Best Printer For Transfer Paper [Top 10 Picks]

It is great fun to print designs on fabric. Printing by transfer paper offers the opportunity to make unique designs on t-shirts, hoodies, bags, caps, etc. You will benefit from earning some money. Heat transfer is the best way to do this job. A professional worker may feel this job costly. But if you have a good printer, you can do your transfer paper printing and produce beautiful things at high speed.

Yes, there is such a printer that supports heat transfer paper printing smoothly and correctly. You have to choose a printer from the list of the best printer for transfer paper below and have excellent friendly support with surprising features.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Printer for Transfer Paper

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What To Look For Before Buying A Printer For Transfer Paper

Check some features details and then buy the printer to print on transfer paper.

  • Printer Type

Both the Laser printer and the inkjet printer can print transfer paper. You need different paper types to print on other printers. You have to have laser transfer paper for printing on a laser printer and inkjet transfer paper for printing on an inkjet printer. Choose the printer type on what form of paper you have.

best inkjet printer for transfer paper

  • Ink Type

There are dye-based ink, sublimation ink, pigment-based ink, or toner. Dye-based ink is cheaper than others, but it may fade over time, whereas sublimation ink does better. But you should have the proper knowledge to use sublimation ink. Pigment-based ink is better for its fade-resistant feature. But they are costly. Depending on your budget, choose an ink type.

best inkjet printer for using transfer sheets

  • Space

Since heat press is a sensitive job, it would be better to have a large format printer. You will get spaces for the smooth movement of paper and heat pressing object. Many compact design printers can do good heat transfer paper printing well. These printers can be low-priced too.

Top 10 Best Printer for Transfer Paper Reviews

To find a heat transfer paper printer, you cannot just go to the market and choose one. Many features need to be included in your printer for better support. So, check the best printer for transfer paper with the detail below and then select one.

1. Epson ET-2750 Wireless Super Tank Color Inkjet Printer Review

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This cartridge-free printer prints at high speed. If you are a professional worker or a business owner, this printer will support you in various ways. The print speed is average, but the automatic feeder and duplex printing option increases the speed. It saves the paper too. Two-sided printing produces book-like prints than one-sided reports or seminar papers. So, it makes the professional look of your things. In terms of heat transfer paper, you will be able to align your design on the form.

When you work with cotton or other fabric, you need transfer paper printing. This Epson is the best inkjet printer for heat transfer paper for its quality maintenance. This printer can produce images or color designs at 5760 by 1440 dots per inch resolution. So, the fine-finish and perfect color presentation has been sure on the fabric through the transfer paper.

This printer includes two years’ ink o minimize the ink cost and keep up the continuity of your work. You do not have to pause your work for ink in 2 years. You can print 6500 black pages and 5200 color pages with this ink. So, have this fantastic feature with this Epson printer.


  • High-resolution print
  • Two-sided printing
  • Ink cartridges include for two years’ job
  • RoHS compliant certified to ensure the nature safety


  • An adapter may be required

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2. HP 9025 Smart Home Officejet Pro Printer Review

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There are fascinating options to work with this HP printer scanner. You will be able to produce loads of prints at a higher speed. The fast-loading paper tray takes papers and prints 24 pages per minute. If you have a big project, this printer will support you. When you work on transfer papers, you will feel this is the best inkjet printer for transfer paper. Do more printing on transfer paper and make t-shirts or other unique things. The 35-sheet document feeder will help you increase the speed and decrease the refill frequency.

This printer is 39% smaller in size, which will set in your small home office at the right frame. You will feel like it is a beautiful part of your office interior. You can use this printer as a scanner, and this scanner allows you to scan at two times higher speed. The wireless connectivity and cloud compatibility permits you to store your documents or images or plans well-organized and safe for a more extended period. You will be able to work more smartly by using these cloud-based platforms like iCloud, Google Drive, QuickBooks, etc.


  • 24 ppm print speed
  • Two times higher scanning speed
  • 50% faster document handling field
  • Smaller in size


  • Cartridge setting takes a while

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3. Epson Expression Large Format Color Photo Printer Review

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Do you want to discover a wide-format printer at a low price? Here it is. You cannot imagine that this feature-full color photo printer can be found in such a low-price range. This Epson printer for transfer paper produces high-quality borderless prints at a high size range. You will be able to print up to 13 by 19 inches format. For making maps, drawings, engineering products, etc., can be available with this printer. So, if you require a low-budget and wide format printer, you can have this printer in complete form.

This printer has the 6-color Claria HD photo ink to offer a better color presentation. It includes gray and red ink and this printer bloom wide color gamut. You will see the clean and lustrous black and white color form too. This printer has a rear tray for particular print media like cardstock. This rear tray can hold 50 sheets.

Though this printer prints wide-format papers, it is smaller in size. There are many problems customers faces while setting this large size printer in the home office. This printer’s size solves this problem.


  • Ultra HD quality photo prints
  • 6-color Claria ink included
  • Ultra-compact size
  • 50-sheet paper tray


  • Cartridge size is small and so holds less amount of ink

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4. HP Smart Tank All-in-one Mobile Printer Review

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This HP printer supports a variety of paper sizes up to 8 by 10 inches, allowing printing the convenient size of transfer paper. So, this is another best printer for heat transfer paper. You will be able to produce vibrant color on paper while printing on the photo.  The black texts are crisp, clear, and sharp. You also can scan, copy, and fax. The ink tanks are large and so holds more ink in one tank. With the printer, the ink comes which can support two years’ ink. These ink tanks can print 8000 color pages and 6000 black pages.

You do not have to think of ink replacement for years. You can do your job for a more extended period. The integrated ink tank is designed to refill mess-free and spill-free. This Hp printer is a great printer for printing heat transfer paper. It allows printing with reliable and convenient dual-band wi-fi connectivity. Get faster with the smart wireless printer use through smartphones or PC. There are HP innovative applications to help in easy operation.


  • Super tank ink
  • Wireless connectivity through dual-band wi-fi
  • Two years’ ink included
  • Wide range of paper support


  • No USB connection available

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5. Epson Workforce WF-4730 Color Inkjet Printer Review

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Work smartly with Google Talk. The voice-activated Alexa option provides the ultimate premium taste while working with this Epson printer. Moreover, there are other wireless connectivity options, too, which allow printing through smartphones, PC, or tablets. The convenience of working ability increases with this ability. Besides, Epson focuses on quality print. The paper setting with the support and printing technology helps to print with the proper alignment and arrangement.

This printer is a perfect choice for heat transfer paper printing. Be it color or black printing, and this is another best printer for transfer paper. The color presentation will be vibrant and black texts will be sharp-edged and clear. This surprising color result is possible at low-cost ink. You will be able to print at a faster speed with 50% low-cost ink. There are more areas to work with different print media at different sizes. Two paper trays can hold 500 sheets of different sizes. These trays and feeders can support various print media. So, have the fantastic print quality fast.


  • 500 pages paper feeding capacity
  • Low-cost ink
  • Space-saving design
  • 35-page auto feeder


  • Must use Epson ink only

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6. Impresora HP Color Laser Printer Review

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To keep the security of your confidential papers or documents, you will use higher professional technology. This HP printer has the pin or pulls technology that keeps the file locked by the pin. If there is a chance of any theft, the threat notification will notify you to check your files. The auto two-sided printing technology allows printing without misusing the paper. You can print 28 pages per minute. This opportunity helps you to make plenty of prints quickly and impress your boss with your mistake-free job.

This printer has a wireless printing option and also USB printing. With the walk-up USB printing, you can print your PDF files or other Microsoft docs. This is another best color laser printer for transfer paper. With the help of a color touchscreen, scan an image or pattern or download from web pages and see them on display. Make some edit of you need. Now print it on transfer paper to set them on t-shirts or other print media. So, with this one machine, you can grow your business up to the next level.


  • Color laser prints
  • PDF printing
  • 250-pages input tray
  • Energy use efficiency


  • While working for long, paper jamming may occur

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7. Epson Workforce Color Inkjet Printer Scanner Review

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Epson workforce performs at best to make your experience smoother. There is no chance of any miss-placings. Your printed papers will get a better precision core result. Your clients will be happy after getting your prints. You will be able to print fast at a low time range. You can print 20 black pages per minute and ten pages per minute. So, you will not lag than the laser printer service. The color prints will be vibrant. This printer focuses on color presentation, and so you will be astonished to see the color placement.

If you are concerned about the cost, you can work with this printer worry-free in the long run. You will have the low-cost ink when the replacement need comes. This printer provides a similar printing speed as a laser printer but with 30% lower cost ink. You can select this printer matching your budget and interest. This machine is a strong machine to perform seamlessly for printing, scanning, and copying in terms of durability. It offers many fields to work. You will be able to practice your skill and also can use it for making a professional yield.


  • High print speed like lase laser printer
  • Precision core result
  • Refine color prints and sharp black prints
  • 250-sheet paper tray


  • Only Epson cartridge supported

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8. Canon PIXMA Business Color Photo Printer Review

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Produce stunning quality prints with the Canon PIXMA. This printer creates print output at a higher resolution. You can make 9600 by 2400 dots per inch color pages and 600 by 600 black and white pages. So, you can impress your client by presenting high-quality work. It will enable you to make some extra money by increasing the price of your superior quality job.

The canon printer has many positive printer for transfer paper reviews for its extra-advanced printing head technology. Canon re-engineered their printer to make them advanced, which can allow offering smoother printing options. They include a photolithography inkjet nozzle to create a premium quality print head, reducing the chance of printhead clogging. These printheads place inks on the right angle of the paper and make glorious photos. There are 4096 color nozzles and 1024 black nozzles. So, there are many options to make premium prints.


  • Various operating system compatibility
  • Five individual ink system
  • Automatic page feeder
  • Photolithography print nozzles
  • Noise-free mode available


  • One-sided printing available only

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9. Epson WF-7710 Wide Format Color Inkjet Printer Review

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If you want to make precision core printing in a larger format, you can go for this printer. This Epson printer will allow you to perform better without making any misplacing of your maps or drawings. You will be able to produce fine-finished large maps, blueprints, drawings, plans, etc. With the professional output, the working ability will increase. This printer allows printing large images with lustrous color on glossy photo paper in terms of photo printing.

The Epson printer supports 13 by 19 inches printing with borderless settings accurately. This allows making posters, banners, or large format billboard posters. Now, you can take the big-budget projects to perform at best. You do not have to worry about the performance. You will have a great experience. The friendly nature of this printer has a 250- page paper tray to speed up the printing job and increase the continuity. The two-sided auto printing also increases the speed. So, take loads and do more printing. With the touchscreen operation option, continue printing for a more extended period.



  • Need time to adjust the print layout

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10. Brother Multi-functional Mobile Inkjet Printer Review

[amazon fields=”B07C4V4WWF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

We have found that they like this brother printer a lot from the printer for transfer paper reviews. With this printer, you will have many options to keep your files or papers safe. There are AirPrint service, Mopria, Google Cloud print, etc. All these opportunities allow keeping the secret a secret. Keep hidden your confidential file and print your own when you need them only.

There is wireless connectivity which shows a new era of modernism in the working field. Simply connect your device to your printer. Be it Android phone, or PC, or Laptop, or you may have Mac or iPhone, you can work from your devices. Your entire family can stay connected with this printer and work seamlessly. Cloud connectivity increases the working area. It allows you to keep your documents in Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc., and then print directly from the cloud services.

This printer has a 100-sheet capable tray to make smoother paper handling. It allows printing versatile paper sizes from letter to legal dimensions. There is also an auto paper feeder to increase operational continuity.


  • AirPrint and Mopria ability
  • All-purpose printer
  • Wireless and cloud printing
  • Auto document feeding option


  • Need al, the ink cartridge full for running the printing

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Final Words

Transfer paper or heat transfer paper is the medium to transfer printed designs and patterns on many print media. You can make unique things with these printers using the transfer paper. If you have a t-shirt business, you know the need for these printers.

You may need a wide format or regular transfer paper printer. You can check this page full of the best printer for transfer paper and buy a printer without any tension. You will be amazed at the performance.

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