Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners [Top 10 Picks]

Sublimation printing is the next level process to make high-quality designs on fabric, polyester, glassware, or mugs. The heat press system and sublimation process are pretty challenging tasks. If you know it, you know how important a sublimation printer.

Finding the best sublimation printer for beginners is a difficult job. All vital features must be included in the printer so that a beginner can get the necessary support. Check this page and get the best one from the list. There is a detail of every feature, making it easy to choose the right one for you.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

What to Check Before Buying Sublimation Printer for Beginners

For sublimating some designs on fabrics or other print media, you should choose the printer wisely. Careful when purchasing sublimation ink as you have to use a heat press system.

  • Ink and Paper Type

There are special ink and paper for the sublimation process. The sublimated inks are perfect for heat pressing on fabric or polyester. Some printers provide the sublimation ink and paper as a starter kit. You also will get this ink and paper from the brand of your brand as a replacement.

Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

In terms of paper, you should check if the printer supports the paper roll or rack as the sublimation paper comes as a roll. Sublimation ink comes like a ribbon or cartridge. Check the detailed supply of your printer.

  • Print Resolution

Sublimating design has to be of high resolution to set and show perfectly without any cracking. The print output should be 300 dots per inch resolution at least. If the resolution is 1200 dots per inch, then it is supper. The best sublimation printer for beginners has this quality-making feature.

best sublimation printer for heat transfer

  • Connectivity

If your printer has wireless or USB, or Bluetooth connectivity, your work will be easier to perform. You just take your time to set the design. Operation is much easier. You also can use cloud-based connectivity to run the process whenever you need. Just store the design on your cloud account.

best home dye sublimation printer

Check these features in your printer which you are going to buy.

Top 10 Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

We must check the features so that there will be no obstacle to making the right things. So, check these sublimation printer reviews below and find the right one.

1. Epson Super Tank ET-2760 Color Inkjet Photo Printer Review

Traditional ink cartridges create a burden of cost while printing. Sometimes, the cost of printed things increases for this reason, and in turn, it increases the entire cost in the market. Like some brands, Epson comes with the ink tank opportunity. These tanks offer a great option to minimize ink costs in the long run. These tanks have super-capability to hold a lot more ink. One ink tank can contain more ink than ink cartridges. Besides, the tanks are refilled from the bottles, which are super-loaded.

A bottle holds 90% more ink than cartridges. There is no need to change the cartridges, and it reduces the waste of ink cartridges. Filling tanks from bottles is a mess-free and spill-free option. If you are a beginner for printing jobs, especially sublimation printing, this Epson will be the right choice. You can produce loads of printing at a lower cost and grow your new business. If you are a learner, it is a great chance to practice more at this low ink cost.


  • Auto duplex printing technology
  • Flatbed scanner included
  • Cartridge free ink tank technique
  • High-resolution printing and scanning


  • The Paper tray is not so supportive

2. Brother INKvestment Color Inkjet Printer Review

The compact-designed Brother printer suits the small home office nicely. The intelligent design and structure become a decorative part. This printer re-engineered its design with ink cartridges that holds more ink, and there is also an internal ink tank that supports surprisingly. This option decreases the ink cost in the long run.

This printer supports various paper sizes. The paper handling options are also supportive for faster printing and easy handling. There are two paper trays, and they can hold 500 sheets. It minimizes the wasting of time by printing through these multi-purpose trays.

For the sublimation printing technology, this brother printer is so supportive that it can make high-resolution output. The printer set includes ink. You do not have to change ink cartridges for a year. So, as a beginner, you will have friendly support for one year. You do not have to lag. Just keep practicing and grow your skill.

As more support, this printer has a page gauge. The page gauge counts the number of pages that are remained to print with the remaining ink. So, it will be easy to find how many pages you can do now. For all these features, this is the best dye sublimation printer.


  • Extra ink in an internal ink cartridge
  • Eight ink cartridges included with the printer
  • Page gauge included
  • NFC connectivity available


  • Wireless connection is a must

3. Canon PIXMA Wireless Mobile Printer Review

The large format printer is the best for sublimation printing. This canon sublimation printer can print 11 by 17 inches. So, you will be able to sublimate print booklet layout, oversized posters, big images, billboards, maps, engineering drawings, blueprints, etc. The printer has the PIXMA feature to produce perfect color settings on the paper. The high-resolution quality of the print output will do a top-rated job. You will be able to grow up your business, or you can impress your boss.

For all supportive features, this printer is one of the best wide format sublimation printer. It offers five individual color ink systems to make vivid color presentations on images or color photos. Each color is clean and clear and mixes perfectly. You will be able to print by wireless technology through your smartphones, PC, tablets. Besides that, there are also USB and Bluetooth connectivity for close connection work.

This printer allows the AirPrint or Mopria to keep your documents safe pr hidden if there are some confidential papers. You will command to print whenever you want, but until then, these papers will be secret.


  • Five color Individual Ink system
  • Wide-format paper support
  • AirPrint and Mopria service included
  • Multi-page document feeder
  • Flatbed scanner


  • It takes time to warm up after a rest

4. Epson Eco Tank ET 2720 Color Inkjet Printer Review

If you are concerned about the ink cost, you can be worry-free using this Epson ecotank 2720 printer in the long run. Work with this printer and have the fantastic ink tank system. It minimizes ink cost by up to 90%. Ink tanks are capable of holding more ink than ink cartridges. The replacement ink bottle set carries ink which is included in 80 individual cartridges. Just use ink without any tension and, when needed, refill them from the ink bottles. Filling the tanks from the bottles is mess-free and spill-free.

If you can be tension-free for the ink cost, you do not have to stay behind anymore. Be you a beginner or an expert. It is easy to handle the operation with wireless connectivity and manage it for loads of printing jobs. The voice-activated Google talk is also available to work smoother. This voice talk seems like a posh job. Printing becomes fun. Besides, working with this printer, you can produce different things with lots of ink at hand. So, work more and grow your skill.


  • Two years’ ink included
  • Cartridge free ink tank system
  • Ultra-high printing capacity that can print thousands of pages
  • Eco Tank system


  • Third-party ink highly discouraged

5. HP Smart Tank 551 Mobile Remote Printer Review

Here is the HP sublimation printer to offer supportive features. Be faster with this printer in this fast world; it demands a quick job. So, why be slow while printing? Printing becomes a fun-making brilliant job. You will be able to print at high speed with the printer at 11 pages per minute. Take loads of printing jobs or big-budget projects and do the printing continuously. The HP smart app is there to help you with printing, paper handling, and ink supplying.

The reliable wi-fi connectivity lets you work with smartphones or PC. Connect with the printer and provide your command. Your whole family will be able to do their work through one printer. This HP printer supports different paper sizes from letter, legal-size to 8 by 10. So, you can create posters, leaflets, booklets, etc. Your working area will increase with this printer. There is a flatbed scanner too. Scan your old photos or documents, make some edits, and print. The result will be new and glossy.


  • Fast wi-fi connectivity
  • Support various paper sizes
  • High print speed
  • Voice activation included


  • HP start software is needed

6. Epson Workforce WF-7210 Large-format Color Inkjet Printer Review

Working on sublimation printing is fun. Not only it makes some money but also, it provides the option to work with different designs on fabric. This printer is the best Epson printer for sublimation printing for its attractive features. If you are a new designer, you will get the chance to practice a lot with the large format. You will be able to print broad designs for significant wall mates or posters. If you are starting your new business, you will find it helpful to take workloads.

This color printer produces extra-large designs on lab quality. If you are printing a document, you will find sharp and crisp texts. Photos will be shop quality. The precision core design and line alignment will suit a professional designer too. The large format sublimation printer is suitable for working with the heat and sublimation process. It will enable you to create lovely designs on t-shirts or other fabrics. 500-sheet tray with a rear feed tray allows working in several areas. Get this printer to increase your skill and produce a notable amount of printing jobs.


  • 13 by 19 inches printing format
  • Energy use efficiency
  • Versatile types of paper handling option
  • Precision core design placement


  • Cartridge setting may take time

7. Sawgrass Virtuoso Sublimation Printer with Sublimate Ink Review

You will have fun working with this sawgrass sublimation printer. This printer includes the ultra-HD sublimate ink to offer the best projection of ink on polyester or metal photo panels, or mugs, any sublimation blanks. So, this is a complete set to enable work instantly. Buy this printer and start your job immediately. There are sublimation papers too to support the base. Make anything with your design worry-free.

There is the creative studio to work with the edits on designs and sublimating jobs. The online designer software helps to set the design or pattern right. There is also a stock design library to take some design ideas. You can use those designs to make some unique things. But if you want to practice your creativity, you can take some great ideas on a design from the library. You can download a design and modify that to make it more unique. Have a great experience with the sublimation job with this printer.


  • Starter kit including sublimation paper and sublimate ink
  • Instant dry and no-smidge paper quality
  • Creative studio and software as a support
  • Design library


  • Cotton fabric is not supported

8. Brother INKvestment Sublimation Inkjet Printer Review

For better convenience, Brother re-engineered their printers. This printer has the INKvestment system through the ink tank system, which holds more ink than ink cartridges. You do not have to tense about the low ink time range. There is an internal ink tank to support the low ink time, and you will have a chance to refill your regular ink tanks while continuing your work. You will have another advantage, and that is a page gauge. Page gauge shows the ink status. You will find how many pages can be printed in the left ink.

This Brother printer supports almost all operating systems from Windows 7 to 10. Your device will be compatible with the printer anytime, and you can do all your printing smoothly. The wireless printing technology allows you to print from your mobile device. Your family members can use this all over sublimation printer. So, all of you can benefit from doing your job or practice the skill on this printer.


  • Extra internal ink storage tank
  • Google Cloud Print and AirPrint compatible
  • Intelligent page gauge
  • Color touchscreen display


  • May make some noise

9. HP Smart Tank Wireless Printer Review

Work with HP innovative application smartly. HP smart app helps in operating the machine smoothly without any mistakes. You do not have to hesitate to understand the printer. For a beginner, it is a perfect printer choice. This HP printer comes with the low-ink system- the super tanks. You have to fill the ink tanks and use as many days as you need. Filling tanks are an easy task, and the is no chance to spill ink. These ink tanks hold more ink than ink cartridges. So, you can use lots of ink and print one by one page.

This printer supports in all ways to sublimate print. There is enough space to heat and sublimate on t-shirts, bags, etc. you can make unique designs using this printer. You can be sure about the accuracy. The perfect placement of design lines and dots makes this printer the best sublimation printer for t-shirts. Encourage your creativity and produce more shirts or other things expressing your skill.


  • Super tanks hold more ink
  • Dual-band wi-fi connectivity
  • 35-page auto-feeder
  • Wide range of paper support


  • All the tanks need to be packed to print

10. Epson Expression Large Format Color Photo Printer Review

Epson comes with a professional photo printer that can produce wide-format photos or documents. This printer can make glorious photo resolution to blossom the photo view. Images will have ultra-high-definition quality with a borderless presentation. You will get the chance to make ultra-wide posters or billboards. This printer provides individual six-color Claria photo ink that encourages the color gamut and perfect color mixing.

Though you can produce lots of wide format prints, the printer is compact-designed to nicely sit in your small office room. To support different papers, there are rear paper trays with 50 sheets holding capacity. You can create wide format gift cards or other unique things by using the cardstocks. By sublimating, you will get wide format fabric printing. It can be a curtain, wall mate, etc. All these features made several positive sublimation printer reviews.


  • Ultra-HD quality photo prints
  • Six-color presentation
  • Compact design
  • Auto two-sided printing


  • Third-party cartridges are prohibited

Final Words

As a beginner, you will need the sublimation printer to be supportive enough to make your career in crating or art or engineering. Yes, if you are an engineer or crafter, you will have a unique idea to increase your creativity with the modern sublimation printer.

Determine how frequently you have to use your printer and how much ink or paper you need. Depending on that, choose a sublimation printer to grow up your business. You will see the best sublimation printer for beginners on this page. It helps you to select a perfect sublimation printer in a better way.


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