Best T Shirt Printer for Small Business [Top 10 Picks]

Do you concern about customizing your t shirt? Or do you like to make some designed t shirt to gift your loved ones? Then you should have a t shirt printer than getting your customization to outsource. Doing your t shirt from another enterprise is costly, and you will lose if you have to make several customized t shirts.

In the market, you will get plenty of t shirt printers to choose. Know the details of the features and get the best t shirt printer for you. You will be able to engage your creative design on your t shirt. You will also get the chance to do your own business. So, get your own t shirt printer and have fun working with that machine.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best T Shirt Printer for Small Business

What to Check Before Purchasing T Shirt Printer for Small Business

Some features can make the heat press work efficiently and increase productivity. So, you should check those features in your machine before deciding to buy them.

  • Design

There are three types of design for heat pressing- clamshell, swing away and Draw. Clamshell has a hinge design, a swing-away design that can rotate 360 degrees, and a draw-designed machine that directly access the working press. Swing-away design is better for increasing production, and the clamshell design is an easy operating design. Choose based on your requirement.

best t shirt printing machine

  • Automation

There is a manual and automatic machine. The automatic machine provides more flexibility and precision in work than the manual machine in this digital time. There is a semi-automatic design machine too. You have to set the time and do your pressing manually, but the temperature and the pressure setting are digitally set. You can choose depending on your working demand.

professional t-shirt printing machine

  • Space of Press

There is various heat press printer size in the market. The larger format is better for the heat press. It allows flexible handling, minimizer the chance of accidental touch, and you will be able to print the whole bedsheet or total t shirt at a time. It increases productivity.

digital t shirt printing machine

  • Temperature and Pressure Range

If the temperature and pressure range supported by the machine is extensive, it will allow working on more print media. Different print media need different temperature and pressure settings for the heat pressing of any design. Check them well.

Top 9 Best T Shirt Printer for Small Business

When the heat press printer has flexible and demandable features, our work becomes easy, time-saving, and efficient. That’s why you should check the detailed characteristics of the t shirt printer reviews and find the correct printer.

1. Fancierstudio Power Heat Press Digital Printer Review

Fancierstudio comes with a heat press machine that creates excellent designs or patterns based on the heat pressing system. This is the best printer for t shirt heat press for its quality development. This machine provides necessary features for better and safe printing on fabric and other print media. The board is coated with Teflon. It confirms that the material does not get adversely affected by the heat. The pressure is adjustable in this machine for the perfect printing process.

The silicone gel-based board of this machine is compact. You can keep it using only a tiny space. The opening is an upward model. It also saves working area. This machine can produce industrial-quality printing. You can be a prominent business owner with this machine. This machine is also one of the best printer for t shirt heat transfer printing. You can make designs on garments, bags, t-shirts, jigsaw puzzles, mouse mats, ceramic tiles, ID or badges, mates, etc. You will be able to make precise and accurate design placement and perfect design printing.


  • Wide-format heat press printer
  • Adjustable pressure and temperature control option
  • Compact design
  • Teflon coated base


  • Setting the fabric take time

2. Tusy Heat Press Sublimation Printer Machine Review

If you are a professional designer and use the sublimation heat press process for designing your things, Tusy has a perfect machine to support you in every way. This machine digitally heat presses on t-shirts, pillow mattresses, mouse mats, bags, etc. You will be able to transfer colorful patterns or designs on different print media, including textiles garments, cotton, vinyl heat transfer, htv, and other fabric. The wide-format of the machine supports any size up to 15 by 15. It increases the working options.

There is an LCD control manual on the machine to support safe work. You can set the electronic temperature and pressure as you need. The device will do as your command. This machine is another best printer for t shirt business because you can adjust the pressure depending on the fabric material and thickness. The perfection of heat press design on shirts depends on it. You can keep the machine in your big office to do plenty of printing or keep it in a small office room and o it is an excellent safety.

This machine has an anti-overheating feature. The device can dissipate heat when needed and then shut off automatically after getting overheated. This opportunity helps in avoiding the chance of fire occurrence, burning, and other accidents.


  • LCD for temperature and pressure settings
  • Wider format base
  • Pressure adjusting option
  • Anti-overheating advantage


  • Manually check is needed if the temperature is evenly spread

3. PowerPress Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine Review

PowerPress brings a sublimation t shirt printer for colorful printing. There is every possible feature for the perfect placement of the fabric or other print media. The temperature and pressure adjustment are easy and simple. There is a specialized aluminum heating plate for ensuring the even temperature spreading. You will be able to heat correctly as the aluminum plate is thick and provide heat instantly. The temperature stays stable as long as you need.

The silicone pad can take high heat up to 350 degrees. You can feel safe about your work. The design of the machine will keep your fabric safe and the place where you keep the device. There is an LCD to control the temperature and pressure. You can do the setting of the temperature and pressure digitally, and you do not have to check with hand if the temperature is even.

You do not have to check if the heating is done. The machine beeps to provide the signal of finished heating. The device has a dual electric system for protection from heat. All these safety measures and other reliable features make it another best rated t shirt printer machine.


  • Wide-format printing press
  • Better adjusting option for temperature and pressure
  • Teflon coating on the heating board
  • Convenient safety measures


  • A manual is needed but not included

4. F2C Pro Digital Heat Transfer Sublimation Printer Review

F2C added a superb sublimation t shirt printing printer. You can rotate this machine 360 degrees to help in the flexible handling of the device and do your job smoothly. You will have fun working on a wide format. The area is about 12 by 15 inches, and you will get a wider area to work efficiently. You can transfer colorful pictures, logos, signs, symbols, and characters on ceramics, cotton, glasses, flex, nylon, chemical fiber, and textiles. This machine offers a professional and industrial-quality work facility.

This printer allows printing digitally not only on t-shirts but also on hats, pads, and mugs. There is aluminum alloy for a better heating spread and constant heat on the plate. The LED digital control panel allows making easier operation with the perfect temperature and pressure control. The printer machine comes with a hat, mug, plate attachments. You will get the customizing ideas and opportunities instantly. This offers better practice benefits.


  • 12 by 15 pressing format
  • Swing-away handling option
  • Digital LED control
  • Variety of colorful transfer on different media


  • Need to adjust the machine placement carefully so that it cannot move

5. SURPCOS Heat Transfer Sublimation Printer Machine Review

SURPCOS brings another great addition of custom t shirt printer machines to the market. With the smooth adjustment and flexible handling, you will have fun working with this machine. There are supportive features for a beginner and also for an expert. The Teflon coating of the heat board helps in the perfect placing of the fabric or other print media. Heat is ideally spread over the pressboard to bloom the colorful design on the fabric.

This machine provides the option to control the temperature and the pressure in small increments. It supports different material thickness and material type. You can sing the device to any side. It can be rotated 360 degrees. It allows working flexibly. You will get the chance to reduce accidental contact. With the printer, you will get a cap press, a mug press, and two plate presses. With these things, you can start your work right after buying this printer. The versatility of print media support encourages a variety of printing.


  • Teflon coat on board
  • Temperature and pressure adjusting option
  • Swing-away design
  • Steel base for the high portability


  • The printer should include a manual for easy understanding

6. Super Deal Pro Digital Sublimation Printer Review

Suppose you’re a craft lover or artist, your will like this Super Deal heat press machine. This is another best t shirt printer machine. You will have fun working with this supportive printer. You can press and apply letters, symbols, numbers, letters, and colorful images on the fabric, garments, mats, bags, jigsaw puzzles, tiles, flat surfaces, and plates. So much print media support will allow you to show your creativity from various angles.

The swing-away design of the machine allows you to work faster and precisely. The machine rotation for 360 degrees helps in flexible printing and machine handling. There are Teflon coats to keep your things safe on heat. You can set the timer and control the temperature and pressure through the support of a digital LCD. The handle press allows the even temperature to spread over the machine. This high-quality t shirt printer perfectly applies colors, and there is no uneven setting of the color. So, you can grow your t shirt designing machine comfortably.


  • Many print media supported
  • Swing-away design
  • Flexible temperature control
  • Non-stick surface and Teflon coating


  • Less manufacturer’s warranty

7. RoyalPress Professional Multifunction Combo Printer Review

If you are worried about your t-shirt for burning doubts, you should know that RoyalPress comes with the industrial t shirt printer to ensure cotton and other fabric safety. Teflon coating on the pressboard to keep the cotton, fabric, garment safe from overheating. You can customize any design with glorious colors on your t shirt. You will be able to make some gifts with this printer for your friends and kin.

The easy operation of the press machine allows you to do your own business. The machine provides the option to set the timer as your need in the perfect way. The temperature control option makes the proper and even temperature spread over the heatboard. The color LED offers many opportunities for controlling every setup. You can control the pressure digitally with this LED. There is a triple counter function too for better control over the process of heating and pressing.

This machine is a large format pressing machine that has a 12 by 15 inches wider base. You will b able to count your printing by the digital LED for smooth production. The device can press and count 999 shirts or fabric or print things. So, you can increase your business by using this machine.


  • Teflon coating for the safety of the garment
  • Wier format pressing
  • Temperature and pressure control by LED
  • The counter range is up to 999


  • No starter press sample is included

8. Smartxchoices Pro Rotative Digital Heat Press Printer Review

Working with Smartxchoices printer maintains the safety at best. The design of the printer is as such that can offer the manual safety measure. There is a built-in structure that keeps the flatness solid and robust. There is also the thermal coating to protect from overheating. It will minimize the accidents that may occur for the overheating. You will see a pad that is 4 feet long, and it supports the base strongly. Your machine will stay stable for this pad, and the device will not tip over even if you set this aside for the pressing process.

The swing-away design allows the machine to move at a 360-degree angle. There is a multi-spring to provide the pressure with the knob, and it makes it easy to adjust the printer height and flexible handling. You will press thick materials under the cover and safely press heat to transfer any colorful design. This printer is one of the best t shirt printers, but you also can print on pads, coasters, puzzles, fabrics, lettering materials, tiles, plates, etc. lot. With this heat transfer, you will quickly get one mug press, one hat press, and two plate presses.


  • A wide range of variety for pressing support
  • Flexible rotation design
  • Long pa at the rear side for the better safety
  • Thermal protective coating


  • Mug pressing can be difficult

9. F2C Digital Heat Press Sublimation Printer Machine Review

F2C comes with a heat press machine that has a non-sticky pressboard. There is no need for any Teflon coat or a silicone sheet. The non-sticky area keeps the things, including fabric and garments, safe from overheat. You will be able to avoid the accidental burning of your hand or an accidental touch. There is aluminum alloy for even heat spreading. You have to detach this aluminum cradle while pressing the mug, plates, pads, and hats.

The larger 12 by 15 heating press allows customizing t-shirt. It will be easy to transfer colorful images, labels, symbols, and characters on t-shirts by sublimating. This printer supports flex, cotton, nylon, chemical fiber, etc. You will find big fields to work in different media.

The heating plate of this machine is flat, and it helps in even temperature and pressure control. After adjusting the pressure, press the appliance on your fabric, and the pressure will evenly distribute. All these functions will make a perfect and precise design on the print media. With the printer, you will get the plate, hat, and mug attachment.

You can begin your job instantly. Many t shirt printer reviews talked about this printer positively, and they like this printer for the best support.


  • The printing surface is non-sticky
  • 360-degree rotation design
  • Flexible pressure knob for even pressure on board
  • Adjustable temperature


  • A manual should be included

Final Thoughts

Creating an attractive design on your t shirt using your creativity is a fantastic task. Yes, you will have great fun working with the heat press machine and transferring the design on the t shirt. There are many supportive features in the heat press machine at present.

Find the best t shirt printer and make unique shirts for you and your family friends. This will give profound pleasure. If you are going to start your t-shirt producing business, these printers will help you in many ways with helpful features.

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