Best Printer for Printing Checks from QuickBooks [Top 10 Recommendation]

QuickBooks is the latest application to manage accounting jobs for sales, client data, accounting papers, vendors accounts, etc. In digital time, this software is impressive in the sector of business and commercial jobs. You just have to download the application and set the required fields. You can smoothly perform the best.

But there is a big necessity for the hard copies of QuickBooks checks and other papers. This need brings forth the printer.

QuickBooks compatible printer can make it possible. Yes, most of the regular printers can do QuickBooks checks printing jobs. Some features increase productivity, QuickBooks support, and the most required quality. Check the best printer for printing checks from QuickBooks and get all the needed functions.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Printer for QuickBooks Checks

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What Features to Check Before Buying Printer for QuickBooks Checks

Some features support QuickBooks checks printing. You should check the availability of those features before purchasing the printer. Let’s know those features ell to find a printer.

  • Connectivity

It is the primary necessity to print QuickBooks papers and checks. The QuickBooks is downloaded on any of your devices. If you cannot connect your device to the printer, there is no way of printing QuickBooks checks. Many printers have both connectivity wireless and wired USB. Some have NFC connectivity too. So, check them properly.

best printer for quickbooks checks

  • Hardware

The printer hardware must support QuickBooks’ point of sale. If not, you cannot produce your checks. There are some hardware drivers to make eligible for printing from QuickBooks. Check all programming and ability.

  • Printer Type

There are some types of printers in the market. QuickBooks makes different types of checks, including laser voucher checks, laser wallet checks, deposit tickets, etc. You have to find out what type of printer you need depending on the print output you want.

best laser printers for checks

  • Paper type

Your printer should have the capability to support letter size or A4 size paper as the QuickBooks checks support letter or A4 size papers. So, check the ability of the printer and then book for you.

best printer for quickbooks checks

  • Cloud Connectivity

Some QuickBooks papers need cloud connectivity. Besides, it is easy to roll the accounting job when performed through the cloud. Your printer should have cloud connectivity. It makes your jobs easy and perfect.

If you want a printer to manage your QuickBooks works, then check the above feature well.

Top 10 Best Printer for Printing Checks from QuickBooks

If you look at these top 10 best printer for QuickBooks checks, it will be easy to choose the best for you. Check all detail printer for QuickBooks checks reviews, and know them well before choosing. Then grab it at once.

1. HP LaserJet Pro M404dw Printer Review

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Special Features:

  • Print Technology: Laser
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
  • Print Speed: 42 PPM
  • Cost-Per-Print: 0.02 US$/print
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones, PC, Laptops
  • Print Output: Monochrome

For professional interest, HP comes with the LaserJet that works at a fast speed. With this monochrome laser printer, you can produce many things, papers, reports, etc. If you are working as a manager for different vendors and clients, you may use QuickBooks.

HP LaserJet can produce all QuickBooks checks at high speed. The speed is 40 pages per minute that increases work possibilities.

So, for your accounting services, HP will a great help with its fantastic features. HP printer offers security products like pin printing, pull printing, and threat notifications, and it will keep your confidential documents and check safe.

So, it is the best laser printer for QuickBooks checks. This will help you to decrease energy use by up to 18%. The dual-band supportive Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct are the super connectivity options to print at a flexible time range, keeping the documents safe and hidden.

In addition to security features and other small differences, the M404dw has a wireless radio for Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct, which is the main difference between the LaserJet Pro M404dn and the M404dw. While the latter can only connect via Ethernet or USB 2.0, the former supports both.

The M404dw measures 8.5 by 15 by 14.1 inches (HWD) and weighs 18.9 pounds, making it identical in size and girth to the M404dn.

Additionally, the Lexmark B2236dw, another monochrome laser competitor, has the same footprint as the Canon imageClass LBP226dw and is about four pounds heavier. In contrast, Epson’s WF-M5299 inkjet is about half the size of the M404dw.

They require only limited control onboard since all they do is print. Located on the right side of the chassis’ top (see photo below), the M404dw’s control panel comprises some navigation buttons for navigating drill-down menus on a monochrome two-line LCD display.

The maintenance is also easy with the spill-free toner cartridge, avoidance of reprints, and easy mobile printing operation. So, get into it and have fun while working.


  • High-quality documents
  • Security applications like to pin and pull printing
  • High production with 40 ppm speed and auto-duplex printing
  • Energy use efficiency
  • Small footprint, but expandable paper-input capacity


  • Expensive
  • Issues in grayscale photo output

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2. Dell C1760NW Max Resolution Laser Printer Review

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Special Features:

  • Print Technology: Laser
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB
  • Print Speed: 15 PPM / 4.8 PPM
  • Cost-Per-Print: 3.5 cents per monochrome page and 18.5 cents per color page
  • Compatible Devices: PC, Laptops
  • Print Output: Color

As the name says, Dell comes with a laser printer that creates photos or pictures at higher resolution. So, there is no chance for compromise to keep up the maximum quality. The output has 600 dots per inch resolution. It makes sharp-edged and fine-finished document and image quality.

When you have to take loads of printing jobs, Dell will take your loads and print faster. It supports 30,000 pages print per month, 15 pages per minute for black prints, and 12 pages per minute for color prints.

So, higher quality yields will come at a higher speed. You can stay with nature by using this Dell printer for energy efficiency properties. It is because this printer supports innovative LED printing technology that minimizes energy use.

For high-quality print and instant speed, it is the perfect laser printer for QuickBooks checks. It supports an A4 letter size that suits QuickBooks well.

You will have the best flexibility while working with this printer for its bypass tray that supports 10-sheets, input tray for 150-sheets, and 100-sheet output tray. So, get fast printing for your professional accounting papers.

Control buttons and the LCD display on the C1760nw are minimal, but nonetheless functional. You can navigate the menus easily.

The status of Wi-Fi connections is indicated by a blue light located directly above the controls. A HTML configuration interface on the printer lets you manage it via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

The C1760nw is compatible with PC and Mac drivers, as well as remote printing, which includes printing from mobile devices and via email.

The C1760nw is as sparse as most inexpensive color lasers in terms of paper handling features. An open-faced input tray, which holds 150 sheets, is hidden under the front face.

Directly on top is a removable bypass tray with 10 pages. You can use the bypass tray to print envelopes and other one-time documents without having to unload and reload the main tray, as is necessary with the C1660w’s single tray.

The top of the unit is equipped with an output bin that can hold 100 sheets. There is no automatic two-side printing (duplexing) on the C1760nw, but you can do it manually using onscreen prompts.

By folding down the panel on the back of the unit, you can easily access most of the paper path for clearing jams, and the toner cartridges are accessible through the panel on the right side of the unit.


  • Ethernet and wireless connectivity
  • Energy Star certified
  • LED printing technology for 600 dpi resolution
  • 50-sheets input tray


  • Only windows 10 compatible

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3. HP OfficeJet 4650 Instant Ink Printer Review

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Special Features:

  • Print Technology: Inkjet
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB
  • Print Speed: 1.4 PPM
  • Cost-Per-Print: 0.06 US$/print
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones, PC, Laptops
  • Auto-Duplex: Yes
  • Print Output: Color

QuickBooks is a great application to manage clients, vendors, and sales. But there is a big necessity of printing and scanning different papers instant. HP printers can help perform as the best printer for print checks from QuickBooks with a high printing and scanning capacity.

Wireless printing provides an amazingly easy and fast operating system. You click on the paper that needs to be printed through your smartphones or PC. Since the QuickBooks checks are confidential papers, there is a strict necessity to keep them secret.

The AirPrint helps to keep the secret papers in the right place. Nobody can get into it. The duplex printing option helps in increasing productivity with time. There is a touchscreen keypad for flexible operation.

Inkjet multifunction printers (MFPs) designed for offices include faxing and automatic document feeders (ADFs). Although the printer won’t win any awards for speed and paper handling, it’s a good fit for a home office.

In addition, you need a fax function and a scanner that is able to handle multipage documents from time to time. Our Editors’ Choice moderately priced inkjet MFP, the Brother MFC-J470DW, is a head-to-head competitor with the Dell 4650.

It offers the same 100-sheet paper capacity, as well as a duplexer, an automatic document feeder, fax functionality, and Wi-Fi. Its main advantages over the 4650 are its excellent text quality and its much faster performance for business applications. That keeps it at the top of our list.

While the Brother printer lacks Wi-Fi Direct, the 4650 offers some advantages. HP offers instant ink to order from your home or office, and the ink will be at your door at the right time. It reduces the cost of ink by counting the ink cost per page.

Though this is an inkjet printer, the output is laser-quality text prints and lab-quality color prints. So, the printer meets all demands in need.


  • Multi-purpose printer
  • AirPrint technology supported
  • Duplex printing
  • 50% ink cost minimization through instant ink use
  • Letter, legal, and envelope paper size supported


  • Print speed per minute is low

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4. Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser Printer Review

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Special Features:

  • Print Technology: Laser
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB
  • Print Speed: 27 PPM / 8.9 PPM
  • Cost-Per-Print: 0.02 US$/print
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones, PC, Laptops
  • Auto-Duplex: Yes
  • Print Output: Monochrome

If you need actual QuickBooks laser printer checks, Brother will play the best performance. Using this printer, you can make hard copies of your checks instantly whenever you need them. This printer is faster to increase production. The print speed is 27 pages per minute. The use of toner cartridges is a hassle-free job.

Toner refill is also spilled free and non-messy. There is a toner saver mode that also reduces the ink cost. The operating system is also easy and fast. So, every management feature is supportive for a fast and easy printing job.

The print output provides 2400×600 dots per inch quality. It allows creating high-quality checks from QuickBooks. To maintain security, Brother includes AirPrint, iPrint, and google cloud print technology and connectivity. These options keep the papers safe and allow you to command print and scan anytime you want.

This printer supports both the letter and legal-sized paper that opens to print any paper or reports from QuickBooks. So, grab the Brother printer and have superior quality and features.

The small size and weight of the HL-L2340DW make it ideal for personal or microoffice use. The unit only measures 7.2 by 14 by 14.2 inches (HWD), so it fits comfortably on your desk and weighs 15 pounds, so you can move it yourself.

This makes it slightly smaller and lighter than Samsung’s current flagship model, the Samsung M2825DW, and its next-generation successor, the Samsung Xpress M2835DW.

Windows Vista was the platform on which I tested the HL-L2340DW. For a monochrome laser connected via USB, setup is very straightforward. A text document or other file that does not require much processing should print at a speed of 27 pages per minute (ppm) with the printer engine from Brother.

With QualityLogic’s hardware and software, I calculated that it ran at 8.9 ppm for our business applications suite, a respectable speed for its price and engine rating. Compared with the Samsung M2825DW’s 9.9ppm, the Samsung M2835DW achieved 9.7ppm.


  • Suitable paper capacity for sharing in a micro office
  • 27 ppm print speed
  • Both the connectivity wireless and USB
  • Auto duplex printing service
  • 250-sheets tray capacity


  • Costly
  • No Ethernet

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5. HP LaserJet M203dw Wireless Printer Review

[amazon fields=”B01M1SPL20″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Special Features:

  • Print Technology: Laser
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
  • Print Speed: 30 PPM
  • Display: Button LED
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones
  • Auto-Duplex: Yes
  • Print Output: Monochrome

If you are an accountant, you know how fast you need to do your calculations and paper-making works. With precision, it is rough to ready papers fast. If you have an HP printer, you can depend on it for lots of jobs. Many of your works will be on the right hand. HP wireless will enable you to make your clients’ papers quick and accurate.

This is the best HP wireless laser printer for QuickBooks checks for its attractive features. You can command your printer by your voice while talking with Google Alexa.

The printer supports plain papers, cardstocks, and envelopes. So, you can make many official greeting cards or booklets, or reports. You can print three by 5 to 8.5 by 14 sized paper. The monochrome printing quality makes sharp-edge texts and fine-finished outlines. You can use the LED control panel to maintain the temperature or other edits.

It works in high humidity and temperature range which provides this printer flexibility to store or keep. The average monthly duty cycle is 2000 pages. So, have the HP and work with speed.


  • 30 ppm print speed that is 15% faster
  • Mobile printing including iPhone, iPad, iPad, and Mac
  • Wi-Fi direct printing support
  • JetIntelligence engineered toner cartridge


  • No starter toner offered

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6. Canon Pixma MG3620 Color Inkjet Printer Review

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Special Features:

  • Print Technology: Inkjet
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Print Speed: 9 PPM / 3 PPM
  • Cost-Per-Print: 0.08 US$/print
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones, PC, Laptops
  • Auto-Duplex: Yes
  • Print Output: Color

When working on accounting jobs on QuickBooks, there occurs the need to scan essential papers, editing them, print them, and also copying. All of these can be messy if you have to do them in a separate machine. Handling different machine will waste your valuable time and also you clients’ time. Canon Pixma can produce several prints output and also scanning, copying. You can edit your documents by scanning them.

There is also some necessity to produce color materials for official use. Canon provides superior quality products. This is the best printer for printing checks through QuickBooks because you will get your confidential papers’ premium security.

The AirPrint technology offers better safety by keeping them intact through a password. To increase the speed, Mopria is a great advantageous technology. It allows you to connect your device with millions of Mopria certified printers and handle several jobs at a time.

You do not have to rely on someone. You can control the power and keep all documents at the best security, and operate many functions at an incredible speed. So, have a canon printer and work officially.

Lifting the lid reveals the scanning platen, which occupies most of the top of the unit. The control panel to the left of the lid lets you switch between plain letter-size paper and 4 x 6-inch photo paper, but not other sizes.

The printer only has one paper tray, so when you want to print photos, you’ll need to replace the paper. It is difficult to remove extra sheets from the input tray because the ridge formed by its hinge makes it difficult to push the 4 x 6-inch photo paper all the way into it.

Text printing on the MG3620 isn’t blazingly fast. We found it to be lower than the average speed for inkjet printers we tested, which was 7.5 pages per minute.

Our five-page document took 47 seconds to print. In 36.9 seconds, the HP Envy 5540, which is a bit more expensive, completed. Text printing is a bit slower with the MG3620’s Quiet Mode. Generally, the MG3620 can print 15.5 pages of text in 15.5 seconds; when Quiet Mode is active, it takes 23.2 seconds.


  • Airprint and google Cloud print
  • NFC connectivity
  • Mopria compatible
  • High-resolution quality


  • AirPrint is only possible on Apple devices
  • Requires specialized software for photo print

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7. HP Laserjet Pro P1109w Monochrome Printer Review

[amazon fields=”B01785D3QW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Special Features:

  • Print Technology: Laser
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB
  • Print Speed: 19 PPM
  • Cost-Per-Print: 0.03 US$/print
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones
  • Auto-Duplex: No
  • Print Output: Monochrome

HP brings a sleek, modern, and ultra-compact designed printer for printing official documents and papers with professional text quality. It suits your small office environment smartly. You can keep it in a smaller space that smartly matched the interior.

Many wireless printers take time and hassle to manage the operation in your mobile or PC. HP confirms the easy and fast operation steps that permit it to perform quickly. There is a fascinating option to print wireless directly from the HP ePrint.

It does not need internet connections. So, your internet is on or off; it does not matter. Your printing will go on all over your office.

If you have a newly started business, this HP will support you in all manners. The price of the printer is very much low cost. The toner use is also cost-effective. Prints at high speed and produce bold and sharp texts and images.

So, while working in QuickBooks, explore all features of HP printer for QuickBooks checks and experience a fantastic advantage platform.


  • 19 ppm print speed
  • Energy-saving features
  • Paper saving feature by avoiding repeated tasks
  • NFC ePrint or mobile print


  • Expensive

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8. Brother QL-820NWB Ultra Flexible Label Printer Review

[amazon fields=”B01MTYE0X6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Special Features:

  • Print Technology: Thermal
  • Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Networkable
  • Print Speed: 110 PPM
  • Cost-Per-Print: 0.08 US$/print
  • Compatible Devices: PC, Laptops
  • Auto-Duplex: No
  • Print Output: Monochrome

While working with QuickBooks, you will need to produce lots of labels, memos, receipts, cards, etc. Brother brings such printer to perform your necessary works as an expert. You will input the texts, and your labels will be ready within seconds from the Brother printer.

In terms of speed, you will get faster service. The brother thermal label printer is super-fast, and it can produce 110 address labels in a fantastic minute. Isn’t it? Give your workload to this printer and stay worry-free. It will keep the productivity at a high level and makes superior quality.

Yes, there is no chance of low quality. The standard, borderless labels at a sharp-edge cutting finish. The resolution is 300 dots per inch, allowing you to focus on every part and make clean and clear angles.

All these features make it a printer for checks in QuickBooks. You can create both black and red standard labels up to 3 feet in length. For flexible use, there is an LCD screen to operate.


  • Excellent print software and mobile apps
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Both wireless connectivity and USB connectivity
  • 110 labels per minute print speed
  • 300 dpi resolution quality


  • Energy use is higher comparatively

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9. HP Laserjet Pro P1606dn Printer Review

[amazon fields=”B0036TGGW8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Special Features:

  • Print Technology: Laser
  • Connectivity: Wired; USB; Ethernet
  • Print Speed: 20 PPM
  • Cost-Per-Print: 0.03 US$/print
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones
  • Print Media: Plain Paper
  • Print Output: Monochrome

It is intelligent and pleasant to work fast and total quality production still quietly. HP offers noise-free production quickly. You will be able to print 26 pages per minute for letter size and 25 pages per minute for A4 size.

The instant-on technology supports faster operation too. No need to wait to start the printer. Get on the printing job immediately you need. The input paper slot can hold 250 sheets and print 10-sheets on a priority basis.

In terms of savings, HP LaserJet is a great friend. It saves paper by the use of auto duplex printing performance. The operative system saves energy by increasing energy efficiency. The toner cartridge has the toner saver mode to minimize the ink cost.

This HP FastRes 1200 helps in improving the quality of your QuickBook checks. There are many QuickBooks users. Most of the printer for QuickBooks check reviews says in positive tone for this HP printer. So, make some crisp and bold texts in your labels.


  • Faster Laser printing
  • 250-sheets paper tray for input
  • Noise-free quiet mode
  • ePrint and AirPrint
  • Higher quality


  • Print speed lessens for document complexity

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10. HP FK184AA POS Hybrid Thermal Printer Review

[amazon fields=”B01BK38NOK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Special Features:

  • Print Technology: Thermal
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Print Speed: 8 PPM / 4 PPM
  • Cost-Per-Print: 0.01 US$/print
  • Print Output: Monochrome

You can choose this HP thermal printer to use for your small home works. This is a QuickBooks Printer check for better quality. The print output is 203 dots per inches that keeps the quality standard.

You will have monochrome texts sharp and bold. If you need a printer to manage your personal QuickBooks accounting papers, then HP POS is a perfect choice. This compact designed printer will fulfill your demand at best at a lower price range.

You can create monochrome print 59 lines per second. It is enough for your home use, obviously. Your QuickBooks checks will be on thermal papers at a standard level. You will connect the printer with your smartphone through the USB cable and then print at a faster speed thoroughly.


  • 59 lines per second printing
  • 203 dpi resolution quality
  • Receipt printing
  • Point of service activated
  • Reasonable


  • Energy efficiency is lower comparatively

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A Quick Comparison Top QuickBooks Checks Printers

ProductConnectivityCompatible DevicesPrint Speed(PPM)Editor's Rating
HP LaserJet Pro M404dwBluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, EthernetSmartphones, PC, Laptops429.5
Dell C1760NW PrinterWi-Fi, USBPC, Laptops159.5
HP OfficeJet 4650Wi-Fi, USBSmartphones, PC, Laptops1.49.0
Brother HL-L2340DW PrinterWi-Fi, USBSmartphones, PC, Laptops279.5
HP LaserJet M203dw PrinterWi-Fi, USB, EthernetSmartphones308.5
Canon Pixma MG3620 PrinterWi-FiSmartphones, PC, Laptops98.5
HP Laserjet Pro P1109wWi-Fi, USBSmartphones199.0
Brother QL-820NWB PrinterWireless, Bluetooth, USB, NetworkablePC, Laptops1108.0
HP Laserjet Pro P1606dnWired; USB; EthernetSmartphones207.5
HP FK184AA POS Hybrid PrinterUSBSmartphones, PC, Laptops87.0

Printer Setup for QuickBooks Printing

Make sure your QuickBooks Desktop printer is configured properly before you continue. Here is a step-by-step guide for aligning checks in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Under the File menu, click Printer Setup
  • Form Name > Check/Paycheck
  • Then choose Voucher as the check style
  • Check your preprinted checks by selecting Align, clicking Print, and then comparing
  • Adjust your alignment settings with the alignment grid on the sample check.
  • Press OK.
  • Repeat the Align and Print steps. Once the alignment is perfect, press OK.

Managing your bills and printing checks is possible in two ways in QuickBooks Desktop: when bills are received, you can write checks, or when bills are entered, you can print checks later.

How To Print A Single Check In QuickBooks

Among small businesses, QuickBooks by Intuit is a popular accounting package.
In addition to tracking income, expenses, accounts receivable and payables, the program also lets a small business owner track the business’ overall accounting activity.
QuickBooks gives users the option to print checks right from the software. Payments can be made to vendors, employees, and general expenses, and checks can be printed individually or in batches depending on their needs.
How To Print A Single Check In QuickBooks

1. Select Write Checks

You can write checks by choosing the “Write Checks” option in QuickBooks Banking. By default, this option is selected.

By default, all checks are selected for printing, so to print only certain checks, deselect all check boxes that do not need to be printed. The first box to be filled out must have a check number. Select “OK.”

2. Create the Check

From QuickBooks File, select “Print Forms”. Various check styles are available, such as vouchers, standard checks, or wallet checks. The payment account can be chosen.

Choose the printer name and the type of printer from the drop-down box. The default settings should apply if the printer had already been configured.

3. Print the Check

Follow the printer’s instructions for loading blank checks. Click the QuickBooks icon

The checks should print if you select the “Print” option from the Banking menu. Once you have printed your checks, they should look correct.

Final Thoughts

There are some special requirements for the printer to support QuickBooks. If your printer does not have those features, you will face some issues and low productivity problems. That’s why check the best printer for QuickBooks checks and know their detailed features.

If the printer has superior quality print, high speed, several connectivity’s, cloud support, and hardware support, your accounting jobs will be at the right hand. There is no chance to make mistakes in terms of accounting jobs. So, get the perfect printer for your QuickBooks printing and experience the best.

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