Best Dye Sublimation Printer for Photo Booth [Recommended]

Sublimation heat transfer is a process to make some high-quality customization. If you want to make some high-quality designs on photo paper or other media, then a dye-sublimation printer is a great help. Many dye sublimation printers make quality prints at high resolution and other features. Some printers provide temperature cooling support that minimizes the extra heat on the machine. Some offer less energy use options.

So, find the best dye sublimation printer with all these features to have super-quality products. If you grab one from this list, you will get a superior quality printer at a reasonable price.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Dye Sublimation Printer for Photo Booth

Things To Consider Before Buying Dye Sublimation Printer for Photo Booth

Since the dye-sublimation printer is a specialized type of printer that can heat press the ink effectively, you must check some necessary elements before buying. You may not know the features well that need to be checked. Let’s learn them.

  • Print Resolution

As you will print photos by the dye sublimation process, your printer should provide high-resolution print output. The minimum required resolution is 300 dots per inch. You should look for a printer which can print at a higher resolution

sublimation printer for shirts

  • Type of Ink and Paper

For the dye-sublimation print, ink type is a significant matter. There is an ink ribbon or cartridge. You can use both of them. But if you can afford it, prefer to use ribbon ink as they provide better quality. Besides, you should choose to, but the replacement ink is selected or suggested by the printer brand.

There are some specialized papers to dye sublimate correctly. These papers provide the quality full result. But plain paper, or photo paper, also works well.

  • Printer Type

Some dye-sublimation printers can print on transfer paper to set the images or designs on mugs, t-shirts, or jerseys. Some printers are specialized in making lab-quality photos. If you are going to work on photography, choose the photo printer. These are better for small photo booth businesses or any photography works.

Best Dye Sublimation Printer

  • Price

There are many dye-sublimation printers at a different price range. Among all these printers, some brand printers provide all the necessary features at a reasonable price. Since you can have all parts at an affordable price so, why will you waste your money? You have to check the price and the available features.

Check all features properly and find the best printer to perform dye sublimation.

Top 10 Best Dye Sublimation Printer for Photo Booth

As there are various dye-sublimation printer models in both the online and offline market, it is necessary to point out the best dye sublimation printer. This list of the ten best printers for dye sublimation from which you can grab one to meet your ultimate demand.

1. Mitsubishi CP K60DW S Eco Value Dye Sub Photo Printer Review

Heat press ink sublimation takes the printing to the next level. It opens a new way to increase the working platform. Mitsubishi comes with an eco-solvent dye-sublimation printer that meets all demands with its feature full nature. There is a paper flange spacer to create a perfect print media placement and correct ink pressing. It also reduces the stock references. The maintenance and operation have become easy while printing.

This printer perfectly sits in your small home office for its compact design and smaller installation space needs. You can use two printing formats to print on plain paper. This option minimizes the misuse of paper and increases efficiency. This is the best dye sublimation photo printer as it prints at a high resolution that is 300 DPI. This printer produces matte photos as it is now the most demanding quality. So, the print output becomes a natural photo type with clean lines and sharp edges.

As it is an electric printer, energy use is a significant matter. This Mitsubishi increases the energy efficiency. At the standby mode, it uses 96% less energy. You can work on the economic model that allows the ink use efficiently at most. The “Rewind” feature helps in getting the best color formation on the photo paper. So, have all necessary items in one machine to perform the best.


  • Includes CD ROM, AC power cord, Strip bin, ink cassette, etc.
  • One media can use two print formats
  • Higher-resolution print quality
  • Easy maintenance
  • 96% less energy use


  • Matte photo finish does not reflect light

2. DNP Event Dye Sublimation Portrait Photo Printer Review

This DNP dye sublimation printer is excellent for faster speed. It increases the print speed by 20%. This printer can print 4 by 6 inches of paper in 12.4 seconds. So, you can produce 290 photos of 4 by 6 inches in only one hour. You can print 350 6 by 8 inches photo in one hour. So, you can produce lots of photos of high quality. This printer supports glossy photo paper that permits to make of lustrous images. The images will reflect lights and become attractive.

If you are going to set a photo booth business, or open a photography platform professionally, keep this printer with you. This printer will assist you as a guide in every way. You will be able to take loads of photos quickly and meet the demand of your client. Depending on the necessity, you can select the resolution level. There is a high-speed mode that prints at 300 by 300 dots per inch resolution. There is also the high-resolution mode that creates photos at 300 by 600 dots per inch resolution.

So, you can control the quality and make superior photos by ye sublimation. The printer will show the way to add some more creativity and a unique base. You will have a platform to take your photography to a fantastic stage.


  • Print speed increases 20%
  • Print photo strips
  • Supports glossy photo paper
  • Reasonable hardware


  • May make some noise while operating

3. Mitsubishi Thermal Dye Sublimation Photo Printer Review

As a beginner, you can work with this Mitsubishi printer and grow your skill. The support, which this printer provides, can make you an expert. Besides, the features of this printer are also supportive for an expert. You can produce any design on plain paper by the dye sublimation process. For the high-quality result, the printer becomes one of the best printer for dye sublimation. It produces photos at 300 dots per inch density, creating a clean and clear placing of every angle.

Photos have a matte structure and fine- finish. There will be a clean show of colors and refine production of color matching. The printing head works in such a technology that provides the high efficiency of ink used. So, it has excellent support for making the ink cost low.

This printer has a compact design which allows keeping the printer in a small place. Your small office room does not have to adjust with the structure; instead, the printer will match your interior style. This printer includes all supportive ingredients like securing band, paper flanges, tray, washer, spacers, etc. All these help in high production with no compromise of quality.


  • Ultra-fast print speed
  • High-quality photo printing
  • Compact size
  • USB connectivity


  • Quite expensive

4. Sawgrass Dye Sublimation Printer Review

Sawgrass brings a printer that offers a print manager to support you in many ways. You will be able to perform the best and easy operation with this printer. The creative studio manager is also included, and it provides many designs and pattern samples to practice. You also have some unique strategies to use as a starter. There are also ways to modify some designs after downloading some patterns from this online store. This will help you to increase your skill and engage your talent to make some glorious things.

The sawgrass offers ultra-high-definition ink to make premium quality print output. You can grow your business by producing HD prints. When you start to provide lab-quality images to your client, you will get more orders, and so, you may have to take loads of printing. Sawgrass can do the printing job faster, which can be your friend on big projects.

The printer has an automatic maintenance system that keeps your work trouble-free. You do not have to spend your valuable time to o its maintenance and continue your printing and making new things. So, grab this printer and have its features to bloom your business.


  • Sawgrass print manager
  • UH ink to make HD quality prints
  • Online studio designer
  • Supports single roll bar


  • Replacement ink is quite costly

5. Mitsubishi Dye Sublimation Printer Review

If you want to get the perfect print quality in every detail, work with the Mitsubishi printer. It prints at 300 dots per inch resolution and provides the correct finish. It prints at 256 gradations and 8 bits per color. This printer is the best home photo printer for dye sublimation since it’s a smaller size to fit nicely in your home. It can take high working loads to perform at best. There is a front-loading tray to feed paper or print media smoothly. It speeds up the printing process and encourages continuity.

This Mitsubishi printer provides a high-speed printing job. It can print 4 by 6 inches of paper in only 12 seconds. So, you can produce lots of photos within one hour. This printer is excellent support for the high-volume job. You can take loads with this high-capacity printer that can print 750 prints of 4 by 6 inches photos. In terms of quality, there is no way to compromise. The printer has a dust-resistant performance that creates photos to last for long. The image processing algorithm produces edge-to-edge finish and HD quality photos. Photos will have heavy color depth with brightness. Mitsubishi designed their printer’s pre-head to increase the electric use efficiency. So, get all features with low-cost ink and energy.


  • High-resolution prints
  • High-capacity printing
  • Pre-assembled ribbon and paper to provide the easy setup
  • Image processing technology supported


  • No wireless connectivity

6. HiTi Dye Sublimation Photo Printer Review

This HiTi printer is a compact designed printer that allows to set it in a smaller place. For the size, you can transfer it anywhere. This portability gains some positive dye sublimation printer reviews. A regular printer cannot do many challenging tasks. This dye sublimation printer supports complicated assignments or difficult color and texture presentations. This printer isperfect for an expert. You will get all the necessary items to manage complex tasks in perfection.

This printer can perform on-site applications. You can open a small business to provide instant printing service. You take the order to your PC and get it printed at a suitable place on the paper instant. This printer has RFID technology that can take digital records through waves and get them to work instantly. The LCD monitor and five keys help in easy operation and perform smoothly. The quality of the printed photos will be 300 dots per inch that serves the lab quality.

So, you can do your lab with this printer. It allows making passport photos or ID, professional-level photographs, event photos, etc. The printer includes a paper flange spacer, scrap receptacle, two paper adapter, USB cable, power cord, etc. All these functions are accessible at a reasonable price, making this printer the best value dye sublimation printer. So, you will get all elements to grow up your business.


  • On-site photography
  • High-speed printing support
  • Convenient for difficult tasks
  • RFID technology to identify materials instant


  • No wireless connectivity

7. Mitsubishi Professional Sublimation Printer Review

Mitsubishi comes with one of the best dye sublimation printer for its faster speed. It can print one 4 by 6 inches photo in only 8.4 seconds. It enables to produce pictures at huge volume within a low time range. The quality of the result is variable. You can select the finish type. The printer can print superfine, ultra-fine, and refine photo finish. It can produce both matte finish photos and also glossy photos. This printer supports glossy photo paper to have lustrous images that can reflect lights.

The matte photos are of superfine quality, and the glossy photos will become fine or superfine. You have to select the print mode to make the output at a different level finish. The printer can pass a wide variety of paper sizes that enables printing, whatever in size and quality. The image processing algorithm provides photos at greater color balance and color placings on the paper. The images are sharp-edged and correctly polished.

The thermal printing technology may increase the heat, but this printer has the cooling system to cool down the machine after using it for a long time. There is energy efficiency technology to use a minimal amount of energy. So, take the load with this high-capacity printer and have fun while working.


  • Space-saving design
  • High-capacity printing
  • High-speed printing
  • Dustproof design
  • Built-in energy saver


  • Only for photo printing

8. DNP Wireless Dye Sublimation Printer Review

DNP comes with a printer that enables it to work in wireless connectivity. So, you will get the ease of operating and making some edits on your smartphones or PC. You do not have to stay at the side of the printer to perform. You can stay at your ease while doing your job. You can create your mobile photo booth with this printer to perform with wireless mobile connectivity and compact in design. This printer is portable to perform where you want. This option increases the width of work. You can work from the Apple phones or Mac too.

The DNP has minimized energy use by increasing the energy efficiency to a 28% level. So, you can use the battery power for longer. You can edit the photo using the printer connectivity. It allows to crop down a comprehensive format design without changing the quality and the margin. This means that you can minimize the image size without changing or cutting any part of the image. Besides, the print head is 45 inches in width, and it permits to print of the photos at 16 by 9 wide format ratio. So, the printer provides vital elements to have the best experience.



  • No wired connectivity

9. HP Wireless Smart Tank Thermal Printer Review

Work with HP and have all smart technology. HP printer allows talking with Google Alexa and order for printing virtually. You will get the chance to print at a low cost. The high-speed technology lets you print at 11 ppm. The automatic document feeder helps in increasing the speed more and hassle to handle the operation. This auto feeder can feed 35-page at a time, so there is a low refill need.

The smart ink tank is the ink bottle that minimizes the ink cost and maximizes the ink use efficiency. The refill of these ink bottles is also spill-free and mess-free. This printer supports several paper sizes that let you create many things at different size ratios. The supported print media are envelopes and plain paper. So, you can make different business cards, labels, or documents by heat pressing system.

The HP printer includes the starter ink that can produce 6000 color papers along with 800 black and white papers printing ability, which meet two years’ demand. This printer not only prints but also scan, copy, and fax. So, you can have many purposes to use this printer. The quality of the prints is premium. You will build crisp documents and vivid colors.


  • Several paper sizes supported
  • Ink bottles to minimize the ink cost
  • Two years ink included
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Auto document feeder with 35-page capacity


  • All the ink bottles need to be filled to perform the printing in any color

10. Epson Eco-tank Wireless Color Printer Review

This Epson dye sublimation printer is a cartridge-free printer that works with ink bottles. Ink bottles are of low cost and mess-free use supported. You can maximize ink use through these ink bottles. Besides, it includes 2 years of ink that can print 6000 color pages and 7500 black pages. So, as a beginner, you will have the most supported printer for your job.

For faster speed, you can print by using the two-sided printing option. It increases the continuity of work. The paper tray for 150 sheets can minimize the frequent paper refill demand. This printer is easy to operate through the 2.4 inches color display. This display will show you how to maintain and drive the machine to get better printing. That’s why many dye sublimation printer reviews provide positive feedback for this printer.

This printer allows wireless connectivity. You can print from your smartphones or PC, or tablet. The Wi-Fi direct and the ethernet connectivity show easier use of this printer. So, get sharp black pages and vivid color prints with smart connectivity prints.


  • 30-page auto document feeder
  • Two-sided printing option
  • Color display
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Cartridge free ink bottles


  • Paper jamming may occur after loads of printing

Final Thoughts

Dye-sublimation printers use heats to press ink on photo paper. It provides premium quality photo prints with fade-resistant and waterproof features. The photos will stay intact for a long. So, you can make unique decorative elements or lustrous photos.

With a dye sublimation printer, you can start a photography business or grow up your photo booth business. You will get such printers on this page that will encourage the skill and talent to increase creativity. So, select the best dye sublimation printer to fulfill your demand.


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