Top 10 Best Wireless Printer For College Student [Cheap and Reliable]

College students have to go to the college print centers to do their printing jobs. At present, college students have lots of printing jobs. Some need other works like scanning and copying. It will be appreciable by the college student if they have a printer for their own. They would love this option if they could find a printer at an affordable price.

Many printers fulfill the demand of a college student. If you check this page, you will have the best printer for college student. Check the feature details and get the right one for you.

Editor’s Pick: Top 5 Best Wireless Printer for College Student

What to Look Before Buying Wireless Printer for College Student

As you are searching for a college student printer, you have to check some features’ availability. Know those features that are a must to check before buying the printer.

  • Printer Type

There are two types of the printer for college student. These are inkjet printers and laser printers. An inkjet printer sprays ink on papers or other print media, and a laser printer fuses ink. So, laser printer offers a faster speed of printing than inkjet printing. As a college student, you have to choose the printer type depending on your demand.Wireless printer for college students

  • Multi-purpose Option

This is clear from the printer for college student reviews that a college student needs a multi-purpose printer. It is difficult to have separate machines to print, copy, scan. If one machine can do all, they will have the machine at low cost and perform with the low hassle.

  • Compatibility

If the printer is compatible with several operating systems and iPhone or Mac, it would be easier to operate the college student machine. It is because they can have an older version or a newer version of the operating system. They may have a simple android set or iPhone; they should connect their printer to whatever device they use. So, the printer should be compatible with several operating systems and devices.

best printer for college student

  • Setup

A college student needs a printer that is easy to set up. It is because they cannot do complicated settings. So, check the setup system and then buy.

  • Connectivity

If the printer can connect with different devices, a college student will like it. They may want to connect their printer with the different devices at different times. Most brands make their printer with the connectivity option from PC, laptop, smartphones, iPhone or Mac, or cloud. So, check the connectivity options and get a printer for you.

Top 10 Best Wireless Printer for College Student Reviews

The printer is a vital element for a college student. It needs to be full of features. So, you should check this list of best printer for college student and check all details.

1. Hp Officejet 3830 Wireless Inkjet Printer Review

Hp brings a compact designed printer that suits well for college students’ use. This printer is an inkjet printer but creates laser-quality documents with a fine finish and proper angle placement. The borderless print output has an excellent placement with crisp texts. It can print on cardstock, fabric, plain paper, glossy photo paper, and high-resolution photo paper. So, it makes several ways to show the talent or to practice efficiently. It meets the demand of a college student who wants to work as a beginner. This printer is a multi-purpose printer that can scan, fax, and copy.

So, you can scan your photo or design and then print on what base you need. It provides several options to create unique things. A college student likes to use a smartphone. This printer connects with a smartphone or PC through wireless connectivity, and then you can perform the operation or edit your scanned photos or patterns at your palm. There are also connectivity options with iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox. So, you can print or scan your drive or cloud documents when you need them. Within multiple print media, this printer supports various paper sizes too. So, this printer is the perfect printer for college students.


  • Touchscreen keypad to operate
  • Instant ink option
  • AirPrint supported
  • Noise proof experience


  • HP subscription takes time

2. Canon MG 3620 Color Inkjet Printer Review

If you are an iPhone user, this canon printer is there to support you. For a college student, there are many printing or scanning works related to their education. You can scan and share or print your papers or articles, or necessary journals. You can keep essential papers in your smartphone memory or Google drive after scanning them. These papers will remain safe for a long. You can make your reports or seminar papers by printing them in the correct alignment and placing them.

For college students, it becomes a hassle when they see that they cannot print at the proper paper size what they need. This canon printer supports letter or legal-size paper and also 4 by 6 and 5 by 7 size. In terms of connectivity, you can connect your printer to your devices and also NFC. The NFC helps connect the printer to any device within a short distance without any USB or wireless connectivity. If you want to print or recreate old photos, scan at high resolution and find newer versions. This printer includes a CD ROM, manuals, power cord, and inks in both color and black. It is a good printer for college students.


  • Support AirPrint
  • Pass legal or letter size paper
  • Mopria supported
  • Compact design


  • Support the only envelope

3. HP DeskJet 3755 Compact Inkjet Printer Review

For a college student, it is essential to get an easy operative machine. This HP printer scanner is very easy and simple to operate. It has seven segments to operate and the LCD to see the printer’s processes and conditions. To scan, it has the HP scroll scan process that makes it easy to handle and smooth all steps. You can make different reports, seminar papers, or college documents with all the easy processes.

The compact design makes it the best HP printer for college student. A student can easily keep this printer in his small room and print with great ease. College students need to keep some documents confidential before submitting them to their teachers. This HP printer has the AirPrint option that keeps your documents safe. To keep the work continuity, you can order instant ink that comes at your door at the right time. You can keep the ink cost constant. It makes it easy to make a budget for a college student. So, have fantastic use of this printer.


  • Instant ink options
  • Wireless connectivity
  • AirPrint for safe printing
  • HP scroll scan


  • USB connectivity is absent

4. Brother HL Monochrome Laser Printer Review

There are many paper-works for a college student. Some papers are for seminars, articles, journalisms, books, thesis papers, Ph.D. files, etc. So, they may need speedy printing jobs sometimes. Brother build up the printer for the quick but smooth job.  This Monochrome Laser printer prints at high speed. You can produce 27 pages per minute with automatic duplex printing. You have to provide the order your printer will do your work. To maximize the speed, it has an auto two-sided printing option.

There is no chance of minimized quality. Your college papers will be of professional quality. It can print 2400 by 600 dots per inch resolution. The monochrome black texts will be a crisp and sharp outline. The print output will be like a published book quality, even more quality-full. The paper tray can hold 250 sheets which enables printing more refill less often. This laser printer for college student is compatible with several operating systems from 7 to 10. Besides, a college student’s budget is generally low, which is the best inexpensive printer for college student.


  • Print speed is up to 27 ppm
  • Duplex printing
  • USB connectivity
  • Higher-resolution print output


  • The wireless connectivity is absent

5. Canon PIXMA Alexa Compatible Inkjet Printer Review

Canon comes with the best printer for college students with MAC. It possesses the built-in wi-fi connectivity that smartly operates the printer from your smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac, or iPhone. With or without the PC, the printer can run smoothly. There is no need to download or set up any applications. Simply connect your mobile or Mac, do your job.

The settings of the ink system are also accessible. It supports a two cartridge system that is hassle-free refill and complication less handling. A college student can easily reset ink cartridges every time they got empty. You can print, scan, or copy to perform the best. When you have to edit some of your papers, you scan that page, edit it on your mobile, and print to have the latest update. There is an option to print photos, too. This printer prints 5 by 5 inches photos to provide glossy and professional photo resolution. So, in terms of papers or related image, you can do all with this one machine.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Two cartridge design to perform faster
  • AirPrint ability
  • Borderless square printing


  • The printer has to be connected with the same internet server

6. HP ENVY Wireless Inkjet Printer Review

When the print quality becomes professional, then it can make a positive impression on college professors. HP brings such a printer that is another best all-in-one inkjet printer for college student. You will be able to produce crisp black text and vibrant color images. The connectivity is well managed. It has self-healing wi-fi connectivity that helps to reconnect the internet connection within a couple of seconds. It helps in safe savings and continuous printing for a college student.

When you work on HP ENVY, you can think that you are working for nature-saving performance. When designed a machine, HP uses 20% of recycled plastics. The machine is strong enough to perform the best. Its longevity and durability are higher to stay with you for a longer period. As a college student, it is easy to operate the printer scanner from the smartphone. This HP printer has the HPP smart app to operate every step efficiently from the smartphone. So, you can do your work one by one smoothly.


  • Multiple options
  • Instant ink delivery
  • HP smart app to print, scan, copy, share
  • Self-healing wi-fi


  • Expensive

7. Canon TS 5320 All in One Wireless Inkjet printer Review

Canon brings a machine that provides a platform to work on multiple tasks with perfection. As a student, you can make impressive documents or papers. This printer can support several paper sizes to perform the best. You can print, scan or copy. You can connect your printer through Bluetooth, ireless connectivity without any extra applications, and USB in terms of connectivity. So, it offers to print from any place any time range. That’s why it is another best wireless printer for college student. The print output is crisp and vivid with higher resolution.

The printer comes with four distinct colors of ink, and those are black, white, pink, and green. You will get a fantastic experience while operating this printer. The OLED display screen allows for editing your scanned or shared images or documents. Besides, you can see the preview clearly on that screen. It has a LED status bar to view the buttons even at night light and operate the machine with clean and clear steps. All these features help in the correct placing of ink and proper ink use without any misuse.


  • LED status bar and OLED display screen
  • Stylish design and color to suit college student
  • Two cartridge system
  • AirPrint supported


  • Expensive

8. HP Officejet Pro Wireless Printer Review

As a college student, there is a vast option to bloom their creativity by practicing particular types of printing works. A college student can print on cardstock to make unique materials and increase their skill. They can make glossy photos to make some decorative opportunities like wall mate, table mate, etc. they can practice their corporate works by making labels, cards, envelopes, booklets, or leaflets. This HP printer is the best printer scanner for college student to help make several things out of it.

You can scan a design or share a pattern with the printer and print it as a professional result. This printer supports a wide variety of print media like plain paper, envelopes, labels, card stock, glossy photo paper, and high-resolution paper. This printer helps in every way to increase efficiency and enhance speed. The two-sided auto printing and smart app wireless connectivity allow printing at greater smoothness.


  • Auto document feeder
  • Energy use efficiency
  • Color touchscreen
  • The print speed at 20 ppm for black and 10 ppm for color


  • Need registration for ink delivery

9. Canon Black Inkjet Photo Printer Review

If the printer takes a smaller space to sit, it will help decorate a college student room. This canon printer is perfect compact-designed to suit well with a college student. Moreover, you can afford it at great ease as it is the most economical printer for college student. With almost all updated features, it can perform great at this reasonable price. It possesses a hybrid ink system to increase ink efficiency. This printer can support a big-sized ink tank to store more ink and to work for a long.

You will have a rear paper tray with 60-sheets capacity for plain paper and 20 sheets capacity for photo printing. It helps a lot for refilling mess-free and hassle-free. Your printer will be compatible with several operating systems from Windows 5 to 10. So, create amazing photos or paper with high resolution and excellent quality.


  • Hybrid ink system
  • Dedicated rear tray
  • PIXMA quality
  • Windows compatibility with lots of operating systems


  • Needs specific USB cable

10. HP Deskjet All in One Wireless Printer Review

In the smart time, Google Alexa is there to help you smartly. The printer for college student reviews had liked this printer for all the features and updated options. You can contact your printer with the voice activation feature. It allows talking to the printer. Within this voice-activated connectivity, it has wireless and USB connectivity. So, connect to the printer through any of the options and perform the best use.

You can print using the icons. It allows easy and simple operation with smooth understanding. You can be worry-free about the wi-fi connectivity. It has the self-healing i-fi option. Your printer will get reconnected within a short time, and your documents will stay ready for printing.


  • Easy mobile setup
  • Self-healing wi-fi
  • USB connectivity
  • Google Drive and Dropbox connectivity


  • Print speed is relatively low

Final Verdict

Many features are not very important for a college student, and some features are must needed. After checking the detail of a printer’s features, it will be easy to know about them. Check features well and grab the one which has the most-needed features.

It is tough to find a printer from so many printers in the market. It becomes easy if there is any efficient list of best printer for college student. Check this page and find a printer that meets your demand.


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