hold a pen and pencil. The pouch on the side is also a useful feature.


  • Versatile
  • Cute look
  • Complementary labels
  • 5-colored Expandable file


  • Calculator pocket missing as advertised

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4. Amazon Basics Binder Organizer Poly Jacket Review

Amazon Basics Binder Organizer Poly Jacket, 3 Hole Punch, Assorted Colors, Pack of 25

Key Features:

  • Convenient size
  • Assorted colors
  • Made of PP plastic
  • Package of 25 binders

Did you want a set of binders instead of buying 10 single that would end up at a higher cost? The Amazon Basics Binder Organizer Poly Jacket comes in a packet of 25 and is the cheapest set. The set comes in all colors, enabling you to organize the different areas of study subject-wise.

The binders are the best school binders with minimal space as each is only 11.2 inches long, 9.3 inches wide, and only 0.1 inches wide. Therefore, even a package of 25 does not take much space from your desk.

Despite their thickness and durability, these plastic folders are a great value. You can keep your necessary materials in these folders. I especially like that these plastic sleeves have some wiggle room so that I can easily fit a fifty-page document into one. It is also nice that they are color coded.

The binders have 3-punch holes for loading in another ring binder. However, the package does not include the ring binder. The manufacturing material of the binder is PP plastic, a very durable material.

The array of colors in the poly jacket are blue, green, orange, and yellow. To your surprise, the package comes with a limited warranty of one year.


  • Long lasting
  • Quite cheap
  • Occupies less space
  • One-year warranty
  • Variety of colors allows convenience in organization


  •         Ring binder not included

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5. Five Star 1-1/2 Inch Zipper Binder Review

Five Star 1-1/2 Inch Zipper Binder, 3 Ring Binder, 3-Pocket Expanding File, Durable, Black (72204)

Key Features:

  • 3-ring zippered
  • Expanding 3-pocket file
  • Holds up to 500 sheets
  • Pen-pencil holder

Another cool binder for high school is the Five Star 1.5 Inch Zipper Binder having 3 rings and expanding file with 3 pockets. This Five Star Zipper Binder includes an expanding file with three pockets to store all your school reports, notes and other important papers.

The outer zipper pocket allows easy reach to the frequently used supplies; the inner zippered mesh pocket avoids sudden drops of minor items. Despite its slim size, this zipper binder is sturdy on the inside. Its durable plastic interior provides protection against moisture.

The supportive pencil and penholders make writing instruments within close reach. The binder holds almost 500 sheets in the binder and the expanding file making it convenient for arranging handouts, notes, and project sheets.

The Five Star 722024 is made of plastic with a fabric covering, not susceptible to wear and real, and comes in black. Besides, it gives you options to choose from pink, black, blue, or red color. The zipper is also quite strong. The product assures a guarantee for an entire year.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Fabric cover thin

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6. Amazon Basics 3 Ring Binder Review

Amazon Basics 3-Ring Binder Plastic Divider Set, 3-Hole Punched Letter-Size 8-Tab Dividers - 6-Pack, Multicolor

Key Features:

  • Multi-colored
  • 8 tabbed divider
  • Made of PP plastic
  • A protective mechanism for documents

This fantastic binder comes with 3 rings and 8 tabbed dividers, which improves the organizational capacity of your schoolchild. Although a little thin, it protects the documents and is very much compatible for home, work, or school. The tabbed dividers allow the section-wise organization of documents. Specially this binder is ideal for letter sized documents.

The Amazon Basics 3-Ring Binder Divider is available in multi-color giving the freedom of choice of colors. You can choose the cutest colored binder for your children from red, grey, blue, orange, beige, green, pink, and yellow.

The make -up is of durable PP plastic. The tabs also include one label per divider. Which will allow you to organize information and create a professional look by loading the dividers into this 3-ring binder.

However, even though the binder can hold loads onto a ring binder; it does not include this with the purchase. This binder is one of the most useful binders available for multiple uses.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Conveniently tabbed


  • No extra labels.
  • Purchase does not include ring-binder

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7. Case-it Z-Binder Two-in-One Binder Review

Case-it Z-Binder Two-in-One 1.5-Inch D-Ring Zipper Binders, Blue

Key Features:

  • Two D-rings
  • 6 mesh pockets
  • Appreciable width
  • Shoulder strap and handle
  • Made of Kraft Board and Ripstop Nylon

The brand Case-it Z-Binder is an excellent D-ring binder. The design and the bright colors of the binder make it outstanding. The closing and opening are convenient as you can visualize it is a binder with 2-sides held by D-rings, a convenient data binder for high school use.

The binder also has 2-pockets on the inside, 2 outer pockets, and another 2 folder pockets inside to hold papers. Besides, the 6- meshed pockets on the inside serve as a protective measure.

Fantastic! This binder has a shoulder strap and an in-built handle for carrying the way it is convenient. The binder is strong and rigid as they make it with Kraft board and Ripstop nylon. The blue-colored binders are indeed appropriate for both male and female users.

You can be assured of purchasing an officially licensed D-Ring Zipper Binder’s product from Case it. From special zippers and extra compartments, everything you could possibly need can be found in this bag.


  • Durable
  • Two in one binder
  • Convenient handling
  • Easy opening and closing


  • None

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8. Emraw 1 1/2″ 3-Ring View Binder Review

1 1/2' 3-Ring View Binder with 2-Pockets - Available in Burgundy - Great for School, Home, & Office (2-Pack) - by Emraw

Key Features:

  • 2 pockets
  • Convenient width
  • View binder with 3-ring
  • Strong build

It is difficult for your kids to keep their desk organized. The Emraw . 1 1/2″ 3-Ring View Binder could be the best solution here. It not only organize but also keep their documents from being lost.

To keep all your papers and documents in one place, our office ring binder with pockets is the best choice. Additionally, you will be able to locate all the papers you need in a single search, not only will your desk look neater, but you will also be able to find everything you need. All the important documents can be kept in our school ring binder in a proper manner using our school ring binder.

The Emraw . 1 1/2″ 3-Ring View Binder with 2-Pockets has many uses and is a very popular product. The binder is an excellent organizer of documents and notes for home, office, and school goers.

These view binders have 3 rings of 1.5-inch width allowing enough space for large documents. There are also two pockets on the inside, being convenient in safe storage.

The construction of this binder is from high-quality, long-lasting powerful material making it durable. The company by its quality assured that the binder is comfortable to use. The product also has few inner pockets, which improves the organizational efficiency of the user.

This organizer comes in beautiful burgundy color. These binders are designed in such a way that the users will not have any problems using them at any time. It’s smart look promotes it to a widely used binder in recent times.


  • Durable
  • Beautiful color
  • Convenient use
  • Pockets suitable


  • None

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9. Amazon Basics 3-Ring Binder Review

Amazon Basics 3-Ring Binder with Zipper - D-Ring, 4 Inch, Blue

Key Features:

  • Zippered 3-D binder
  • Multiple pockets
  • Wide 4-inch width
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Inside made of strong Kraft board
  • Outside made of water-resistant fabric

Did you want a binder with a high-capacity binder? The Amazon Basics 3-Ring Binder with Zipper – D-Ring is a 4-inch width binder that will serve the purpose of keeping all your documents in one location. The 4 D-rings are convenient in holding the long papers perfectly in shape.

Students and office goers like this binder for the zipper that keeps the documents and devices safe. Once the zipper is closed, you need not worry about losing anything even if the binder drops. The zipper is on 3 sides of the binder. The binder has a removable strap for you to carry on your shoulder with ease.

The manufacturing material of the interior is Kraft board making it very sturdy. Further, the exterior cover is water-proof fabric. Therefore, there is no worry in case of a sudden drizzle. The blue color is a favorite of many school goers.

This excellent binder is perfect for occasional use. You can hold up and move easily with this light binder. This good looking binder getting it’s popularity day by day among students for this durability and safety.


  • Durable
  • Useful pockets
  • Outside water-proof
  • Easy to close and open
  • The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry.


  • None

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10. Amazon Basics 3-Ring Binder Review

Amazon Basics 3-Ring Binder, 1-Inch - White, 4-Pack

Key Features:

  • 1-inch wide
  • Two inner pockets
  • 3-ring round binder
  • White color, a package of 4
  • Plastic covered back and front

The Amazon Basics 3-Ring Binder comes with 4 white binders in a package. The binder rings are of 1-inch diameter and hold 175 sheets. On the inner side of the binder, there are two pockets. This is convenient as you have extra sheets or other documents of size is 8.5 x 11 inches. The binder is great for everyday use, lightweight, and perfect for keeping project papers in an organized manner.

The front and back cover has plastic covering, so no tension, if splashes of rainwater come in the way. It is a perfect binder as the rings open smoothly with no noise.  So also, the rings close gently. The binders are perfect for individual projects, presentations, and a lot more. As it is lightweight, the binders are not painful to carry around school.

Clear plastic overlays allow easy insertion or removal of information to create custom covers and spines for the binder. With two interior pockets, the three-ring binder can hold loose sheets of paper, notes, photos, and more.


  • Lightweight
  • Quiet cheap
  • Holds 175 sheets
  • Noiseless closing and opening


  • None

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A Quick Comparison: Best School Binders

ProductMaterialRingCapacityColorEditor's Rating
Cardinal 1.5 Inch BinderPoly31.5 InchesBlack, Red, Blue, Green10.0
DocIt 4 Pocket BinderPoly3300 PagesGrey9.8
Case-it Open Tab BinderKarft Board with Ripstop Nylon32 InchesRed9.5
Amazon Basics BinderPlastic31 inches5 color9.2
Five Star Zipper BinderPlastic31.5 InchesBlack9.0
Amazon Basics 3-Ring BinderPlastic30.1 inchesMulticolor8.9
Case-it Z-BinderKarft Board with Ripstop Nylon31.5 InchesBlue8.5
Emraw View BinderPlastic31.5 InchesBurgundy8.3
Amazon Basics D-Ring BinderPlastic34 InchesBlue8.2
Amazon Basics 1 Inch BinderPlastic31 InchesWhite8.0

A Complete Buying Guide for The Best Binders for High School

Buying the most appropriate binder may not be easy for you if you do not know what the various offers are there in the market. Therefore, it is always nice to know the variabilities, so you can find out what will serve your purpose in organizing your documents and lesson notes. Let us see some features the latest binders carry.

  • Functionality

To any of us, who need to buy useful materials, we look for the functionality of the item. This is also true when you want to buy the best binder for high school children. Students also want to keep all course materials together with the separate identity of subjects, so it easy to find and keep it back in place. As parents, you want you to avail convenience so their attention is drawn. To get to the best functional binder, we have high light a few features to make buying easy.

Best Binders for High School

  • School Style

Firstly, a school goer wants a binder that goes with his education and similar to those used by others. You know your child’s choice of colors, personality, and the present trend of the under teen and teenager’s world. Perhaps they would like something with educative cartoons and pictures that show they are ready for the world ahead. The market and online stores have all that are in fashion and at the time useful. You can choose the best.

professional binder

  • Durability

A binder must be durable as the binders are in the backpacks, which they throw under the desk. Strongly built, sturdy binders will not lose shape due to mishandling. Further, to make them long-lasting and water-resistant the outer side is made of waterproof materials. Nowadays, the binders come with the makeup of biodegradable materials, which receives appreciation from environmentalists.

best binders for organization

  • Paper Pockets

The pockets in a binder are very useful in organizing subject wise and date wise organization. Some have deep enough pockets to hold the standard-sized pockets without fear of falling. Again, some pockets have mesh covers or zipper can close the complete binder, making it convenient to see and hold the papers together. The capacity of binders also varies in the number of papers they can hold. Many of these have space for 500 sheets of paper. You will find binders with tabbed dividers, which help in organizing. You may choose the one that would be best applicable.

  • Accessories

School-going children love to have additional stuff such as pencils, papers, stickers, labels, highlighters easily accessible. Some binders add these to the package to the delight of children.

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Types of Binders for School

A binder holds loose paperwork and protects it. Offices always have them. They can be used to store important documents. Binders are also easy to store on shelves. A note on the spine of binders can help office workers trace documents quickly.

  • Hard Cover Binders

Binders can have soft or hard covers. A hard cover is made from a board covered with plastic or leather. As binders are made from plastic, they can be colored in a wide variety of ways. In the office, hard cover binders are commonly used for filing, and different colors are often used to create a system. Invoices may be kept in red binders, while orders are kept in blue binders.

In addition to sticking labels on the spines of the binders, workers indicate the binders’ contents. Binder covers typically hold paper 8 1/2 by 11 inches in size. Standard paper can fit in a hard cover binder with a half-inch depth. Binders can be ordered in thicknesses of up to three inches.

  • Soft Cover Binders

A soft cover is flexible. It is typically made of heavy paper or plastic. There are a variety of colors available for these hard cover binders. There are also clear soft covers available, which allow people to see the first page of the binder.

A soft cover binder typically holds no more than 30 sheets of paper and is thinner than a hard cover binder. Standard paper size is 8 1/2 by 11 inches. Documents are usually displayed in soft cover binders.

  • Ring Binders

Binders can hold papers in a variety of ways. The spine of a ring binder is lined with two, three or four metal rings. The paper is stacked inside these binders by hole punching along the left edge; pulling open the rings; placing the paper on the rings and snapping the rings shut. Softcover binders also have multiring systems. This type of binder requires a specific multihole punch.

How to Organize a Binder for High School

In terms of your future expectations, school is very significant in life. A binder is a necessity in the classroom. Follow these simple steps to keep your binder neat and organized.

Step 1: Understand what you need. It is important to follow the school’s supply list to the best of your ability. You don’t necessarily have to follow the teacher’s directions to the letter, but you should have whatever binders, folders, notebooks, calculators, etc. that they request.

Step-2: Prepare your materials. To ensure you have the necessary supplies for your binder, make sure you have pencils, erasers, highlighters, sticky notes, colored pens, etc. Most people prefer to place these supplies inside their backpacks, however, I think it is better to keep them in your binder to ensure they are always with you and not forgotten.

Step-3: Ensure that the binder you buy suits your needs. There are binders made exclusively for putting separate subjects in, and those made to put all your subjects in one. Choose the binder that suits your needs best!

What Size Binders for High School

Three options are available:
I. A big binder (3 inches) for everything,
II. A bunch of small binders (1 inch or half inch, 1 for each class),
III. Or 3 or 4 medium binders (1 and a half to 2 inches).
At school, some people prefer bringing a small binder with them. At home, they transfer their old work to a larger binder (3 inches).

Final Verdict

The binders we have focused on in this write-up are the best binders for high school children from many points of view. You will find them in variable designs and colors. They make some with excellent durable materials, making these binders reusable and biodegradable. The manufacturers have put years of research to give an added advantage. The binders not only help as a complete desk of documents, project papers, and notes but also help to improve the organization skill of the user.

With one of these binders school, life should be enjoyable no mess of papers and books in the same back. However, buying the binder is important. It is best not to avoid distraction by the outer beauty, but find one that will provide efficiency in handling and day-to-day use. Wish you successful shopping of binders!


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