Top 10 Best Personal Printer Reviews In 2022 [Recommended]

There are opportunities to record loads of images, documents, or designs as digital content in modern times. Still, we need hard copies of some memories or necessary documents. We need to make something to gift to our friends, unique printed designs, or personal papers for our home use. There is plenty of printer for personal use in the market. So, it isn’t easy to select the best personal printer for your home use.

There are lots of printers online too to find the best one. It would be easy to see all the best printers for your personal use on one page. That’s why we have researched well and found the best printers for you. Let’s explore their features and specifications.

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What To Check Before Buying A Printer For Personal Use

There are several functionalities of printers in the market. Before buying you should check them if they can meet your demand.

  • Multi-Purpose Ability

Most of the brand’s printers can fulfill multi-purpose demands like print, copy, scan, and fax. Some offer AirPrint, pull print, pin print, and threat notifications. These applications help in keeping confidential documents or designs safe and secured. Look closely at the printer’s ability that you are going to purchase.

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  • Ink Cost

Ink or toner cost is a fact for a big project or regular basis printing job. To reduce the ink cost, there is the innovative idea of instant ink. You can pre-order your ink, and it will be at your door at the right time. Check if the printer provides the instant ink option.

  • Connectivity

If your printer can be connected to your smartphone or PC, it would be easy to command printing from anywhere at any time. So, check if the printer has both of the connectivity USB and wireless.

Multi-purpose Ability Printer

  • Print Speed

Print speed is a significant matter because loads of printing jobs depend on it. The higher the speed, the more increased workload it can take. The print speed is counted by ppm or duty cycle. Check the speed before purchasing it.

Top 10 Best Personal Printer Reviews

From the big market, only the top 10 best personal printer reviews are listed here. Check their detail and find one to meet your demand.

1. HP DeskJet Plus Wireless Printer Review

Printing becomes a simple task, and the printer has added multi-tasking ability. Latest printers like HP DeskJet offer versatility when managing several jobs like faxing, copying, and scanning with printing. It takes your career to the next level. The faxing job is compatible with mobile setup. Operate your mobile application and get your faxed pages done. The HP free application is easy to use to guide step-by-step operation. Through the Wi-Fi connections, you can connect and print with several devices while you need them.

HP personal printer is compatible with HP instant ink. They provide 2-month free products to help you in printer setup in the first period. Instant ink allows you to stay worry-free about buying ink frequently. You have to order your ink at the website, and the instant prepaid ink cartridges will be at your home door. The instant ink plan is calculated for page use that decreases ink cost. Auto 35 pages feeding helps in speedy printing and keeps the continuity fast.


  • Multi-tasking printer to print, copy, scan, and fax
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to several devices
  • Vibrant color printing and crisp monochrome printing
  • Instant ink support


  • Print speed is low

2. Brother Duplex Monochrome Laser Printer Review

If you need faster monochrome printing job, go for Brother monochrome laser printer. This is another best personal laser printer that fulfills your demand for quick printing. It prints 32 pages per minute with high-class efficiency and premium quality. Brother re-engineered their printer to provide the speedy work at best to evolve the need. It has a 250 sheet capacity to improve the abundance of printing with less refilling requirement. You will be capable of working with both the legal size and the letter-size papers. It manages a wide variety of paper types with dynamic features and manual paper slots.

This manual feed slot increases the boundary of the printing job. Be it an envelope or cardstock, you will be able to make different things with this printer. So, grow up your career with your creative talent using this printer. Connect the printer to your mobile, tablet, or PC through Wi-Fi or USB wire, do your job smoothly and delicately. This laser printer has a toner-saving mode that helps you to reduce your toner cost. There is also a two-sided printing option, and it also helps to minimize paper cost by decreasing paper wastage. So, use this personal wireless printer and get all the latest advantages.


  • 32 ppm print speed
  • Dynamic features for the best accommodation of papers
  • Flexible printing ability for different paper size and thickness
  • Both the wireless and wired connectivity


  • Ink cartridges are pretty expensive

3. HP DeskJet Compact Wireless Printer Review

Be it envelopes, plain paper, photo paper, and HP DeskJet is the best personal all-in-one printer. You can print, scan, copy, AirPrint with this compact-sized printer. When you are going to print some confidential papers, you can keep them save in the printer app with AirPrint technology and command to print any time you need. The passcode of the AirPrint operation will keep your documents safe for an extended period. The printing process is at your hand as you can print from your PC, laptop, tablet, notepad, or smartphones, including Apple products.

The connectivity has a tiny boundary for the cloud connections. Hp DeskJet works with iCloud, Google Drive, including Alexa and Dropbox. The brilliant job can be done with an intelligent personal printer. This HP performs super while placing it in your small home office or for personal use at home. The photo printing quality is fantastic that meets the demand of making excellent posters or crafting things. The paper is also flexible from 3 by 5 inches to 85 by 14 inches. So, work with this printer and have the best experience for home use.


  • AirPrint Supported
  • Instant ink compatible
  • Wireless connections
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Ultra-compact design


  • Print speed is low.

4. Canon Pixma All-in-one Photo Printer Review

If you want to scan or print your photo, canon Pixma all-in-one is a perfect choice. Canon allows making a vivid color print with super gloss feature. Every angle of the images will be proper and correct. The printer has a five individual ink system, which will keep the superior quality of printed photos. The printed pictures will have the latest technological quality that gives the best cutting-edge finish and glossy and transparent photo quality. If any ink tank is empty, you can replace them with tri-color cartridges that already in use. So, there are a variety of options to cut the cost of ink.

This canon personal printer is perfect for the home user. The compact design suit your home in a stylish way. The black color of the printer brings the latest smartness to your interior. This easy-to-use printer meets the demand for personal use with the optical LED display and LED keypad. You will view photo displays on this OLED screen. It is easy to customize the color, from deep to light, and another status of printing. The wireless function helps in controlling printing and other operation from smartphones and tablets.


  • 44 inches OLED display
  • Five individual ink system
  • Auto expandable tray for output
  • Replaceability for tri-color cartridges


  • Does not support plain paper printing

5. HP Black OfficeJet Inkjet Printer Review

Whatever you want to print, this HP is compatible with different print media. The printer can pass labels, cardstock, plain paper, envelope, photo paper, and even high-resolution paper. Your printed design is of higher quality, whatever the media is. You can print at best to make anything you want. To practice your creativity, this is the best personal wireless printer. In cases of plain paper, you can use various sizes of documents like 4 by 6 inches, 5 by 7 inches, 8 by 10 inches. The wireless function is supported by smartphones or PC through Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud.

There are touchscreen navigation keys that allow easy operation and a simple one-touch job. You can keep this black-colored printer in your home with a trendy look. If you are a natural saver, then this printer is perfect. This is energy STAR certified. You can minimize the use of energy and save your nature’s life a lot. With energy-saving, there is no compromise with the quality. Both paper and photo out from the printer with the best quality. Images are of lab quality, and paper documents are of laser quality. So, use this printer for your purpose with utmost interest to explore some new.



  • Expensive

6. Canon Image Class Laser Printer Review

Laser technology is the result of advancement to provide the best speed. Laser printers print at a higher print speed with premium quality images. This canon image class creates an excellent finish and clear design. Your printed format will have the quality that shows a great angled view and fine boundary finish. The personal printer reviews can be reflected that canon has won customer’s interest by providing the best quality printing service.

The printer has the capacity of 26 pages per minute prints and 8000 pages per month. So, to perform the big projects at home, it is the best printer for personal use. There are -sheet trays to work for all purposes like print, scan, copy, or fax. Ink cartridge use is simple and easy because the printer has an all-in-one ink cartridge. It is easy to replace this single cartridge. It is wise to use a genuine canon cartridge so that the canon printer can give higher quality image processing with higher assurance.


  • Print speed is about 26 ppm
  • Mobile-friendly wireless compatibility
  • 250 sheet maximum capacity to hold papers
  • Single cartridge system


  • This printer has no compatibility with Windows 10

7. HP Envy All-in-one Printer Review

HP is another best personal wireless printer that is multi-functional. The smartphone compatibility reaches another range of modernism. You can scan your photo or papers and share them to any clouds or Google drive. It allows keeping the digitized version of documents in a smartphone and capable you to print anytime you need. The printer performs the printing operation from two sides with colors. The color printing quality of super gloss and fine finish. So, the printing has reached to next level of upgrades.

Another newly added technology is the instant ink plan. It provides an option to print with an average cost of ink. Instant ink is a prepaid plan that you can order ink and pay for ink per page. Ink count per page minimizes the cost. If you print papers with high page coverage, you may need a higher amount of ink. But this type of ink count keeps the ink use still at a definite point. HP offers an instant ink plan for you. So, have the latest advantages with HP printer and get into your work continuity.


  • Versatile option of multi-tasks
  • Instant ink delivered by order
  • Self-healing Wi-Fi connections
  • Borderless photo quality


  • Print speed is low comparatively

8. Canon Compact Design Monochrome Laser Printer Review

Stay with canon to get better benefits of printing. Canon comes with the laser personal computer printer that is of a compact design. The compact size of this machine well suits your interior. Be it your small office or workspace. It takes very little space to sit. So, the intelligent space-saving feature will fit your interest. Print with high printing speed up to 19 pages per minute. It has an average paper holding capacity, and that is 150 sheets.

Canon black and white laser printer is an energy saver printer. It uses only 2 watts at the energy saver mode. So, use the canon printer and work with faster speed even using low energy. With this printer setting, you will have a genuine ink toner that can yield 1600 pages. That is gross. It will fulfill your demand for a long. You may not need for next replacement cartridge for an extended period.


  • Energy-saving mode included
  • Average paper capacity up to 150 sheets
  • Print speed is higher than inkjet printers
  • Wireless connectivity


  • Changing connectivity from wireless to USB is relatively hassle

9. HP LaserJet Double Sided Monochrome Laser Printer Review

For an excellent security purpose, HP comes with a perfect printer. HP includes some advanced applications to keep your documents safe and secured. When your printer knows of some interruption to your printer from any outsiders, it will provide a threat notification to signal you to be safe. The pin technology offers a system of setting a passcode to keep your documents saved in the printer before giving printing commands. The pull technology keeps your document safe on a server or your workstation.

This small personal printer yields high amounts of pages that are up to 40 pages per minute. Both sided printing feeder is automatic. It increases speed and efficiency. By using this printer, you can be a natural saver. It decreases energy use by up to 18%. So, this printer is a lot climate pledge friendly. Toner cartridges of this laser printer reduce the spill or mess of ink refill. Instant ink reduces wastage. So, use the HP laserjet and have fun printing on different print media.


  • Pin and pull feature for saving print documents
  • Ethernet capabilities
  • Speedy laser printing
  • Environment-friendly print media use


  • A quite expensive

10. Epson Picture Mate Color Printer Review

If you need a color printer for personal use, Epson’s picture mate suit well with your demand. You can print glossy and high-quality pictures with vivid color with a perfect balance in terms of photo printing. Another document print is also of premium quality. The outcome will be with borderless, correct lined images or designs or documents. The ultracompact design increases the portability of the printer. You can take it anyplace and keep it in a small area with style.

It creates superior quality prints that are smudge-proof, water-resistant, and scratch-free. The fade resistance of the print output keeps them intact for 200 years. So, such longevity production is amazingly possible with the Epson picture mate. There is a memory card slot in the printer, which allows completing all operations within the printer itself, making it another best personal printer.


  • High-quality fade resistant photos
  • Portable printer
  • Wireless solution compatible with Android, iPad, Mac, iPhone
  • Premium quality photo paper


  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

Printing is a need for getting an actual paper copy of your memory or essential information. Though the world has been digitized a lot, there is the necessity of printing, scanning, copying for some purposes. So, get a multi-purpose printer to meet all your demand by one machine for your personal use.

It is tough to find the best personal printer, and you can get information on the top charted printer here. Select one for having the best advantages.


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