Top 10 Best Slide Scanner Reviews [Mac Compatible]

When you have a bundle of old photos, slides, or negatives, you will need a slide and film scanner. There is plenty of slide scanner, and you can get one for you quickly. The slide scanner can scan the photos and provides several edit options to change your old memories into a digital and modern colored look.

There best slide scanner has lots of features that modify the images of films or slides. You can add colors, change the brightness level, noise, and tilt. Some scanners can copy, duplicate, move your images. You can store images in the scanner and get the output when you want. So, have a scanner and create memories back.

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What To Look For Before Purchasing Slide Scanner for Mac

There is plenty of slide scanner in the market. Finding the best slide scanner is quite tricky. Before buying a slide scanner, you should look for some features. Know the key points of a slide scanner.

  • Resolution of Image

Slide scanner’s quality of images depends on the resolution after taking the picture to the scanner. It is measured by the number of pixels or dots of the captured image. The measuring unit is dpi (dots per inch) or PPI (pixels per inch). The higher dpi, the higher the full quality image.

best slide scanner

  • Color bit

Color bit means the information taken per pixel of the image. The more information scanner can take, the more of the color bit and the higher quality of the scanned image. The best slide scanner can take photos in 16 bits and then read them in 48 bits. So, look for the color bit capacity.

  • Dust and Scratch Reduction

Most of the top-rated slide scanners have this dust and scratch reduction properties. Just scan and have the digital image in your scanner without any dust or scratch.

  • Connectivity

The slide scanner reviews have proved that most customers prefer all types of connectivity in one scanner. The USB connections, PC compatibility, and MAC compatibility, etc., all help in easy operation.

  • Dynamic Range

Dynamic range is the difference between the darker and lighter tone of the image. It captures and records this difference and changes it as you want. The higher the dynamic range, the better-quality scanner can offer.

These factors are the most necessary to check while buying a slide scanner. So, observe the scanner closely before buying.

Top 10 Best Slide Scanner Reviews

If you are looking for a slide scanner, then look below list of the best slide scanner reviews. You will find detailed information about every scanner.

1. Kodak SCANZA Digital Slide Scanner Review

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Kodak is the best slide and negative scanner that perform robust negative film scanning. A wide variety of negative sizes is adaptable to convert the slides to JPEG digital photo files. The adaptable negative sizes are 35 mm, 110 mm, 126 mm, super 8 & 8 mm. so, you will get various options for converting film to photo through this kodak.

When you have loads of scanning jobs, this kodak slide scanner will support you with multiple films inserting and adapting opportunities. This is easy to use and flexible operation scanner machine. There is one big button that serves both scans and saves operation with one touch and one-step process. The LCD provides the ability to preview your images or photos, and you can edit those photos too. There are brightness editing options, tilting, adjusting colors, etc., functions to modify your output.

With the scanner, you will get lots of extras, including inserting trays, directory, brose gallery, SD card support up to 128 GB, USB cable for Mac and PC, AC adapter, HDMI cable, film cleaner brush, and video cable.


  • Conversion of negative to JPEG within a couple of seconds
  • 5 inches TFT LCD to operate the scanner
  • Adjustable brightness, display, RGB colors, etc.
  • Various cables and adapter included


  • Converting size is limited to recommended sizes
  • SD card is not included

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2. Plustek Optic Film Slider Scanner Review

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Plustek comes with a fantastic slide and negative scanner that produce ultra-quality full photos out of it. It just scans 35mm film and creates 7200 dots per inch resolution. This capacity ensures vivid colored and delicate images. You can make a full-frame DSLR camera photo out of this scanner because it makes output with a resolution of up to 68.9 megapixels. So, without having a DSLR, you can create DSLR type image of yourself.

The plustek scanner can take pictures of dust and scratches. It optimizes the obstacles and modifies as you want. There is no need for post-processing while taking pictures from dust and scratches. If your images are blur or dark, the Plustek scanner can change this to the dynamic range’s lighter and natural photo. It can modify the dynamic range of the picture up to 3.91 D.

The HDRi functionality can capture the detailed image information into 64 bits for color and 32 bits for the black and white file. The color correction takes a shorter time and creates perfect output without any repeated canning operation.


  • High quality scanned photo prints at 36 × 24 inches
  • DSLR type image quality with high resolution
  • Color modification option in detail
  • Laser soft Imaging
  • HDRi function to take an image at high power


  • Quite expensive

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3. Kodak Slide and Film Scanner Review

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With kodak slide film scanner, you can take the photos as it is. If you do not want any modification and need an exact old version of a picture, then kodak will scan the correct photo type. When you want to modify it, you can do it easily.

Kodak saves the photo in digital format, and then you can edit the size, type, color, brightness, and you can assign a date and time. Editing operation is super easy with a one-touch option. There are no complicated screens to make the settings. Quickly scan with one button tapping and then choose the editing option if you want to edit.

There is fast loading tray to collect images continuously and quickly. The holder is 50 mm in diameter, and the adapter can adapt 135-, 110-, and 126-mm films. There are USM cables, HDMI cables, and a cleaning brush with the scanner set. You will get the 5 inches LCD and the gallery mode to edit all functions. The display is crystal clear to see the preview. The preview is shown from a different angle. You can share different frames to set the picture. So, make your picture how you want.


  • Scan instantly and save to digital format within seconds
  • LCD with gallery mode
  • Quick feeder for the easy film loading
  • Single touch editing option


  • SD card not included

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 4. Wolverine F2D Saturn Microfiche Digital Scanner Review

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Wolverine negative slide scanner has a broad variety of film size scanning option. This scanner is powerful at 20 MP digital film taking that converts 35 mm, 127 mm, 120 mm, and microfiche films. It can be your pleasant memories of cherished moments, historical treasures photos, beloved family pictures, etc. All these memorable scenes will be new images, like with the 20MP digitizing machine. You can say it is the best slide to the digital scanner for powerful functions and high-quality output.

You have the 4.3 inches LCD that will preview your scanned image clean and clear, and it will show the adjustable feature editing options. You can easily change the color, display, and brightness with an excellent finish and gloss. This modification process does not need any software to be installed. There are a few buttons that will directly edit your image with some pushes. When the scanner takes the 120 mm picture, it can convert to several size ranges like 2.5 by 1.75 inches, 2.5 by 2.5 inches, 2.5 by 3.0 inches, and 2.5 by 3.5 inches.

So, make your image modifications of your old pictures with these wolverine scanner options.


  • Several films negative size scanner
  • 20 MP powered digital film scanner
  • inches color LCD
  • Quick loading adaptors


  • Work on 120 negatives only, not 120 slide

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5. Magnasonic 22 MP Film Slide Digital Scanner Review

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After scanning the slide or photos, you can view your scanned image directly on your scanner 5 inches display. You can see this preview on your PC monitor or TV by connecting the scanner to your monitor through an HDMI cable. The broader view will allow you to mark the modification you need. The editing is also an easy process. You can adjust the brightness, correct the RGB color combination, and flip and mirror directly from the scanner. There is no need for any software or applications.

The magnasonic can perform a broad-budget job with all-in-one options and high-quality output. There is an SD card slot of about 128 GB that can scan and save up to 20,000 images in the scanner. If you do not install the SD card, you can still store 50 shots on the scanner’s built-in memory. The fast-loading tray takes only 5 seconds to scan and instantly save. So, get your heavy-duty project and do it with the help of a magnasonic scanner.


  • Editing directly in the scanner without any computer support
  • Flip or mirror edit directly on the scanner
  • Creation of 22 MP digital image conversion
  • LCD monitor to operate the scanner


  • No SD card installed

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6. Plustek OpticFilm Negative Film Scanner Review

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Work with the Plustek scanner and create high resolution and posh quality image out of it. The Plustek is one of the best photo and slide scanner to make the result with 7200 dots per inch resolution and a 48-bit color finish. This Plustek scanner can produce top editing with unique super-updated technologies. The SRDx technology makes corrections to the film that are taken from the scratches. The AACO changes the darker area to lighter polish. These technologies are as such that they cannot affect badly on the mid-tones and the highlights.

Plustek brings a scanner that can take a black and white film, make sharp image quality, and scan Kodachrome film with vivid color. The scanner works with a 3.6D high dynamic range, which produces extra color removing darker shadows. So, to bring your memory to light, Plustek will be your best friend. It can connect with any windows and MAC OS. You only have to download the Plustek driver from the Plustek website.


  • 6 D Dynamic range
  • Plustek Quickscan and LaserSoft Imaging included
  • SRDx and AACO to correct and light image
  • Produce 69 megapixels picture


  • Software-based scratch removal cannot work professionally for the oldest pictures

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7. Kodak Mini Digital Slide Scanner Review

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When you search for a smalls-sized machine to scan your old photos and make a newer form of images, you can take up the Kodak miniature scanner. It will meet your small home purpose and also small office purpose. It will sit in a smaller space in your interior but works the same loads of job. This small-sized, it can take 110, 126, 135, and super eight negatives and creates clean and clear, sharp, and detailed image quality. It can take monochrome pictures, too, to turn them onto glossy finished images.

You may think of doing big-budget work. This kodak mini scanner can load multiple images to work faster with the best convenience. This is another best photo slide scanner to input detail colors to blurred old photos, sense images at 14 megapixels through SD card or mini-USB connections for the monitor interface. So, do the professional editing through the kodak miniature slide scanner.


  • All in one scanner to scan, view, edit, save, modify images
  • Produce pictures with high resolution and RGB color modification to add some color to older photos
  • 3 in 1 adapter
  • SD card support up to 32 GB


  • SD card not included
  • Only USB connectivity

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8. Magnasonic High-Resolution Digital Scanner Review

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Generally, a driver installation takes a relative hassle. Minimize the hassle using the magnasonic scanner. It does not need any driver to operate. Instead, the plug-and-play interface makes it easy to create modern photos out of the scanner box. The SD card slot increases the option to save more memory. Without an SD card, there is a 128 MB built-in-memory to save 100 of your photos instantly. The easy operation takes only 5 seconds to take a picture and save now.

You do not need any computer or android device support to operate the scanner. There is the built-in operative mode through the pushbuttons. Scan, save and edit your image directly in the scanner. The one-touch scanner takes the photos without any hassle. The 2.4 inches LCD monitor can display the image and showcase the options to edit the picture in a wide variety of possibilities. So, turn your older photos into the latest ones with only scanner support.


  • 22MP premium high-resolution digital photo maker
  • Built-in operation system and no need to have any PC
  • Easy to use LCD monitor and keypad
  • Built-in memory and SD card slots


  • Limited to recommended film type

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9. Rybozen Mobile Film Scanner Review

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If you need a scanner machine but cannot afford to buy a high costing scanner, then this Rybozen mobile scanner is ready for your support. This scanner is the perfect choice for you. There is a tray to hold the slide or negatives in which you have to insert the negatives or slides of your old photos. Then you have to place the mobile screen or lens on the hole. Then the mobile application for this scanner will scan the image with one clicking. It is easy to use format, and the scanner is foldable and space-saving. You can carry it smartly and take it anywhere you need.

With the smaller budget, Rybozen brings this option to perform as the best film and slide scanner. You can make higher resolution photos if your smartphone has the capacity. So, make new photos with a smartphone and this scanner at a low price.


  • 35 mm slides and negative scanner
  • Space-saving and travel-friendly design
  • Reasonable price
  • Mobile operation system
  • Rybozen application in mobile for free


  • Need high-resolution camera at mobile for editing and changing the photo into high resolution

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10. Digitnow 135 Film Scanner Review

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Digitnow comes with a small in size scanner that offers various operations after scanning and saving the photo. You copy, move, or duplicate with this scanner editing options. The scanner enables to modification image at an ultimate high-powered resolution at 1800 dots per inch. So, you will take your older memories, save them in the scanner, view them at the 2.4 inches LCD monitor screen, and edit as you want.

This automatic slide scanner has an adjustable slide feeder to mount the negatives easily. The whole editing option is more convenient comparatively. So, have the amaze using this Digitnow scanner and create fantastic photos.


  • Rapid slide scanner feeder
  • After digiting photos, multiple edit options
  • LCD screen to monitor the operation
  • Compatible with Windows XP, 7, to Mac OS


  • Convert only 35 mm film

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Final Words

If you have a slide scanner, you can produce lots of images from old photos. When you want to get back your old memories, these scanners work magic. You will set the pictures at the feeder tray, then it scans the photos and displays them on the screen.

There is a wide range of edit options, and you will modify your images to the ultimate taste. To get all the functional ability in your scanner, select one from the best slide scanner list.

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