Top 10 Best HP Photosmart Printer Reviews [Photographer’s Choice]

A photographer has to do many messy jobs to produce photos. He has to go to their labs and do many calibrating and profiling tasks. It wastes lots of valuable time too. In this updated world, there is a better option to build photos at the proper management. Yes, there is. And this is the Photosmart printer. You may think about how a mere printer can do all those complicated chores.

A Photosmart printer, specially the HP photo printer, has some fantastic features to perform the best in the latest photo production. So, find the best HP Photosmart Printer for you and have fun creating and changing amazing photos.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best HP Photosmart Printer

What to Check Before Buying HP Photosmart Printer

HP has many printers. But some printers have the features to support photo printing at best. To find the best HP Photosmart printer, you should check some matters before buying. Let’s know the facts that need to check.

  • Printer Type

There is a different type of printer- thermal, laser, inkjet printer. In terms of document printing primarily, laser printer serves well. If you need a printer for your photos, the inkjet printers are the best. An inkjet printer can create photos with better quality and with the right finish at every edge.

best hp laser printer

  • Ink Cost

Ink cost is a significant matter, specially for those printing types that use more ink. Photo printing needs loads of inks to produce the right quality images. So, it will increase the cost if you are working in photo printing. HP instant ink offers the best option by the prepaid ink cartridge at the door. The plan counts the ink cost per page, whatever the page coverage. You can use more ink, but no need to worry about the ink cost. HP Photosmart Printer reviews provide positive feedback for this instant ink use. Check the instant ink availability.

  • Multi-Functionality

If you need photo making printer, then your printer should have the capability to perform multi-purpose jobs. You will need to scan, copy, share your photos to make new photos, edit them, or convert old photos to newer photos. So, look for such printers that support multi-purpose.

best hp photosmart printer

  • Connectivity

When your printer has wireless, wired, and cloud connectivity, you will have all the options to edit the photo differently. So, check the connectivity options.

Before buying a printer for photo making, look closely at their features.

Top 10 Best HP Photosmart Printer Reviews

There are many Photosmart printers in the market. Finding the right one that is perfect to create photos at the right track can be tough. Check the best HP Photosmart printer reviews with detail. It will be helpful to get the right printer.

1. HP Photosmart Color Photo Printer Scanner Review

HP Photosmart produces premium quality color photos. The output is super finished and sharp-angled. There is no chance of making any mistakes in cases of photo prints. This Photosmart HP printer will enable you to create the exact photo type that you need. This multi-purpose printer helps to print and scan at high speed. You can scan your old photos, edit and then again print them. In this process, you can turn your old, blur memories into the latest picture.

The printer is easy to use. There are 3.45 inches touchscreen that opens a way to command, edit, and change many parts and operate. You can contact cloud-based addresses and transfer your images there. Thus, you can share your memories with your friends and family. This printer has the auto two-sided printing option, 12 ppm black printing, and 8.5 ppm color printing option for fast operation. There are both types of connectivity USB and wireless smartphones or PC. The tray capacity for both photo input and output is 20-sheet. So, produce an abundance of photos.


  • Energy-saving option
  • Instant ink advantage
  • HP ePrint
  • Color touchscreen to monitor the operation


  • Sometimes, it takes a while to recognize the black toner cartridge

2. HP Photosmart 7520 Color Printer Flatbed Scanner Review

Be professional staying at home by printing in Hp Photosmart. You can expand your ability to the next level by doing more jobs in one machine. The printer has the glass surface as a feeder that serves as the flatbed scanner. There are versatile wide scanning spaces. You will place your photos or papers in the feeder tray; it will continuously scan photos one by one. It has a 25 sheet document feeder that works automatically. When you scan or print photos, it can feed 20-sheet photos.

So, print more within a couple of seconds. Your printer will print at 14 ppm black and 10 ppm color papers. You can directly print from the printer itself immediately after scanning your old photos for the scanning solution. This printer’s quality is incredible in that the scanned photos are of 2400 dots per inch resolution, and the printed or copy documents are of 600 dots per inch resolution. HP ePrint application enables you to operate printing and scanning from your smartphones or PC. So, stay smart and work smart with HP.


  • High-resolution photo or papers
  • Flatbed scanning option included
  • Memory cards lot to keep documents or images
  • Duplex printing for faster speed


  • SD card is not included

3. HP Photosmart 5520 e-Printer Review

If you need a photo managing solution, have this HP printer. This is the best HP Photosmart all in one printer as it ensures all the features available to manage your photos. This HP printer act as a total lab for managing photos. You can scan your old photos, edit them, then print or copy them. This printer has a color touchscreen to allow you to perform all operations at once. This touchscreen will show the scanned photo and allow to command for printing. So, you can do your jobs without the help of your smartphones. This printer itself takes orders from you.

If you need to operate the scanning or printing job from a distance, use wireless connectivity. Form your smartphones or PC, do your works constantly with HP ePrint. It has a straight paper slot and duplex printing option, which helps to save papers. This printer scanner offers to produce lab-quality photos. Now, you do not have to run to the lab and wait for more to get your photos. Creates your own photos and has excellent edit options.


  • High-capacity ink cartridges
  • Color diagonal touchscreen
  • Access to free apps
  • Auto wireless connectivity


  • Expensive

4. HP Photosmart C4480 Printer Review

If you do not like to use another handy like a smartphone or sit on a PC to do your printing or scanning job, this HP Photosmart premium printer is for you. It has a built-in card reader for memory stick, SD, XD, MMC, and memory stick duo so, you can have more options to store or save several papers, documents, photos, etc., for a long. Then print whenever you want. It supports an enormous amount of paper type. You can print photos on plain papers, logos on envelopes or labels, images on cardstocks, etc. You also can print on transparencies, panorama paper, borderless media too.

So, there are lots of options to work on. Your output will be of high quality. You can create images or photos with 4800 × 1200 color resolution. Be it a document or report or photos, and you will get laser-quality text, lab-quality photos, and vibrant color mixtures. Every finish is perfect. No need to run for lots of software or labs. Perfection to make many things is possible with only this machine. The astonishing point is that the copier can enlarge or reduce the boundary without any cracking. So, have all the options in one box with this HP printer.


  • All in one function
  • High-resolution color print
  • Copier editability
  • Built-in slots for different memory cards


  • Absence of wireless connectivity

5. HP Photosmart C4580 Inkjet Printer Review

Print color photo on glossy photo paper that creates exactly as lab-quality photos with more excellent resolution. This HP can create photos of 4800 × 1200 dots per inch. The output has optimized color at each angle. This printer offers several media types to print that enlighten your skills and creativity. You will be able to print colored designs or texts on plain paper, labels, envelopes, cards, and creative things by printing on transparencies and HP premium media.

The printer can handle 100 sheets with the input tray that allows printing at high speed. It can color print at 23 ppm and black print at 30 ppm. This is another best HP printer all-in-one to perform the scanning, printing, and copying. The scanning resolution is 1200 dpi. The copier can enlarge or reduce the design or photo margin without any cracking. So, enjoy your creativity and talents by practicing many things production. You can create various proposals, reports, client’s papers, or anything. The transparency printing ability encourages to creates different gifts for family and kith.


  • High-resolution color print and scan
  • Lots of print media
  • High print speed
  • Copier edit capability


  • Absence of built-in wired connectivity

6. HP DJ 3520 Wireless Inkjet printer Review

This HP Inkjet printer is better for less energy use. The energy efficiency technology allows printing more at a lower time. The auto two-sided printing option increases the paper efficiency too. There is no chance of misusing any paper instead of continuous paper printing. The printer copier can enlarge or minimize the size of the photo from 25% to 400%. There are 2 inches mono LCD monitors that display the scanned or connected photo or document. You can see and find if there is any need for the edit. Then command to print.

You have to download the HP application, and then you will get many options to edit your scanned photos or documents. HP ePrint is possible through this application that enables easy and flexible operation. Many printers are not compatible with Windows 10 though updated. This HP is ell compatible with Windows 10. So, you can do any job on your PC and then command to print through this HP Photosmart all in one printer.


  • ePrint through the HP application
  • Mobile printing by the wireless connectivity
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Higher energy efficiency


  • All the ink cartridges need to be full

7. HP Envy 5660 Photo Printer Review

To create superior quality photos or images on plain paper or envelopes, HP Envy works well. In the separate photo slot, you can print without any mistakes. There is no chance for quality minimization. You can print borderless photos even to the edge of the paper. There is no need for trimming. Your print output will be instantly ready right after the printing.

This printer supports wireless printing that enables you to print from your smartphone or PC. You can take a picture on your phone or download a fantastic nature image from the cloud. All images will be in the correct format only after printing them with this printer. You can make 4×6 inches photos focusing brilliant color on papers. The printer supports letter size, legal size, and others for printing. It also supports no. 10 envelopes. There is lots of option to make lustrous scene or picture after printing and get them to decorate your interior.


  • Multi-purpose functionality
  • Instant ink support
  • AirPrint support
  • Separate photo tray


  • USB not supported

8. HP Photosmart C7280 Printer Review

To produce the correct format photos, this is the best HP printer. It offers the HP auto-sense technology that can sense the correct alignment and perfect placing of the paper’s image. Your image will be on the right side of the paper. There is no chance of making any errors or mistakes. This printer can take all responsibility to create perfection. There is HP brilliant photo paper with high resolution. You can make nice-finished photos with a great texture and angle view on those papers. Your photos will be smudge-proof and fade-resistant. They will stay as usual for longer.

The multi-purpose functionality is excellent for all operations. This printer can scan images or photos at 4800 dots per inch resolution using contact image scanner technology. It makes the perfect scan removing dust or scratch. The faxing speed is higher, up to 3 seconds per page. This printer can hold 90 pages in the built-in memory, allowing the document or photos to be safe for a long time. The copier of this machine copies 50 sheets at once. This copier can reduce the size or enlarge the boundary of the photo. It can change from 50% to 400% ratios. So, do your edits at the right terms and print at perfect management.


  • Multi-purpose jobs are of super quality
  • Speed is higher; 34 ppm for black and 33 ppm for color
  • Higher resolution up to 4800 dpi
  • Constant printing with HP application


  • The supported ink is costly

9. HP Envy 7640 Inkjet Photo Printer Review

HP comes with an easy operative system printer. The 3.5 inches touchscreen enables editing and command for print and scan right from the printer itself. If you do not want to use your device, you can do all your management to make photos at the printer. When you feel like working using your device, the wireless connectivity helps to do many things like scanning, editing, sharing, printing downloaded images or shared documents, creating labels, business cards, or envelopes.

This is an HP Photosmart Plus printer for its ink-saving and paper-saving mode. You can save 50% of your ink cost through the use of prepaid instant ink. You have to order the ink, and it will be at your door at the right time. The instant ink plan counts the ink cost per page. So, whatever the page coverage is, the print cost is the same per page. You can produce photos with lots of colors and make a glossy finish. There is a two-sided auto feeder to minimize the chance of mistakes and paper misuse. So, make some gorgeous photos at an instant rate.


  • Color touchscreen for operation and edit
  • HP instant ink
  • 25-page auto feeder
  • Variety of paper size supported


  • A little expensive

10. HP Envy 7155 Inkjet Photo Printer Review

HP envy enables print from smartphone, PC, clouds, or even with USB connections. Yes, some necessity occurs at different times. You may be driving a car, and you need to print, do it through the internet. You may be at the office and do not have internet. Use the USB port to contact the printer and directly do your printing or scanning if you are somewhere where you do not have your phone or other devices with you. You can take your documents or photos in your cloud-based software by using any device available. Then command for printing. You will see your printed copies at your place ready.

If you have some confidential photos or images of designs, you can keep them in AirPrint. All the papers are safe at AirPrint. Whenever you need it, just print it. Your printed copies will be of great quality and excellent luster. The printer supports glossy photo papers. With borderless printing, the output will be perfect. Photos will be at the right place and the exact margin. You do not have to trim the paper, which can make some waste. So, get all the benefits from HP.


  • Separate tray for photos
  • Auto two-sided printing technology
  • Scan, print, copy, and fax
  • Borderless printing quality


  • Absence of auto feeder

Final Thoughts

For better photo quality, HP builds several Photosmart printers. Almost all of them are of the best quality. They have lots of functions to produce the best photos. You may have some old photos. They are valuable to keep the old but gold memories. The HP photo printers can do that as well. Scan old photos and edit and print out your latest photos.

So, grab a printer from the list of best HP Photosmart printer from this page and have all the merits in creating excellent images.

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