Top 10 Best Sticker Paper For Printer [Expert’s Recommendation]

Using stickers has become a common practice to display your idea in words or pictures. Ready-made stickers with all kinds of messages are easy to find. They are also inexpensive. However, to have your ideas and thoughts or promotion of a product in your printing machine is enjoyable.

The sticker papers may be of a vinyl, glossy or matte finish. The quality of the paper should give the best find in laser or inkjet printers. Printing out the stickers and attaching them to any surface can be fun if you avail the best sticker paper for your printer.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 Best Sticker Paper For Printer

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Top 10 Best Sticker Paper For Printer Reviews

1. Milcoast Full Sheet 8.5″ x 11″ Review

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Highlighted Features

  • Adhesive strong
  • Multipurpose use
  • Glossy, white sheets
  • Comes in 3 size packs
  • Sheet size 8.5×11 inches
  • Waterproof, resist water splashes
  • Compatible with inkjet and laser printer

The Milcoast brand of sticker paper comes in packages of 100-200-1000 sheets are glossy bringing out the brightness of the colored prints. The white shipping stickers are of letter-size

with a laminated finish.

having adhesive. The sticker papers are suitable for multiple uses. The glossiness of the stickers makes them waterproof when stickers placed outside come across a shower. The prints on the glossy do not also smear.

These stickers are compatible with inkjet and laser printers, so if you have any of those printers you can print your labels easily. The adhesive at the back is strong, allowing the sticker to staying place for a long time. It is also great for printing your customized design.

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2. Online Labels White Matte Sticker Paper Review

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Highlighted Features

  • Comes in 100sheet back
  • The adhesive back has no liner
  • Paper size 8 x11inches
  • No slits at the back
  • Non-yellowing, permanent

The sticker paper comes in a pack of 100 suitable for labeling excellent prints. Those who love Matte finish will find it is also smudge-proof and does not undergo yellowing. The size of 8.5 x 11inch is perfect for a single full-sized label. The prints are permanent and smudge-proof.

You can use the laser or inkjet printer to print the labels with ease, so you do not need to buy a new printing machine. On the liners of the labels, there is no back slit. Therefore, these are the best sticker paper for Cricut adhesive cutting devices. The company also carries stickers with vinyl and a glossy finish.

Most of the common uses of this sticker paper is in DIY projects, shipping labels, plastic, and glass, metal, cardboard, tins and many more. The stickers come with a software and a code to activate a design.

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3. RBHK Store 100 Sheets Sticker Labels Review

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Highlighted Features

  • One standard size of sheets
  • Prints one sticker per page
  • Self-adhesive and permanent
  • Adaptable with inkjet and laser printer
  • 100 sheets of laminated paper in each pack

The RBHK brand is one size up than the other sticker papers comes in white with laminated finishing. The package of 100 sheets is good for 100 labels. The label size from each is at par with the accepted standards. The sticker paper is excellent for mailing, shipping, and product labels of all kinds.

You may love the sheets for their Matte finish but also laminated, which makes it waterproof. If you expose to water, you can wipe it off with a clean piece of cloth.

The sticker has strong adhesive at the back, which lasts for a long time. This combined with waterproof capacity makes the sticker resilient and long-lasting.

As the RBHK sticker is compatible with the commonly used printers, it is the best sticker paper for inkjet and laser printers. Therefore, the printer you have been using for other printing jobs is perfect for RBHK stickers.

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4. 9527 Product 100 Sheets Shipping Address Labels Review

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Highlighted Features

  • Standard page size 8.5 x11inches
  • Good for shipping and other labels
  • Adhesive strong enough to last long
  • Compatible with inkjet and laser printers
  • Pack sizes 100 to a highest of 5000 sheets
  • Peeling facilitated by 1/8 inch less size of the sticker

The 9527 Product is the brand of a sticker that you will have no trouble exfoliating the back. The white-colored sticker paper size is 8.5x11inches, but the sticker is 1/8th of an inch smaller than the sheet, to allow easy peel off. Because it is easy to peel and paste this the best sticker paper for a normal printer. There are 100 sheets in a package, one label per sheet.

The sheets are compatible with Laser and inkjet printers. The papers have a polished finish. The sticker paper has permanent adhesive, which sticks strongly to any surface. The packs also come from 100 to the highest of 5000, so you can buy the number of sheets as per the need of the project.

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5. iLable 8.5″ x 11″ Full Sheet Sticker Paper Review

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Highlighted Features

  • Strong adhesive
  • The pack size is 50-600 sheets
  • Compatible with tablet and android
  • Compatible with laser and inkjet printers
  • No need for electronic cutting as there is no slit back

BETCKEY has been the leading supplier of direct thermal labels meant for a range of compatible printers. Just like most of BETCKEY labels, iLable also offers many convenient features and a wide range of sizes. Among them, the most popular is the standard letter size of 8.5 by 11 inches.

It comes with a matte white surface that can fight off scratches easily. Besides, its adhesive is quite strong which lasts for a long time.

The stickers are compatible with tablets and Android, so you can create, sort, and print from these devices. The labels are also compatible with laser and inkjet printers. On purchase of the printer, you will also receive a free template and instruction manual.

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6. Paper Plan (20 Sheets) Clear Sticker Paper Review

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Highlighted Features

  • Vinyl transparent paper
  • Excellent for all kinds of prints
  • Compatible with an inkjet printer
  • Legal-size with strong adhesive
  • Comes with Neato labels software

The clear vinyl paper sticker of 8.5 x 11inches with Matte finish sheets. The stickers are transparent plain papers application for personalized DIY stickers, decals, and murals. The clear stickers are self-adhesive and much better with the improved quality. The stickers once place on any surface is tear-resistant. With such easy-to-use stickers, you can create a design, cut out and attach it to any surface. The package comes in 20 sheets is of vinyl sticker paper for an inkjet printer.

These clear sheets are the best sticker paper for an inkjet printer. It is also compatible with Printers and Silhouette crafting tools. To make the stickers more lively, software by the name of Neato Label can add text, images, and innovative backgrounds.

The Neato aids in customizing beer bottle labels, mobile phone skins, wine bottle labels, and many more.

The software can make stickers for parties, birthdays, and celebrations. All you need is your creativity to design. You can get your software online, which comes as a complement to the purchase.

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7. Neato Store Printable Transparent Sticker Paper Review

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Highlighted Features

    • Transparent papers
    • 10 sheet is a package
    • Comes with Neato software
    • Waterproof and tear-resistant
    • Perfect printing with inkjet and laser printer

This clear transparent sticker paper is very useful in labeling surfaces of many kinds of items. The 8.5 x11inch sheets come in a package of 10 sheets with permanent adhesive and resistant to tear. The stickers apply to any sold surfaces. This transparent sticker paper for an inkjet printer is also compatible with laser printers.

Although the labels are waterproof, water immersion would not be a good idea. With the Neato software, you can design, cut, and place any images and texts to make your labels stand out. There is no slit back, so it is very convenient to use a cutting machine. You can extensively use the software as the pictures and texts stand out perfectly as if printed and so no signs of the border of the sticker paper.

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8. Limia’s Care Store Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper Review

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Highlighted Features

      • Vinyl self-adhesive
      • Not good for t-shirts
      • High-resolution prints
      • Sticks on many surfaces
      • Damage and tear-resistant
      • Compatible with any printer

The brand name Limia’s Care is a vinyl sticker paper that comes in standard legal size. The makeup of this Decal paper is of high-quality waterproof material. The glossy, smooth finish brightens the picture and the text and attracts your attention, and is the best glossy sticker paper for a hp printer. The sticker paper is also adaptable to high-resolution printing in other brands of printers. The images come out sharp.

The sticker sheets are waterproof and self-adhesive, also the best vinyl sticker paper for printer compatible with any printer. The papers are also scratch and resistant to tear; there are no scratches or smudges. The colors come out perfect and enable easy shaping with any craft cutter.

The vinyl sticker paper has immense potential; it applies in any DIY projects, scrapbooks, home decors, car decals, bumpers, laptops, and many more. The stickers are great for sticking to surfaces like metal, plastic, wood, and any surface through which you want to convey your message. However, it is not the best to place on t-shirts.

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9. ZICOTO Store Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper Review

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Highlighted Features

      • Ink dries quickly
      • Excellent images
      • Very thin, durable
      • Used for any DIY projects
      • Good for many surfaces
      • ZICOO brand Vinyl paper
      • Compatible with a laser printer

The premium ZICOTO brand is the best vinyl sticker paper for a laser printer. The package comes in 15 glossy sheets, which are white and waterproof. The stickers serve multi-purpose use both inside and outside your home. The thickness of this paper is only 18 microns; it is invisible, adhesive, and highly durable.

The sticker paper absorbs ink very well with no smudges if you use an inkjet printer. Besides its impressive performance, the ink also dries up quickly. The decal prints and that of personalized DIY items come out with a sharpness that will attract your friends. Images are also excellent on any surfaces such as mugs, plastics, bottles, and business products with quick-drying and precision printing.

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10. JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Review

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Highlighted Features

      • Premium vinyl paper
      • Legal-size, Matte finish
      • Compatible with a UV spray
      • Waterproof and tear-resistant
      • Compatible with an inkjet printer
      • Comes with a lifelong guarantee

The JOYEZA Premium Printable comes with 20 sheets of Matte finish white paper. This vinyl sticker paper is of legal size. The super quality allows brilliant printing, holds ink perfectly, and resistant to water. Therefore, you can use these stickers both inside and outside the home with no chance of tear-off or scratches. Sealing with the UV-resistant spray boosts the durability and water-resistant quality of the sticker.

The Matte finish sticker is suitable for lettering, photo stickers, file folders, decals, wall quotes, and any DIY project promotion. The strikers are effortless to make out of this paper. You can cut by hand or a Cricut cutter machine to perfection. Peeling the back is fun, so does the glue make sticking to any surface with smoothness. The JOYEZA brand comes with a lifelong guarantee and is the best-rated sticker paper for an inkjet printer. The colors are vividly making the stickers an object of attraction.

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A Complete Buying Guide To The Best Sticker Paper For Printer

As you have seen in the review, the sticker papers are available in many varieties to make them suitable and long-lasting in the wide range of use of stickers in promoting your product. Many stickers are suitable for decoration with intuitive designs and texts that serve as entertainment. Therefore, one kind may not be perfect for the work you have at hand. We have for you some key issues you need to know about buying the best sticker for your printer.

  • The Size of the Sticker Paper

The size matters to enable handling and suitability to feed into the printer. Most come in the legal size of 8.5 x11 inches. For the industrial purpose, some small or larger sizes are available. For your creative outputs, you may find circular or other shapes.

best sticker paper for printer

  • Easy Peel off and Adhesive

Some stickers come with splits at the same that make peeling off easy. You may prefer the sticker without a slit, as they can easy to cut with any cutting machine. The type of back adhesives also varies. You do not want to struggle over the adhesive back to place them on any surface. Further, the adhesive should be long-lasting so that it remains on the surface for a long time.

Sticker papers also come in a plain, glossy, and matte finish, so you can choose the type that suits your particular project.

  • The Material of the Sticker Paper

Sticker paper comes in many materials. Besides, plain paper, they come from vinyl, polyester, and polypropylene. Vinyl paper is flexible and easy to paste around curved surfaces. The additional quality is that it can fight against UV radiation, and very suitable for using outdoor.

best sticker paper

Polyester gives a stylish look to the sticker. The finish is chrome like which is very attractive. The stickers last a long time both indoors and outdoors.

Polypropylene papers are solvent resistant and work well as a substitute for vinyl. They come in variations of white, silver, and chrome.

  • Compatibility to Printers

Almost all sticker papers are compatible and work best with sticker paper for a normal printer.  However, there are sticker papers that print well in inkjet, laser, canon, or HP printers. Multiple printer compatibility would be best when you want to purchase sticker paper.

Final Words

In buying the best sticker paper for the printer the guideline, we have focused on for you are important. For your stickers to look vivid and beautiful, a selection of the paper is important. Sticker papers are relatively less costly but vary in their quality. All the issues we mentioned of the type would also depend on the purpose of the use of the stickers. The best sticker paper for your printer would be the best buy. We wish you all the best!

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