Best Google Cloud Laser Printer [Chromebook Compatible Printers]

Goggle cloud print provides the opportunity to print from the google cloud service of your smartphone or PC to the cloud-based printer. You can print on the go. Yes, google cloud printing allows print within the same wi-fi connections and from the different areas. It increases the reliability and convenience to us the printer.

So, having a cloud-based printer with all other options would be amazing. It offers the best experience and decent quality. You will have fantastic support from the Google cloud, including safety, printing from another place, and fine-finished alignment. So, check the best Google cloud printer and get a printer to meet your need.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Google Cloud Laser Printer

What to Look Before Buying Google Cloud Laser Printer

Before buying a google cloud printer, you should closely look at some features’ presence to perform the best. Know them well and then check.

  • Ink Type

There are mainly two types of ink. Inkjet ink cartridge and toner for a laser printer. Ink cartridges spray ink to the paper, and toner fuses the ink. You can get any of these ink types depending on your interest. For the fast operation, toner is better, and for plain paper printing, ink cartridges do well.

Best Google Cloud Printer

  • Wireless Connectivity

To have the google cloud printing option, your printer should have wireless connectivity. It allows printing from google cloud instantly. You can print at a better convenience.

  • Paper Features

The printer can print in many media. You have to know your need and find such a printer that can print on the necessary media. Many google cloud printers can print on plain paper, cardstocks, labels, envelopes, fabric, etc. As there are options to get designs from google cloud fast, you can have a printer supporting several media.

best google cloud laser printer

Choose a printer that can meet all your demand within google cloud print. Then you will have the fun of printing the most.

Top 10 Best Google Cloud Laser Printer Reviews

Fining the best google cloud printer is tough. You should check well and then purchase. You can check these top google cloud printer reviews and grab one from the list for the easy selection.

1. Brother Monochrome Google Cloud Laser Printer Review

Brother comes with a printer that supports google cloud connectivity and helps in easy and simple operation. It allows printing through the google cloud services, including Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneNote, etc. You can scan and take it to cloud software and keep it safe. The flatbed scanner has a glass-made feeder that supports scanning your paper efficiently without any mistake.

In terms of printing, you can print at a higher speed with laser printing technology. Laser printing technology uses the ink on the paper efficiently, and it takes lesser time to do. This brother printer prints at 36 ppm speed. These features make this printer the best Google cloud laser printer. It prints black and white with crisp and sharp-edged texts, and the print result has become well-managed and professional like published things. It provides a touchscreen to operate the printer scanner avoiding making mistakes.


  • AirPrint and Mopria print included
  • 36 ppm print speed
  • 250 sheets paper capacity
  • Google cloud-based printing


  • Low ink signal long before it becomes empty

2. Canon PIXMA TR 150 Google Cloud Inkjet Printer Review

Canon brings one of the best Google cloud ready printer that serves smooth and simple operative mode. With lots of wireless options, the canon printer provides several ways to print. The AirPrint allows you to keep the document safe for a long time, and when you want, you can print. The Mopria print also allows printing from your android mobile to provide the order to print to a nearby printer. Google cloud print service also enables to keep the document or photos hidden and ready for printing. Besides, you can print that page instantly when you search for something on any Google browser website.

This printer provides the correct ink placement, which helps to print at top quality. The color-printed photos have a refined finish and proper angle placing. For a beginner user, the OLED display makes it easy to operate every key. This system is easy to run and simple to assemble. You will also get the chance to set your printer a small space and transfer it to any place. This sleek and compact designed printer is ready to perform wherever you take it. The battery-charged service makes it portable, and there is no need for any power cable to run it. So, grab this printer that has all the spectacular features at best.


  • Portable and space-saving printer
  • Google cloud print, AirPrint, and Mopria print
  • Battery engaged service included
  • Color phots with high quality


  • Ink replacement cost is relatively high

3. HP LaserJet Monochrome Laser Printer Review

HP brings another best printer for Google cloud print at high speed with laser technology. It enables to print of any page or interface of the Google cloud or application at top quality. You can share your document and print that shared document. You also can print directly from the Google cloud. The Google voice activation is also included to make it easier to perform virtually. To print, it offers both wired and wireless connectivity. You can connect the printer with an ethernet connection or wireless printing from your devices.

There is an opportunity to print through built-in wi-fi. To speed up the printing, the two-sided auto system encourages. You can print 30 pages per minute with this printer. You can produce abundant papers with a low time range. The 250-sheets input tray enhances the speed more. It also has the Auto on and Auto-off option that decreases the misuse of energy use. You also will get the top quality from the printed pages. Texts are refined and crisp. So, use all the features of this printer to get the best functions and quality-full job.


  • 30 ppm speed
  • Google cloud print service through HP smart app
  • HP voice activation
  • Duplex printing


  • Creates some noise

4. Canon TS 5120 Black Google Cloud Printer Review

The compact size of the canon printer sits nicely in your home. This makes it the best home printer Google cloud print. You can keep it in a small space at the side of your PC or anywhere you like. The sleek and smart black colored design will suit the decoration of your room. You will be happy to work when it becomes a decorative part of your room. Keeping the printer at home, Google cloud print ability provides the hassle-free printing option from any place. You can print any page or interface or web page from the google browser to this printer.

This printer allows the scanning of borderless photos or documents at high resolution. Then you can reduce the size or enlarge your image from a 25% to 400% ratio. This printer has the Auto on and Auto-off option that minimizes the excess energy use and reduces the over-heating. The LCD interface makes the operation easy and simple. If you are using the printer for the first time, you can do it without any hassle. It supports several operating systems from Windows 7 to 10. So, you can use this printer with excellent safety and options.


  • Bluetooth supported
  • Google cloud, PIXMA cloud supported
  • Versatile paper size support
  • Paper size reduction and enlargement


  • Expensive

5. Brother Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer Review

You may have some designs or patterns or essential information while browsing on Google. You may want to have those designs or patterns at once. It is possible with this Brother printer Google cloud print supported. You can print instantly when you like any page in your browser. This printer allows printing on plain paper, card stock, or envelopes. So, this creates many options to make unique things within a concise time range. Just select an image or patterns, then print on what media you like.

As it is a laser printer, it offers a higher speed. You can print 32 pages per minute. The paper holder tray can hold 250 sheets which minimize the refill hassle and speed up the printing process. It also has the auto two-sided printing option, and it also increases the speed. It also has a manual feed slot, and it helps flexible feeding. This printer has the toner saver mode that saves toner misuse. So, you can have the Brother printer for flexible printing use.


  • High-speed printing
  • Toner saver mode supported
  • Wide connectivity options
  • Low toner signal provided


  • No starter toner included

6. Canon PIXMA Business Cloud Inkjet Printer Review

There are lots of printers in the market that are full of features. But all these fantastic features cannot be handy when the print head gets jammed. Yes, it happens many times. Canon comes with the ultimate solution. They engineered the printer by refining print head technology. These heads have photolithographic nozzles to provide the best and flexible performance. That’s why this printer is the best Google cloud print enabled photo printer.

It allows printing google pages on glossy photo paper with the maximum print resolution. You do not have to take the hassle to go to the lab to develop professional photo quality. You can produce much better photos with this Canon photo printer. The print resolution is 9600 by 2400 dots per inch. There are several nozzles included in this printer to print smoothly. You will get 4096 color nozzles and 1024 black nozzles. So, it is ensured that there is no chance for the print heads to be jammed. So, get a smooth and flexible printing experience using this printer.


  • PIXMA printing, Google printing, and AirPrint supported
  • Photolithography print head
  • 5 individual ink system
  • 5120 print nozzles included


  • Plain paper is not supported

7. Lexmark Cloud Color Laser Printer Review

When you need a printer with the best security, Lexmark is there to provide you several types of possibilities. This Lexmark Google cloud print share printer allows printing any pages from the browser page after sharing that page to the printer. The Mopria print provides the way to print through the wireless option. The AirPrint keeps your document safe before printing commands. There is also a mobile print application to order the printing through the app. All these printing options make the printing solution easy and smooth.

You can also keep your document safe in the memory card, which can store up to 256 MB. It can print at a high resolution too. You can get print output with 4800 color papers and 600 by 600 crisp black pages. In terms of environment, this printer has been certified for the energy use efficiency to reduce the energy use, and EPEAT licensed for the minimized production of any harmful products. The print speed is about 24 ppm, and this printer also has a two-sided printing option. Both features help in speeding up the printing solution.


  • Wireless and wired printing option
  • Security printing solution
  • Environment-friendly design
  • Memory card supported


  • Cache becomes full in short storage

8. Canon PIXMA TR 4520 Inkjet Printer Scanner Copier Review

If you are a beginner printer user, you may take a while to set the printer and understand its operation system. Canon comes with a printer that is hassle-free to assemble that takes significantly less time. The wireless connectivity is easy to start and simple to manage. You can begin your printing or scanning job right after arranging the printer in your office. Within all-in-one purpose, the print set well in a small place. You will get your printer, scanner, copiers at one pace.

This canon printer Google cloud print with high resolution that is 4800 by 1200 dots per inch. With the Google cloud print, there are PIXMA cloud link print, template print, Mopria print, canon app print, message in print, etc. The scanner option also can provide a high resolution that is 600 by 1200 dots per inch. You can scan with the auto scan mode and save that to your PC or smartphone before commanding for printing. In this printer, there is an auto document feeder to increase the continuity. So, keep the best performance with the canon printer.


  • A set of ink included
  • Auto duplex printing and auto scan
  • High-resolution print and scanning
  • Easy assembling


  • Canon ink supported mostly

9. Xerox Google Cloud Monochrome Laser Printer Review

As the laser printer has a high printing speed, you can use all security measures with this Google cloud print classic printer. It allows printing with excellent security. You can share the Google pages with the printer and order to print before keeping them safe. Besides, there are several security protocols for your documents’ best safety, like HTTPS, IP, IPv6, IP sec, SNMPv3, and Mac address filters. After scanning your document, send it to email, and keep it there as long as you want before printing.

All these functionalities ensure secure faxing too. Many business people have provided positive Google cloud printer reviews for this Xerox printer. The printing speed is also high, and it is 32 ppm for black pages. The better rate, Auto to sided printing, and toner saver mode minimize the overall costing in terms of cost. So, grab it and have fantastic features.


  • 2500 pages per month print volumes
  • Several protective measures and applications for the security of documents
  • Google cloud, AirPrint, and Mopria Print
  • Energy efficiency


  • To keep up the quality, must use Xerox accessories and ink

10. HP Officejet Pro Cloud Printer Review

Print with HP printer Google cloud print option. Yes, you can print from the cloud and scan to the cloud. Google Drive can store your documents safely and allow printing at any time which is convenient for you. When you like any pages, you can also print instant. This printer allows to share your document to the cloud and email to fax. All these processes are easy to do through the color touchscreen keypad. The panel is easy to understand and acceptable to perform.

The printing command is also accessible through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You talk with your voice assistant and order to print and scan; it will work for you. It increases the work speed too. This Hp has ink cartridges containing more ink to provide low-cost ink service and improve continuity without interruption. The auto document feeder can feed 35pages. It allows the better speed and low refill need.


  • Scan directly to the cloud and directly print from the cloud
  • Voice activation
  • High-capacity ink cartridges
  • Color touchscreen


  • HP ink supports mostly

Final Words

Printing has become fun when there are much reliability and completeness. A Google cloud printer provides the ultimate solution to all-purpose printer machines. When a printer allows printing from a google page directly and scan to google drives to keep the document safe, it becomes incredible.

If you find the best Google cloud printer for you with all features, you will get many options to practice your skill and increase your creativity. It is because you will get the best help from Google. So, have one cloud-based printer and bring the fun.




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