The 10 Best Printer for Screen Printing Transparencies [Expert Choice]

Are you obsessed with screen-printing your documents banners, and posters with vibrant colors? Alternatively, do you want to be a professional printer, looking for the best printer for screen-printing? No matter what your goals are, our review on screen-printing machines will help you pick the best.

There are many quality-grade laser screen-printing machines available in the market. Yet, only with a perfect machine, your ideas will turn into artistic prints. Keeping you in mind, we have researched the market, to assure you to avail the one that gives you the best service. With confidence, we have suggested ten excellent screen-printers.

Editor’s Pick : Top 3 Best Printer for Screen Printing Transparencies

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Top 10 Best Printer for Screen Printing Transparencies

1. Lexmark C3426dw Color Laser Printer Review

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Key Features

  • Dual processor
  • Laser printer with toner
  • Interactive touch screen

The Lexmark C3426dw Color Laser Printer is a compact touch screen device. The screen-printer connects to the laser printer through Wi-Fi connection. The machine plugs into an electrical outlet and allows fast printing even with a mobile phone. The width of the interactive screen is 2.8 inches.

The printer works from all modern cloud browsers. This printer comes with a vigorous Unison toner having the capacity of printing more than 4500 printouts. The quality of the colored prints is vibrant with crispy details. Further, with a dual-core central processing unit of a 1-GHz, this best laser printer for screen-printing has an efficiency of printing 26 ppm (pages per minute). As it is flexible, it can accommodate A6 to the legal size of paper.

The manufacturing material of the frame and other parts are of steel assuring durability of the screen-printer


  • Long lasting
  • Easy to operate
  • Runs with Wi-Fi
  • Steel manufactured


  • None

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2. Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Business Printer Review

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Key Features

  • Paper tray
  • 5 Independent ink tanks
  • Photolithographic technology
  • Wireless and wired inkjet system

The Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Business Printer is an excellent cloud-compatible machine.  If you are a professional and on the lookout for a tabloid of huge-sized paper, the inkjet is perfect. Printing is all sizes. The printer allows mobility and supports printing mobile-based OS systems over Wi-Fi. A significant feature is that it supports wireless and wired systems.

The inkjet nozzle is photolithography, which delivers fine print. The 5 specific ink tanks allow many color prints. The performance of printing through an automatic sheet feeder is excellent. You will be happy to have such a printer with a resolution of as high as 9600 x 2400 dots/inch.  Thus, the prints are sharp and detailed. The most suitable paper for this Canon printer for screen-printing is glossy paper.

The required space for setting up this best inkjet printer for screen-printing may be an issue, because of the size. Yet, with the speed of output of 2.7 ppm, and the exceptional quality of the screen-printer, you might not resist having one for your enterprise.


  • Low cost
  • Large print size
  • High resolution
  • Supports many OS
  • Glossy photo print


  • No duplexer
  • Single tray with 150-sheet

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3. Epson EcoTank ET-2750 Supertank Printer Review

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Key Features

  • 4-way controller
  • Non-touchable display
  • Has memory card drive
  • Automatic 2-sided prints
  • Black Eco-tank ink that runs for 2 years
  • Includes printer, scanner, and copier

If you are yearning for the best home wide format printer for screen-printing, this the perfect one for you. This amazing three-in-one can do wonders in printing, copying, and scanning. The easy-to-operate printer has a 4-way controller, tiny 1.8” non-touchable display, and other functional buttons.

This Epson printer for screen-printing performs cartridge-free and comes with black ink that can print over 6500 pages. That is a great economy. The replaceable bottles of ink are cheap and easy to refill. Expected savings come from the two-sided automatic printouts—a substantial cut down of paper use.

The RoHS-compliant screen-printer comes with high resolution with maximum dpi. Therefore, the pictures of excellent quality. Besides, it has direct connectivity to Wi-Fi and compatible with many OS. You will love this Eco-tank screen-printer!


  • Maximum dpi
  • SD-card reader
  • Low-cost operation
  • Direct Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Many OS compatibility
  • Prints in paper and envelope


  • No fax
  • Lacks Ethernet

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4. Canon IP8720 Wireless Printer Review

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Key Features

  • Inkjet Printer
  • 6 Color Ink system
  • Low noise transmission
  • Wi-Fi and mobile compatible

The Canon IP8720 Wireless Printer is a leading brand for business use. It prints photos in 6 colors. Unlike the iP8720 it has an added gray ink that brightens the black-and-white prints. To your pleasure, the prints comein13x19-inch size. Further, with 9600×2400 dpi the photos are high quality and detailed.

An excellent feature of Canon IP8720 is that it prints wirelessly from any Wi-Fi-supported computer or mobile phone. The glossy photo printing paper is the right print media for this Epson printer

The Canon IP8720 AirPrint screen-printer has only one tray that holds 150 plain paper and 20 photo paper sheets at one time, a disadvantage in printing volumes. The inkjet printer is also a low-noise gadget transmitting 43.5Db. The printer comes in jet black. This screen printer is a product of the enthusiasts.


  • Silent
  • Wireless operation
  • Photo quality excellent
  • Suits photo enthusiasts


  • Does not support a USB cable
  • The capacity of printing sheet low

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5. Zebra ZD620t Thermal Transfer Printer Review

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Key Features

  • Label printer
  • Industrial printer
  • Colored LCD screen
  • Many OS connectivity
  • Thermal transfer mechanics

The Zebra ZD620t Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer is a next-generation product performing above the conventional desktop printers. The printing mechanic requires the application of thermal ribbon relegating it as the best printer for screen printing positives.

The printer is unique in its capability to connect many OS. The OS link allows the delivery of command to remote and multiple locations. The speed, productivity, and quality make it a most modernized product of recent times. The maximum speed is 8in/sec with 203 dpi. The monochrome delivery of Zebra ZD620t has raised its popularity in the industrial sector use. Needless to mention this premium brand has transferred the standard of industrial prints to a compressed desktop printer. It prints all kinds of labels including barcodes with excellence.

Along with the 10-button switch, the colored LCD screen facilitates visualizing the status of setup and progress of the job. No wonder, this highly efficient printer has received the Energy Star award.


  • Ethernet
  • Very speedy
  • High resolution
  • Can Troubleshoot
  • Remote manageability


  • None

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6. PHROZEN Sonic Mini UV Photocuring LCD Resin Review

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Key Features

  • Monochrome LCD screen
  • Resolution of 0.062 mm
  • 50 mm per hr. printing speed
  • Accessories-LCD basket, screws
  • Strong but light build 3D printer

The PHROZEN Sonic Mini UV Photocuring LCD Resin 3D Printer is a mini fast printing machine. The calibrated printer is ready to operate as soon as you bring it home. Added with it, is an amazing CHITUBUX slicing software, which on adding the printing parameters works with a few clicks.

The manufacturer has reduced the cost by employing plastic and inexpensive materials. The package comes with a motor coupling, LCD gasket, and a linear rail. Other accessories include a flat metal slab and screws. The printer is lightweight and cost-effective.

The UV light-operated LED is very efficient with 95% visual consistency assures accuracy and perfectness of printing. The LCD screen is also bright crystal clear. This PHROZEN Sonic Mini 3D printer comes with 3-year warranty assurance. Manual operation of the cantilever to move it far off from the LCD screen is advisable. Otherwise, a lever will move off from the screen and make a noise. The PHROZEN is more or less a silent machine.


  • Excellent quality prints
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Warranty


  • Leaking UV light

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7. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color Printer Review

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Key Features

The Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Printer may be a super-tank colored printer that permits cartridge-less printing with ink lasting 2 years. The printer comes with the printer, copier, and scanner so you have all the devices in one. Along with low-priced inkbottles, the printer is a super saver of 90% on ink over the cartridge. The super-sized ink tank suffices to print 3500 pages of color or colored prints. The design of the bottles is only eco-fit allowing the filling of each color.

The printer facilitates wireless printing connected to smartphones, iPhones, and android tablets. The black-colored printer is compact and fits into small spaces. The printer produces quality print. This best printer for screen printing transparencies also comes with a 2-yr warranty.   Consumers expressed satisfaction with this printer due to the unexpected low expense in running the equipment.


  • Easy to refill
  • Eco-fit bottles
  • Super-saver on ink
  • 2-year warranty


  • None

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8. HP DeskJet 2655 All-in-One Compact Printer Review

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Key Features

  • White body
  • Inkjet technology
  • Desktop Instant ink
  • Comes with a printer, scanner, and copier

If you want printing, scanning, and copying facilities in a single appliance, HP DeskJet 2655 All-in-One Compact Printer is ideal. Further, no tension over finished ink in the middle of printing. The HP enrollment plan for ink home delivers free for 2 months followed by a reduced price.

A powerful triple-output printer facilitates easy printing, scans from your smart devices, and prints from the cloud. The HP printer for screen-printing is a great deal and worth the cost. The high-resolution printouts are good in plain or glossy paper. You can save both money and money on this spectacular HP wireless printer.

Many users appreciated the HP Deskjet as the best home wide format printer for screen-printing because of the compactness, quick installation, and affordable price. A great sense of satisfaction is that the printer comes with a warranty of 2 years. A perfect appliance for instant work at home or your office. A perfect printer for you!


  • Compactness
  • Easy to set up
  • Cloud compatible
  • The plain and glossy paper printer


  • Disruption in continuous printing

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9. Canon imagePROGRAF Wide-Format Printer Review

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Key Features

  • 3” LCD screen
  • Wi-Fi-mediated
  • Small printer size
  • Prints posters and tabloid
  • Nozzle facilitate picture perfection

Are you looking for a mega printer to take care of your posters and tabloids? The Canon image PROGRAF PRO-300 Wireless Color Wide-Format Printer is a fantastic LCD professional printer that is what you need. The 3-inch LCD screen is convenient for monitoring the +9-colored Chroma ink system in printing projects of amateurs and professionals. The screen displays easy to read the level of ink, the progress of printing, and the state of other settings. Printing becomes comfortable and easy to handle.

This large printer for screen-printing machine is an appreciable item for its many comfortable features. With the switch of a nozzle, which facilitates picture perfection, this Pro-300 can automatically, change gradients of the color of the desired scale. The result is beautiful posters and prints of a maximum size of 13 x 14 inches with many color schemes.

To a significant advantage of the user, the printer is lighter than any printer of the series is, although it gives prints larger than from heftier printers. The weight of the printer is only around 40 pounds. To aid in improved productivity, a notable convenience of Pro700 is the in-built paper-roll adapters. Instead of feeding cutout papers for many printing, a one-time paper roller feeding saves time and is economical in the end. Therefore, to use this printer economically it is advisable to purchase a 30-inch wide photo paper roll. The print media for this printer is glossy photographic paper. This inkjet printer is also Wi-Fi, software, and a mobile mediated printer.


  • Excellent 6+color prints
  • Ink not very expensive
  • Prints to a length of 39 inches
  • Auto-detection of nozzle clogging


  • High-cost price
  • No backing for paper roll support

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10. HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 Wireless Printer Review

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Key Features

  • Fax enabled
  • Multi-device printer
  • Inkjet technology
  • Colored touchscreen
  • Auto document feeder

The HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Wireless Printer has beaten all its competitors with all the outstanding features. This inkjet performs wireless printing, scan, copy, and fax. It also features a colored touchscreen and auto document feeder. Therefore, there is no chance of ink running out. The machine prints both in plain and glossy paper.

This printer complies with Wi-Fi and Ethernet and takes orders from smartphones, PC and tabloids. For easy and convenient management, it can transfer documents it can scan from email. The printer supports many paper sizes. The suitability range from home to small and medium enterprises because of its affordability, efficiency, and productivity.

The manufacturer supplies 2-months ink-free plus an offer of a low-cost trial that makes the use of the printer congenial for the moderate user customers. The HP OfficeJet also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Wireless printing
  • Good quality print
  • Many connectivity
  • Automatic duplexing ADF


  • Costly prints without instantaneous ink supply

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A Complete Buying Guide To The Best Printer for Screen Printing Transparencies

When you venture out to buy a screen printer, you must be thinking about what to look for from the many printers available. However, your choice would depend on the type of work you want to achieve. Be it work at your home, office, or business, we have here for you a guideline on the essential features enabling you to pick up the best printer for screen-printing. To begin with, let us keep these things in mind.

  •         Big is not always the best
  •         The best printer your money can buy
  •         Ensure convenient space to set in on
  •         Find a printer safe, simple, and easy to operate
  •         Look at your choice of colors not what others recommend

i. Manual or Automatic Printer

Printing started manually, so operating a printer should not be an odd thing to ask for. It all depends on your comfort in getting your printing done to excellence. However, automatic printers are now the need of the day. It not only saves you time but also ensures precision printing when you are printing out many copies of the same picture. Auto printers are sophisticated and software-driven, so you need worry constant manual management to get the right size, numbers, and color.

Best Printer for Screen-Printing

The features that come with it, such as the LCD screen with auto-stop and trouble-shooting are all detected and displayed for you to take action. Some even do auto-correction. The best thing about these automatic printers is that you can relax while your job is being done.

ii. Black vs Colored Printers

We all love to see colored objects. However, a black and white printer is an all-time essential for printing documents, letters, addresses, and many more. Photographers want to see their proofs and prints and black print plays a major role. However, colored printing is the trend in the business world. Many things depict their actual picture in colored form.

best type of printer for screen printing

Huge signboards, posters, and banners appear in multicolor to attract the attention of the people. To be economical on investment and maintenance, find the colors you need and select the device that would be suitable for you. Colored screen printers also cost more than black printouts.

iii. Size

The size of the screen printer matters when you have a bunch of appliances to operate on. You need comfort and so does a machine. There must be space as you say ‘for breathing’. However, you need the right machine to achieve the purpose. Too small a printer might not take the load. Some small gadgets are equally powerful and efficient.

iv. Technology

Screen printers and many modern types of machinery come with a high technical setup. In this age of IT, almost everything works on Wi-Fi and mobile-based technology. That should be wonderful, but you must know how to use it for each of the devices you have to operate. Many of these come with specific software, which makes it even easy once you have the one installed. If you have to live with printing as a hobby or a profession, it is wise to get hold of the most technically sound appliance. After all, efficiency and productivity directly relate to technological growth.

best printer for screen printing reddit

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Final Words

We hope you finally have decided on the screen printer you would like for personal use or your business. A lot depends on your need. If you want to stay with screen-printing for long, you would need to look at the pros and cons of each of them. The review we have given you is quite comprehensive in choosing the best screen-printer. Happy shopping!

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