The 10 Best Inkjet Printer for Cardstock [Expert’s Choice]

If you want to print cardstock, you must have a printer that can pass thicker papers. Because cardstocks are more viscous, that makes wedding cards, gifting cards, calendars, photography, postcards, and any types of business cards. When you print the cardstocks in your regular printer and do not pass the cardstocks, your printer will be jammed or poorly harmed. And you will not get the desired output.

So, find the best printer for cardstock and purchase it with full quality designs. There are many cardstock printers in the market with loads of features. Check the top listed printers and have one for you.

Editor’s Pick: Top 5 Best Inkjet Printer for Cardstock

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What To Know Before Buying Inkjet Printer for Cardstock

If you want the best printer for cardstock, you have to check some factors. You can have some ideas from the printer for cardstock reviews to have the proper knowledge of it. Now, let’s know what to check before purchasing a cardstock printer.

  • Paper Size

In terms of cardstock printing, paper size is an essential factor. You may need wider or larger sizes to make cardstock things. In the regular printer, you will get A4-sized paper printing. You will need a 12 × 12 inches paper size or an A3 printer for a cardstock printer. So, look for those printers.

  • Print Quality

Print quality is a significant matter while making cardstock materials. To place ink on cardstock, the resolution of printing photos should be higher. The recommended resolution is 2480 × 3508 pixels and 300 dots per inch. Your printer should have the capacity to make a high-quality print copy.

  • Connectivity

There are advanced printers that can connect in various ways. Connectivity can be through wireless from smartphones, tablets, PC, USB ports, etc. Some latest models of printers can print from social media too. These options will allow easy printing operation from any connections.

best printer for cardstock

  • Tray Holding Ability

For faster printing, the tray of the feeder is a critical factor. If you have loads of cardstock printing jobs, then look for a high-capacity tray. For the small tray capacity, you have to refill this frequently that can disrupt the continued operation.

Top 10 Best Inkjet Printer for Cardstock

Many printers can print cardstock. Finding the best one is a hassle job. So, check printers from the below printer for cardstock reviews and get the perfect printer for you.

1. Brother Color Inkjet Printer Review

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Brother comes with a newer technology to record the use level of ink. That is the “Page Gauge.” The page gauge can scan the ink use and record it. You will get the number of pages that remain to be printed. It will enable you to stay alert of ink use and know when to order the new ink cartridge. The page count is an average amount of pages with the standard page coverage.

With the brother color printer for cardstock, you will get ink investment for one year. So, you can make cardstock printed things, and you do not have to worry about a new cartridge for one long year. Isn’t it amazing? There are loads of ink holding capacity in this printer. Brother had re-engineered their ink tank and cartridges. These ink cartridges can hold more ink for an extended period. The extra space from the internal ink tank offers an additional ink storage option.


  • Latest ink cartridges to hold more ink
  • Page gauge to signal the page print count for remaining ink
  • Wider paper feeder
  • Color inks for one-year stock included


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2. Epson Workforce Wide Format Inkjet Printer Review

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For a medium high yielding, this Epson printer is the best printer for cardstock printing. The duplex tray can feed 500 sheets and have the rear feed for 125 sheets for the particular papers. It supports the cardstock materials and thickness to print excellent.

For cardstock printing, you have to set the size, thickness, and dimension of the paper correctly before printing so that the design or text can print in a proper place. The Epson Workforce print borderless and a size of about 13×19 inches. It supports the exact settings and perfect placing of cardstock design.

On cardstock, the printing quality matters a lot. Because, the whole cardstock design must be glossy enough and sharp-edged. Epson printer makes such super perfection in terms of quality. You can make your cardstock materials by printing on an Epson printer accurately.


  • Compatible with several updated operating systems
  • Consume less power than the color printers
  • High volume printing purpose
  • Multi-purpose functionality from a print, scan, copy to fax


  • Must use Epson cartridges and no non-Epson inking

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3. HP OfficeJet All-in-one Wireless Printer Review

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Do not tense for empty ink when you have loads of work. When you have the HP OfficeJet printer, you can order instant ink anytime, anywhere. The instant ink will come at your door within a short period. After enrolling for the HP instant ink website, you will get two months of instant ink for free. So, work swiftly and maintain continuity.

If you are going somewhere important, you do not have to worry about your printing job. You can order from the place where you are through the smartphones within clouds. This printer supports iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox commanding to print. This HP printer for cardstock is well for printing medium gloss, professional quality, and perfect placed designs. If you plan to make a gift for your kith and kin, this printer provides the best quality cards.

This multi-purpose printer is easy to operate through wireless printing support and a touchscreen keypad. The instant inking option also allows you to keep the flow of your printing task up. So, enjoy your works with HP OfficeJet.


  • Color printing at any cardstocks
  • Laser quality documents printing
  • Noise-free operation
  • Wide range of paper size support
  • Lab-quality photo printing


  • Installation takes a quite hassle

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4. Brother Multi-functional Color Inkjet Printer Review

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Brother brings the best inkjet printer for cardstock that has versatile printing connectivity options. You can command through your smartphones wirelessly and also with USB support. The wireless ethernet connectivity includes an abundance of options like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. You can directly print through these cloud media. There is a close field communication setup option too. Set up the NFC (near field connections) touch to connect and start your work instantly. When you do not find time to connect USB, you will be thankful for this NFC function.

The compact black design fits it at any desk or table at home. It has a one-sheet bypass tray that supports the best settings for cardstock printing. Your design or text will be at the exact place of cardstock. The printing on the cardstock will be sharp-edges and crisp. The auto-document feeder can take A4 letter-size or legal-size cardstock papers to provide the best quality printing.


  • Cloud printing option
  • Wireless and wired printing
  • Wireless and USB connection free NFC printing
  • Low ink alert through Amazon Dash Replenishment


  • Need to use only brother ink cartridges for risk-free inking

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5. HP Envy Multi-purpose Printer Review

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Photo printed cardstocks are amazing collections. If the printing photo quality is matte and fine-finished, then your cardstocks will get an added-values. This is the best HP printer for cardstock photo printing. For making home decor with the cardstocks, your HP printer will provide vigorous options. If you like a design and want to print it, scan it with this same machine and command to print.

Your printer will print your cardstocks at the proper dimension and exact size with 24 ppm speed. The auto duplex printing option is also available to keep the printing from two sides. This sleek and slim printer is black that suits well in your interior at your office or home. The operation is easy to handle for everyone. No need to have any extra knowledge.

If you like to stay with the environment, then you can keep this HP printer with you. This is an energy saver machine providing the perfect quality job on cardstocks.


  • Inkjet color photo printing on cardstock
  • Fewer sound operations
  • Broad compatibility with an operating system and can work with intel premium
  • Support service is super and award winner


  • Little expensive

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6. Epson SureColor Inkjet Printer Review

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If you show your creativity in setting up photos on your cardstocks, then go for this Epson SureColor. This is a good printer for cardstock for its more comprehensive feeder format. It can take any dimensional cardstock paper and print as you want to set it up. The quality is also refined and attractive. Your creativity will increase and will be shown the right way.

The printer is compatible with plenty of operating systems from Windows 7.5 to 10 and also Apple operators. So, make your printing commands from your android or apple products. The printer will take the order and do it exactly. The quality of ink is high that keeps the text or photos refined and non-faded for long. There is eight pigment-based ink color that suits the best printing substance. Ink mixes well to set on the cardstocks. Red and orange ink brings life to printed photos. So, the maximum color printing quality creates attractive cardstock designs.


  • Ethernet and wireless connectivity
  • Vibrant color and crisp black printing
  • Cardstock friendly ink quality
  • Ultra-chrome ink included
  • Paper handling through cutting sheets and rolling papers


  • Expensive

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7. HP DeskJet 9800 Color Printer Review

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The gray-colored compact-designed HP DeskJet is a perfect addition to your small office or home interior. The wider paper feeder ensures the exact size and dimension settings for cardstock printing. It supports the 6-ink photo printing on cardstocks that makes amazing things. You can be sure about the correct quality printing at a large scale. The printer speed is 30 ppm for black and white printing and 20 ppm for color printing.

You can create the borderless cards within 13 by 19 inches format. In terms of quality, there is no compromise; you can create your cardstock designs at 1200×1200 dpi. Four thousand eight hundred dpi colors also optimize the ink to make the best finish on printing. You take loads of printing jobs as the monthly duty cycle of the HP printer is 5000 ppm.

This easy-to-operate printer takes orders from parallel ports, including Mac, Linux, Unix, and PC. USB port connectivity is also available to operate printing device to device. So, have the advantages to make cardstock printed products.


  • High-resolution quality
  • Monthly duty cycle 5000 ppm
  • Print speed 30ppm black pages and 20 ppm color pages
  • Broad compatibility


  • No duplex printing option

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8. Canon Multipurpose Wireless Printer Review

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This is the canon printer for cardstock materials that print high-quality designs at powerful resolution. You can make 4800 × 1200 dots per inch, and it makes a detailed format printing. The perfection of placing the design in the right area and creating a proper boundaryless design outline is possible with this printer. Be it colorful photos or black-white texts, the 6-color individual ink system builds excellent performance on imposing ink on cardstock papers.

The printer can connect with the cloud, Bluetooth, any devices, and even social media. You can print through any of this connectivity. You can talk to Alexa too to operate your printer. So, no need to stop your printing job for a minute.

There is an auto- expandable tray to take the outputs that make it easy to handle any sized papers and cardstocks. The Pixma is ready to burnish your printing scales and outline by the shard-edged texts or patterns on cardstock. You will get to operate this printer through 5 inches LCD touchscreen that enables an easy user interface and refined printing document removal.


  • Six color individual inking system
  • Wireless connectivity through the cloud, Bluetooth, and social media
  • AirPrint for keeping documents confidential
  • Wider output tray and memory card support
  • CD or DVD printing support


  • Maximum print speed is low- 2ppm

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9. HP OfficeJet Instant Ink InkJet Printer Review

[amazon fields=”B07N1DF9VV” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

If you need a printer to make cardstock labels, receipts, or leaflets, HP OfficeJet will work for you faster. You can scan, print and copy through the auto duplex feeder. The size of this compact printer is suitable for a small office. It is 37% smaller in size comparing with others.

HP engineered this printer to offer easy edit and search at a time when you need to print. Yes, the HP smart app has the smart task option to command for scanning your document safe and ready when you need it. You will keep it in the app securely and search and edit when you need it. Then you can print your document. So, you will have a versatile option to customize your paper through this printer and its applications.

Self-healing Wi-Fi connections enable the detection of issues and reconnect automatically through the three stages process. The reliability is at best to use at times. The intelligent application allows keeping your data, document, password, or Wi-Fi security confidential if you want. So, upgrade your small office or home office with this OfficeJet printer since it is one of the best printer for cardstock elements with faster speed and full quality job.


  • HP smart app keep the confidential paper and data safe
  • HP smart app enables printing operation digital and easy
  • 50% fast application of this printer
  • Instant ink order and use


  • The software used can take a while

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10. Canon Crafting Photo Printer Review

[amazon fields=”B07G6BH2C7″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

When you need to keep your document and data secure, go for AirPrint. The canon crafting printer enables printing safe documents or data on cardstock. This wireless printer is perfect for providing printing command through smartphones or tablets, or PC. The Morea Print Service allows printing from social media. There is a memory card slot too that allows printing directly.

The canon crafting printer is the best printer for heavy cardstock because it permits the oversize scanning and printing broad layout of booklets, leaflets, receipts, etc. The paper size support is for 12 × 12 inches, and it helps maintain a wider format and longer length of cardstock designs. The printing quality is also refined through fade resistance and sharp outlined lustrous prints. The printed items will stay stable for 100 years. There are even ChromaLife 100 to protect photos from drying up an evanesce.


  • Air print, Morea print, Wi-Fi print, and form any devices
  • Fade-resistant quality
  • Auto feeder, oversized scanner, and booklet copier
  • Facebook and Instagram printing by canon print app


  • Cannot scan 12 × 12 inches; only print this size

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Final Thoughts

If you can print your scrapbooks, creative designs on cardstock, you can create fantastic cards, or photos. Since making a perfect cardstock thing depends broadly on the printer, your printer must be the right. All printers cannot print thicker materials. So, your printer must possess the capability.

Many features support perfection on cardstock printing. You should check if the printer has those specifications. Above printers are the top listed best printer for cardstock. You can easily choose one from there.

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