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Best Eco Solvent Printer For Vinyl [Top 10 Recommendation]

When you have plenty of printing jobs and are already doing those continuously, the printer may affect your health. Yes, there is solvent ink which can produce odor with some harmful solvent materials. These materials act as a slow poisoning in your body. They also affect nature badly. So, choosing an eco-solvent printer is a wise choice for the perfect protection of your health.

You should not fall for the shortage of any features of a printer. Precision is a significant matter while working. Check the printer list on this page and grab the best Eco-solvent printer full of valuable and updated features.

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What To Check Before Buying Best Eco Solvent Printer For Vinyl

The eco-solvent printers will keep you safe from volatile substances, but you should check if those printers can meet all your demand. It is because you have to safe and do your job accurately too. So, let’s know what check.

  • Ink Type

There are different types of solvent ink, and this solvent ink uses volatile organic compounds that are harmful. It produces odor and gases which harms our health and nature. If we want to be safe, we have to use eco-solvent ink. The eco-solvent ink meets the print speed demand and also low-cost need. Many eco solvent printer reviews talked in preferring accent for the ink type.

  • Printer Type

The type and size of the printer depending on your need. There are some large format eco-solvent printers if you have to produce significant format things like banners or posters. There are also small eco solvent printers having all features. Check the size and the capacity, then choose the printer type.

best eco solvent printer

  • Print Speed

To perform better for loads of big projects, print speed should be higher. Check the print speed of the eco solvent printers before buying. The eco solvent printers have a good print or scanning speed to perform well.

  • Quality

You may have to scan or print or copy; the eco-solvent printers make high-resolution output with perfect ink placings. So, you can select an eco solvent printer without any worry and have the best quality.

Top 10 Best Eco Solvent Printer For Vinyl

If you want to stay safe from harmful materials and do your job with better features, choose an eco-solvent printer. There is 10 Best Eco Solvent printer to choose. Get one and have all the fantastic features.

1. Epson Eco Tank Color Inkjet Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-2750 Wireless Color All-in-One Cartridge-Free Supertank Printer with Scanner, Copier and Ethernet, Regular

Epson brings an eco-solvent Inkjet printer that is one of the best Epson eco solvent printers. The eco-solvent cartridge-free ink of this Epson includes ink for two years’ job. The ink does not spread any odor which can harm. This included ink can print 5200 color pages or 6500 black pages. This ink is equivalent to 30 ink cartridge sets. It meets both the demand the eco solvency and ink costs. By using these ink bottles, you can reduce your ink cost by up to 80%. These inks bottles are easy to refill and spill-free to fill.

This Epson has the wireless connectivity to give orders for printing or scanning from your android smartphones or iPhone or iPad. That makes the operation easy and straightforward. Within the ink cost, you can save the papers up to 50%. There is a two-sided auto printing option to minimize paper misuse or mistakes. You can make high-resolution prints with this eco solvent printer. The resolution of print is 5760×1440 optimized dots per inch. It creates a perfection of color employment on the paper. So, have excellent quality print through the nature-saving Epson printer.


  • Cartridge free ink bottles for the eco-solvent effect
  • Compatible with Windows 7 to 10 and Mac
  • Auto two-sided printing to minimize the paper cost
  • Wireless printing


  • Expensive

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2. HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Thermal Printer

HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Wireless All-in-One Ink Tank Printer, up to 2 Years of Ink in Bottles, Mobile Remote Print, Scan, Copy, White, Works with Alexa (6HF11A)

Stay connected with the HP printer through dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. Your printer will always stay connected, and you can print when you need it. The prominent ink tank helps in increasing the continuity of printing. The ink tank technology saves from the spill of ink on paper, increases ink efficiency, and ultimately, the ink cost. There is no chance of compromising the quality. These ink tanks ensure the maximum quality of prints or scans.

The included ink bottles will serve you to print 8000 color pages or 6000 black pages. So, you will be worry-free for two years long. Besides, there is the spill-free and less free refill system of these inks. The HP innovative application will be in your smartphones or PC, and you can command from there easily within seconds. So, you will be free of ink cost and volatile substances that remain in all other ink cartridges. So, scan, print, and copy with the cartridge-free ink and stay safe from the volatile organic substances.


  • Multi-purpose printer
  • Ink included for 8000 color pages or 6000 black pages
  • High convenience with dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity
  • A wide variety of paper size supported


  • Downloading the HP innovative application takes time

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3. Epson Eco Tank ET 27020 Color Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner and Copier - Black

The printer uses ink cartridges that use the volatile organic compound. These compounds produce a strong odor. But the eco-solvent Epson does not create any odor. It uses cartridge-free ink bottles that keep the ink suspended in the mild biodegradable solvent. It does not produce harmful compounds. So, you can be sure about the safety from the harmful ink and keep your nature safe. For this option, it has got certification from the U. S. Environment Protection Agency.

This eco tank printer does not encourage the greenhouse effects and also reduces the production of air pollutants. It improves fuel efficiency too. So, for the best natural protection, this printer is worth support. Besides, there is superior qualified output and well-finished paper placings. The print speed is 25 pages per month. The cartridge-free ink bottles help in minimizing ink costs by reducing ink waste. So, have this Epson and encourage the nature saving feature.


  • Cartridge free ink bottles support
  • Environmental support
  • Voice-activated printing activity
  • Wireless printing technology


  • All cartridge should be full

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4. Canon Image PROGRAF TA30 Large Format Printer

Canon image PROGRAF TA-30 With Stand (3661C002) 36” Large Format Inkjet Printer

If you have banner or poster making jobs, a canon image is a perfect choice for you. This printer is another best eco solvent wide format printer. It can produce big banners, glossy posters, high-resolution photos within the eco-solvent feature, etc. You can use your talent to make different things the best creation. It supports a paper roll that covers the size from 8 inches to 36 inches. You just download the banner texts or poster images, or you can scan to collect the images. Then print at high speed. The best quality will be at your output.

This large format printer can print on fabric with precision. So, there is lots of way of making fabric-based materials like t-shirt, jackets, etc. put on all your creativity to make unique pieces. This printer also supports glossy photo paper that enables printing big-sized photos or images with image class quality. You can make lustrous posters with images. The image will have the precise angled position and accurate placing on the paper. It can produce 113 posters per hour. So, you can take a big budget project and handle it smoothly with perfection. There is also poster creation software within the printer that helps in making unique posters. So, have the advantages of this printer.


  • Supports big-sized papers and also photo papers
  • It can print 113 posters per hour
  • Wireless printing technology
  • Poster making software for free
  • Ink included


  • Much costly

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5. HP Plus 651 Wireless Ink Tank Printer

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Wireless All-in-One Ink Tank Printer, up to 2 Years of Ink in Bottles, Auto Document Feeder, Mobile Print, Scan, Copy, Works with Alexa (7XV38A)

Connect the HP printer with your devices and command to print, scan, or copy. This printer can work with voice activation. This means that you can talk with your Google Alexa and command for whatever you want to do. Scan high-resolution images, or documents on plain paper or envelope, then edit before printing. This printer is full of features from cartridge-free eco solvent technology, dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, spill-free ink refill, etc.

Work faster by increasing the speed. There is a 35-page auto feeder to minimize the paper loss and increase the speed. You keep the papers on the tray, and it will take auto-input papers to it, and printing will go on smoothly. The print speed is 11 pages per minute that increases the working ability more. This HP eco solvent printer supports a wide variety of paper sizes to pass, like letter size paper, legal size, 3 by 5 inch, 4 by 6 inch, 5 by 7 inch, 8 by 10 inch, and no. 10 envelopes. So, get all the exciting benefits from this HP printer.



  • HP application settings need time

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6. Epson Eco Tank Monochrome Super Tank Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-M1170 Wireless Monochrome Supertank Printer with Ethernet PLUS 2 Years of Unlimited Ink

In terms of the printer’s placement and finishing precision, and accuracy, this Epson desktop eco solvent printer is one of the best printers. It supports the precision core printing technology that ensures the most refined finish, crisp black text print, vibrant color print, and superior angled high-class print. Since it is an eco-solvent printer, it reduces volatile substances and restricts odor production. So, there is no chance of any harm while working. The best quality will be out without any harmful odor. It is the most supporting matter. The text is an ultra-sharp boundary, and images are with detailed structure.

You can get the option of reducing your ink cost by up to 75 %. Ink bottles can hold more ink than ink cartridges. So, there is no need for frequent refills of ink. The first ink set will print loads of pages constantly. The print speed is higher comparatively. It is 20 pages per minute. When you have plenty of pf paper to print in black texts, this will help you take your works to the next level. You will get a chance for creative works and a talent showing platform.


  • Low-cost ink bottles
  • 6000 pages by starter included ink
  • Precision core printing technology
  • The faster first print that needs less time to assemble


  • All cartridge needs to be full

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7. Brother Ink-vestment Tank Color Inkjet Printer

Brother MFC-J995DW INKvestmentTank Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer with Mobile Device and Duplex Printing, Up To 1-Year of Ink In-box, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready

Brother comes with the best eco solvent printer for the best ink use. This printer includes an ink tank that has the extra ink holding capacity. Brother engineered their printers again to include some unique features into these eco solvent printers. The internal ink storage tanks are capable of delivering uninterrupted printing. The fluency of ink flow is so smooth that there is no chance of making any spills on papers, and the ink is appropriately used. It has an intelligent page gauge to note the ink tank consequence and signal for low ink condition.

This printer has a wide range of compatibility. It supports Windows 7 to 10, server 2016 to 2008, and Mac. We have to think and check the compatibility of the printer while buying. Sometimes, we see that we want all features, but we may have to refuse to buy a printer for compatibility with our device. In that cases, this printer is worry-free management. In terms of network protocols, there is an abundance of compatibility of this printer. So, buy this printer without any tension and connect it to any network protocol and PC setup.


  • A wide variety of operating system compatibility
  • Super tank system to hold more ink
  • Intelligent page gauge to show the ink conditions
  • AirPrint and Google Print capability


  • Makes some sounds during operation

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8. Canon PROGRAF iPF 770 Large Format Inkjet Printer

Canon 9856B002AA imagePROGRAF iPF770 36-Inch Large-Format Inkjet Printer with Sub-ink Tank System

Canon brings a large format printer with all updated necessary features. That makes this printer the best eco solvent printer for beginners. When you start printing and scanning jobs for your crafting business, this canon printer will support you in all ways. You can produce image-based posters or text-based banners; there is no tension about time management. Canon engineered this printer, keeping time use in mind. It takes only 25 seconds to print one poster or significant paper elements when keeping the printer in economy mode.

So, you can increase the production and take loads of your works. As a beginner, you may have a shortage of cost managing backups. No worry. This printer minimizes ink handling costs. It supports the sub-ink tank system that enables to use of all the ink from a bottle. You do not have to refill them until they are empty. So, get your printing job at high speed, large format, and find the best solution to make unique things.


  • Large format printing at high speed
  • Economy print mode for higher speed
  • Sub ink tank process to utilize ink efficiently
  • Status monitor to measure and know every condition of the printing machine


  • Expensive relatively

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9. HP Officejet Pro 9025 Small Office Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 All-in-One Wireless Printer, Single-pass (Automatic) Document Feeder & Two Paper Trays, Smart Home Office Productivity, Instant Ink, Works with Alexa (1MR66A)

HP Officejet comes with some advanced technological software that gives your documents or other papers the best security. All the protective shields are built-in essential applications. The basic encryption enables to handle every single paper securely and with excellent safety. There is also password protection which ensures that your document would not open until your engagement. It minimizes theft risks.

This printer will use Wi-Fi efficiently. Even if the Wi-Fi connection got interrupted, the printer has a self-healing Wi-Fi system that constantly re-connects your internet. There is no chance to lose the document before saving it. The self-healing Wi-Fi will backup the document.  It is a small eco solvent printer with a similar capacity for printing and scanning. It takes a significantly smaller space to sit in your small office.

Besides, the auto document feeder has the 35 -sheet feeding capacity and so, you can increase the continuity. So, have the quick loading job by this small printer.


  • The print speed is 24 ppm
  • Scan 2 times fasters
  • 39% smaller in size
  • Great in document handling
  • Built-in security


  • HP application is quite tough to handle sometimes

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10. Canon PROGRAF TA-20 Large Format Printer

Canon imagePROGRAF TA-20 24” (3659C002) Large Format Inkjet Printer

Be it a banner, posters, or photo paper, and you can make a large format unique creation out of this printer. It also supports glossy photo papers. So, there is a lot of ways to encourage your creativity and practice your skills. In terms of speed, it also is better you will print 104 posters per hour. Can you imagine? You can produce so many posters only in one hour. This printer also includes ink to support you as a starter.

This printer can pass papers from 8 inches to 24 inches wide. So, it is the perfect choice to do something big. You can make lots of money by doing faster works using this printer. The eco solvent printer reviews support making proper use of this printer and grow your career. The fantastic thing is that it has poster creation software for free that enables downloading fantastic posters’ designs and making them real within a concise time range.


  • 104 posters per hour are the print speed
  • Wide-format paper or fabric size supported
  • CAD drawing supported
  • Poster creation software available


  • Little expensive

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 Final Thoughts

If you want to switch to eco-solvent ink to keep yourself safe from harmful odor, you cannot do it only by changing your inks. You have to have an eco solvent printer to support those inks. Many eco solvent printers are a total of unique features that you do not have to compromise with your performance.

So, check the best eco solvent printer above and grab one with all the features you need.

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