Best Printer for Occasional Home Use [Top 10 Picks]

Though people have mostly moved to the digital format job, there are still some needs for printed copies of documents or photos. You may need to print your vacation photos or some official documents once or twice a year. Various printers in the market serve excellent for occasional home use.

After checking the features of printers, you can choose one for your need and keep that machine in a small space. You also can use this printer for making occasional gifts, cards, or other things. So, have the best printer for occasional use and find your fun or fulfill the occasional printing demand.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Printer for Occasional  Home Use

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What to Check Before Purchasing A Printer for Occasional Home Use

When you go for purchasing a printer for occasional use, check the features and specifications closely. Know the specific elements which are needed under observation.

  • Printer Type

The main printer types are inkjet and laser printer. Inkjet printers can develop superior quality color photos, and laser printers are better for sharp and bright black text printing. A laser printer can make faster production than inkjet printers. You have to know your necessity at first. Then choose what printer type you need. For occasional use, you can get two kinds of printers to meet your demand.

best home printer for occasional use

  • Multi-purpose

If your printer can do more jobs like scanning, copying, and faxing, you will get a flexible working solution. You do not have to buy several printers for doing those jobs separately. This option increases the ease of work, working fields, and flexibility. So, find a printer that can serve the multi-purpose job.

best printer for infrequent use

  • Ink Cost

Ink cost added to the actual price of a printer. Ink cost, in the long run, is a vital factor. You should check the ink cartridge availability and prices. If you want the printer for occasional use, the ink quality must be the best so that the ink does not dry up fast. Check the ink quality before buying the printer.

  • Printer Size

For the occasional home printer, the size must be compact and space-saving. The printer design should also be modern and stylish so that the printer can match the home interior. Fortunately, most o the reasonable and top-quality printers are compact and suitable for small home offices or personal use.

best all in one printer for home use with cheap ink

Top 10 Best Printer for Occasional Home Use

When you need a printer for occasional use, you must have enough features and capability to perform smoothly during printing. You can be worry-free and choose a printer from below to have recommended printer for occasional home use.

1. Canon PIXMA Wireless Color Inkjet Printer Review

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Canon PIXMA is a premium printer to produce high-resolution prints at a fast speed. You can do your job through the wireless mobile printing option. This canon printer is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and tablet. The flexible paper handling and easy operation make the work more accessible, and you will start to like working with this printer.

If you want a printer for occasional use at home, this Canon printer is the best printer for occasional home use. It supports 4 by 6 inches, 5 by 7-inch, legal size, and letter size paper. So, you do not have to keep reminders about the capability of this printer. Whenever you need to print, you can use any size of paper and print right away. This printer uses AirPrint, Mopria, Google cloud print, and also canon print applications.

AirPrint and Mopria support keeping the secret paper hidden for a particular time to print when you need it and stay safe until then. With the printer, you will get manuals, CD ROM for setup, starter ink, and a power cord. This printer is perfect for personal use in your small home office. The compact design takes a tiny space to sit. So, keep this printer in your home and do your work whenever you need it.


  • Apple product supported
  • Various paper size supported
  • AirPrint and Mopria service included
  • Compact design


  • Loads of printing may cause paper jamming

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2. HP M29W Wireless All-in-one Printer Review

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If you are checking to find a small home printer, this HP is suitable for you. This printer fulfills all the demand and compact-designed as the size is smaller up to 30%. So, you can keep this printer in a small space. The structure and design perfectly match the home interior. You will feel like a decorative part is added to your home.

If you like a printer that can print fast occasionally, this HP is perfect. It is because it can print 19 pages per minute. Keep the printer shut down when you do not need it and do loads of job when your occasion is there. The connectivity option is reliable and convenient.

It provides multiple possibilities to perform in many areas with better flexibility. You can use mobile print through wireless connectivity. You can use the direct wi-fi connection or no wi-fi connection to print. The cloud-based connectivity lets your image from Google browser, Google Drive, or other media. You can keep your document save in PDF, send an email, or anything else. This printer will make up for your occasional need correctly.


  • Fast laser printing technology
  • Auto start and shut technology
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Preloaded business application compatibility


  • The setting may take a while

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3. Brother Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer Review

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Brother comes with a super-fast printer machine for your ultimate choice. We have found the printer for occasional use reviews; this printer is the best-rated small printer for occasional use. This printer enables you to print 48 pages per minute. It can serve the significant office demand. If you want a printer that can take loads of printing jobs and use them occasionally placing at home, brother printer is perfect. It can create a top-quality graphical presentation on black patterns or texts. Your document will be clean and clear to understand.

This printer supports flexible paper handling. You will have double input trays with a capacity of 520 sheets. There is a chance to use an additional tray to increase your productivity. So, keep this small printer in your home and get it printing when you have lots of works. This printer offers an option to safeguard your document in three layers. You can keep your secret information or documents in the network and then print when you feel the need. There are also AirPrint and Mopria to hold the confidential document out of theft.


  • High printing speed
  • Flexible paper handling chance
  • The total input capacity is 1610 pages
  • Premium wireless connectivity


  • Constantly cleaning is necessary for good service

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4. Epson Workforce Color Inkjet Printer Review

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Epson comes with a printer that serves as the best type of printer for occasional use. Yes, you may need to use your printer occasionally but at moderate speed. This canon will do your job correctly. You will be able to produce fade-resistant and after-proof texts or images. The color on the photos is impressive. Every angle will place at the right angle. The mixing and diffusion of color are perfect. You can scan and print new terms of old photos.

This printer supports moderate print speed. You can print black 19 pages per minute and ten-color pages per minute. When you have loads of job suddenly, you do not have to be a worry. You can accomplish your assignment right away at full speed. There is a two-sided auto printing option to speed up more. You will have a 35-page auto document feeder to handle the paper correctly in less time range. There is no chance to misuse or damage any paper. It saves paper use. This printer also supports a low-cost ink cartridge that minimizes the long-turn cost, which is lesser than a laser printer.


  • Precision core printing is sure
  • Low-cost ink cartridge
  • Minimal paper wastage
  • Auto document feeder with 35-page capacity


  • Only Epson ink cartridge is recommended to avoid printer faulty

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5. HP Officejet All-in-one Wireless Printer Review

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When one machine can serve for a multi-purpose job, then the work becomes fun. Hassle lessens, and it increases productivity.  Do all your printing, scanning, copying, and send to email for faxing. This all in one printer for home occasional use produces high-quality prints to meet the professional need. You can manage your official work in QuickBooks through this printer compatibility.

This printer provides the instant ink option to minimize the ink cost and provides ink at the right time. This option reduces the printing cost by up to 50%. This smaller-sized printer allows printing, decreasing the hassle. The HP smart app helps in an efficient printing and easy scanning. You can use the wireless connectivity by the wi-fi connections to the printer. There is self-healing wi-fi technology that allows increasing the printing continuity. You do not have to wait for the discontinuation of wi-fi. It will be healed in a couple of seconds with three steps.



  • A wireless connection may need to reload

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6. Brother Monochrome Cloud-based Laser Printer Review

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Do your printing, scanning, or copying faster than you think. Brother comes with a printer that prints quickly at 36 pages per minute. You can use your creativity and talent and make unique things, gifts for friends, and excellent materials. You can start your small business and make things to earn some money. You also will find this printer helpful to use it to practice and enhance your skill.

This is another best laser printer for occasional use. When you need, make loads of printing at a low range of time. Brother makes the structure of the machine in such a way that allows printing to be more efficient. There will be no chance to waste the paper or ink. The placement of ink is perfect on the paper. The cloud-based printing technology encourages taking ideas from Google or other free application. You can directly take your document or download the copy from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote, Evernote, etc.


  • Flatbed scanner with glass base
  • Improved efficiency in paper use and ink use
  • iPrint, AirPrint, etc. included
  • Fast printing


  • May not compatible with all MAC OS

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7. Canon PIXMA Wireless Inkjet Mobile Printer Review

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This canon printer is compact and lightweight, which makes it portable. So, you can take your office anywhere you want. This is a space-saving printer that can keep in a bit of space. You will have fun and worry-free when you get it to transfer to another place. If you want this printer for occasional use, you will start to like it. If you have to take it to another location for those occasional use, you can use it smoothly. So, this is the perfect color printer for occasional use.

In terms of the quality of prints, you do not worry. This printer produces sharp and bright texts and fantastic color photos. Images are of high resolution and get you in the best profession. You will have fun taking pictures and printing by this canon. You can scan your documents or images by the sheetfed scanner of this machine. For easy operation, there are LED and Canon print applications. This app will support you in making gorgeous photos at great ease. If you are a beginner, you will be astonished to see how supportive all the machine functions.


  • Highly portable
  • LED screen for operating the printer
  • PIXMA color photos
  • AirPrint, Mopria, Google Cloud print included


  • The battery is sold separately

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8. HP Multifunction Pro Laser Printer Review

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Working with HP printer provides innovative working areas. Customers provided positive printers for occasional use reviews for their supportive features. You can scan, print, copy, and fax as much as you want. This printer is a heavy-duty machine to serve loads of printing and scanning jobs. You can print 28 pages per minute and speed up your career using the auto two-sided printing option.

This HP is a top rated printer for occasional home use, and it serves for better ease and comfort of the working time. When you have loads of work or some complicated operating type, you can customize your settings. Then your printer does your job automatically.

If you are concerned about energy use, you should know that this HP printer can use energy efficiently. This printer minimizes 18% energy use. So, do your job with this printer and have fun


  • Pin and pull printing technology
  • Wireless or wired connectivity
  • Toner cartridges avoid reprints and wastage of supplies
  • Automatic settings for printing


  • Expensive

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9. Epson Workforce Wireless Color Printer Review

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If you want to discover a color printer for occasional use, you can have this Epson printer. You will be amazed at the features of this printer. This printer will provide the precision core result and have accurate papers. If you have to do some official printing, you will be able to impress your boss. Color presentation is refined and perfect. You can produce premium photos out of this printer.

NFC connectivity is by touch-to-print technology and allows the printing process at great ease. Through wireless printing, you connect your printer to your smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Android, etc. There is 27 inches color touchscreen to understand the operation process finely and do your job smartly.

This printer uses a 150-pages tray that reduces frequent paper loading. You can set your printer and thoroughly print one by one. There is an auto document feeder that works from two sides. This option saves time and increases the print speed. So, work in this best HP printer for occasional home use and enjoy making specific things.


  • Laser quality print out
  • Wireless solutions for both Android and iPhone, iPad
  • Color touchscreen
  • Reasonable individual ink cartridges


  • Cartridges have low ink holding capacity

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10. Brother Monochrome Laser Printer Review

[amazon fields=”B00NQ1CLTI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

When you need an official printer for making professional documents, reports, proposals, agreement papers, and panning reports, you can choose this brother monochrome printer. There is functionality for making high production. You may need an official printing job that has to be done occasionally. This printer can take that load. You can print 27 black pages per minute. You will have fun working with this fast printer. You will get the chance to make crisp and bright black texts.

There are 250 sheets paper tray to handle flexible paper use, and it minimizes paper misuse. You can print 2000 pages per month. This is standard capacity. This printer is compatible with Windows 10, 7, 8.1. So, you can use your PC and connect directly through the USB connections to perform a better printing solution. You will be able to print at 2400 by 600 dots per inch. This resolution for black prints produces premium quality texts or patterns. That’s why this printer is a good printer for occasional home use from the customer’s viewpoint.


  • High printing speed
  • 250-sheet paper capacity
  • Automatic two-sided printing
  • High-resolution black prints


  • No wireless connectivity available

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laser or Inkjet printer, it can make any hard copies right when you need them. So, if you have a printer, you will be able to make funny or crafty things when you feel like practicing your creativity. You also can use the printer for your official use.

So, get the best printer for occasional use and stay worry-free even if there comes some printing job suddenly. Use the chance wisely and get your job done precisely.

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