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A plotter printer is essential for professional use, like in the GIS, AEC, or CAD fields. It makes vector graphics on significant format papers to create maps, architectural plans, posters, and banners. It can be lines or images. Every feature of this printer has separate needs to make the right equipment.

The best plotter printer can produce mistake-free, smudge-proof, and fade-resistant materials. Since these are for official use mainly, the accuracy matters the most. So, you have to find the perfect one for your job. So, check top plotters here and get the right printer.

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What to Check Before Buying Best Plotter Printer

Amidst the plotter printer’s crowd in the market, it is tough to get the best plotter printer meeting the demand. So, check the features before buying a plotter printer and find the best one.

  • Printer Type

There are mainly two types of plotter printers- laser and inkjet. The laser printer is better for vector application, so it is preferable in the AEC industry. Inkjet printers can also do good plotter printing, and it is better for printing images with high resolution. So, know your need and then choose.

Best Plotter Printer

  • Size

There are different-sized plotter printers from 24 inches to 60 inches. You have to know your demand and job type. The 24 inches and 36 inches plotters available more. If you need a wider printer, you have to look for that.

  • Print quality

As the plotter printer mainly fulfills the official demands, the printing quality should be the best. Be it image or lines, and the quality must be higher. Before buying, check the printing quality in dpi or resolution or on the vector line quality.

best plotter for architects

  • Budget

Since the plotter printer needs a big budget, you should make a nice plan, decide the budget, and then buy. There are different sellers for selling similar types of printers. Check all the available printers that are similar. Besides, laser printers are costly than inkjet printers, but the laser printer lasts along. So, make your budget wisely.

Avoid wasting your valuable income, and check wisely before purchasing a plotter printer. Know the features for the best plotter printer and then buy.

Top 10 Best Plotter Printer Reviews

If you look at a list of the best plotter printer reviews with detail, it will be easy to find the correct one for your interest. So, check them closely and get the best idea about them.

1. HP Designjet T650 Large Format Plotter Printer Review

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If you are a professional CAD or GIS worker, you will need a Plotter Printer. It offers to print several essential elements like technical drawing, big-sized maps, posters, banners, renders papers, etc. Your professional document will be precise, proper, and accurate. The printed text will be crisp and sharp-edged. Every line of the vector will be refined, clean, and straightforward.

This HP plotter printer can print in a broader format. It offers to print up to 36 inches wide, while the length can be up to 74.7. You can pass many print media to produce professional papers. The printer will print roll feed, automatic roll sheets, sheet feed, automatic horizontal cutter, and media bin. So, there are loads of options to make different official large format documents. HP includes the option to operate the printer easily and quickly. The HP one-click process helps in managing the steps of ordering the printing jobs. HP smart app will enable you to make operations virtually. So, print multiple projects at a faster speed and encourage official performance with accuracy.


  • Multiple Software for the easy and correct operation
  • 1GB memory supported
  • 95% ink cost minimization
  • Auto optimization of media usage


  • Must use HP chip in cartridges

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2. HP Designjet T 530 Thermal Plotter Printer Review

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If your Plotter printer has a compact design, it will be more admissible. The large format Plotter printer takes up significant space in the office. If the setup is for a small office, then it becomes problematic. This HP is another best small plotter printer that helps set the office interior nicely and lets you use every corner wisely. Keep the printer in a small place and move when you need it.

Get your poster or banner making jobs at a higher speed. It takes only 30 seconds to print one page in the A1/D format. The HP poster app is free from getting premium graphics, patterns, and photos and downloading to make your unique posters. You can edit poster images and engage your creativity while making new posters. There is HP clicks Software to manage your printer operation easily and to manage appropriately every step. You can print PDF documents too. It ensures the right margin and boundary as before during the printing. You can pass sheet feed or roll feed whatever you seem suitable. So, have to best performance from this HP.


  • 36-inch wider format
  • Print speed is about 30 seconds per page
  • HP poster software for free with a variety of samples of posters
  • Support PDF documents


  • Cannot scan

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3. Canon Image TA 20 Large Format Inkjet Printer Review

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Canon image TA 20 supports banners papers, glossy photo papers, and also fabric. It opens many ways to perform the best in making unique things on different platforms. You can make posters with glossy images for billboards. You can decorate your walls or corners of your room with lustrous image posters. The fine-finish and sharp angles will enable you to create an extraordinary-decorations around your room. Besides, there is a chance to make many fabric-based materials like wall mates, tablemates, or t-shirts.

Canon plotter printer is the right way to showcase your talent and skills. In terms of speed, it can print 104 posters per hour. So, for the big-budget project, this is the right choice. It provides poster creation software to get a discreet idea and create amazingly unique posters. It also supports wireless connections to command for printing. You can command from your PC or smartphone and smoothly run the operation. The lines of the vectors will be perfect and will place at the exact right place. So, have the best accuracy with this canon printer.


  • Print speed is 104 posters per hour
  • Free poster creation application included
  • Supports 24 inches wide format
  • Starter ink included


  • Canon ink is primarily supported

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4. HP Designjet T 125 Compact Plotter Printer Review

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Working with HP is a time-saving and easy operating job. Several options provide HP to minimize the hassle of maintaining the printer. The wireless connectivity helps you to connect your device with the printer smoothly. After downloading the HP innovative application, you will get the one-click options to maintain every step with accuracy. There are no points of tension. Just adjust the settings and activate your printing functions.

When setting the map lines or any outline, you have to transfer it into a PDF file so that there is no chance of changing the line structure. This printer allows the printing of PDF files, which is prohibited or not supported by some printers. If you are a beginner, you can check some patterns or designs in the HP poster application. It will show you the design format for the first practices. You can redesign after getting the idea from the application. Besides, this app has lots of designs and patterns that help start your business with little knowledge and skill. This printer will act as a solid helping hand to increase your talent and creativity. So, have the best friend to learn some new.


  • Smaller in size to fit perfectly in your small office
  • Print speed is higher
  • Multiple Software to help the operation and encourage the art
  • Fast connectivity


  • Wide up to 24 inches only

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5. Canon PROGRAF TA 30 Inkjet Printer Review

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If you are an architect, artist, or engineer, you will need a large format plotter printer. Since it is not only for making artwork a fun or hobby, the professional interest also works a lot. People use these printers for making professional drawings or architectural planning, or geographical presentation mostly. So, there is a big necessity for accuracy and precision. Canon TA 30 ensures the quality. Your maps or patterns will be at exact plotting on the paper. There will be precise and refined output, and you can be worry-free about the fading pr blurring.

The printed output will be fade-resistant and mess-free. You will find vigorous printing options. This printer supports a wider format up to 36 inches. So, your map or GPS form gets the more expansive place to provide the detail. The print speed is also high. It can print 113 posters or papers in one hour so, and you can take large projects to perform with accuracy. You can be sure that there will be no mistake even if you are constantly printing. So, have a great experience and be professional.


  • Print speed is 113 papers per hour
  • Free poster samples application included
  • Six ink tanks
  • Ethernet powered


  • Expensive

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6. HP DesignJet T 210 Inkjet Plotter Printer Review

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HP comes with a DesignJet to perform the professional job with the latest technologies. Many plotter printer reviews preferred this printer for easier operation and smooth performance. There is less chance of making any mistakes.  The wireless connectivity enables the operation of the printer virtually. HP Click application helps in easy and small amount steps maintenance. The HP easy start enables the auto start option when you set the timer in your app. HP support assistant provides all supports to make the perfect alignment, placing, and margin.

The HP DesignJet utility application ensures the printer’s compatibility with many Windows or operating systems on your PC. After making all the settings or edits, you can see the preview to be sure if there is any need for more edits, and this can be possible through the HP print preview application. So, HP offers much help through its smart apps. All these can be possible at a higher speed too. The print speed of this printer 45 seconds per page. So, you can produce plenty of plotters through this printer.


  • HP applications support
  • 500 MG memory supported
  • Hi-Speed USB and Ethernet supported
  • High print speed


  • Much expensive

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7. Brother Multifunctional Monochrome Laser Printer Review

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Brother reengineered their printers for the best performance. You can print more in less time with accuracy. There is a fantastic way to increase the cost of ink. Brother includes a technology that detects the ow amount of ink and signals for the refill. The most notable point is that this application automatically orders a new toner, which will be at your door at the perfect time. It keeps the work continuation correct.

To speed up your work, this printer helps in all ways. This laser plotter printer has the technology that increases the speed, and it is 36 pages per minute. The dynamic design and upgraded functionality encourage perfection at a constant rate. It has a tray with a 250-sheet paper capacity which decreases the need for a frequent refill. There is also the two-sided auto printing option to increase the printing rate. It supports both letter and legal-sized paper. So, get it fast to have the most fantastic printer.


  • 36 pages per minute print speed
  • Dynamic nature and compact design
  • Copier function included
  • Monochrome crisp output


  • Toner chip management is quite tough

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8. HP Officejet 9025 Smart Office Printer Review

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Printing has reached the next level with HP. There are vigorous options to scan or download any documents, edit, and then print to get the proper format. If you have private or secret documents, you can keep them safe before printing. There are lots of options to keep them hidden. There is a password protection system that enables you to keep your documents away from any theft try. Besides, the Wi-Fi security, basic encryption, and document protection process have been included in this printer.

This is also one of the best eco solvent printer Plotter to protect you from harmful soluble organic compounds. You can print 50% faster too. The auto page feeder can feed 35 pages. It can print 24 pages per minute. So, all these functions in one printer help in getting the best experience.


  • 39% smaller in size to fit well
  • 24 ppm print speed
  • Prepaid instant ink for low-cost ink replacement
  • HP security for confidential papers
  • Self-healing Wi-Fi


  • HP ink is required for the better printing

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9. VEVOR Vinyl Cutter Manual Printer Review

[amazon fields=”B08R89YQ23″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

VEVOR brings a printer cutter that meets a wide range of demands to make a variety of materials. You can create decorative ingredients or posters, supplementary ingredients for the heat transfer process, label or sticker making things, etc. This printer is perfect for the advertisement field too as it can manage lots of jobs, including cutting. This is another best Vinyl plotter and printer with the maximum cutting ability, up to 780 mm. The best precision-making capacity makes it the best printer plotter for stickers.

You will be able to feed 870 mm of paper to make unique things better. You can control the cutting pressure and speed through the LCD monitor. The maximum cutting pressure of the vinyl plotter printer is 800 mm, and the maximum cutting pressure is about 500 mm. So, you can make a precise cut at high pressure. The pressure and speed are controllable that is easy to adjust. There is a function to ensure robust stability. So, there is no chance to make any accidents.


  • Maximum cutting speed and precision
  • Adjustability for cutting pressure
  • High compatibility with fonts, languages, and file formats
  • SVG and PDF supported


  • Positioning management is quite confusing

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10. HP DesignJet T 230 Modern Plotter Printer Review

[amazon fields=”B08F73T9RQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Plotter printer has many professional applications. These printers are an essential tool to start a plan for a big plot. If you are an engineer and make plans for a building or institution, a plotter printer is a must-machine. So, the plotter printer should be perfect and suits many media. This HP printer is such a capable printer. It supports the 24 inches wide format and works at high speed.

It can manage an automatic horizontal cutter that increases the working fields. HP smart applications enable the creation of different elements swiftly with great accuracy. To have the best experience, get this HP plotter printer, and have the fantastic professional quality.


  • 24-inches wide feed supported
  • Several media handling capacity
  • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • Print speed is 35 seconds per page


  • HP applications handling takes a while

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Final Thoughts

When our engineers or commercial people had to hire professional personnel to draw essential documents, there was a time. It was hard to make such papers in wide format for a man.

With the technological advancement, we now have the plotter printer to create difficult planning papers or large format images. Be it a map or banners, plotters work very well to create things with great precision. In the market, it is tough to find the best plotter printer with all specifications. If you check the best printers for plotting jobs, it will be easier to have the correct plotter in no time. Get this advantage quickly.

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