Best PowerPoint Clicker With Laser Pointer | Top 10 Picks for 2022

Whatever your profession at a time of your life, you would have to present to the class, professor or audience. While presenting you need comfort and easiness as you need to move around to come close to the listeners. If you were a frequent presenter, you would like to spend on a clicker worth the cost.

The PowerPoint clickers are available in many shapes, sizes, and weights. Some are small and some lightweight. It might be a little stressful to find the best PowerPoint clicker unexpectedly, having no idea what a best would like or how convenient it would be. We have for you a list of the best clickers for an hour or a daylong presentation. Hope you can pick up the best and deliver a presentation with pleasure.

Editor’s Pick: Top 5 Best PowerPoint Clicker

Top 10 Best PowerPoint Clicker Reviews

1. Kensington Wireless Presenter Review

Key Features

  •         Laser red pointer
  •         Clicker covers 65 ft.
  •         Compatible with Mac
  •         Wireless USB receiver
  •         Requires 2 AAA Batteries

The Kensington Wireless Presenter is a simple PowerPoint clicker requiring two AAA batteries. The clicker operates wirelessly and covers a distance of 65 feet. The presenter is ready to operate with a click without requiring setup. The brand provides back and forward control and does not need a driver.

The gadget is compatible with Mac and personal computers. The receiver of USB is wireless and stored inside so it is secure. A red pointer is laser beamed and perfect in focusing the specific points on the slide. The presenter is in a good shape. This best remote PowerPoint clicker makes presenting enjoyable.


  •         Wireless
  •         Efficient pointer
  •         Simple to operate
  •         Distance focusing


  •         None

2. R400 Wireless Presenter Review

Key Features

  •         Wireless
  •         USB port, no driver
  •         Require AA batteries
  •         The radiofrequency of 2.4 GHz

Logitech one of the world’s largest electronic companies produces this R400 Wireless Presenter and markets other products such as speakers and smartphones. It suits the connectivity type to radiofrequency.

The manufacturing material of the small tool is plastic and therefore, lightweight. It requires an AA battery to operate. The operation of the presenter is smooth. The screen is black, besides it has up and down interface buttons.

The mode of the pointer is class 2 type, having an output power of less than 1 mill watt and considered safe. The pointer gives out a red beam from a distance of 50 feet. The slide control is simple because of the touch buttons. It is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Open Office. However, the does not work for types of applications.

The best remote clicker for PowerPoint uses a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz. The clicker has a built-in bay for safe packing of the receiver. The presenter starts-off after hooking the USB port without the use of any driver to install. You can deposit the receiver back in the pouch.


  •         Red pointer
  •         Storage pouch
  •         The distance of focus good
  •         Smooth operation


  •         Not applicable to all OS

3. BEBONCOOL RF 2.4 GHz Wireless Presenter Review

Key Features

  •         Wireless clicker
  •         Red pointer light
  •         Radiofrequency technology
  •         Compatible with several OS
  •         Focus on long-distance

Would you not like an eco-friendly presentation clicker and not worry about the hazards a tool may cause at the end. This BEBONCOOL RF 2.4 GHz Wireless Presenter is made of ABS plastic and comes in an ergonomic design. This amazing wireless PowerPoint clicker runs on 2.4 Gigahertz (GHz) radiofrequency.

To a great convenience is a red pointer to allow you to point on your slides and visible from a distance. With the remote control focuses up to 39 feet away, so there is enough space in the room for you to move close to the audience.

The clicker is compatible with numerous operating systems such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, ACD, iWork hooked on by a USB from a laptop.  The screen display has a black background. Along with the switch on/ off keys, there are knobs to move slides forward and backward for convenience in controlling the slides. The clicker requires a single AAA battery, which is not included with purchase.


  •         Easy to use
  •         Screen display
  •         Indicator switches
  •         Distance maneuvering


  •         Battery not included

4. DinoFire Wireless Presenter Review

Key Features

  • Wireless presenter
  • Hyperlinked control
  • Supports many OS
  • 3-yr warranty

Did you want a PowerPoint clicker that has hyperlinked volume control, combining multiple functions? The DinoFire Wireless Presenter has a single multipurpose button, which on double-clicking allows entry into the hyperlink. Long pressing this same button switches to the window. The button also facilitates playing the slides, and move the page up and down and turn to the screen for presentation.

A vivid red light of the pointer is quite sharp. The range of focus of the presenter is 98 feet, allowing effortless movement of the presenter around in the room. The PowerPoint presenter also has a clip to allow it hold in the pocket. The remote PowerPoint clicker support many OSs including google slides. Some of these are XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7-10, Windows 2003, Mac OS, Linux, and Android, For Mac, you would need to plug in the USB receiver to the Laptop.

The magnetic USB ensures the security of the device from getting lost. However, the USB has a warranty of 3 years and a free USB offer in case of a loss in 2 years.


  • Multipurpose button
  • Warranted USB
  • Magnetic USB
  • Free dongle


  • None

5. Logitech R500 Laser Presentation Remote Clicker Review

Key Features

  • Save mode of battery
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Focusing distance 65 ft.
  • The light operates on a laser

This Logitech 500 is an excellent clicker because of its laser operating system. The presenter has connectivity to Bluetooth technology or USB to Windows, iOS, Mac, Android and software such as PowerPoint, PDF, and Google slides. When the presenter is not in operation, the USB receiving gadget is stored in a built-in section of the Logitech 500.

This presenter gives the freedom to move to 65 ft. during the presentation. Therefore, it works well for a hall of moderate to large size.

This Logitech remote PowerPoint clicker provides an App enabling customization of button functions, monitoring battery life, and set the presentation time on the screen. The most compatible devices are the PC and monitor. The clicker requires a single AA battery that lasts for a year. The device has a system of saving itself by going into save mode when the power of the battery goes down. The disabling of the laser extends the life of the battery, so you can use it for a longer time.


  • Needs 1 AA battery
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Save mode for low battery


  • Less distance than other clickers
  • the USB receiver

6. DinoFire Presentation Clicker Review

Key Features

  •         Wireless
  •         Rechargeable
  •         Lithium battery
  •         Wide control range
  •         Hyperlink volume control

Are you looking for a comprehensive PowerPoint Clicker, the DinoFire Presentation Clicker is exceptional. The clicker runs on radio frequency and a rechargeable lithium battery. The best part of the clicker is the dazzling green light instead of the red light, which makes better visibility against any background.

The rechargeable remotely controlled presenter is also multifunctional. It controls the functions of hyperlinking, volume control, switching to windows, screen changes, and page movement. The storage capacity of the battery is 360mAh, quite high as it rums for 7 days on charging for an hour. There is also an indicator when the power of the battery wears off. The wireless charging of the battery works by transferring energy from the charger to a receiving unit mediated by USB using electromagnetic induction.

The 82.0 ft. control range helps in the easy presentation. The device is compatible with multiple OSs with no driver. To great advantage, the delivery package contains a remote control, a case, a user manual, and a USB cord.  The operation of the clicker is as easy of click and play.


  •         Efficient clicker
  •         Green pointer
  •         Multiple OS compatible


  •         None

7. Remote Wireless Presenter Review

Key Features

  • Remote wireless
  • 1 AAA battery
  • Enabled RF of 2.4 GHz
  • Warranty of 3-years

The ESYWEN Remote Wireless allows you to present your project at a free distance of 39 feet. The red pointer light is appropriate for lighting the focused parts of the presentation with ease. The ergonomic design allows perfect fit with your hand and features touch keys to control slides without having to look at the keys for forward and backward movement of slides.

The clicker is highly compatible with Mac and is known as the best PowerPoint clicker for mac OS. The presenter works directly with no drivers to command the operation. You can plug the USB port onto the computer and plays with quite a few OSs. The required radio frequency (RF) is 2.4 GHz requiring AAA battery for full functioning.

The ESYWEN marked remote wireless presenter comes with a few additional gadgets. It includes a wireless button, a carrying case, and a user manual. The carrying case is very useful in putting together the pointer and the cables. Also added is a 3-yr warranty and lifetime support on technical service.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Wireless button
  • Carrying case
  • Technical support


  • None

8. DinoFire Wireless Remote Presenter Review

Key Features

  • An air mouse
  • Requires 300mAH RF
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Storage space for the USB receiver

You may be on the lookout for a presentation clicker that covers the end of a big conference hall. The DinoFire Wireless Remote Presenter is the PowerPoint presentation clicker with an air mouse. This pointer is fantastic similar to a TV remote control, has sensors for great orientation.

The remote support functions for full, black screen, hyperlinks, controls volume, switches to windows and supports several operating systems. So, you can easily present your Excel, Word, PDF or Google slides from commands from this best presentation clicker. The clicker focuses on the red light to the highest distance of 164 ft. You can also set up your wireless controller to a lower distance of 78 ft. This extraordinary gadget also switches off automatically.

The lithium battery operates on a 300mAH radio frequency, a 3-hr charging suffices to run the air mouse for 20 hours. A great relief presenting long hours and over one day. I require no software to install this presenter. Besides assuring a comfortable grip, USB receiver can be stored at the underside of the clicker.

Added with the Presentation Pointer package is a remote control plus a receiver, a carrying case, and a manual.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Long-distance
  • Carrying bag


  • None

9. Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer Review

Key Features

  • Laser flip pen
  • Portable, mini size
  • Made of soft silicone
  • Compatible with many OS

The Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer is another best PowerPoint clicker because of its remarkable hyperlink and control system. The gadget also has a red slideshow pointer, full and black screen, and up/down slider. Presentation freedom is to a distance of 98.4 feet. They designed the button with soft silicone, responding quickly on pushing. The raised buttons allow you to operate with your fingers without literally looking at the clicker.

The receiver does not need a driver for installation. It is a mini receiver and plays of touch of the button. A convenient magnetic system holds the receiver to the clicker and prevents it from getting lost. The laser pointer is compatible with almost all OSs making it easy to present from any software. To your advantage, the iThrough clicker is portable; you can keep it in the pocket or store it in the pouch.

Further, this pointer functions with a laser beam, USB and requires an RF of 2.4GHz. It also has black hyperlink support. With this flip pen presenter, you will get a  carrying bag, a remote control, and a manual.


  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Very convenient to carry


  • None

10. KNORVAY N26 Presentation Clicker Review

Key Features

  • Wireless
  • Battery AAA
  • Requires 2.4GHz RF
  • Control range 300 ft.

The KNORVAY N26 Presentation Clicker is another wireless PowerPoint clicker with PowerPoint as the setting of the button. It operates to a width of 300ft. The buttons are adjustable to play or pause, change track, and mute or volume control. This device has microchips to focus the red light to a distance of 656.2 feet. However, does not work for LCD, LED, or TV screens.

This Wireless device is dependent on radio frequency and needs one AAA battery. The pointer is widely compatible with Windows, ACD See, PDF, and more by plugging the USB port onto the laptop. The pointer is a simple plug-in and plays device. This same clicker is convenient for use with any number of computers.

The KNORVAY N26 attaches after-sales support. It has a warranty for 2 yrs., if you lose your USB within a year, you will get a free USB. The package also includes a presentation button, a USB receiver, a pouch cover, and a user manual.


  • Pouch
  • Warranty
  • Free USB
  • Many OS compatible


  • Does not support LED/LCD/TV screens

Things To Check Before Choosing The Best PowerPoint Clicker

You may realize that if you want to buy an appliance that you would almost every day, you would like to have some idea before making your decision. The PowerPoint clicker is no different. The success of your presentation for your school final or corporate office depends on not only the materials you have but also on how comfortable you are when you talk or walk during the presentation. Therefore, to achieve the best, you also need a PowerPoint clicker that will efficiently help you focus your material. Here, we have a guide to enable you to buy the best PowerPoint clicker.

  • The Grip

The design/model of the PowerPoint clicker is important as it helps you grip the clicker comfortably. There are models made keeping ergonomics into consideration. Choose the shape and size that fits you and you are at ease when you are moving forward/backward or in the pointer’s use. Sure, there is one on this list, suitable for you.

best powerpoint clicker

  • Control mechanism

Various clickers have different control mechanisms. You need to be able to use the presentation clicker with confidence. The features that your presenter carries need attention. It may be ideal to buy one, which is simple to operate if you are a beginner. The control channel should not make you pay more attention to how to use the clicker buttons rather than what you are presenting.

  • Wireless presenter

Almost everyone uses a wireless clicker these days. It is easy as all you need is to plug in and play. If your clicker needs setup, you may have to perhaps, use the in-built software to start the operation. The wireless presenter will enhance your presentation because of the ease. You may find some do not need drivers or additional set up to use the clicker with ease.

best presentation clicker

  • Other Extras

Some PowerPoint clickers come with extra advantages. Some give a warranty, others may offer after-sales service. Many companies draw customers with an additional USB port. Some enclose pouch bags to keep all clickers and the batteries together. Most companies also enclose a manual of operation, which is very helpful.

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With the review and the guide, we want you to get hold of the best PowerPoint clicker. The addition of an efficient clicker with sharp light pointers will get you off the struggle with the computer keyboard and the mouse. What a relief! To get hands on the best PowerPoint clicker, the guide aims to aid you in choosing the right one. We hope you the best with your new presentation clicker.


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