Best Printer For Etsy Business in 2022 [Top 10 Recommendation]

Etsy is a booming marketplace for independent sellers. On this platform, sellers can show their creativity and market brilliance by providing unique products at their own price. While Newegg, BestBuy, and Shopify cater to big companies, Etsy caters to the little guys, and frankly, that is very wholesome.

If you plan to start selling your products on the Etsy marketplace, you need to be prepared to ship your items as soon as someone buys them. And packaging your product the right way with the right shipping label is essential in ensuring a product reaches its destination.

But to do that efficiently, you will need a shipping label printer. The best printer for Etsy’s business would be the one that is specifically designed, keeping that platform in mind. And you would be surprised knowing how many good options are out there these days. 

In this article, we will take a quick trip through the market and give you a quick rundown of some of the finest options you have when buying a shipping label printer to kickstart Etsy’s business.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 3 Best Printer for Etsy Business

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Printer For Etsy Business

Before we head further into this article, let us look at some of the features that make a good printer for Etsy’s business. The following list of features is crucial to know when you buy a new printer for yourself.

  • Thermal Printing

When it comes to printers, there are two main variants that most people know about, inkjet and laser. However, there is a third one that most casual users might not realize, which is, in fact, the better choice when you are buying a shipping label printer.

Best Printer for Etsy

The thermal direct printers use heat to transfer images. Since they do not require any ink, the cost of operation with these printers is relatively low. We recommend always going with a thermal printer when you are using it for Etsy business.

  • Resolution

The printer’s resolution determines the output quality and the crispiness of the text that comes out in your label. If the printer has low-resolution output, then the text might come out blurry, which not only speaks ill of your business policy but can also cause different issues with delivery.

Ideally, you want to go with a printer that has a resolution of at least 200 dpi. 203 dpi resolution is considered standard with most shipping label printers. However, if you are willing to spend a bit more, you can also find units that can go as high as up to 300 dpi resolution.

  • Print Speed

Your business might be slow initially, but that does not mean you should not be prepared for a busy delivery day. With a high-speed printer, you will be able to print out labels quickly, which will make your entire delivery process go a lot faster and smoother.

The minimum that you should even consider when going for a shipping label printer is 150 millimeters per second of print speed. However, if you can snag up a unit with a higher speed, it would be even better.

Best Printer for Etsy Business
Shipping School
  • Printer Compatibility

A thing that often gets overlooked when buying a shipping printer is its compatibility with paper, platform, and operating system. For instance, if you are on a Windows OS, you do not want to end up with a printer that only works on Mac.

Make sure you check the different compatibility features of the printer before you commit to it. You want to check its OS compatibility, paper type compatibility, and label output compatibility with your specific e-commerce platform.

Comparison Table Of Printer For Etsy Business

ProductConnectivityCompatible DevicesPrint Speed(mm/s)Editor’s Rating
ROLLO Label Printer – Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed PrinterUSBPC1505
Thermal Label Printer – iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label PrinterUSBPC, Laptops1505
MUNBYN Label Printer, 150mm/s 4×6 Desktop USB Thermal Shipping Label PrinterUSBPC1505
Pink Shipping Label Printer, [Upgraded 2.0] MUNBYN Label Printer MakerUSBPC, Laptops724.9
Ponek Thermal Label Printer, Shipping Label Printer, Label Printer for Shipping PackagesUSBPC724.9
AOBIO Shipping Label PrinterUSBPC1524.8
Jiose Shipping Label Printer, Thermal Printing Label MachineUSBPC864.8
HPRT Label Printer-150mm/s High Speed Shipping Label PrinterUSBPC, Laptops724.8
Polono Label Printer – 150mm/s 4×6 Thermal Label PrinterUSBPC, Laptops724.7
Rongta RP420 Label Printer, USB Thermal Shipping Label PrinterUSBPC, Laptops604.6

Top 10 Best Printer For Etsy Business

Getting a printer to print shipping labels for your Etsy business requires careful planning. Now that you have an idea of which features you want to focus on, we can give you a few valid options.

Here are our top picks for the top shipping label printers on the market that will help you efficiently print labels for your Etsy business.

1. ROLLO Label Printer – Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed Printer

ROLLO Shipping Label Printer - Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed Shipping Printer – Compatible with ShipStation, Etsy, Ebay, Amazon - Barcode Printer - 4x6 Printer

When it comes to a label printer for Etsy business, this compact and efficient label printer by the brand Rollo might be the most popular choice. Its balance of price, speed, and output quality makes it our top pick, and if you want a completely safe option to go with, this is the one.

This printer is a versatile yet cost-effective solution for online marketers and entrepreneurs. Its effective printing speed is around 150 millimeters a second which nets to about 238 labels within a minute. And with its peak resolution of 203 dpi, the quality of the text would be excellent.

Since it is a label thermal printer, you will not have to worry about any ink cartridge or toner costs. It is compatible with any thermal labels, including the ones you get with UPS. Regardless of the size of the paper you use, the device will resize it into the proper dimensions with a single push.

Not only is it suitable for Etsy shipping labels but also for other online platforms and logistics. So, if you want to start your business on eBay or Shopify, this will still be a great option. This device works with both Windows and Mac, which means compatibility and setup should never be an issue.


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Durable build quality
  • Excellent printing speed
  • 203 dpi resolution creates clear texts


  • Not the best choice for a large roll of labels 

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2. Thermal Label Printer – iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer

Thermal Label Printer - iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer, 4x6 Label Printer, Thermal Label Maker, Compatible with Shopify, Ebay, UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon & Etsy, Support Multiple Systems

Next up, we will be going with another popular choice among small business owners who regularly need to print shipping labels for various products. The SP410 by the brand iDPRT can be a great addition to your arsenal if you want a big jump in the quality of labels that you can print at home.

With a print speed of 150 millimeters per second, this unit is an excellent choice for going through large volumes. It can print about 72 4 x 6 size labels per minute and support 6IPS high-speed printing. In addition, the noise produced while printing is very minimal.

You can use both stack and roll type labels with this printer, and since it works using thermal direct technology, the cost of operation is pretty low. Its intelligent Auto Label Detection system comes in handy in positioning the labels perfectly so that your printing process goes as smoothly as possible.

Though the name might imply that it is specific to the Mac OS, but in reality, it supports all platforms. So even if you have a Windows or Linux PC, this can be a great choice. It is the most straightforward label printer to use, and the installation of drivers is not a hassle making it an excellent choice for beginners.


  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Excellent print speed
  • Versatile performance
  • Auto label detection technology


  • The printer software is a bit backdated

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3. MUNBYN Label Printer, 150mm/s 4×6 Desktop USB Thermal Shipping Label Printer

MUNBYN Shipping Label Printer, 4x6 Label Printer for Shipping Packages, USB Thermal Printer for Shipping Labels Home Small Business, Compatible with Etsy, Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, FedEx, UPS, USPS

For startup businesses, getting good value out of their investment is the key to success. And if you want to value this label printer by the brand, MUNBYN is an excellent choice. The performance that it delivers is substantial, and the price is not that absurd as some of the other top-end label printers out there.

Its 150 millimeters per second print speed comes in handy in printing large volumes of labels. But what makes it truly special is its ability to print up to 700 sheets at a stretch. After that, the device automatically pauses for about five minutes to let it cool down, and you can continue regular operation after that.

Similar to the unit by iDPRT, this unit features an Automatic Label Detection system. So, it will be able to quickly identify the type of label you are printing and automatically resize and orient the thermal paper as required. And the best part, it works with just about any thermal paper on the market.

The installation and setup of the unit are easy. It is structurally a bit larger than the other two options we showcased before, giving it a bulkier look. However, that should not be too much of an issue as it is still small enough to fit on a desktop, even a cluttered one, neatly.


  • Compatible with any thermal papers
  • High-speed printing
  • Overheat protection
  • Easy setup process


  •  A bit bulky

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4. Pink Shipping Label Printer, [Upgraded 2.0] MUNBYN Label Printer Maker

Pink Shipping Label Printer, [Upgraded 2.0] MUNBYN Label Printer Maker for Shipping Packages Labels 4x6 Thermal Printer for Home Business, Compatible with Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Shopify, FedEx

If you liked the previous unit that we reviewed by MUNBYN, then here is another one that might interest you. It is the upgraded version of the original shipping label maker by the brand and has a few extra features that are worth a look at if you want to get the most out of your investment.

In terms of speed and print resolution, this unit is advertised to be pretty much the same. However, we found that the 203-dpi resolution delivers better clarity in the shipping labels in our testing. Whether it was just a placebo effect or if the manufacturers actually revamped the system, we leave it up to you to decide.

A new feature in the unit is the overheat protection that saves your device from overexerting itself. With this system, the device will automatically pause for five minutes after printing 700 labels. It allows the unit to cool down so that the internal circuitry does not get damaged.

If you are on Windows operating system, this unit will work flawlessly as soon as you set it up. However, it does not support Chrome OS or any other Linux-operated machines. With Mac, all you have to do is set the driver’s permission, and it should start working as it should.


  • Improved design and performance
  • Supports high-speed printing
  • Excellent print quality
  • Overheating protection system


  • It does not work on Linux

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5. Ponek Thermal Label Printer, Shipping Label Printer, Label Printer for Shipping Packages

Thermal Label Printer, Shipping Label Printer, Label Printer for Shipping Packages, Desktop Label Printers for Small Business, Barcode Printer - Compatible with USPS, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Ebay

It is rare to find such a compact yet efficient Etsy label printer like this one by the brand Ponek. At first glance, this printer seems a bit gimmicky because of its weird shape and size. However, after trying it out for yourselves, you will quickly realize how powerful and adept it is at handling all your label printing needs.

The speed of print in the unit is 150 millimeters per second which is pretty excellent for its size. Since it supports both fold and roll type labels, you will not have any compatibility issues to worry about when buying thermal direct papers. On top of that, it supports labels for almost all online or offline platforms.

The thing that makes your experience with the unit truly worth the investment is not even related to the product itself but the after-sales support. 

This brand knows the importance of building a personal connection with its consumers and has a professional team to cater to your questions and needs anytime you have an issue with your device.

The unit works with Mac OS and Windows and should not take you more than a minute to set up. It gives you access to a free label edit software, and you also get a free label holder with your purchase. That lets you get more out of your investment and helps you customize and edit your labels to your liking.


  • Compact shape and highly portable
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • It comes with a free label edit software and label holder
  • The customer service team is excellent


  • Installation on Mac is a bit trickier than Windows

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6. AOBIO Shipping Label Printer

AOBIO X4 Shipping Label Printer, 4x6 Direct Thermal Label Printer, Works with Mac & Windows, Label Printer for Logistics Packaging, Compatible with Major Shipping Platforms

The AOBIO D4 is another common choice for small business owners requiring the use of label printers. It comes at a reasonable price point, offers excellent performance for the price, and most importantly, is extremely easy to use. So even if you are not all that tech-savvy, using it should be pretty straightforward.

This unit has a slightly higher print speed of 152 millimeters per second which might not seem all that significant on paper. However, in practice, this can make your printing job go a lot faster, especially if you are printing large volumes of labels at a stretch.

It can print labels for all e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc., perfectly with no issues at all. So, if you are planning to start a business on any of these platforms, this can be an excellent investment for putting labels on the products you want to sell.

Compatibility-wise, this unit works with both Windows and Mac. For Windows, manufacturers recommend going with XP or later versions, whereas Mac has support for OS 10.9 and higher. Unless you have been living under a rock, your PC should be upgraded at least to this point.


  • Excellent for large volume label printing
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Small and compact design
  • Clean and smooth printing quality


  • No apparent cons

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7. Jiose Shipping Label Printer, Thermal Printing Label Machine

Jiose Thermal Label Printer for Small Business, Shipping Label Maker for Postal Mailing Address, Label Printer Mac Compatible for Pirate Ship, USPS, FedEx, UPS, Shopify, Ebay, etc

Coming up next is another small form-factor printer for all your label printing needs. It comes at an affordable price and features a smart design giving it an attractive look. The white and blue contrasting color combination truly gives it a very appealing touch.      

It boasts a print speed of 162 millimeters per second, which is a significant upgrade over the printers we have reviewed. Compared to the 72 labels that you could print per minute previously, this model gives you the opportunity to print about 86 labels in a minute.

With a shipping label printer machine, overheating is not an uncommon issue. However, somehow the manufacturers got rid of that concern entirely with this model. It is capable of printing continuously and consistently up to 30000 standard labels without any issues at all.

Compatibility is also quite universal, with this unit giving you full support for both Windows and Mac OS. However, if you are on ChromeOS or Surface tablets, it might not work out of the box. For small business owners, this can be quite an excellent investment.


  • Stylish looks and compact design
  • 162 millimeters per second printing speed
  • Works with both roll and fold label types
  • Easy to use


  • No smartphone supports

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8. HPRT Label Printer-150mm/s High Speed Shipping Label Printer

HPRT MT800 2.0 Thermal Transfer Portable Printer-Support 8.5' X 11' US Letter, Wireless Black-and-White Mobile Printer,Compatible with Android and iOS Suitable for Mobile Office (MT800C42)

If you want a decent printer on a moderate budget, then the HPRT label printer is worth a thought. This brand has been manufacturing printers and scanners for ages, and this unit is one of their top-quality products. It is a choice that offers an extremely high value for your investment.

The printing speed in the unit is pretty standard, coming in at 150 millimeters per second. So, it will be able to keep up with most other printers available in this price range without breaking a sweat. In practice, you can get around 72 printed labels per minute with this high-quality option.

Furthermore, the Auto Label Detection technology in the unit can further help you efficiently organize and print your labels. It has an intelligent paper return function and can feed the label automatically, eliminating paper jams. You can use both fold and roll type labels with this unit.

The driver that powers the unit is also quite flexible, taking minimal hassle to install. It is compatible with all major online platforms and also has support for Windows, Mac, and Linux. So, your choice of OS will not impact your experience with this high-value printer.


  • Easy one-click setup
  • Fast printing speed
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Compact and portable design


  • Poor after-sales service

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9. Polono Label Printer – 150mm/s 4×6 Thermal Label Printer

Polono Label Printers - 150mm/s 4x6 Thermal Label Printer, Commercial Direct Thermal Label Maker, Compatible with Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify and FedEx, One Click Setup on Windows and Mac

The next unit that we are going to showcase on this list is by the brand Polono. Sure, it is not the most popular name out there, but the truth is, you should be focusing on the quality of the product instead of the brand name. As a simple and straightforward label printer, this one is all you will ever need.

Its peak print speed of 150 millimeters per second makes it a fast and reliable printer for printing shipping labels quickly. Since it works with both fold and roll type labels, you can easily switch between paper without any issues. Within a minute, you will be able to print about 72 labels.

Another significant element of the unit is its Automatic Label Detection with an intelligent paper return function. It makes everything a lot more convenient by automatically catching and feeding the label. The printer is capable of printing labels for all major e-commerce platforms, including Etsy, Amazon, and many more.

This unit has a unique purple and black color combination that gives it a different yet stylish look. It does not take up too much space and is compatible with all operating systems. After initial installation and setup, which is relatively easy, you will be able to start printing right away without any hiccups.


  • Stylish and compact design
  • An automatic label detection system
  • Supports high-speed printing
  • Works with both roll and fold type papers


  • No apparent cons

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10. Rongta RP420 Label Printer, USB Thermal Shipping Label Printer

Rongta Label Printer,Thermal Shipping Label Printer,4x6 Shipping Label Printer for Small Business, Supports Amazon,UPS, FedEx,UPS, Etsy,Shopify Etc,Compatible with Windows & Mac OS(RP420)

We will be wrapping up this list with the most affordable shipping label printer that you can buy on the market. Going with a budget-friendly model has its fair share of hiccups. But this one by the brand Rongta offers a good balance of price and performance, making it one of the best choices for people on a budget.

This thermal label printer is capable of outputting 72 labels per minute thanks to its excellent print speed of 150 millimeters per second. The print quality is also pretty decent, giving you clear and crisp texts at such a great price. It is compatible with any major shipping platform, so compatibility is not an issue.

Since it works with both fold and roll type papers, you will also not have to think a lot when buying your thermal direct papers. It even has the Automatic Label Identification feature that we all know and love, which can drastically enhance your experience with the printer.

The driver compatibility of this unit is quite universal, giving you support for both Windows 7 or newer and Mac OS 10.11 or newer. Despite its lower price tag, it comes packed with all the features you would need to get your small business off the ground. It is one of the finest early investments you could make.


  • Excellent value for the price
  • It comes with an automatic label identification feature
  • High-speed printing
  • Compatible with any operating system


  • For the price, nothing is worth complaining about.

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What Is The Easiest Label Printer To Use?

The good thing about shipping label printers is that they are all relatively simple and easy to use. If you have some basic knowledge about operating printers and working on your computers, you should be able to use any label printers that you bought from our list of reviews.

Best Printer for Etsy Business in 2021

That being said, if you want the most streamlined experience, go with the Rollo Label Printer. Its universal compatibility, compact design, and easy installation will give you a speedy and easy printing experience. The speed of print in the unit is also quite excellent.

The good thing about this printer is that you can use it for other e-commerce platforms also. So, if you decide to switch your business to Amazon, eBay, or even Shopify, you will not have to invest in a secondary printer. Besides, its thermal direct printing technology is also a cost-effective solution to all your label printing needs.

What Printers Do Etsy Sellers Use?

As you can see, there are many excellent printers out there that are viable choices for printing shipping labels. We mostly went with thermal direct printers as these units offer a streamlined experience, and the operating cost of these printers is very minimal since they require no ink or toner cartridges.

best label printer for online shop

Many Etsy sellers use similar printers for their label printing needs. The Rollo Label Printer, in particular, is a pretty popular choice. However, there are still others who use their inkjet or laser printer for the task. As long as the printer is able to print labels properly, there is no rule against using it.

Can SPOD Connect To Etsy?

The term SPOD stands for Spreadshirt Print on Demand which is essentially a plugin for the e-commerce platform Shopify. This print-on-demand fulfillment service is a popular choice among Shopify merchants to control their pricing, policies which in turn help them maintain customer relationships to a greater degree.

SPOD Connection

Essentially, when any customer buys a product or places an order, the SPOD takes control over the process. Other than Shopify, the merchants can also sell their products on other platforms like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, or even social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

However, the direct plugin integration of SPOD is limited only to Shopify. For Etsy business, merchants tend to go with other similar print-on-demand services such as Printful, Printify, and Artofwhere. It is better to try them out yourself for a bit before you settle on a specific one.

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Final Words

When you are going for a proper shipping label printer for your Etsy business, you need to keep in mind a couple of things. Firstly, you want reliability and quality. And secondly, you do not want to go overboard on expenses. If the operating cost or the price of the printer is too high, it does not offer good value.

Our list of products should give you some fantastic options to make your search easier. We hope our review of the best printers for the Etsy business could help you figure out which unit you want to buy to help you print labels perfectly.


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