The 10 Best OCR Scanner Reviews [Android and iPhone Compatible]

In modern technology time, some advancement helps in comforting official job. OCR scanner is such an innovation. These scanners have the optical character recognition capability that can take texts and make them digital in a new format. So, your digital reports or documents will instantly ready on your PC or smartphone.

There are many OCR scanners in the market. The best OCR scanner has many supportive capabilities, like directly transfer the OCR scanned texts to a cloud-based destination or other storage solutions. Find such one scanner and have relaxation at work.

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What to Check Before Purchasing OCR Scanner

There are many terms of an OCR scanner to check before buying. You should have deep knowledge about those terms.

  • OCR Necessity

OCR scanners are responsible for making editable and searchable documents. It saves time efficiently. But you have to know the extent of need at first. If you need an OCR scanner, then go for it. Besides, even if you do not need it, having an OCR option in your scanner may be helpful for some temporary job. Most customers press the like button for the OCR scanner reviews as they find them more reliable.

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  • Compatibility with Cloud

If the scanner is compatible with the cloud and other storage solutions, your work will be more accessible. You will be able to send the scanned documents directly to the destinations. It will save time and do your emergency work smartly.

  • Scanning Speed

If the scanner takes lots of time to scan the documents, you will get the minimal advantage of OCR capability. So, check the scanning speed of the scanner before buying that scanner. Most of the brand OCR scanner cans can 30 text pages per minute.

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  • Quality

If the OCR scanned texts have a high quality, the advantage would be impressive. Many OCR scanners can make high-quality text and also images. If the scanner can make 600 dpi documents and 1200 dpi images, the scan quality will be excellent. Check the ability of the scanner and then choose.

Top 10 Best OCR Scanner Reviews

As optical character recognition is a complicated technology, the scanner should have supportive features included. Choose from below and be sure that your Best OCR scanner is all set.

1. Raven Pro OCR Document Scanner Review

With the advancement of technology, scanning has already reached the next level. Produce readable scanner documents instant with the Raven Pro scanner. Whatever form or text you can, it becomes readily editable and searchable. You can directly scan to the cloud that can be Raven Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, OneDrive, SharePoint, QuickBooks, etc. You can directly send to email, SMB share, or FTP. So, it is easy to fax also.

The raven cloud offers the safe keeping of your document. Even if it is a confidential document, these papers will be safe for later printing. When you have some emergency edit on a printed copy, you can use this scanner. You can use this scanner to transfer the digitized format of documents to the cloud, make your edit, and then again print to get the edited copy. When you have to take texts copied from a hard format, this scanner allows you to do that by the OCR option.


  • 60 pages per minute scan speed
  • OCR capability for written and printed documents
  • Larger LED screen
  • 100-page automatic document feeder


  • Large in size

2. HP Scanjet Pro 4500 OCR Scanner Review

If you have documents or important information to send immediately, you just scan to the HP Scanjet and send instant. This scanner is one of the best scanners for OCR to the media or cloud. You can instantly make digital format and sent it to mail, social media, and Google Drive. If you have several papers, this scanner will do your job faster. Some professional applications support many international or abroad jobs like Kofax VRS Pro, ISIS, and TWAIN. Within this scanner, you can directly scan these applications and use those papers for your official works.

For faster scanning, this HP scanner is a good choice. You can scan 60 pages per minute using the two-sided auto scanner. This scanner allows scanning 4000 pages per day. So, the work will go on a full day. This scanner can connect to PC, smartphones, tablets, etc. Your whole family can work using their devices on this scanner. For any type of emergency job, this scanner is a perfect choice. This scanner has the ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity option too. Be its document, business, card, photo, or anything, smoothly scan and readily sent to the targeted place.


  • Powerful digital scanning
  • 60 pages per minute
  • Auto two-sided scanning
  • Flatbed scanning base for the larger scan media
  • Wireless connectivity and cloud compatibility


  • A3 size paper scanning is not supported

3. Canon Image Formula Professional Document Scanner Review

Digitize the printed documents and photos to editable and searchable format by the OCR scanner canon. You can handle different document types with this scanner. Scan receipt, business cards, contracts, reports, large documents, thick or thin scan media, etc., whatever you need. This is another best receipt document scanner for accuracy and precision. You can scan 40 color pages per minute and 80 black and white pages per minute. This option allows performing a faster job. The automatic feeder encourages the speed more.

With this scanner, you can scan both sides of a paper at a time. It allows quick scanning and reliable paper handling. The scanner helps in making edits, modifications, and color adjustments to your photos. You can directly scan your device and make the necessary amendments using the applications.

Besides, it is easy to assemble and operate this scanner. The one-touch operation makes reliable scanning. Compatibility with the TWAIN, Windows, Mac, etc., provides an easy and understandable process and makes it the best OCR scanners for MAC. So, have this great scanner and digitize your documents and photos.


  • High scanning speed
  • Compatibility with the operating system
  • Helpful software for better support
  • Easy setup and operation


  • Software management take time

4. CZUR ET 16 Advanced Auto Flatten Book Scanner to OCR Review

However, your book condition, CZUR, allows you to scan every page with precision. There was a time when you had to place the paper or documents straight on the scanner base. You had to spend extra time to keep them flat under the scanner camera. But there it is the most fantastic option which can scan from a curved surface. Yes, this scanner possesses the flattening curved page technology that can record the main lines and make optical character recognition scan. Actually, the scanner takes pixel and transfer them to the digital format of documents.

To make the better quality of the scanned image, this scanner has a 16-megapixel camera that takes pictures fast and makes them editable. You can do your job more quickly as this scanner can scan 300 pages only in 10 minutes. So, you can produce a nig bundle of digital papers in the low time range. It increases workability and helps in big projects efficiently. There are 10 LED lights and two additional lights in the scanner to understand the texts better. It helps in making high-quality of the scanned photos or documents.


  • Curved page scanning technology included
  • High-resolution camera to take images
  • High scan speed
  • Enough light exposure


  • Expensive

5. Epson ES 400 Color Document Scanner Review

Work with the powerful Epson software to do the precision core scanning job. The Epson Scan Smart software scan fast, previews for the better setting, uploads scanned products instantly, and email directly to the address you set. This software automatically names the file and recognizes the object detail. This option saves time and increases productivity. Moreover, this scanner can work with the most used application professionally, like TWAIN.

You can make digital documents at 1200 dots per inch resolution and have a professional accent in your papers. The OCR of Epson scanners is available to make your content editable and searchable to any device, cloud, or storage application. You can collaborate your scanner with Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox. This scanner has an intelligent image and color adjusting option. Using the Epson Image Processing technology, this scanner can automatically crop the object, detect the blank pages, and remove the background.


  • 35 ppm scanning speed
  • 50-page automatic paper feeder
  • Epson Scan Smart software to support the scanning
  • Built-in OCR technology


  • Only wireless connectivity does not work with stand-alone solution

6. CZUR Professional Laser Document Scanner Review

CZUR comes with the flattening curve technology to take a picture at high resolution from the curved pages. Yes, you may be tensed when your book pages become scratched or curved. The flattening curve technology scan texts from the curved or folded pages instant. It analyzes the curved areas of the book, calculates the curved materials, and then takes images or texts from the book. You will be able to scan at a fast speed. These scanners with OCR capability scan 300 pages only in 10 minutes.

This scanner can scan A3 and A4 size papers. You can use the auto-scanning option of this machine and automatically scan pages one by one. It is easy to scan magazines, books, exam papers, reports, seminar reports, blueprints, catalogs, etc. For better light exposure, there are two high-quality supplementary lights. These lights provide enough exposure to the scanning documents and get it fine to take images. You can take a picture from glossy photo paper and make the necessary edit to turn them new.


  • Flattening curve technology
  • 300 pages per 10-minute scan speed
  • Auto-scan technology
  • A3 and A4 size compatibility


  • Wireless connectivity is absent

7. HP Scanjet 2500 OCR Flatbed Scanner Review

HP comes with another best OCR scanner for books. With the two-sided auto scanner, you can feed 50 pages constant. There is no need to wait to warm up the machine. Instantly do your job. This OCR for HP scanners can take pictures or texts directly to multiple destinations, including social media, email, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. There is HP scan software that helps in smoother and flexible scanning directly to the cloud-based destination. You can efficiently operate this scanner with the one-touch scanning button.

The incredible thing is that you can customize the operating options. The quality made by this scanner is fantastic. You can produce 1200 dots per inch resolution to bloom the photos in digital format. The yielding result is attractive and amusing. If there is any need to edit the scanned paper’s text, alignment, or angles, you can readily do that. The powerful editing tools encourage adjusting the color, brightness, and display settings. So, do your scanning job fast and high quality.



  • It does not work well with macOS

8. Epson ES 50 Portable Sheetfed Scanner Review

Working with Epson brings reliability and great convenience. You will feel updated and unique. If you have a large office or you are working in a big office, you will get the chance to work flexibly. This sheetfed scanner scans fast every single paper with much care. The scanner uses the digital imaging system to scan texts and make them editable and searchable enough.

This scanner allows handling versatile paper sizes up to 8.5 by 72 inches. That’s why this is another best OCR scanner for its flexible handling ways and easy operation. Customers provided positive OCR scanners reviews for this scanner. They feel relaxed working with this scanner. The Epson Scan Smart software makes it easier to scan accurately in time. With this software, you can scan the document, review them and save for a long. When you need you can open them to resume the work.

You can transfer the scanned documents to the storage solutions and cloud-based destination. So, have this user-friendly scanner and produce loads of digital images and documents.


  • Sheetfed scanner for better document scanned things
  • Intelligent scanning for easy scanning of documents
  • Editable and searchable PDF document creation
  • Auto document feeder


  • Software understanding may seem tough

9. IRIScan Desk-friendly Large Color OCR Scanner Review

IRIScan design a scanner in a modern way that makes your desk decorative. The flat base and a lamp-like scanner design are very desk-friendly. You will feel that this scanner becomes a part of your office quickly with no time. This modern scanner has the flattening curved page technology to detect the texts or images when the book page becomes folded or curved. You will be astonished to see the scanning accuracy and image clarity. The quality of the scanned image is impressive enough.

This scanner has the intelligence to detect hand movement. When you have finished the setup of papers and move away from your hand, the scanner then scans, not before. So, handling this scanner is fun. The quality of the scanned things has enough light exposure for accuracy. You can scan faster than you think. This scanner scan in 2 seconds per page. So, the productivity is high and impressive. You can use the auto-scan detector or the manual trigger to command the scanning. Both the function is reliable.


  • Flattening curved page technology
  • A3 books scan
  • Auto-detection of pages
  • Push button for manual scan


  • Do not compatible with MAC

10. HP Scanjet Sheetfed OCR Scanner Review

Working with this HP scanner provides versatile options. The flexibility and comfort are exceptional levels. If you have more significant projects, you will be competent to perform well with this HP scanner. This scanner offers versatile paper size support. You can scan letter, legal, executive, A4, A5, B5, A6, A7, A8, etc., paper size. Quickly scan your documents or image to the OCR version and transfer them to the cloud or storage destination. For the easy job, this scanner allows to custom the setting options. After customizing options, you can scan by a one-touch button.

Working with HP will speed up your job. This HP can scan 30 pages per minute, 60 images per minute. So, you can take lots of pictures with this scanner at high resolution. Your documents will have 600 dots per inch resolution with a clear view and clean digital paper. You will be relaxed making your reports with these scanned things. You will have a flexible job by working with the TWAIN application. So, be professional and intelligent with an HP scanner.


  • High scanning speed
  • Duplex scanning option
  • 600 dpi scanned documents
  • OCR version of scanned documents


  • Not compatible with MAC

Final Words

If you have loads of scanning jobs or want to be professional, you should look for an OCR scanner. OCR scanners make the scanned document editable and searchable instantly. You can impress your client or boss with your work. You will get the chance to handle an emergency with the OCR scanner. Scan your necessary documents and then directly send them to your emergency destination.

The best OCR scanner has a supportive nature within OCR. Find the detailed features and choose the right one for your job.


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