The 10 Best Projector for Dorm Room [Recommended]

Dorm life could be boring. So are you looking for a projector for your dormitory room? If only you would brush through this review. We have projectors of all kinds and quality. The appliances come with a high-resolution picture and perfect sound system. It is life. The choice is yours from a wide range of the best projector for the dorm room.

The list below of the best 10, will allow you to see the various options you have in terms of size, technical features, portability, and all other expectations you have to enjoy your dorm life. Our effort is to guide you to the most suitable projector for you.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Projector for Dorm Room

Top 10 Best Projector for Dorm Room Reviews

1. Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p Projector Review

Key Features:

  •         Full HD
  •         Large images
  •         Built-in speakers
  •         Wall mount type
  •         Works in 315Watt
  •         3100 Lumen brightness
  •         HDMI interface for hardware connectivity

The Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p 3 is a fantastic projector appreciated for its brightness and speakers. The screen is wide with life-sized pictures of 300 inches. The images show at a larger 25x than a panel 60 in. flat screen and on any blank screen.

The brightness of light from this projector is 3100 lumen of colored or white light. The liquid crystal technology or LCD technology, where a reflector or backlight produces colored or monochrome images. The light has an amazing rainbow color effect. A great convenience of the projector is that you can attach it to a streaming device such as a TV to watch your favorite show on a large screen. The resolution of the image is full HD identified by 1080p (pixels).

This Epson projector is wall mount type requiring 315Watts electrical energy to operate. It requires a 2x HDMI port to connect to the streaming device. The ideal distance of the projector from the focusing area is about 19. 0 feet. The projector is also Blu-ray friendly, allowing you to display from high definition video.


  •         Powerful projector
  •         Adjustable to a streaming device
  •         Bright colored and monochrome projection


  •         None

2. VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector Review

Key Features:

  •         Powerful
  •         Mini, Portable projector
  •         High contrast
  •         Added Cooling and sound suppression device
  •         100% guaranty and warranty for3 years

The VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector is a projector by MStar, with a huge contrast ratio (6000:1). The portable projector projects at 1080p and have a lamp life of 40000 hours. As the screen size is only 170 inches, the VANKYO LEISURE is one of the best mini projectors for dorm rooms. The upgraded version of this projector provides over 40% brightness by the LED lights compared to the ordinary projectors.

This multimedia projector is perfect for watching TV shows, videos, games, or for sharing pictures. You can conveniently hook the projector to your smartphone or X-Box, to enjoy movies or games on a bigger screen the optimum projecting distance is 6.5 feet, the pictures and colors are very impressive from this range and the same experience of big screens. For carrying and storage, the projector comes with a convenient bag.

To great advantage, the VANKYO projector features a cooling system that disperses heat and noise suppression mechanism making it noise-free. To assure the buyer that it is a product of an excellent company, the appliance comes with a 100% reimbursement guarantee and a warranty of 3 years. It also supports technical and customer service. However, the projector is not suitable for a PowerPoint display.


  •         Long lamp life
  •         Superior watching quality
  •         Smartphone and another device friendly
  •         Cooling and sound suppression device


  •         Not suitable for PPP

3. FANGOR 6500 Lumen 230″ Portable Movie Projector Review

Key Features:

  • 230” screen
  • High resolution
  • Weigh 2.8 pounds
  • Multiple connectivity
  • In-built sound system

Would you like to watch movies as you were in a home theatre? The 1080P HD Projector, FANGOR 6500 Lumen is a movie projector you will appreciate having. The 230 inches screen displays with high resolution with HD 1080p incorporated. The contrast ratio is also high with a 6-layered high refraction glass lens, allowing you to enjoy your video to the brim.

The projector is compatible with many devices such as Bluetooth, WI-Fi, AV, HDMI, SD, VGA, and USB port. This is a great convenience in hooking to Laptop, TV box, Tablet, Flash drive, and other devices. The wireless connected built-in speaker gives pleasurable sound to your joy. FANGOR has 10 years of experience and promises product service of need. This portable projector is easy to carry as the company has added a carrying bag to the package.


  • Worth the money
  • Easy to carry bag
  • Quality sound system
  • Compatible with many OS


  • Wi-Fi connectivity sometimes troublesome

4.GooDee HD Outdoor Video Projector Review

Key Features:

  •         Hi-Fi Stereo
  •         Giant display
  •         Multiple connectivity
  •         Outdoor Movie Projector
  •         In-built cooling system
  •         Noise reduction technology

The GooDee 2021 Upgrade HD Video Projector is one of the best outdoor projectors for watching a movie with ease. The 1080p and 230 inches screen projects with over 80% brightness than the other standard projectors. It works very well outdoors or in slightly lighted places. Therefore, you can enjoy movies from this home theatre in your backyard, garage, or even when your dorm’s playground.

The distance from the screen is optimum at 10 feet. The two, 3W speakers are built-in. The projector features a perfect cooling system with the added advantage of an innovative noise reduction mechanism. You need not worry about replacing the bulb as it has an extended life. A great convenience is an easy connectivity to your TV stick, Tablet  PC, iPad, Laptop, smartphones, and even external speakers. The GooDee 2021projector also comes with factory support of 5 yrs. If it does not satisfy you, the company will replace or refund you within 2 months of purchase. A great satisfaction!


  •         Portable
  •         High bulb life
  •         Great home theatre
  •         Factory warranty 5years


  •         None

5. BIGASUO [2021 Upgrade] Bluetooth Full HD Projector Review

Key Features:

  •         Bluetooth speaker HDMI connectivity
  •         DVD player in-built
  •         Upgraded technology
  •         Compatibility with multiple devices

The BIGASUO [2021 Upgrade] Bluetooth Full HD Projector uses HDMI technology and is a portable mini projector. The 1080p support ensures a colorful and clear screen image. The BIGASUO is a DVD projector with a picture resolution of 720p, no the disc plays without an external DVD player.

The built-in stereo gives pleasurable sound with the scenes and muses the environment. Wireless connection is likely with other Bluetooth devices. The projector supports multiple almost all devices (CD, VCD, etc.). It is also compatible with many ports that allow you to watch from your TV box, PC, or Laptop. The company offers a 3yr warranty and money-back assurance if it does not satisfy you.


  •         Excellent image
  •         Good sound system
  •         3-yr warranty
  •         Guaranteed money-back service


  •         Not compatible with Blu-ray DVD

6. Hompow High Brightness Movie Mini Projector Review

Key Features:

  •         176” display
  •         1080p Tabletop
  •         50,000 lamp life
  •         Small, with carrying bag
  •         Compatible with many devices
  •         Only requires 48 milli watt

The 1080p supported mini projector aids in viewing movies from the comfort of your dorm. The hardware interface of the projector is VGA and USB port supported. Your android, smartphone or iPhone directly connects to MHL cable, so you can share your videos and photos. It is also the best iPhone projector for a dorm room.

There is also options to hook to your convenient more than one multimedia devices like notebooks, TV sticks, PC, DVD, USB disk, and many more. As the HOMPOW is a minimum watt projector for dormitory room as it requires only 48 Milli watt. Further, the projector is portable and noiseless. A carrying bag that comes with the project allows easy portability, more so because of the small size.  With 1080p and 50,000-hrs of lamp life, home viewing is stress free and as enjoyable as a home theatre.

Although small, you do not have to sacrifice the brightness, as it is 80% brighter than other standard projectors. The projector also offers easy adjustment to fine viewing. A great advantage is the 2-yr free service and cost free replacement.


  •         Cheaper to maintain
  •         Perfect for dorm room
  •         Less power consuming
  •         Supports multiple devices


  •         MHL cable not included

7. QKK 2021 Upgraded 6000Lumens Mini Projector Review

Key Features:

  •         Mini projector
  •         Adjustable projection and display
  •         Comes with 3-yr 100% guarantee
  •         Good for outdoor and indoor viewing
  •         Hardware with USB, HDMI, and VGA system

The QKK 2021 Upgraded 6000 Lumens Mini Projector is a perfect projector for watching movies outdoors and indoors. At night, you will enjoy the bright colors because of Lumen 5000. The projector has a double mounting system, a ceiling mount, and a tripod. With these conveniences, of indoor viewing with QKK, 2021. The upgraded projector is one of the best projectors for the dorm room.

The resolution of this projector is the highest, with an excellent contrast ratio and a lamp life of 50,000. The distance from the projector to the viewing wall ranges between 1.5 to 5 meters, and the display is between 32 and 176 inches. A great mechanism for adjusting to distance without compromising the picture quality.

This QKK brand multimedia is the only one that offers two flash drives with a 2 USB port. The many ports make it compatible with few devices including the smartphone. Yet, the wireless for HDMI is not included in the package. We expect it as a great appliance for home and dorm viewing of movies and games.


  •         Bright image
  •         High resolution
  •         Multi-device friendly


  •         Not suitable for PPP
  •         HDMI wireless gadget not included

8. APEMAN LC350 Mini Projector Review

Key Features:

  •         5-yr warranty
  •         LED life 55,000
  •         3 mounting type
  •         Multiple interfaces
  •         Multi fan, 2 speakers

Did you want a projector, which would not need a replacement bulb for years? Here is the APEMAN LC350 Mini Projector that has a LED life of 55,000. It also has triple system mounting with facilities to place it in the ceiling, tripod, or tabletop. The APEMAN brand only needs the support of 55Watts. This projector‘s tabletop option makes it an ideal projector for your dorm room.

The projector generates a bright image, 70% higher than other standard projectors. The full HD support with a maximum display size of 18 inches is excellent for watching movies with family and friends. Further, the in-built dual speakers connect to the external speaker producing excellent sound.  The APEMAN projector operates with multiple interfaces. Both equipped with a button and remote control, you will enjoy this projector as your ultimate friend in your dorm.


  •         Bright image
  •         Silent viewing
  •         Remote control
  •         No worries for batteries


  •         Does not support digital sound

9. DBPOWER L21 LCD Video Projector Review

Key Features:

  •         3 mounting system
  •         Includes carrying bag
  •         Many connectivity
  •         Warranted for 3 years
  •         VGA and USB interfaced
  •         Advanced LED technology

The DBPOWER L21 LCD Video Projector displays images with outstanding brightness with the addition of 4.3 inches LCD. Because of the high resolution and contrast ratio, it is an excellent mini projector. With a 40-200” display, the image is perfect from a 1-5 meters distance.

This projector is also compatible with many devices. But, it requires a dongle for connecting to Wi-Fi. The in-built speakers will soothe you with an excellent sound system. The cooling system prevents the rise of temperature due to the heated bulb.

The great advantage, the package includes a carrying back and a tripod stand. It also has the mechanism to mount it on the wall, ceiling, or place it on a tripod stand. You will love it for the picture and sound quality.


  •         Portable
  •         Excellent images
  •         Reliable sound system
  •         Efficient cooling technology


  •         Not suitable for PPP, Excel
  •         Does not include HDMI adapter

10. Crosstour Mini LED Movie Projector Review

Key Features:

  •         Dual speakers
  •         Mini projector
  •         Long Lamp life
  •         Full HD mechanism
  •         Weighs only 0.89 kg.
  •         Wide compatibility with devices

Did you want to find some more projectors, which offer more options? You should not miss out the Crosstour Mini LED Movie Projector. The remote control system allows a relaxing view on the large screen. With the Full HD mechanism, it provides softer light than other projectors. The screen ranges from 30 to 176 inches and dual speakers. Further, it has wide compatibility with many devices aided by many ports in the appliance.

The mini-size projector is also lightweight. It mounts on the tripod stand but also has a remote control for relaxed viewing. Accessories include AV cable, HDMI cable, and AC adapter. The lamp life is 15 years (55,000-hr). The best part is that this projector is easy to install. The remarkable audio and video will make dorm life enjoyable!


  •         Lightweight
  •         Large screen
  •         Accessories included
  •         Excellent audio and video


  •         None

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Projector for Dorm Room

Dorm life means sharing a room or having a small space. Despite that, each of you wants to have some time away from studies or the hubbub of people in a dorm. One of the different ways to do that is to have the best projector for the dorm room.

The space you have in your dorm is very small. However, technology has advanced so much that it is now possible to have mini projectors at affordable prices. However, the market is now proliferated with many brands and with varied options. Although, finding a projector as good as watching a movie in a theatre may be a tough job.

This buying guide aims to make shopping for a projector for your dorm easier and enjoyable.

  • Audio and video

The foremost trait you would want in the projector is excellent viewing and fantastic sound. Therefore, the projector should have all the technologies to make the images bright and real. The brightness determined by the lumens is an indicator; the higher the lumen the brighter are the images on the outer screen. The resolutions also aid in the sharpness of the pictures. The high resolution comes with high pixels.

Best Projector for Dorm Room

To enable the best and accurate listening, the HDMI output of the speaker is important. You may see the catalogs on the specificity of the HDMI on each of those projectors.

  • Compact, Portable, and Light Weight

You must projectors be sure that your projector is compact because the space in your dorm is by far less than you would expect in your home. Of course, dorm life is also mobile, so the projector must be lightweight for easy movement. Perhaps you would want one with a carrying bag to make your life easy.

best mini projector

  • Lamp life

All of us want to have a projector that will not make you find a lamp, the foremost device to operate a projector. While buying the projector, check out the lamp life. The highest 50000 hours and runs for more than 15years.

  • Accessories

Having accessories is a good way of saving money. Some include extra cables, tripod stands, remotes, or dongle for Wi-Fi connectivity. It is always nice to have those, in the case or the other setup does not work.

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Final Verdict

A clear understanding of what you need is important. The best projector for the dorm room will only be best if a guaranty of service and longevity offers to exist with the projector. A compact, sleek with perfect cooling, and the sound-free system would be enjoyable. The review will help you choose the projector as per your expectations. Good luck!


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