Top 10 Best Printer for FBA Labels [Expert Recommendations]

Looking to try your hand at becoming a top Amazon seller? Then you should strongly consider signing up with the FBA, or Fulfilment by Amazon service. This service offers a streamlined way to manage your product delivery and cut down on your shipping costs.

Simply put, when you are putting something for sale on Amazon, you send it directly to the Amazon fulfillment center for storage. Once someone buys it, Amazon ships the product from their inventory directly to your customer. And if you are using UPS or FedEx to ship your products to FBA, you get discounted rates.

The only downside to this service is that you need to print your own shipping labels and barcodes. But with the best printer for FBA labels, this task becomes extremely simple. In this article, we will give you a thorough rundown of some of the printers that are most suited for this very job.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 3 Best Printer for FBA Labels

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Printer For FBA Labels

Before we head to our list of reviews, let us take a moment to look through some basic information about these devices. These days, there are many different types of printers available on the market. However, in order to print labels, you must concentrate on a few features that are critical to their performance.

Here are a few factors that you should focus on when you are buying a printer to print Amazon FBA labels:

  • Thermal Printers

Going with a thermal printer is the best idea if your sole purpose is to print labels. This type of printer uses thermal direct technology and requires no ink or toner cartridges. You only need to invest in thermal direct papers, which are quite affordable.

Inkjet and laser printers, despite being popular choices for daily printing needs, are not that great for printing labels. The issue with an inkjet printer is that the ink can get smeared while printing labels. With laser printers, on the other hand, the process is not very efficient and takes a lot of time.

Best Printer for Amazon FBA Labels
Creative Safety Supply
  • Printing Speed

You also need to consider the speed of the printer. The standard print speed with most thermal label printers is 150 millimeters per second, which translates to roughly 72 labels per minute. You can also find a couple of units with a faster printing speed if you want to churn out labels with higher efficiency.

  • Barcode Compatibility

Since your goal is to print FBA labels, you must get a printer that can create a barcode for your products. Amazon recognizes your products with their unique barcode, and you need to set them up yourself. This is one of the limitations of this service, but you can easily get around it if your printer can print barcodes.

best printer for amazon shipping labels

  • Print Resolution

Amazon demands a certain level of quality from its sellers when creating labels for their goods. The text and relevant information on your shipping label need to be printed clearly, which depends on the resolution of your printer. Ideally, you want to go with a unit with at least 200 DPI resolution.

  • Ease of Use

For the best possible experience, choose a printer that is easy to use. You do not need complex functions in your printer to efficiently print labels. In addition, if the drivers for the device are too complicated to install, you will not have a good time setting it up.

Comparison Table Of Printer For FBA Labels

ProductConnectivityCompatible DevicesPrint Speed(PPM)Editor’s Rating
ROLLO Label Printer – Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High-Speed PrinterUSBPC1505
MUNBYN Thermal Label PrinterUSBPC1505
K Comer Shipping Label PrinterUSBPC1505
OFFNOVA IM·Print Bluetooth Thermal Label PrinterBluetooth, USBPC, Laptops1505
Fangtek Thermal Shipping Label Printer – Direct Thermal High-Speed PrinterUSBPC, Laptops1525
Jiose Shipping Label Printer,Thermal Printing Label MachineUSBPC1625
LabelRange LP320 Label PrinterUSBPC, Laptops1504.9
Phomemo 4×6 Shipping Label Printer – 152mm/s Desktop LabelUSBPC, Laptops1524.8
Direct Thermal Label PrinterUSBPC2004.8
Shipping Label Printer, 4×6 Thermal Label Printer for Windows & MacUSBPC1504.7

Top 10 Best Printer For FBA Labels Reviews

Picking out a label printer for FBA labels can be a daunting task if you do not know what you are looking for. Our buying guide should help you out a bit, but if you have no idea about the different options available on the market, then there is a good chance that you will end up with a mediocre product.

To make sure that does not happen, here are our top picks for the finest printers for Amazon FBA labels on the market that you can buy without a second thought.

1. ROLLO Label Printer – Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High-Speed Printer

ROLLO Shipping Label Printer - Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed Shipping Printer – Compatible with ShipStation, Etsy, Ebay, Amazon - Barcode Printer - 4x6 Printer

The Rollo Label printer is widely considered one of the best choices when it comes to printing shipping labels for different businesses. It is compact, efficient, and not very expensive considering the huge value it provides. If you are looking for the absolute best printer for printing labels, this is your ideal choice.

With a print speed of 150 millimeters per second, you will be blazing through stacks of prints in no time. Sure, it is not the fastest option money can buy, but it is reliable. And its print resolution of 203 DPI also makes the printed text look clear and crisp, which does not hurt.

It can handle both stack and roll types of papers. However, when you are using roll style thermal papers, do not go with a massive roll right off the bat. There is a small chance that it might jam up. Another good feature of the unit is its Automatic Label Detection, which resizes the paper down to the perfect size for printing labels.

Whether you are printing Amazon FBA labels or labels for other platforms like Etsy or Shopify, this unit promises fantastic performance. Its thermal direct technology works flawlessly and gives you a reliable print output every time. The unit is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms.


  • Fast printing speed
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Suitable for most online platforms
  • Good printing resolution


  • Might jam up with large roll stack

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2. MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer

MUNBYN Shipping Label Printer, 4x6 Label Printer for Shipping Packages, USB Thermal Printer for Shipping Labels Home Small Business, Compatible with Etsy, Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, FedEx, UPS, USPS

The MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer is the one you want to go with if you want the most value out of your investment. It comes in four different colors: white, brown, green, and pink. Frankly, you can go with whichever you want as they are exactly the same apart from the aesthetics.

For the sake of this review, though, we went with the brown model as it looked more professional. It has a printing speed of 150 millimeters per second, which is on par with the Rollo Label printer. So, within one minute, you will be able to print more or less 72 labels, which is quite fast.

The printing quality is also quite decent thanks to its excellent printing resolution. Since it uses Thermal Direct Printing Technology, you do not need to invest in any additional ink or toner cartridges. And it works with any thermal paper and can use both stack and roll type papers without any issue.

Furthermore, the unit can print labels for all major shipping and sales platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more. So, printing FBA labels with it will not be a problem. It is also compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, and the driver is pretty easy to install.


  • Comes in four different colors
  • Excellent printing speed
  • Can print labels for all major sales platform
  • Supports all types of thermal direct papers


  • A bit bulkier than other options

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3. K Comer Shipping Label Printer

K Comer Shipping Label Printer 150mm/s High-Speed 4x6 Direct Thermal Label Printing for Shipment Package 1-Click Setup on Windows/Mac,Label Maker Compatible with Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, FedEx,USPS,Etsy

For our next option, we are going with a unit by the brand K Comer. It is a simple unit that lets you handle all your basic label printing needs at an affordable cost. And since the label it prints is compatible with all major shipping platforms, it can be a great choice for small online businesses.

The printing speed of the unit is quite decent, giving you a print rate of 150 millimeters per second. So, you can hit that sweet spot of printing around 72 labels per minute without any issues. And thanks to its high resolution of 203 DPI, the quality of each print will be excellent.

This unit also features an Automatic Label Detection system that can automatically capture, feed, and adjust the paper to match your label size. Its intelligent paper return function will eliminate paper wastage and help you get the most value out of your investment.

Installing the drivers and setting it up also takes only a few minutes when you first get your hands on it. It supports both Windows and Mac OS, but smartphone support is not available, as with most of the other units of this calibre. If you want an easy entry to printing shipping labels, this can be a fantastic choice.


  • Attractive orange and white color combination
  • Simple and easy-to-use design
  • High-Quality printing resolution
  • Automatic label detection and intelligent paper return function


  • No apparent cons

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4. OFFNOVA IM·Print Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer

OFFNOVA Im·Print Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer, High-Speed 4'x6' Shipping Label Printer, Compatible with Windows, Smartphone, Works with Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, USPS, FedEx- 203 DPI Printer

Are you looking for a unique thermal label printer that gives you a few more functions than what you find on the market? Then look no further than the IM·Print by the brand OFFNOVA. It comes in a compact form-factor and looks quite stylish once you get it set up on your desk.

With a print speed of 150 millimeters per second, you will be able to print out shipping labels as fast as you need them. It is rated to operate continuously for 12 hours without any issues. So, if you need to print in bulk volumes, this unit is perfect for that job.

But the best part about this unit is its Bluetooth connectivity with a smartphone, Windows laptops, and iOS. You will be able to quickly transfer the print from your mobile device to the printer without any cable connections. It also features Automatic Label Detection, and you can switch between label types by long pressing the button on top of the device.

As for compatibility, it works on both the Windows and Mac platforms like a charm. It prints via USB, and you can also use Bluetooth if you prefer to go with a cable-free approach. You can print labels for all online platforms efficiently with this one unit, making it a pretty valid investment for online entrepreneurs.


  • Compact and stylish design
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • Excellent printing speed
  • Compatible with all major shipping platforms


  • A bit complicated to set up the first time

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5. Fangtek Thermal Shipping Label Printer – Direct Thermal High-Speed Printer

Fangtek Shipping Label Printer - Direct Thermal High Speed Printer - Compatible with Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify - 4×6 Label Printer & Multifunctional Printing

Coming up next, we will be looking at a fantastic option from the brand Fangtek. The M6 thermal label printer by the brand is an excellent investment because of its above-average print speed, superior printing output, and some other unique features that we will discuss right now.

With a print speed of 6 inches per second, which translates to 152 millimeters per second, you might be thinking that it is pretty much the same as the other ones on this list. However, this slight increment can make a lot of difference if you are printing a large number of labels each day.

It also features a print resolution of 203 DPI, resulting in crisp and clear text on your labels. Apart from labels, it also supports 2D barcode printing. Furthermore, its Automatic Paper Calibration system eliminates paper wastage and helps you efficiently print your labels without any issues.

The top cover of the unit is transparent, which lets you monitor the condition of the thermal paper as it is being printed. With this simple design, you will be able to react quicker in the case of paper jams. 

Other than that, the unit is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, and driver installation is quite straightforward.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Transparent top cover lets you look for paper jam
  • Automatic paper calibration
  • Superior printing speed


  • Poor aftersales services

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6. Jiose Shipping Label Printer,Thermal Printing Label Machine

Jiose Shipping Label Printer,Thermal Printing Label Machine,4x6 Label Printer for Shipping Packages Home Small Business,One Click Printing on Windows&Mac,Support USPS Shopify Multiple Systems

If you love small form-factor label printers that look cute on the desktop just as much as we do, then this unit by the brand Jiose will be right up your alley. It is an affordable option compared to some of the other models on the market, and the white and blue color combination makes it look quite stunning.

The fantastic print speed of 162 millimeters per second offered by the unit offers a surprising boost in performance and productivity. Whereas you could print about 72 labels per minute with other comparable thermal printers, this unit lets you print up to 82 labels per minute.

Overheating is no longer a concern with this printer thanks to its design. The manufacturers claim that you can print over 30,000 labels continuously with the model without having to stop and let it cool. And in our testing, though we did not print nearly as many labels, we found no heating issues.

Apart from Chrome OS or Surface tablets, you should have no issues using this device. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and the installation of drivers should never take more than a couple of minutes. As a small business owner, the boost in productivity you get with this unit is hard to overlook.


  • Visually appealing design
  • Extremely high printing speed
  • No overheating issues
  • Can use both fold and roll type papers


  • Does not support Bluetooth connectivity

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7. LabelRange LP320 Label Printer – High Speed 4×6 Thermal Printer for Shipping & Postage Labels

LabelRange LP320 Label Printer – High Speed 4x6 Thermal Printer for Shipping & Postage Labels,Supports Amazon Ebay Paypal Shopify Etsy Shipstation etc. - Compatible with Windows & Mac OS

LabelRange is a brand that caters almost exclusively to users who require the printing of thermal shipping labels on a daily basis. They seem to have perfected the formula of label printing with the LP320, a high-speed printer with fantastic features to make this project go as smoothly as possible.

With thermal label printers, speed is important as it directly translates to productivity. And thanks to its 152 millimeters per second print speed, you will be able to print at least 70 labels within a minute. The fact that it can run continuously for 12 hours also does not hurt its cause.

Along with its fast rate of printing, the quality of the print is also quite great because of its 203 DPI resolution output. Since it is a thermal printer, you do not need to worry about any toner or ink replacements. So, the cost of printing labels is quite low as you only have to buy the thermal direct paper.

It supports both roll and stack type papers and can print multiple label sizes. You can use this unit to print labels for pretty much all shipping platforms online. Once you get your hands on it, you can easily set it up by installing the drivers depending on whether you are using it on Mac or Windows.


  • Excellent print quality
  • Good printing speed
  • Can print multiple sizes of labels
  • Compact and portable design


  • Takes a while to set up

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8. Phomemo 4×6 Shipping Label Printer – 152mm/s Desktop Label

Phomemo Shipping Label Printer for Shipping Packages, 152mm/s 4x6 Thermal Desktop Label Printer Maker for Address Barcode Mailing, Work with Ebay Amazon USPS FedEx DHL, Compatible with Mac & Windows

For people looking to maximize their workflow and get a good chunk of shipping labels printed in a short time, this thermal label printer by the brand Phomemo could be a great investment. There are five different colors to choose from, which lets you match the theme of your work table.

Its printing speed of 152 millimeters per second lets you burn through your thermal papers for label printing in a short time. In 12 hours of continuous operation, you can print about 43,200 sheets of labels. After printing such a large volume, though, it is recommended that you let the device get some rest.

With your purchase, you get access to two pieces of software to further boost your productivity. Firstly, the Labelife software lets you edit your labels easily without any hassle. And next, you get a Diagnostic Tool to monitor any malfunction and ensure your device works perfectly.

This unit can use both stack and roll type thermal paper easily. Though it is a portable model, it does come with a bulkier look and can take up a fair bit of space on your desktop. If you want a truly compact model, this might not be the best choice out there. However, there is nothing to complain about in terms of performance.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Comes with two bundled software
  • Available in five different colors
  • High printing speed


  • A bit larger than other options

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9. Direct Thermal Label Printer, 200mm/s Commercial Grade High Speed Printer

Direct Thermal Label Printer, 200mm/s Commercial Grade High Speed Printer, 203 DPI 4x6 Label Printer Compatible with Amazon, Ebay,Paypal,UPS,USPS

The next unit on our list is by a brand that caters to professionals, LotFancy. It boasts a compact design and includes many features to make your job of printing labels as efficient as possible. This machine features a black matte body that gives it a professional and serious look.

Additionally, the best part about this unit is its print speed. In fact, it is the fastest label printer that we reviewed on this list, with a rate of 200 millimeters per second. On top of that, its design keeps it safe from any sort of paper jam. So, you will be able to blaze through your stacks without any complaints.

The printed label is also compatible with any platform. It is a great choice for not only printing Amazon FBA labels but also printing labels for Etsy, FedEx, UPS, Poshmark, etc. To kickstart your business in the best way possible, this can be a fantastic investment.

Despite its superior power, using the unit requires no additional skill. It comes with a starter pack of self-adhesive labels to get you started right away. It works with both Windows and Mac OS and takes little effort to get everything set up. Every aspect of this device is designed to make your job as easy as possible.


  • Excellent printing speed
  • Easy to use
  • Works with any shipping platforms
  • No paper jams


  • No apparent cons

Buy on Amazon

10. Shipping Label Printer, 4×6 Thermal Label Printer for Windows & Mac

Shipping Label Printer - High Speed 160mm/s Desktop Label Printer 4x6 Thermal Label Maker, Package Address Barcode Printer Support Mac & Windows Compatible with UPS USPS Etsy Shopify Amazon FedEx Ebay

We will be wrapping up this list with a final thermal direct printer by the brand Evnvn. Despite not being the most well-known brand in the market, they regularly come up with high-quality printing devices. This label printer is just one of the many fantastic options they have on offer.

The print speed of the unit is pretty standard, giving you a rate of around 150 millimeters per second. That, combined with the Automatic Label Detection feature, lets you print out shipping labels without worrying about any paper jams. It can use both stack and roll-type thermal papers.

Moreover, the advanced print head in the unit ensures your print quality is always perfect. Every character on your level will be clear and crisp. It can print labels in multiple sizes. So, you will be able to print on any platform, whether you are selling on Amazon or Shopify.

The unit is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Sure, you do not get support for smartphones, but to be honest, most professionals would rather use a desktop for their work. It comes at a great price and can be a solid choice when you are in the market for a new shipping label printer for Amazon FBA labels.


  • Comes at an excellent price tag
  • Comes with an automatic label detection feature
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for both Windows and Mac


  • Nothing worth complaining about

Buy on Amazon

Does Amazon FBA Use Inkjet Printers?

Not at all.You cannot print Amazon FBA labels on an inkjet printer. With an inkjet printer, there will always be a chance of smearing, which will entirely defeat the purpose.

printing amazon FBA barcode
Parkem Stationers

You can also not use laser printers as you will have to print individual labels each time you want to print one. It is not very cost-effective and will take a lot of time, which is not very productive.

That is why thermal direct printers that are specifically designed to print shipping labels and barcodes are recommended when you are printing Amazon FBA labels. In addition to printing FBA labels, you can also use these devices to print shipping labels for many other shipping platforms.

What Labels Should I Use For Amazon FBA?

Since printing and filling up Amazon FBA labels is almost fully automated thanks to its online inventory management system, all you have to decide is the type of label you use. So, you need to determine the size of the label paper before anything else. There are a few standard options in this regard.

  • If you are printing 21 labels per page, go with 63.8 mm x 38.1 mm on A4 paper
  • For 24 labels per page your options are 70.0 mm x 37.0 mm, 64.6 mm x 33.8 mm, 63.5 mm x 38.1 mm, 66.0 mm x 33.9 mm, 63.5 mm x 33.9 mm, 66.0 mm x 33.9 mm, and 70.0 mm x 36.0 mm on A4
  • If you are going for 27 labels per page, 63.5 mm x 29.6 mm on A4
  • For 30 labels per page 1-inch x 2 5/8 inches on standard US Letter size
  • For 40 labels per page go with 52.5 mm x 29.7 mm on A4
  • Finally, go with 48.5 x 25.4 mm on A4 for 44 labels per page

Best Printer for Amazon FBA Labels

Other than that, you also need to consider the following factors when choosing the label paper:

  • The paper must be white, and non-reflective
  • Always use black to print the barcode
  • Go with removable adhesives thermal papers if possible

And as for the printer, keep the following in mind:

  • Always use thermal printers. Laser printers are also acceptable, but not ideal. Avoid using inkjet printers
  • Make sure the print resolution is 200 DPI or higher
  • Always set printer scaling to 100 percent or none

How Do I Reprint My Amazon FBA Shipping Label?

The Fulfillment by Amazon storage and shipping service is extremely efficient and makes sure the delivery gets where it needs to go. But to do that effectively and manage the logistics, Amazon requires you to attach two labels outside the package: the shipping label and the FBA box label.

Shipping Label

The shipping label contains the destination address, date, and barcode, among other information. It also has the tracking information. Typically, the size of this label is 4 x 6 inches.

FBA Box Label

FBA box label contains information about the seller and where the shipment is shipping from as well as its destination. It allows Amazon to identify the seller, which in this case is you.

If you need to reprint the same shipping label for whatever reason, there is an easy and hassle-free way to do this. Amazon has always tried to make the process as easy and smooth as possible. Here are the steps to reprinting your Amazon FBA shipping label:

  • Go to your seller account and go to “Orders”
  • Navigate to “Manage Orders”. You should see a list of all your past orders
  • Click on the Order corresponding to the label that you want to print. You should see all the details related to its shipment
  • You should also see a “Reprint Label” button above the shipment. Click the button
  • You should be redirected to a “Shipping Purchased” and “Confirmed Page”. Find the “Print Label” button and click it. You should get a PDF file in your downloads
  • Print the PDF label and you are done.
reprinting amazon FBA label

The process that we mentioned above lets you reprint your shipping label without making any modifications. However, if you want to make some changes to the label, you need to follow a few additional steps. Here is a complete walkthrough of how you can make changes to the existing label and reprint it.

  • Navigate to the “Manage Orders” tab from your seller account by going to “Orders”
  • Open the “Order Details” by clicking on an existing order
  • Choose the “Refund Purchased Delivery Label” option
  • Click on the “Refund Shipping” button
  • Then navigate to the “Manage Orders” page and choose the “Buy Shipping” option
  • Click on the “Print Label” option

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Final Words 

If you want to be a successful seller on Amazon, you should learn to make use of the FBA service. By leveraging everything it has to offer, you will be able to make the most out of your online sales.

Within no time, you will be swimming in profits with zero hassle on your part. We hope our article on the best Amazon FBA label printers leaves you with a couple of great options. Now you should have no trouble picking one out for yourself.


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