Best Printer For Hydrographic Film {Top 10 Recommendation}

Hydrographic printing is the recent innovative process to make advanced printed images on 3D products, including glass, ceramic, metal, etc. This process enables the creation of unique decorations on different items. Day by day, this hydro dipping process becomes popular. 

This process involves a set of steps. It needs to print hydrographic films transferred later on the 3D object. If you want a perfect decoration on your items, you need to print correctly on the hydrographic films. You need the best printer for hydrographic film.

It is now easier to find the correct printer when you see the best options here. So, check all of them and choose one.

Editor’s Choice: Top 3 Best Printer For Hydrographic Film

Things To Check Before Purchasing Printer For Hydrographic Film

Before selecting the right printer for hydrographic film, you should check some features to make premium printed copies. Know those pints and find a printer.

  • Purpose of Use

Before going to buy the printer, point out your purpose in detail. The large-format inkjet printers are better for hydrographic film printing.

Best Printer For Hydrographic Film

If you need a high-quality printer for your big project or large office setup, you should go for a large format printer. For a home setup and personal use, a small printer works well. Besides, there are now innovative printers that can print high-quality hydrographic printing in a compact structure.

Moreover, you should know your use detail. There are some printers specialized for specific purposes. So, decide what you need before choosing.

  • Quality

For hydrographic printing, you need the best quality output. The final result depends on these printed items’ quality. So, look for those printers that can create high-resolution work with water-resistant nature.

  • Printing Speed

As this printing is quite different and critical, it takes time. So, the printing speed matters for your success. Many popular printers can print faster than you expect. You should look for those printers and check the print speed.

Best Printer For Hydrographic Film

After checking these points, you also should check the printer size, connectivity option, ink types, etc. Then find the desired printer after checking correctly.

Comparison Table Of Printer For Hydrographic Film

ProductConnectivityCompatible DevicesPrint Speed(PPM)Editor’s Rating
HP Officejet Hydrographic Film Printerwi-Fi connection, Bluetooth and the USB cable connectionSmartphones, PC, Laptops225
Canon PIXMA Photo Inkjet PrinterUSB Cable | Wi-Fi | Mobile MemorySmartphones, PC, Laptops205
Epson EcoTank Black Printer ScannerWi-Fi, USB, EthernetSmartphones104.9
Brother Monochrome Duplex Laser PrinterWi-Fi, USB, NFCPC, Laptops325
HP DeskJet Wireless Inkjet PrinterBluetooth, Wi-Fi, USBSmartphones, PC, Laptops7.54.8
Canon Inkjet Photo PrinterWi-Fi, USB, EthernetSmartphones94.8
HP Envy 7855 Photo PrinterBluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, EthernetWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista , Windows XP (; Mac OS X v 10.8, v 10.9 or v 10.10; Linux154.7
HP DesignJet T210 Large PrinterGigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB 2.0Smartphones, PC, Tablets, Laptops, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS1.34.6
Canon IP 8720 Cloud PrinterWi-Fi, USB, EthernetSmartphones, PC, Laptops14.54.6
Epson Wide Format Photo PrinterWireless; EthernetSmartphones, PC, Laptops84.5

Top 10 Best Printer For Hydrographic Film

There is a broad collection of a printer in the market for hydrographic film printing. Here, we have presented the ten best printers for a hydrographic film. Check one by one and match with your purpose. 

1. HP Officejet Hydrographic Film Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wide Format All-in-One Printer with Wireless Printing, Works with Alexa (G5J38A)

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Printing job in peace can be done by the HP Officejet printer suitable for hydrographic film. This noise-free printer can do more than you think. You can print, scan, copy, and fax with excellent security essential. With the stable and self-set Wi-Fi connection, you can run with the present busy time holding the hand of this device. 

Hydrographic films for printing are precise in presenting the shapes, lines, and curves. You can be confirmed about the performance of this printer. Indeed, you will get perfection in all the texts and images.

Key Features

  • Reliable Connections: This printer is compatible with both types of connectivity- the wi-Fi connection and the USB cable connection. You can use the Bluetooth connection for the printer to your devices. So, working with excellent reliability is possible with this machine. Another most attractive function is the self-reset Wi-Fi connectivity that makes the machine ready to use right after bringing out of the box.
  • HP Instant Ink: Though HP instant ink is an innovative option from the HP brand, this option is not available for all models. This HP printer provides this function that you can take for your big project or bulk printing job. Under subscription, you can benefit from low ink cost in this plan. This plan counts the cost of ink per page without addressing the page coverage. So, this plan is a blessing for image printing service with hydrographic film.
  • All-in-one: It becomes a time-consuming and space-saving option when you get the chance to do more in one device. You do not have to set the scanner or copier in separate places. You can print, scan, and copy jobs on one device. It is amazing. This printer allows high speedy printing and scanning directly from your mobile device. You can keep your fax secured for 24 months. 
  • Cloud Printing: Printing has reached the next level because you can print from iCloud or google cloud directly. So, working becomes more flexible, and you can take information, documents, files, images from any place in your computer and now print with fun. You can keep your things in your google drive and directly print from there too.

FAQs on HP Officejet Printer

Q: Does this printer comes with ink cartridges?

Yes, this printer provides two ink cartridges. One cartridge is black, and the other is a tri-color ink cartridge. You can make 75 to 100 pages of black and white text printing by the starter black ink cartridge.

Q: Can I print without Wi-Fi connections?

Yes, you can. You can use the USB cable connection to your PC to print.

Q: Do I must use HP instant ink?

Absolutely not. This is an optional function. If you want, you can use this system under subscription. If you do not wish to, you can avoid this.

Q: Can I Work with refillable ink?

Yes, you can print with the refillable ink cartridges.

Why Is It Special?

  • 2.2 inches LCD control panel for reliable handling of the printer
  • 35-pages auto document feeder for time-saving printing purpose
  • Energy-efficient function while running
  • A variety of paper sizes supported


  • No undercarriage for paper holding


Within the price range of this printer, it can be an excellent advantage to have all the innovative functions and features packed in one device. This printer can print lab-quality images and laser-quality texts with all these functions. So, without compromising the quality, you can get premium services from this HP printer.

2. Canon PIXMA Photo Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma Pro-100 Wireless Color Professional Inkjet Printer with Airprint and Mobile Device Printing

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Canon brings another reliable and convenient photo printer that can use hydrographic films. So, the precision core presentation in pictures is sure to be found. You can use this printer in different positions and options with wireless and USB connectivity.

In terms of the quality of printing, this is an excellent device. You can create professional-level printouts and expert-level photos. You can use the dash replenishment system to use this Canon PIXMA printer at a low cost.

Key features

  • Print and Scan from Cloud and social media: This canon printer can print from Google clouds and social media like Facebook and Instagram. Thus, your printing job becomes flexible. You can print from every page that you look and like. 
  • Voice Activated Alexa: This canon printer is compatible to work with Alexa. With the function of Alexa voice activation, you can get more flexibility. Alexa can print automatically and work as a monitor for ink status on voice commands. If there is low ink content, it will alarm and inform you. If you set it giving required permission, Alexa will provide you with the ink order when it finds the low ink status in your printer.
  • Secure Printing Service: When you need to keep your documents secret, the AirPrint or Mopria Print service is there to work with this Canon printer. You can keep your documents safe and hidden in these applications. Besides, the Canon Print App is also beneficial in keeping your records safe.
  • Handling Functions: You will find the detailed Full Dot Matrix LCD monitor to operate the printer efficiently. You will find it easier to understand how to set all the necessary items and print. A built-in auto document feeder makes the paper handling option easy. The automatic on and off button let you work smoothly and safely.

FAQs on Canon PIXMA printer

Q: Will the printer includes both black and color ink cartridges?

There are two types of packages. One comes with only a black ink cartridge, and the other comes with a combo pack of black and color ink cartridges. 

Q: Does this printer can work with universal ink cartridges?

There is no surety about refilled or generic ink cartridge use. It can harm the printer. Canon printers support genuine Canon ink cartridge use. The genuine Canon Ink cartridges are low in cost.

Q: Can I print 11 by 17 inches images?

No. This printer can support printing up to 8 by 10 inches. You can print 4 by 6 and 5 by 7 inches of paper.

Q: Can this Canon printer print double-sided?

Yes, this printer can print both sides of the paper automatically. 

Why Is It Special?

  • Both wireless and USB connections are available
  • Google cloud and AirPrint are capable
  • Premium quality print result
  • iOS, Android, and Windows working capability


  • Without the Canon Print App, you cannot create the Wi-Fi connections


This printer is an excellent selection for a small business or home office. It can handle lots of printing tasks within a short time. Scanning and copying are easy and convenient to use in all aspects of printing jobs.

3. Epson EcoTank Black Printer Scanner

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner and Copier - Black

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When you are tired and exhausted by covering the expense of your printer’s ink, the Epson brand brings the EcoTank printing solution. This cartridge-free system can reduce the cost and the mess and hassle of handling the ink cartridges. This printer’s sleek and compact design can produce high-quality images using hydrographic films. 

Epson provides the option to cut the cost in half and print with excellent reliability. You can be sure of the premium service with attractive features and desirable printouts. You will find it a completely stress-free option.

Key Features

  • Cartridge-free EcoTank: In terms of reducing the cost of the ink, this Ecotank printing option is innovative and attractive. There is more reliability than cartridge system printers. You will have the chance of a mess-free refill of those Supertank bottles. One ink tank can work like 90 individual cartridges. So, it allows working for long without any interruption for cartridge replacement.
  • Superior Print Quality: This Epson printer works with unique micro piezo heat-free technology that enables the user to produce impressive texts and lab-quality images. You can also use hydrographic films to get the perfection and precision in shapes, lines, or curves in documents or pictures. The high-resolution scanner allows making perfection in digitizing exact scanned copies.
  • Color LCD Monitor: This printer includes a detailed LCD monitor. It lets you run the printer efficiently. The scanning and copying functions become more flexible too. This monitor can record the ink status and inform you when to fill the ink cartridges. A beginner does not need any experience or expertise to run this printer. Anybody can understand the functions of this printer and operate it smoothly.
  • Voice Activation: This printer can work with voice-activated services. Both the Amazon Alexa and Google assistant work excellent on this printer. You can do more with this feature. Command the printer using your voice and run the printer while you do another task. It is amazing. Isn’t it?

FAQs on Epson EcoTank Printer

Q: Does this printer come with starter ink cartridges?

Yes, this printer comes with starter ink cartridges. These ink cartridges can work for 2 years. 

Q: Can I print 4 by 6 inches images?

Yes, you can print borderless 4 by 6 inches papers and 5 by 7 inches, 8 by 10 inches, 8.5 by 11 inches, and 8.5 by 4 inches papers.

Q: Can I print double-sided papers?

No, you cannot print both sides of the paper.

Q: How are the replacement ink cartridges?

Epson provides the original ink replacement cartridges to print 4500 black and 7500 color pages.

Why Is It Special?

  • Variety connectivity options including Ethernet, USB, and wireless connections
  • High-quality image printing
  • Cartridge printing handling option
  • Low-cost ink tank use


  • Setting and assembling takes time to print


Though this Eco Tank Epson printer is expensive, this printer allows one to perform more and more tasks. There is no hassle for frequent replacement of ink cartridges. There is less interruption and work to run this printer. You can work longer and fulfill all your tasks using this machine.

4. Brother Monochrome Duplex Laser Printer

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer, HL-L2350DW, Wireless Printing, Duplex Two-Sided Printing, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready

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Brother brings a premium laser printer to produce expert quality documents and reports. This monochrome printer is best for its additional features, easy handling options, and high-speed printing service. This printer can handle all the printing tasks alone for a small office.

There should be something that can help and support to grow a business. This Brother printer can be excellent support for your business. The high-speed printing service and ready-to-print performance can bring the success you seek.

Key Features

  • Speed: Since this is a laser printer, you can produce high quantity printouts at a short time range. This printer lets you print 27 pages per minute. As the quality is superior in the results, the speed lets you do more jobs. 
  • Quality: With high resolution, this printer can create super-quality printed papers. You will get images with 2400 by 600 dots per inch. Knowing the answer, you already understood the quality of the picture. Every line, shapes, and curves of letters appear precise and perfect. You can produce original papers by the printed copies. 
  • Duplex printing: There are too few printers capable of double-sided printing pages. This Brother printer can automatically flip the papers inside the printer and print both sides professionally. It reduces the time requirement and labor. You just put the documents in the input tray, and the printed paper will come out printed on both sides. 
  • Compatibility: When a printer can work with more Windows or operating systems, you get more reliability and options to work. It is easy to connect any device to the printer using the USB cable, and then it is ready to work right away. Windows 10 work efficiently in this printer. 

FAQs on Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

Q: How many pages can you print per month?

The monthly duty cycle of this printer is up to 10,000 pages. 

Q: Can I connect the printer to Wi-Fi?

No. This printer cannot connect to Wi-Fi lines. It is not compatible to work with wireless connectivity.

Q: How is the input tray’s ability?

The input tray is large enough to hold 250 sheets, while the output tray can hold 100 sheets.

Q: Does this printer compatible with macOS?

No, this printer cannot work with macOS or higher operating systems.

Why Is It Special?

  • High printing speed
  • High-quality text printing
  • Automatic double-sided printing ability included
  • It comes with starter toner to print 700 pages


  • No wireless connectivity is available


This Brother printer is a printer-only device. For the quality of printed results, it has earned its heavy reputation. You can create superior-quality documents in black and white colors with high resolution. Business people like this printer for its simplicity and accessible functions.

5. HP DeskJet Wireless Inkjet Printer

HP DeskJet 2755 Wireless All-in-One Printer, Mobile Print, Scan & Copy, HP Instant Ink Ready, Works with Alexa (3XV17A)

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If you plan to get one device that can provide printing service to the advanced level, you can choose this HP DeskJet printer. All the recent innovative features are included in this printer. This printer offers complete functionality from the AirPrint, Stiff paper support, and voice-activated service.

This printer can reduce your tension and worry to the maximum level by lowering the price and cost of ink through the instant ink package. You can work with plain paper and also thick cardboard. So, working to any level is possible using this printer.

Key Features

  • Print from Everywhere: When you like an image or any texts from the iCloud or browsers, you may want to print. You have to download that page for a general printer and then print. But this HP printer can print directly from Google clouds, iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox. So, printing becomes more accessible and fun.
  • AirPrint: As you can use the printer with Apple products, you can work with the Apple application like AirPrint. AirPrint offers a unique service to keep your files or images or documents secured or hidden and print safely. This feature can avoid any type of hacking or theft. 
  • LCD Monitor: The LCD monitor has seven segments to make your work easier. It makes the job easy to understand and flexible to run the printer. You can have more flexibility in scanning and copying programs too. 
  • Compact Structure: This printer is compact in design and has a small frame. This small frame includes all the features and functions. The structure and layout are desk-friendly. You can easily set this on your office desk, and it fits perfectly. 

FAQs on HP DeskJet Printer

Q: Is this printer compatible with the instant ink program? 

Yes. This HP printer offers an instant ink system under subscription.

Q: Can I print both sides of a paper?

No. this printer is not compatible with auto duplex printing.

Q: Can I print cardstock?

Yes, you can print thicker papers like cardstock in this printer.

Q: Can I print from my smartphone?

Yes, this printer is compatible with Android devices. You can use any type of smartphone to print.

Why Is It Special?

  • Noise-free printing service
  • A variety of paper sizes supported
  • Wireless and wired connectivity supported
  • LCD control panel available


  • Ink cartridges have low ink holding capacity


This printer is one of the best to work with all advanced features, including voice-activated services, instant ink programs, wireless printing support, LCD monitor, and cloud printing. You can scan and copy too. So, in one machine, you can serve more to your business. 

6. Canon Inkjet Photo Printer

Canon PIXMA PRO-200 Wireless Professional Color Photo Printer, Prints up to 13'X 19', 3.0' Color LCD Screen, & Layout Software and Mobile Device Printing, Black

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When you need an effective and powerful printer for your office at a lower price, you can select this Canon photo printer. The printing quality for images allows performing well for a photographer. This printer can produce professional-quality documents too. So, to serve your business, this printer is the right choice.

Not only the quality, the design, frame, and structure of this printer support you to do your printing tasks in a shared space of your table or desk. This heavy-duty printer can take loads and perform better even if you run this machine for a more extended period. 

Key Features

  • Hybrid Ink System: The pigment ink system is better for printing black texts, while the dye ink system is suitable to present the color printed output. A hybrid ink system utilizes the benefit of both ink types. That means this system works with both types of ink for separate printing tasks. His canon printer works using this hybrid ink system. When you print documents, this printer uses pigment ink, and when you publish pictures, this printer uses dye ink. High-quality output is sure to be found.
  • Affordability: This printer is affordable for those who make a meager budget. As this printer can take heavy loads, you do not have to worry about the performance of the low-price range. In low affordability, this printer can ensure that you get acceptable quality printouts with precision. You also can scan colored images. So, there is no compromise for the low price. It is only the reasonability option for the customer.
  • OS Compatibility: This printer is compatible with many operating systems, including Windows, 5,7, 8, 8.1, 10, macOS. So, you can connect any type of device and print. Connect the USB cable to your laptop, PC, tab, Android device, or iPhone. 
  • Compact Structure: This Canon printer is designed so that you can fit it anywhere. You can place the printer easily on your desk or student table. It takes less space and suits any interior design. It is because this printer is bold black. The output rear tray is also dedicated to increasing your convenience.

FAQs on Canon Inkjet Printer

Q: Is this printer wireless working able?

No, this printer cannot work wirelessly. You can connect the printer to any device using the USB cable and print.

Q: Can I scan my document?

Yes, you can scan the photo of your document.

Q: How is the rear paper tray capacity?

The rear paper tray of this Canon printer can hold 60 sheets of plain paper, 20 sheets of 4 by 6 inches photo paper, and 10 sheets of 5 by 7 inches photo paper.

Q: Can I set an XL ink cartridge for more extended printing?

Yes, you can use an XL size ink cartridge and work longer without interruption.

Why Is It Special?

  • Cheap with feature-complete construction
  • Supportive rear paper tray
  • Compact designed 
  • High-quality printouts


  • USB cable is not included


Though this printer cannot work with wireless functions, you can connect the printer to your devices using USB connections. The cheap rate of this printer works excellent in producing high-quality print results. That’s why this device is a correct choice for a small office or home office. 

7. HP Envy 7855 Photo Printer

HP ENVY Photo 7855 All in One Photo Printer with Wireless Printing, HP Instant Ink ready, Works with Alexa (K7R96A)

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HP Envy printer is a combination of all advanced features. You will have fun working with this printer. The wireless connectivity, compatibility to different operating systems, instant ink system, a wide range of papers, and multi-purpose task ability of this printer enables you to perform the best in any type of task using one device.

Working with this printer is enjoyable for its easy and flexible operating system. You can run the printer in various Windows, connecting with different devices. The auto duplex system and ethernet connectivity maximize convenience and reliability.

Key Features

  • Connectivity: Use your printer in all ways. You can use the wireless connectivity to connect your smartphones or tablet and command to print. You can use the USB cable or ethernet connection to run the printer from your PC or laptop. There is Bluetooth connectivity too. So, you will get the maximum flexibility in working.
  • Paper Support: When you have the chance to work with different types of papers or print media, you can do lots of things on one device. This HP printer is a machine that can pass various paper sizes. You can work with 4 by5 inches, 4 by 6 inches, 5 by7 inches, 8 by 10 inches, letter, legal measures, and even no. 10 envelopes. This printer supports thick print media too. 
  • HP Smart App: This application allows you to do many things that keep you relaxed while working and doing more. This application lets you print any pages you like. You can print from Google Drive, Google browser, Dropbox, iCloud, etc. It also allows printing from social media pages. So, what you like to have in hard copy within a short time range. Besides, this software makes the wireless connection easy in a short time.
  • Supported Print Service: This printer can have the auto duplex printing and auto feeding options. That means you can save valuable time and do more tasks. You do not have to spend your time feeding the printer. Printing both sides by flipping it manually takes time, which can be cut by this printer’s auto duplex printing service. 

FAQs on HP 7855 Photo Printer

Q: Does this printer support SD cards?

Yes, this printer supports the SD card, and you can directly scan the card.

Q: How is the monitor panel?

This printer has a touchscreen control panel to check different parameters, including the ink status.

Q: Does the manufacturer provide any warranty?

Yes, the printer manufacturers provide one year warranty for hardware.

Q: What ink cartridge is suitable for this HP printer?

This HP printer support 64 black and 64 Tri-color ink cartridges.

Why Is It Special?

  • Color touchscreen LCD panel to monitor the printer status
  • Automatic duplex printing is available
  • Instant ink eligible
  • AirPrint capable


  • The printer can freeze after a heavy-loading printing


If you need a powerful printer scanner to perform a variety of tasks, then you can choose this printer without any worry. This printer enables you to do more and more than you expect. The reliability and flexibility in monitoring and running this printer is exclusive. 

8. HP DesignJet T210 Large Printer

HP DesignJet T210 Large Format Compact Wireless Plotter Printer - 24', with Modern Office Design (8AG32A)

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When you search for a printer to print technical elements or drawings or big posters or banners on hydrographic films, you can buy this HP DesignJet printer. You can be sure of the performance of this HP printer in bringing high-quality images on bog papers.

Both the sheet feed and roll feed are eligible in this printer. The horizontal cutter lets you create a printed copy at the correct size. As you will work on a significant project, you need flexibility. The connectivity options and supportive printer handling features allow working with premium reliability.

Key Features

  • Connectivity: This big printer can print from any device, including smartphones, PC, or laptops. You can connect the printer with the desired devices through Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi direct connection. This printer is also eligible to work with a Gigabyte Ethernet connection. The USB cable connection is there too.
  • Color Touchscreen: When a person sees this big printer, he may feel that he cannot run this. But the simplicity of the operating system and the LCD color touchscreen let anyone run this printer efficiently. This touchscreen helps to show and monitor the printer to use it efficiently.
  • Modern Office Design: Such plotter printers need ample space to sit. But this HP DesignJet printer is structured to keep it compact enough to sit on a desk using short distances. The paper feeding area and output tray are set in a compact frame that requires less space. So, this printer suits an office desk or table perfectly.
  • Print Media and Speed: This printer is a powerful device. You can print large print media in a short time requirement. This printer allows one hour to print 59 A1/D size papers or hydrographic films. That is gross. You can do a business on publishing important format papers. Besides, this printer supports both the roll feed and sheet feed. You can create your presentation or render it on thick paper. It is perfect for developing wide banners or posters. 

FAQs on HP DesignJet T210 Printer

Q: How is the printing media size ability of this plotter printer?

This printer can print 24 inches in roll feed and 13 by 19 inches in sheet feed.

Q: Is the horizontal cutter automatic?

Yes, the horizontal cutter is automatic. It is absolutely risk-free.

Q: Is this printer portable?

Yes. This printer is structured in a compact design that makes it portable.

Q: Can I work with this printer on my Mac?

Yes, this printer is compatible to work with macOS.

Why Is It Special?

  • Large format printing option in compact size printer
  • Wireless, wired, and ethernet printing options
  • HP Smart App to connect to any devices
  • Low ink cost under proper handling


  • Starting or assembling is pretty hard


Though this plotter printer is quite expensive, it is cheaper than another plotter printer. This printer serves the same size as a large format printer but sits in a compact space. Printing big on hydrographic films creates an excellent project for big business and hefty profit. The durability of this printer is worth the price of it.

9. Canon IP 8720 Cloud Printer

Canon IP8720 Wireless Printer, AirPrint and Cloud Compatible, Black, 6.3' x 23.3' x 13.1'

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Canon brings an innovative printer machine to print big in a standard device. Yes, this canon printer can print big-size images or documents or posters or banners in hydrographic films. 

This Canon printer comes with attractive benefits and functions that make your job easier but provide more rooms to do more. The connectivity options, significant format feeding possibility, the flexible operating system allows you to do all things together in precision.

Key Features

  • Connectivity: There are certain areas of the software to perform the best in excellent connectivity options. The built-in wireless connectivity lets you work with a stable wireless connection. The Wireless Pict Bridge software enables you to send your desired photos or documents to the printer directly from your smartphone without the help of a PC. You also can use the PPS application for a direct mobile printing solution. The Hi-Speed USB is also eligible.
  • Speed: In terms of printing speed, this printer is exclusive. You print documents or images in big size plots, and you can o it at high speed. This printer publishes 14.5 black photos per minute and 10.4 color images per minute. The amazing fact is that it can print borderless 4 by 6 images in only 36 seconds.
  • Quality Print: As this is a big project, quality matters the most. The six individual ink systems make sure of high-quality printing. This printer can produce 9600 by 1400 dots per inch resolution in images. The six unique ink systems include the gray color to create perfection and every angle of the image or documents texts present. The fine inkjet nozzle makes sure of the intricate details printing.
  • Cloud Print: This canon printer lets you print from clouds. You can use H Movie Print software and print movie clips when you like them. The My Image Garden allows printing with special effects as much as you like. So, photography comes in reality with the use of this printer. 

FAQs on Canon IP 8720 Printer

Q: Can I print templates?

Of course. You can print templates with a precise presentation of texts and images.

Q: Will I get the manuals?

Yes, this printer includes the detailed manual, setup guide, and setup CD ROM.

Q: Does this printer print cardstock?

Yes. This printer can print up to 140 Ib papers.

Q: Can I scan with this printer?

No, this is a printer-only device. 

Why Is It Special?

  • Large format printing up to 13 by 19 inches
  • Six color individual ink system
  • Fine ink droplets size for premium quality printout
  • Quiet printing service


  • The Control panel is not enough to understand and run the printer easily


Though you may find it hard to run, the advanced features for fine-quality printing are impressive. For a professional project, this device is enough to handle your tasks. 

10. Epson Wide Format Photo Printer

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wireless Color Wide-Format Printer, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready

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When a big size printing device is small in size, then it seems a miracle. Isn’t it? A compact printer comes with the Epson. It can make you an expert doing a large job. The printer running option and wireless connectivity make your life easier.

This printer follows professional criteria in making excellent printouts. Including the auto duplex printing option in a large format makes this printer super advanced. It cuts the hassle in half. Having this printer, you can run to your success.

Key Features

  • Six Color Claria System: Epson XP-15000 uses the Claria color system with six individual colors: red and gray. This system brings precision in every curve and shape of black printing and creates elegance in color printing. The red color ensures the vibrancy in images and texts.
  • Print Media: You can print on many things and create various materials by using this printer. This printer supports thick print media like cardstock to make postcards, etc. You can print borderless photos on various print media sizes from 4 by 6 inches to 13 by 19 inches. The rear paper tray with 50 sheets capacity provides more flexibility to handle different print media.
  • Speed: This Epson printer is fast too. You can print 9.2 black pages per minute and 9 color pages per minute. It also allows printing borderless 4 by 6 inches photos at only 27 seconds. So, big does not take more time. You can save your time and do more. 
  • Ultra-Compact: This printer is an ultra-compact frame designed. It is 30% smaller than a plotter printer. So, it is exclusive to use on any office from big office to the small home office. You can set your office anywhere and keep this printer as extensive support.

FAQs on Epson Large Format Printer

Q: Can I print wirelessly?

Yes, this printer is eligible for wireless and ethernet connectivity.

Q: Is this printer good for photography?

Yes. You can use hydrographic films to produce high-quality photographic prints.

Q: Does the box include ink cartridges?

Yes, this printer comes with 6 ink cartridges as a starter package.

Q: Can I use the voice activate service?

Yes, this printer can work with Amazon Alexa.

Why Is It Special?

  • Individual six Claria color system
  • Auto duplex printing 
  • 200 sheets front tray and 50-sheets rear tray
  • Quiet printing service


  • Printhead clogging can appear


As a large-format printer, it is cheaper but full of attractive features. With the options of doing more, it helps one to arise on the success floor. You can work on a variety of projects using only one device. Working is enjoyable for the comfortable handling functions too.

Can You Use A Regular Printer For Hydrographic Film?

No. All printer types may print on hydrographic films but cannot make quality results. The hydrographic films work great on a standard ink inkjet printer that uses pigment ink. The inkjet printers from HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, etc., are good choices to print on hydrographic Films.

Can You Use A Regular Printer For Hydrographic Film

You should go for the wide-format latex printers if you need the best. These printers are ideal for using hydrographic films to print documents or images. 

What Type Of Film Is Used In Hydrographic?

The hydrographic dipping process involves setting ink on a base dipping it into water. So, this process needs such equipment that is not water-soluble. These can be ceramic, fiberglass, metal, or plastic. Sometimes, wood can be used as the hydrographic film, but there is a risk of wood warping for the heavy loading hydrographic dipping process. 

The hydrographic printing process creates quality and custom finish on OEM base parts. That is why this process is famous for producing high-quality images. Some manufacturers use special ink to print on PVA films which are actually water-soluble. In this process, the film is placed on water, and the PVA film starts to break while a particular chemical activator works to set the ink on the film.

What Is The Primary Difference Between Pigment And Dye Ink?

The main difference between the dye-based ink and the pigment ink is in the water-resistance and color vibrancies. Due-based ink is water-soluble ink that easily fades over time. But the pigment ink is water-resistant ink that is water-resistant and stays perfect without fading.

Dye-based ink can create more vibrancy of color. So, this is great for color image printing, while pigment ink is better for monochrome printing. That’s why many professionals use pigment ink to produce their official documents or monochrome drawings. 

Dye-base ink is cheaper compared to pigment ink. People who want a fade-resistant, high-quality print for official purposes seek pigment-based printers. Enthusiastic people buy dye-based printers to print vivid colors on their pictures.

How Is Hydrographic Film Made?

Generally, a hydrographic film is made of polyvinyl alcohol. The hydrographic printing process involves a chemical activator that activates the film to get the printed image from the dipping process.

Hydrographic Film

First, you have to prime the water-resistant object like metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramic, etc., then paint it or make it ready for the hydrographic film printing. Then the hydrographic printed film is placed on a water surface on the dipping tank.

When placed on the dipping water tank, it will get hydrated slowly. When the film is entirely hydrated, you have to ad the activator. This activator liquifies the ink and sets it on the water surface. Then you have to place the item. Then the water surface tension lets the image pattern wrap on your item. 

If you do not add the activator at the right time, the ink will liquify into the water and be damaged. A perfect hydro dipping process can create a precise and long-lasting printed project.

Final Words

As hydrographic printing can make the miracle of decoration of 3D objects, there is a necessity for special care. If the first printing is suitable, the final output will be correct. So, the success much depends on a printer. The best printer for hydrographic film can make you an expert in this field. So, finding the right printer is a significant matter.

The challenging task is finding the printer, and it becomes easy for this article. All the printers of this page can promise to provide premium service. So, choose a printer and make your success.


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