Best Black and White Laser Printer for Home Use [Grayscale Printer]

Most of the office or home prints do not need color printing. Especially, official documents and data entry papers are monochrome. So, buying a color printer can be a wastage. Besides, running a color printer is also expensive. If only one toner is empty, you have to change a cartridge. When you do not need any color printing, then why take such hassles and waste of money?

There is an abundance of the best black and white laser printer for home use that meet your demand correctly. High-speed printing and top-quality papers are available at a lower price. So, check the best laser printers and buy one to have vigorous features.

Editor’s Pick: Top 5 Best Black and White Laser Printer for Home Use

What to Look Before Purchasing Black and White Laser Printer for Home Use

For the small home office or personal use, a laser printer is a good choice. It can save your time and provide good quality products. But your money can go to waste if you do not check some features well. So, know what to check before buying a laser printer.

  • Printing Speed

Time means a lot. In this digital world, we are bound to work faster. So, speed is a necessary term. Comparing with the inkjet printer, a laser printer works at a higher speed. But there is a variation in the capacity of various laser printers. Based on your need, check the printing speed page per minute.

  • Paper Handling Ability

The paper handling ability varies from printer to printer. So, you should check that too. Check the monthly duty cycle, paper feeder ability, output rear system, and paper runner. Straight paper feeder and output rear keep papers unchanged and crisp. Look for the best

Best Black and White Laser Printer for Home Use

  • Connectivity

Most laser printers are capable of taking command from Wi-Fi-connected devices. Some can take only from USB-connected devices. Some upgraded laser printers can take orders from Alexa too. So, check the connectivity power of the laser printer.

  • Toner Expense

You may get a toner set with the printer. But then there are toner replacing cost, new toner cos, and toner yielding capacity to look for. So, know these factors well before purchasing your printer.

best laser printer for home use

  • Printing quality

A laser printer, generally, provides the best quality. The black and white laser printer makes crisp and sharp prints at a higher speed. You should also check the features details and printer versions before buying as there are a few changes in printing quality in printers.

  • Budget

You must make a budget before going to buy the laser printer for your home use. You also must plan well what features you need to have for your works. Then check all parts and cost wisely. Match your preferences and then buy.

Before going to buy your printer, you can look black and white laser printer review. This will give you an idea about customer’s experiences in real life.

Top 10 Best Black and White Laser Printer for Home Use

If you need to print at a fast speed, then you should go for the laser printer. For official purposes, a monochrome laser printer is perfect. So, check the black and white laser printer review below.

1. HP LaserJet Pro Monochrome Laser Printer Review

Think, if the printer can scan and copy too, how amazing it would be. It is possible with this HP LaserJet Pro. This printer is one of the best in one black and white laser printer that can also work as a fax machine. You will get this wireless laser printer at a very low price compared to others in terms of purchasing cost. Though the price is low, there are lots of updated functions available. You can command printing from anywhere, anytime. The HP smart app will enable you to provide the printing command through google drive and Dropbox.

You do not have to use your hands if you are working or driving. The printer takes voice printing orders to continue the printing job. So, stay tuned when you need and print at high speed. The printer works at 30ppm speed. The input feeder tray can take up to 250 sheets and print up to 1000 pages with professional crisp and sharp quality. The dimensional patterns in black and white also have an updated rate with this printer. So, keep up your printing and scanning job as you need.


  • High speed at 30 ppm
  • Auto on and off technology for the best safety
  • Wireless printing with or without internet
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Reasonable


  • For large size job, you may have to purchase toner cartridge often

2. Canon Image Class Monochrome Laser Printer Review

When you are in great need of high speedy printing works, then you can go for the Canon image class laser pri8nter. It works at a 40 ppm speed that can yield large printing at a low time range. You can print 900 sheets continually. So, the professional black and white printed papers will be at your hand easily and quickly.

An application library allows for commanding and operating the printing jobs at high speed and an easy monitoring system. You can work with google Alexa to more speed up your work. The feeder allows printing on broader paper size up to 8 ½ × 14 inches, gross. The one-touch monitoring panel is there to make your job easier. You will print up to 4000 pages monthly that will keep the bulk project at the right hand. So, provide your best performance while working with this printer or scanner, or copier.


  • High speed at 40 ppm
  • 4000 pages printing per month
  • Yielding capacity to 900 pages
  • Three years of manufacturer’s warranty
  • Option to save 10% ink levels


  • Quite expensive

3. Brother Compact Duplex Laser Printer Review

You can print 32 pages in one minute! Can you imagine? Yes, the superfast brother black and white laser printer work with the technology that places the toner on the paper to create a fantastic smudge-free and clean quality printing. If you want to work at your home office at high speeds, this is the best black and white laser printer for home use. In this updated work, be it office or home, no need to be slow. This printer can print 250 sheets.

You may need to print on many things at home, not only on paper if you want to make cards, gifts, or any creative things. This brother printer will be the best friend in these jobs. You can print on an envelope, cardstocks, etc. too. In the case of o9f professional documents printing, you also can print at the professional quality and crisp and dynamic angle. Just command from your mobile or tablets, get your printed accessories or papers at the best finish.


  • Print 32 pages in one minute
  • Paper printing ability of 250 pages
  • Flexible paper size printing included
  • Wireless printing
  • Reasonable


  • No auto on/off option

4. HP Neverstop Cartridge-free Laser Printer Review

Laser printing enables printing at a higher speed. For home use or office use, laser printer technology is the best for low-cost toner use. Besides, toner is set on paper; thus, there is no hassle to clean up the mess. Smudge-free with no blurriness is possible on paper printing quality. The HP Neverstop is one of the best home black and white laser printers.

Be it for home use or office, no compromise on quality. The professional and updated quality of your papers is ensured. You do not have to worry about refilling toner. There is a toner reload kit that helps to fill mess-free or spill-free. You will also get a toner box with a printer set that can print up to 5000 pages. So, for the first big project, no tension of refill and buying another toner. The following toner will print 2.5 times papers. The load tray can feed 150 sheets at a time. So, you can use this HP black and white laser printer for a big project as well.


  • Print at 21 ppm
  • 2500 pages printing
  • Environment friendly with energy star 3.0 certified
  • 5000 pages print toner included


  • Single-sided printing

5. Canon Image Class Space Saving Laser printer Review

This canon black and white laser printer is sleek, and white is perfect for home use or a small office. It will smartly sit, taking a smaller space at your home. The space-saving nature with the elegant design of it will get a part of your room decoration. However, it is a smaller laser printer; the laser toner printing technology work at a reasonable speed of 26 ppm. You can easily take small loads of printing jobs. This canon laser printer wireless black and white is easy to operate for the duplex printing system, wireless connectivity, and USB connectivity.

This small-sized printer can feed a wider paper size with 250 sheets of printing ability. The canon mobile printing application is there to make the operation and commanding easy and straightforward. You can create awesome monochrome images out of it. The single-cartridge function allows to the production of high-quality, fade-resistant toner settlement on the papers. If you are using it in your small office, it will fulfill your interest at best. It supports 8000 pages printing even of its small size. At the printer set, there is a toner cartridge as a starter that can print 900 pages. So, keep loads of printing work smooth and fast smart way.


  • 26 pages per minute speed of printing
  • 250 sheets of printing ability
  • Wider feeder
  • Simple cartridge replacing the system


  • Single printing functional, no scanning or copying

6. HP LaserJet Duplex Laser Printer Review

When you use the HP LaserJet, you can feel like stay with nature and the environment. This printer has the functionality that allows it to use lower energy. The upgraded toner technology has the proficiency of using low energy while providing fast performance. Quality will be super and praiseworthy.

It supports pin printing to keep your documents confidential. Pin printing is such a technology that allows setting a pin before commanding for printing begin. The document will be on a temporary SD card and stay safe until you want to keep it separate. When you seem it perfect for printing, the command for printing.

The printer has the fundamentals to keep it centralized through the JetAdmin web. To maintain the higher security, the web Jetadmin supports the best. So, keep your documents save, print fast at 45 ppm speed, and high yield up to 650 sheets. The compact size of this printer settles its body in a smaller space and with intelligent elegance.


  • Built-in essentials for keeping documents secure
  • Pin printing technology
  • 45 ppm speed
  • LCD keypad for easy operation
  • Low energy consumption technology


  • No auto feeder
  • Only printing possible

7. Brother HL Laser Printer Review

This is one of the best black and white laser printer as it saves toner at an ultimate rate. The toner saver technology provides a standard amount of toner on the paper to correctly give the professional quality text. It is perfect for running a small business at an optimal level. The straight-lined manual feeder and rear output keep the papers safe from any curves or cleavage. The best quality crisp and fresh paper print is the final output.

The resolution of printing is 2400×600 dpi that provides top-quality surety. The monthly printing capacity is higher, and it is 10,000 sheets that support the larger projects well. The manual feeder tray has a 250-sheet holding ability. So, for regular home service or small office service, this goes very well.


  • Compatible with Windows 7 to 10
  • 10000 pages monthly duty cycle
  • Print speed 27 ppm
  • High-resolution print quality


  • Cannot support Wi-Fi connectivity

8. HP LaserJet Wireless Pro Laser Printer Review

The HP LaserJet is another best multifunctional black and white laser printer that allows you to print, scan or copy by commanding through wireless connectivity and google drive, iCloud, and Dropbox. The setup in the smartphones and clouds is easy, and operation is also simple. This is the best black and white laser printer for Mac. The user-friendly settings will help you to print at a higher speed, at 19 pages per minute. The first-page output takes only 8.1 seconds.

All the Pro functions are here in this smaller printer. Yes, its size is 35% smaller comparing others. The dimension of this printer is such that it can sit in a smaller space. The design supports an elegant look while it best suits your interior. The auto on-off option keeps the printer safe from your children or pet. So, you can keep it in your room with all significant advantages.


  • 19 ppm speed of printing
  • Wireless connectivity to command printing
  • Lower price range
  • Auto on/off technology
  • Multifunctional purposes


  • Sometimes may create heat while working for long

9. Xerox B210DNI Monochrome Laser printer Review

Printing on different substances fulfills a broad demand. You may need to make a gift or t-shirt or any showpieces etc. If you need a printer that can print various items, you will create multiple things on your choice using your creativity. The wider feeder slot can take a plain, thin, thick cotton cloth, recycled pieces, labels, transparency, bond, cardstock, archive, etc. Xerox makes a high printed design on those substances and showcases your creativity.

If you have official confidential data and documents, you do not have to worry about their security. Xerox brings this printer encoding the built-in protocols for securing your data. The IP and mac address filtering, Scan to email authentication, HTTPS, IPv6, secure fax and print, etc., helps to keep all documents safe and sound for a long.

This black and white laser printer scanner is environment-friendly and toner saver, duplex printing, and N-up printing. So, work at an incredible speed keeping your environment safe.


  • LED operating key
  • Printing speed at 31 ppm
  • Print 2500 pages per month
  • Data securing features
  • Energy-saving function


  • Only xerox supplies compatible

10. HP LaserJet Wireless printer Review

If you are quality concerned, take this HP laser printer with you. It works with the AirPrint function. The AirPrint allows creating the top-quality laden photo or text with crisp and sharp monochrome features. You can also command from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The compatibility with Apple devices is not found in every printer. So, if you are an apple product user, HP LaserJet is a perfect addition to you.

The toner cartridges are built with the JetIntelligence technology that supports speedy printing with high quality. The printing speed is 30 ppm. The tray feed can take 260 sheets, and the duty cycle is about 2000 pages per month. The LED control keypad ensures easy operation. The wireless commanding ability makes the printing job more accessible and simple. You can talk to Alexa to do your printing. So, do the high-speed job at HP Laser printer.


  • 15% faster speed than the previous version
  • AirPrint to secure the document or data
  • JetIntelligence technology for toner cartridge
  • 2000 pages printing per month


  • Scanning is not possible

Final Words

The monochrome laser printer has lots of updated features though their prices are low. When you do not need a color printer but demand printing at high speed, monochrome laser printers are the better choice.

So, look for the best black and white laser printer for home use and get one for your purpose. On this page, you will find the detail of top 10 laser printers which are worth checking. Why late? See them closely and find your printer.




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