The 10 Best Pigment Ink Printer For Heat Transfers

Who does not like crunchy dark black texts on documents and positive color images? Pigment-based ink can create such print output. Pigment ink is a good colorant power that remains suspended in a liquid. The quality of the ink can make a surprising result on the printed media. Many professional workers and photographers like to use pigment ink in their papers. That’s why it is essential to find a pigment ink printer with other necessary features.

You can see the detailed feature description in the best pigment ink printer list on this page. If you are a beginner worker, you will find it helpful to know many unknown matters. Let’s explore the write-up below.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Pigment Ink Printer

What to Find in Pigment Ink Printer for Heat Transfer Before Buying

Though pigment ink can build better quality print, there should be other features to support the print nature. So, learn the facts that need to be viewed before buying the best pigment ink printer.

  • Ink Tank System

To bonanza color on paper, pigment ink printer should have individual ink tank. Multiple individual inks can bloom the color representation at the proper stint. Look for the printer that provides at least 5 to 8 individual color ink tank systems. High-quality pigment ink is also necessary to make a premium print yield.

Best Pigment Ink Printer

  • Print Quality Resolution

Most of the pigment ink printers offer higher resolution output. You will get 9600 by 2400 dots per inch resolution in a regular pigment ink printer. Some printer also provides 4800 dpi resolution making glorious color output. Check the detailed quality of prints before buying your printer.

best pigment ink printer for artists

  • Photo Presentation

Pigment ink printers can make borderless photos at a variable size range. You will find a printer that can produce pictures from 4 by 6 inches to 8 by 10 inches. Most of the regular pigment printers can offer this size range. Some brand provides printers that can produce borderless photos up to 13 by 19 inches size range.

  • Ink Quality

Pigment ink is already a high-quality ink type. Besides, you have to be sure if it is genuine or not. Genuine pigment ink produces texts or images fade-resistant and water-resistant. Printed designs will last long. If you work on matte paper or semi-gloss paper, your design will be of better quality as it supports the semi-gloss paper type.

best budget pigment ink printer

Check these features before buying your pigment ink printer.

Top 10 Best Pigment Ink Printer for Heat Transfer Reviews

The pigment-based printer produces high-quality professional texts and colorful pictures. So, get a printer that uses pigment ink. Here, you will have the pigment ink printer reviews based on the customers’ choice.

1. Epson Expression Color Photo Printer Review

Epson comes with an Expression printer that works with the pigment-base ink for the best color presentation on fabric or other print media. You can work with cardstocks, envelopes, stickers, etc. The rear tray helps in working with different media. This tray can hold 50 pages. If your cardstocks are thick, it can keep them friendly. The wide-format can produce things at a width range up to 13 by 19 inches. This allows working with pigment-based fabric printing smoothly.

This printer is the best Epson printer with pigment-based ink. This printer can produce ultra-high-definition quality photos on paper, fabric, polyester, etc. The individual six-color Claria photo quality is ensured here from this printer output. The images have a lustrous color presentation. The black texts are also crisp and bright. This printer possesses the sheetfed printing technology that supports high-quality printing on manually fed paper. You will like every piece of printed paper or fabric. You will be able to create professional things and documents.


  • Ultra-HD photo quality
  • 50-sheet rear paper tray
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Auto two-sided printing


  • Support only Epson cartridges

2. Beach Camera Canon PIXMA Color Inkjet Printer Review

With the beach camera brand, you can have a fantastic printer service. This wireless canon printer allows you to print from any device, and your whole family can enjoy working with this printer for their everyday interest. This printer produces high-resolution photos, and you will have professional quality things. This option allows you to impress your client or raise the business up. You will be able to find new ways to make money while working with his printer. You can create photos at 9600 by 2400 dots per inch resolution.

This pigment based ink printer is easy to assemble for the first time, simple to set the printing operation every printing time and make a fantastic color presentation on fabric or polyester. The printer includes the USB cable, matte photo paper, printing tray, power cord, ink tank setups, CD-ROM setup, etc. This bundle is supportive of starting with printing as a beginner. You can grow your business smartly using this printer.


  • Long printer USB cable
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Versatile photo solution with the garden software
  • Dual functional panel for multi-task


  • Wi-fi connections take a while

3. Epson Expression XP-7100 Premium Printer Review

Epson brings one of the best photo printer pigment ink to make glorious photo representation. You do not have to go to the lab to produce ultimate quality photos. You can make your own photo booth business. Besides, professional photographers will get a new chance to make their career with this printer. They do not have to waste their valuable time developing photos. Get instant color images on plain paper through printing technology.

Yes, it is possible with their pigment-based printer. This printer can produce lots of printing products, including printed fabrics, bags, mats, shoes, etc. You also can use this printer to make your skill strong by practicing a lot. There are supportive features for increasing production like the two-sided auto feeder, multiple feeding options, and multi-purpose job for an expert. You can scan a design when you like them and modify it to add different effects to your design. So, there will be many ways to change, edit, modify, store, etc.


  • 30-sheet auto document feeder
  • Wide-format up to 8 by 10 inches
  • SD slot to store some documents
  • Wireless connectivity through wi-fi direct and ethernet


  • No third-party ink is supported

4. Brother INKvestment Pigment Ink Photo Printer Review

Another best professional photo printer pigment ink in the market is to keep worry-free about the ink cost. Yes, the ink cost is a significant factor when you have loads of big projects. You must not get the time to change ink cartridges frequently. Brother engineered their printer with this printer to minimize the ink cost. The cartridge-free ink tanks hold more ink to provide the ink supply for a more extended period. You will get the chance to continue your printing with pigment ink constantly.

When you have plenty of printing works, and you have to print for a long time, you will not get the chance to check the ink status. This brother printer has included the “page gauge” system for your need. This page gauge will tell you how to make pages you can print with the left ink. You do not have to count the ink status and print volume. Continue your job and impress your boss. With the pigment ink, you will make glorious images on fabric or polyester too. The wireless printing will also allow easy operation.


  • Internal ink included
  • Page gauge technology
  • A variety of network protocols support
  • Wireless printing and cloud-based printing


  • Switching to scan need time

5. Epson Stylus Color Desktop Inkjet Printer Review

Epson provides another superb printer that makes high-resolution photo prints. It also prints sharp-edged and exemplary black texts. The individual ink generates color prints at 5760 by 1440 dots per inch resolution. So, you can be sure of your job quality. This photo printer using pigment ink produces high-quality things at high speed. You will be able to make 14 color pages per minute and 23 black pages per minute. The individual color cartridges are supportive of blooming the color nature and perfect mixing. You will have a fantastic color effect on your photos.

Be a beginner or an expert, the printer can let you work with different print media, and you will be able to make a wide range of things. You can use plain paper, bond paper, airmail paper, envelope, matte paper, semi-gloss paper, bright white paper, glossy paper, photo paper, presentation paper, labels, and cardstock. So you can make gifts for your friends and family. You can create unique things to sell on the market. You also can make lots of official things like labels, business cards, booklets, leaflets, etc. Grow your working fields and have fun.


  • A variety of print media supported
  • High printing speed
  • High-resolution prints
  • Multi-purpose media tray


  • May make a little noise

6. Canon Wireless Cloud-Based Color Photo Printer Review

Canon comes with the best pigment ink printer for artists. An artist thinks differently. That’s why this printer is especially for them. Why always create photos at regular size. Make some big photos and do some artwork. You can create 13 by 19 inches photos or professional documents with this printer. Such big size print passing area allows making unique things too. So, it is time to make some crafts and DIY things. You can sublimate or heat press on your t-shirts to change the design on modifying the pre-existed design.

As a professional designer or engineer, you can be sure of the quality of the prints. For large format printing, high-resolution is a must. But 300 dpi can make standard photo quality at large sizes. This printer can produce images or documents at 9600 by 2400 dots per inch color resolution. This opportunity is gross. Isn’t it? With these powerful quality print, you can go up with your business. There is a six-color ink system in this printer to correctly mix up the color boundaries to bloom the photo.



  • Included ink bundle have four ink bottles, not six

7. Epson Workforce ET 8700 Super Tank Printer Review

Exploring this Epson printer is a wise decision. This printer is the best printer for pigment ink for its low-cost ink. There are many costly pigment inks in the market. You can have this Super tank printer which allows using ink at a meager cost. The starter ink pack has enough that you can print for two years, and you do not have to be tensed thinking about ink cost. The starter pack of ink bottles has ink that can print 16000 black pages and 11000 color pages. You will just continue your work one by one.

This pigment-based printer produces fade-resistant and water-resistant photo or document quality. The printed designs or patterns will last for years as new. You can be sure of the detailed color presentation. Your fabric or sublimated polyester will be intact for a long. This option will increase the name and fame of your business in your market. You will also have an interest in making such durable prints. This pigment ink inkjet printer also has the auto document feeder and the 250-sheet paper tray to increase productivity.


  • Compatible with Windows 7 to 10
  • Increasing print speed
  • High productivity
  • Low-cost ink system


  • Colored ink tanks are small

8. Canon PIXMA Mega-Tank All-in-one Printer Review

This Canon PIXMA printer comes with an ink bottle bundle with 6000 black pages and 7700 color pages. As a beginner, you will like the low-cost ink system. These mega tanks hold more ink than cartridges. The quality of ink is better that can make dark, sharp, and emphatic black text. The texts which are produced by pigment ink are long-lasting. Your document will be of professional quality to fulfill the interest of your client. You can be able to make correct alignment and placing of texts.

This printer is a very good pigment ink printer that can produce a vivid color presentation of the image. As a professional artist, you will like the photo criteria from every angle. This printer can generate wonderful borderless photos of different sizes. You can make photos from 35 by 35 inches to 8.5 by 11 inches. So, some wide photos can decorate your room’s interior.

There is also an option to make some brochures, posters, leaflets, booklets, etc., in this size range. For easy printing, you will have the canon print application. For personal printing, you also will get AirPrint and Mopria services. So, have this superb printer to use for different needs.


  • PIXMA photo prints
  • Low-cost mega tank ink
  • Wide photo prints
  • High productivity with the starter pack


  • Set up take a little hassle

9. Epson WF 2830 Wireless Color Inkjet Printer Review

Get this printer, use the pigment ink, and have fun working with the printer. This Epson printer meets the demand for a beginner or an expert. There are low-cost ink cartridges that you can start your business. You will have the chance to reduce the cost of paper and time.

The auto two-sided printing technology minimizes paper misuse. There are 30-page document feeders to increase the print speed. The pigment ink produces high-quality black texts and vibrant color photos. It takes a concise time range to print your things.

There is wireless connectivity to work from iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Android smartphones. You can command your printer by the voice activation mode. For easy operation, you will have fun working with the color LCD. Working becomes fun when you start working with the voice or LCD. Pigment ink printer reviews supported this printer for its low price and low-cost ink.


  • Reasonable price
  • Low-cost ink cartridges
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Multi-purpose function


  • Third-party ink can damage the ink system

10. Canon Business Mobile Inkjet Printer Review

Canon comes with another photo printer using pigment ink of six individual color systems. This ink can produce high-quality black texts and color photos. The PIXMA application is there for a better color presentation on pictures and documents. You can create cards, labels, or different booklets at high resolution. The stylish compact design of the printer suit very well in your office or home office. You will see how your printer becomes a decorative part of the interior. You will feel at home while working a lot to produce plenty of prints.

For easy handling, there is an auto output tray. The memory slot allows keeping your documents in the SD card safe. There are CD or DVD or Blu-Ray disc to print from those media directly. So, printing gets many options.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • 35-sheet auto feeder
  • Automatic duplex printing
  • Compatible with various pigment ink


  • Printing may get slow after doing a long-term job

Final Thoughts

Pigment ink printer able to produce sophisticated print-out and you will get enormous control in your hand. This is fun to make different things at high quality with the pigment ink supply. Pigment ink makes much better-quality prints than dye-based ink. Working with a pigment ink printer, you will not like to change your printer.

The best pigment ink printer with all other features meets all the demand. Be professional and grow your career in this field, working with pigment ink printers.


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  • April 13, 2022 at 12:19 pm

    I’m confused, I like the the all in 1 printers with ink tanks. But the more I read the more I get confused. I’m looking for a printer under $500 that will allow me to print up to 13×19 transfers. I see the printers come with black pigment ink but the color ink is dye based. I don’t know enough about this yet, so I’m confused as to do they make a ink tank printer to use both colored and black pigment ink, and where do you get the colored refill pigment ink bottles?

    • June 7, 2022 at 4:07 pm

      There are a few printers that accept both dye and pigment ink, but they are rare and often small and limited so might not fit your 13×19 dimensions. As you probably already figured, you should not use pigment inks in printers built for dye inks. The substances used to produce pigment inks will soon clog your dye-based printers. Dye ink is made by dissolving the color substrates in liquid while a pigment ink contains undissolved solid particulates. It is these substances that are responsible for clogging up the dye-based printers.


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