Best Spiral Binding Machine Reviews [Top 10 Choice]

Binding machines are a part of the office, schools, or your home office. This machine enables to make professional look books, or project reports, or other documents. You may think that it is just a binding machine used for paperwork or stationary purposes.

But many brands added some extra options and accessories that increase the ease of work and efficiency of the result.

So, you have to look for a best spiral binding machine that supports you in all aspect and meet your demand to have modern machine’s benefits.

There’s no easy answer to that question. Depending on what you’re looking for, what is most important to you, and the economic factor, the answer may vary. After your purchase, we want you not to feel like you were taken advantage of.

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What To Check Before Buying Best Spiral Binding Machine

If you did not buy a binding machine, then you will confuse while choosing the right machine. There are some facts you have to look for before buying a binding machine. You can check binding machine reviews to be sure of their capabilities. You also have to know what type of binder you need. Let’s know all details before going to purchase a machine.

  • Type of Binding Machine

The size of your works and loads of daily binding job decide the type of machine you need. There are several kinds of binding machines, like comb, spiral or coil, strip, thermal binding machine, and more variety.

A comb or spiral binding machine is suitable for home office or school jobs, whereas the thermal machine is set for large office works. The thermal binding machine makes a smooth book-like finish.

  • Manual or Electrical

For a small office job or home works, a manual binding machine is perfect. If you need the machine for a large office and big loads of binding, you will need an electric machine since the electric machine can bind more sheets. The continuity of works is also more in thermal machines than the manual.

Best Binding Machine

  • Comb Type

There are plastic comb or wire or strip. The plastic comb is sufficient for doing a regular binding job, and it is the most used sewing type. Wire capable all sheets to rotate in 360 degrees, and the finish is sleek and nice looking. Strip binding keeps the pages in flat places. Whatever go with your interest, choose based on that.

Careful about the quality hat you are going to purchase

Top 15 Best Spiral Binding Machine Reviews

Before purchasing a binding machine, you should check its details, capacity, and feature description. Compare their capabilities and accessories and then find the right match for your working need.

1. MAKEASY Comb Binding Machine Review

This binding machine is an excellent choice if you need a top-quality machine. A metallic construction enhances the durability of this product.

Additionally, the unit comes with a rust-proof cutting blade that is oiled. You can punch without using too much pressure with the low-force handle, making your work easier. A maximum number of 450 sheets can be bound on this machine, and it can punch a maximum of 12 sheets.

MAKEASY comes with another best comb binding machine that is upgraded and accuracy ensuring piece. Three sizes of papers will cut into exact hole balance.

There are 15 holes for A5 size, 21 holes for A4 size, and 19 holes for Letter size of a paper. If the sizing and hole numbers do not balance correctly, the binding will not stiff enough. Papers will move freely and get loose quickly.

While a big binding bundle of papers, you may worry. But this machine will correctly do your job and bind the whole lot in one set. It is capable of binding 450 sheets. The comb is 2 inches wide that holds a large paper bundle in one stiff fitting. Besides, you can be sure about the quality, durability, cutting blades, punching materials, and easy operation of the machine.

The instructions on how to operate it are also included. Those seeking a cheap and high-quality binding machine will also find the price to be reasonable.


  • Reasonable enough
  • Cutting blades are oiled for a smooth edge making
  • Adjustment making it easy for the non-slip feet
  • 12 sheets punching at a time


  • Oil removing paper may be needed to keep it stain-free.

2. Fellowes Star+ Binding Machine Review

The vertical document loading feature was the first thing that caught our attention. The alignment will be perfect, allowing for perfect punching of each page of the document. Furthermore, the rotary edge guide ensures that documents are centered accurately and precisely.

In addition, this binder provides a tool for measuring combs and documents that helps you choose the right size for your workbook or document. One of the best error-proofing features that you will find on any measuring device is this in-built feature.

Aside from that, you can easily organize and store supplies using the Pulsar E or the storage tray.

This device is also lightweight and compact. When you keep it on your desk, it won’t take up much space. Although the punch is small, its efficiency is not affected by the size, as it can punch up to 15 sheets at a time.

This comb binding machine is another best edition of Fellowes binding machine. It is suitable for binding any textbooks, handbooks, presentations, and other documents. It can punch 15 sheets of paper at a time. In total, it can bind and clip up to 50 sheets with a 3 to 4 inches comb. This binding structure allows strong binding and flawless finish.

If your books or documents have sharp edges of pages and comb, this can make an accident. You will get safety from it. In terms of accuracy, the vertical alignment system fine punching and combing.

There are edge guide centers to ensure precision and focus while making holes. There is no compromise of quality. The stiff comb storage tray, strong plastic body, and sturdy joints enable it to perform the best.


  • Pinpoint punching is ensured
  • Document measuring device
  • Quick setting format
  • Internal storage tray for a neat and clean arrangement of supplies


  • Manual operation

3. TRUBIND Electric Coil Binding Machine Review

You do not need to work manually anymore. TRUBIND appears with a great coil binding machine that works electrically. An electric coil crimping tool inserts a plastic coil into the hole made by punching and binds professionally.

Binding works become fast and smooth, and you do not worry about wasting your valuable time doing this binding job. It can punch 20 sheets that minimize the working time and maximize the efficiency of binding.

Precision and accuracy in the binding job are crucial, and they can be confirmed while working with this machine. Customize by the disengaging pins, side and depth adjustment in margins, and work on any paper size.

The open throat design allows making punch holes and inserts paper even if the paper s more extensive than the letter size. Perform better binding and make loads of documents and office papers.

As some of our testers noted, the manual is not very helpful when it comes to operations. They were forced to find instructions online. We consider that a negative aspect. In spite of this, once you have a good grasp of how it works, everything else falls into place.

Pressing is easy and handling is excellent. You can remain confident that it will do the job as its press bar is constant throughout the machine. In contrast to most paper binding machines, this one has the presser on both sides, so it suits both lefties and righties.

At one time, twenty sheets of paper can be pressed. The average user might need only a few clicks to bind assignments together, and this might be plenty for them. Nevertheless, if you are interested in binding a book, you will need patience.

However, this binder also presents the challenge of needing to manually insert the coil into it. It does not come with a guide. The coil needs practice to fit into the machine’s holes, so you must practice a little. Especially those who want a quick bind might find this a bit taxing.


  • Manufacturer warranty for two years
  • One tap of inserting coil works
  • 46 of adjustable pins to make holes correctly
  • Heavy-duty coil crimping and cutting tool
  • Built-in waste storage bin


  • Not reasonable

4. Fellowes Pulsar+ Gray Comb Binding Machine Review

If you are comfortable doing your binding work manually, this is the perfect binding machine for you. This machine works faster than you think. You can bind 20 sheets at a time and maintain the continuity to bind up to 300 sheets.

Please do not waste your time binding your books or sheets or presentations, do it instantly. The accuracy will also be ensured through the edge guide, vertical alignment, and quick set-up.

The comb size is correct to maintain the correct fitness and tight joints. There is a size measuring tool that assures what size of comb is perfect for how many sheets.

So, you do not need to know anything. Instead, the machine itself is the guide. There is no hassle to handle all sheets because there is a pulsar E storage space tray.

The punching and binding are extremely simple thanks to this product. By carefully following the instructions, you won’t have any problem aligning the pages. As many as 20 pages can be punched in one go when you place all the pages vertically.

Furthermore, once the pages are punched, they are automatically collected into the paper tray inbuilt into the printer. It is extremely convenient to be able to leave the punched pages in the bin without having to remove them immediately. It is up to you when they are moved.

Let us now discuss its design in light of its efficiency. Our first impression of it was how sleek it is and how it adds beauty to your desk. We found it to be quite sturdy, as well as stylish. It will serve you well for some time to come.


  • Rotary edge guide
  • Internal storage tray
  • 10PK assorted starter pack
  • Adjustable edge guide center


  • Understanding the steps of binding in this machine takes a while

5. TIANSE Starter Comb Binding Machine Review

If you continuously need to make office documents, books, or other various types of files, this TIANSE book-binding machine is a great help. This machine is capable of binding up to 450 sheets.

You will be able to bind 12 sheets of paper at a time. You will get 100 pieces of PVC comb spines as a starter kit. So, practice for the first time without wasting your money and still have these starter kits to continue your work.

When you need to go somewhere, you do not have to stop your work. You can easily keep this lightweight machine with you. This machine is easy to grab in one hand on the middle handle. Take it anywhere and do your binding work appropriately.

This machine makes margin customization possible in 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm space. All letter size, A4, A5 size is adjustable to punch and bind. The operation process is very easy and reliable.

The word reliable comes to mind when it comes to quality assessment. This lightweight device weighs about 6.3 pounds and is portable, which makes it an excellent addition to work or study areas. Since it takes up little space, you can store it anywhere you want to.

Now, let’s talk about its design. Using the adjustable edge guide, you can more accurately align the documents and prevent slanting during binding. Moreover, it allows customization of paper margins quite easily, resulting in a more professional look.

In addition, this item doesn’t require much prior expertise. In addition to non-slip feet, solid metal housing, and a high-leverage arm, this one-of-a-kind binding and punching device simplifies and streamlines binding processes.


  • Excellent edition for small office and school binding jobs
  • Punching with metal housing, high leverage arms, and non-slip feet
  • Portable within the workspace
  • The manufacturer provides two years of warranty


  • The handle is replaceable, and the joint is relatively light

6. “We R Memory Keepers” Book Binding Clinch Machine Review

If your binding machine becomes a crafting machine with customizing option, isn’t it fun? We R Memory Keepers comes with this best rated binding machine. It allows for unique and professional scrapbooks, official handbooks, brochures, journals, gifts, and a lot more.

The hole-punch knobs permit you to customize the punching in different sizes, and the alignment pegs customize the size of the bundles.

It can bind up to 20 sheets at a time, and you can do your continuous work smoothly. This reasonable machine is another best binding machine for its versatility of working options and elegance in working styles. The cutting width is perfect in diameter. This machine is aqua color, and so, you will feel smart while working.

Binding a book has never been easier or more cost-effective than with the Cinch Book Binding Machine from We R Memory Keepers. Any document can be bound with the best binding tool available, whether you are at home, in school, or at the office. Hole spacing can be adjusted to fit your needs. U

sing the Cinch, you can easily create mini albums, recipe books, and presentations. Cinch’s system is quickly becoming a favorite among scrapbookers, crafters, and artists.


  • Soft handle to work smoothly
  • Cut such holes that work well with any size wire
  • Hole punch knobs to customize the size of holes
  • Alignment pegs to confirm the accuracy and increase the production


  • Need to purchase wire separately

7. Fellowes Galaxy 500 Comb Binding Machine Review

For a large office project, this machine will go fine. You can bind up to 25 sheets at a time with the machine and 500 sheets in a set. It is reliable for more extensive projects of making customizable brochures, literature, booklets, maps, cards, guides, reports, presentations, calendars, etc. It binds in vertical alignment that fixes the right settings.

The adjusting edge guide ensures the margin and the punching at the correct place. To increase productivity and continuity, it has a removable bunding mechanism. This also lets you stay hassle-free while working.

This is the best coil binding machine for its combination of these tools to make the accuracy at the top and precision strict. The comb size is measure by the measuring tool to fit and fix binding correctly.

Firstly, this item can be used by both professionals and amateurs. Using a binding machine for the first time is not a problem if you’ve never done it before. The manual includes a step-by-step guide that will guide you throughout the process. No matter what your level of expertise, this item is simple to install.

Once we have covered the ease of installation, let’s talk about its performance. There is a design of this item that allows it to bind 500 pages at once. It can also punch 25 sheets at once when it comes to punching. It saves you a lot of time due to its high workload.

There is no handle on this device. It eliminates the need to pull a lever every time. Just push the button here and your job is done!


  • Accuracy edge guide support the pinpoint punching
  • Built-in internal comb storage for mess-free waste disposal
  • Removable binding process
  • 20PK binding starter pack


  • Expensive

8. OFFNOVA Adjustable Binding Machine Review

The OFFNOVA 21-Hole Binding Machine is one of the best binding machines on the market today. There is a positioning knob on this binding machine that ensures accurate paper alignment when punching. There are several sizes available including letter size, A5 size, and A4 size.

This offers the best reasonable and money-saving option to work. You will get 100 pieces of 3/3 inches to comb binder for free. You can start your work immediately after purchasing this machine.

Besides, it provides a comb protector that helps you keep your things safe from children and knit when you are not using them.

This best spiral binding machine is easy to use and highly portable for its lightweight. Do not hesitate to take it with you while going somewhere. Cutting is easy and precise through the offset on another blade and the curved handle.

Set your sheets quick and punch any size of 12 sheets at a time. Enjoy your home office with this machine and work fast.

Cutting papers even without applying too much force is easier with the curved handle and cutting blade. With a weight of just 6.4 pounds, this machine is also extremely lightweight. As a result, you can easily move it from place to place.


  • Offset on another blade for cut
  • Great portability and easy to set on a flat surface any time
  • Positioning knob for the accurate alignment on punching
  • Three margin options
  • Oiled cutting machine


  • You cannot punch plastic covers; instead, punch only papers

9. Fellowes Helios 60 Thermal Binding Machine Review

If you are looking for a binding machine for your large office, then you can buy it. It is the best thermal binding machine that supports big projects and loads of sheets to bind. It can bind 600 sheets in one tap.

This thermal binding machine is easy to operate and super safe to continue your job worry-free. It takes only 1 to 3 minutes to run the binding cycle and only 4 minutes to heat it.

The visual indicator safety signals the binding beginning time and heat cycle time. When the binding is complete, the beep sound alerts it.

It has a heat shield barrier that protects the operator from any accidents from the heat plate for safety. There is a document thickness detector to select the settings automatically.


  • Suitable for medium-duty
  • Heatshield barrier for safety
  • Manual document measuring tool
  • Document thickness detector


  • Not reasonable at all

10. PPE Coilbind S20 Electric Binding Machine Review

Make the binding job easy and perfect with the PPE machine. It encourages a better experience in making professional pieces. Your booklets, or textbooks, or album, will be unique and attractive with this electric binder.

At first time, you may think you cannot do it. But the super-easy operation will encourage you to learn the work fast and achieve accuracy. You will find a free box with the set, and it includes 100 pieces of plastic coils for 52 sheets and a coil crimper tool for assuring precision.

You may think that the setting is challenging, but the handlebar allows the punching to be left or right and capable of making 46 holes. Not only the easy operation but also high portability gets you into firm work and perfect binding. The plastic coils are 4: pitched, and it helps to make a firm binding. Keep the working quality high.


  • Electric easy coil inserter
  • Crimper tool with coil pilers
  • Capable of several binding sizes
  • Two years manufacturers’ warranty


  • Expensive
  • Can punch only 7-8 sheets at a time

11. YaeKoo Binding Machine Scrapbook

YaeKoo’s 21-Hole 8541731852 Binding Machine Scrapbook is an excellent choice for those who like to use traditional methods, that is, manually binding. It is not as high-tech as the previous alternatives, but speedy binders are among its biggest fans. The binders are especially popular at home and in the classroom.

Despite its simplicity, it stands out due to its efficiency. Up to 12 pages can be punched at once. In addition, it has a 450-page binding capacity. Using this method, you can conveniently join several pages at once.

You can also easily move this item. Not only is the fuselage lightweight, but it can be folded up for enhanced portability and increased space efficiency. This feature is also a huge plus if you have a small workspace!

On top of that, all of these features are very affordable. In comparison with the competition, it is quite reasonably priced. So, if you’re considering buying bulk binders for your office, this affordable and portable option is a great choice.


  • Cost-effective option
  • Easy to carry around
  • Does not take up much space
  • Delivers efficient performance


  • Not meant to handle heavy workload

12. Swingline GBC2515650 Desktop Binding Punch

Designed for ultra-compact binding machines, the Swingline GBC2515650 Binding System is built with ease of use in mind. This is your best option if you are a student. Despite its affordable price, lightweight design, and superior performance, it works as well as most other models.

This item stands out for its design. This slim, stylish binding machine is ideal for small binding projects. In a vivid blue color that catches the eye, the machine is as thin as a ruler. Plus, it punches up to six sheets simultaneously, making it perfect for personal use.

Furthermore, its design makes it portable. You should always carry stationery and office supplies if you are a student or creative professional. Its slim design makes it easy for you to easily carry and relocate it as needed.

Furthermore, the construction is excellent. The product is sturdy and doesn’t easily break. Thus, you would be able to reap the benefits of this one for a considerable amount of time.


  • Attractive design
  • Suitable for small scale use
  • Convenient to move
  • Made of durable material


  • Not suitable for commercial use

13. Coilbind S20A Coil Punch & Binding Machine

Interested in a product that can be operated with either hand equally well? Look no further. Featuring unique two-hand operation, the Coilbind S20A Coil Punch & Binding Machine offers unbeatable efficiency and flexibility.

When it comes to this product, its high efficiency is the selling point. You can punch up to 20 sheets at a time with its electric inserter.

The machine is also two-handed. It is important to have a good grip on the handlebar if you have used a punching/binding machine before. It will help you finish your work quickly without getting tired.

As a result of its design, both right-handers and left-handers can use this item readily. This is a rare thing.

It is also highly portable, which means that using it is comfortable. Despite its relatively lightweight design, it is convenient to carry around. Therefore, it is suitable for use in small offices or study areas.


  • Incredible design features
  • Enables two-handed operation
  • Portable device
  • Highly efficient


  • User instruction is not clear

14. HFS (R) 21 Hole Punch Binding Comb Machine

The HFS (R) Binding Comb Machine is a highly durable item that is ideal for anyone seeking a highly functional item. The product is not just special because of its longevity, it is also highly efficient.

The versatility of the product is what initially caught our attention. In addition to making professional high-quality document binding, it is also quite suitable for everyday personal use. Thus, we’ve seen that it is widely used in businesses, schools, and homes.

We should also mention the item’s performance. It is built to last for a very long time and has a sturdy construction. In addition, this machine is capable of punching and binding up to 450 sheets of paper at a time. As a result, it is capable of punching and binding.

The binding machine is a good choice if you’re on a modest budget. Most of its contemporaries are more expensive than this product. Yet, this product offers great performance at a reasonable price.


  • Highly versatile
  • Delivers efficient performance
  • Price is affordable
  • Incredible design features


  • Not suitable for handling heavy load

15. BNC U12 21-Hole Binding Machine

The BNC U12 21-Hole Binding Machine is one of BNC’s top products, and it has been a popular product on the market for decades. This machine has an impressive construction, as well as an excellent efficiency. Its performance is superb in this price range.

It is assured to last for a long time when it comes to this item. Both the binding comb and the machine body are made of premium-quality materials. This is more like an investment one-time, and you won’t have to spend much on its upkeep.

As we noted earlier, this item provides outstanding performance. A page can be punched in 12 seconds and it takes very little time to deliver. 450 sheets can be bound in just one hour. Results are accurate and time-saving.

This machine also scores a perfect 10 when it comes to portability. Though it provides excellent performance, it is not very large and does not weigh much.


  • Lasts for a long time
  • Stellar construction
  • Delivers efficient output
  • Easy to carry around


  • Has certain alignment problems


How to Use a Comb Binding Machine

Comb binding machine is an easy to use and reasonable machine. You can perform a better job in low-cost support. But you have to know the steps to use this machine.

  • Step-1: Set the Machine and Adjust All Settings

At first, keep the combing machine at a flat surface bench to make it a stable sit. Now set all the adjustments before starting your work. Set the com size, disengaging punch, and the margin.

Gather all the sheets and cover that you will punch.

Best Binding Machine

  • Step-2: Punch

Now set the sheets under the punch pins and punch. At the first time, punch only 80% sheets of the machine’s maximum capability at a time. Pinching will make holes at the sheets corner line.

  • Step-3: Bind all Sheets and Cover Side by Side

Take the comb and set it on the comb opener. Open the comb by pulling the handle of the opener. Now insert the comb into the sheets’ holes. At last, set the covers and release the comb opener. Then close the comb.

Now your book or document is ready.

How to Use a Spiral Binding Machine

A spiral binding machine is also a manual and easy operating machine that can do the medium heavy-duty job. This machine uses a spiral that looks like a spring or coil. If you know the proper instruction to do the binding work with this machine, you will get a satisfactory end product.

Best Binding Machine

  • Step-1: Gather Sheets and Set the Machine

Keep the machine on a flat surface, set the coil, margin depth, and other adjustments if it has other settings. Now collect all sheets and front and back covers together to punch those. Make separate parts that you will punch once at a time. Ensure that you do not punch more than its capacity, which it can do at a time.

  • Step-2: Punch and Bind

Punch the sheets and covers and keep them in the right order before bind. Then spin up the coil and insert the spring through the sheet’s holes. Release the handle and then close the machine.

Now your brochure or reports or presentation is all set.

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Final Words

While looking for the best binding machine, there are lots of machines with different options. There are various types of binding machines too. You have to know your need and budget and then choose the right machine for your purpose.

A modern binding machine has several features to make your work easy. Check well the binding machine reviews and confirm if all features are appropriately included. Make stylish and precise books.


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