The 10 Best Thermal Printer for eBay and Amazon [Updated]

In the professional world, printing labels, tickets, and barcodes is a continuous process. The shipping labels with huge address and barcodes is a heavy-duty work for a printer. The thermal printers come with many features that accommodate the requirements of 4XL printing. Finding the right thermal printer may sometimes seem hard, as the market of electronics is flooded with many kinds.

However, you would need the one that suits your personal or business needs. With consideration of the efficiency, the cost of management, the functionality, and the quality, we have brought forward to you the 10 best thermal printers.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Thermal Printer for eBay and Amazon

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Top 10 Best Thermal Printer for eBay and Amazon

1. ROLLO Commercial Grade Direct Thermal Printer Review

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Key Features

  • Commercial grade
  • Monochrome thermal
  • Advanced Direct Thermal

Are you looking for a commercial-grade printer to take care of large-size printing orders? The ROLLO Label Printer is a popular monochrome high-speed printer that will satisfy you. This printer works with Thermal Direct technology with added UPS labels.

With no ink or toner, the Advance Direct Thermal capability of this ROLLO thermal printer creates prints of 1 shipping label/second or 150mm/s. It prints high-quality labels for markets like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Baerdode printer, and others. It also supports shipping platforms such as ShipStation,, ShippingEasy, Endicia Dazzle, Shippo, Ordoro, and more.

The compatibility of the printer with recent versions of Mac and Windows makes it easy to use and makes it the best thermal printer for shipping labels. Further, the service offered by ROLLO through email and phone has made it the 5-star customer service provider.


  • Fast speed
  • 5-star customer service
  • Compatible with market
  • Compatible with shipping agencies


  • Only label printer

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2. MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer Review

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Key Features

  • Monochrome
  • Direct Thermal
  • Set up in one click
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows

The MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer is a quick installation printer that works with all Mac and Windows operating systems. The printer is appropriate for Thermal Direct and prints Amazone FBA labels, warehouse labels, Food Nutrition Labels, Shipping labels, USP, and more. The auto-analyzing printer identifies the labels and feeds them in for printing.

The printing speed of this direct thermal printer is 150mm per second; the high speed is because of the application of the Japanese ROHM printer head, which is very efficient and durable. The MUNBYN also supports labels of 1.57-4.3 inches wide, adjusting to diverse uses in shipping and warehouse label printing. The printer is energy-friendly, as thermal technology does not require the disposal of ink bottles.


  • Prints at 150mm/s
  • Good for shipping labels
  • Takes 1.57-4.3inches width labels


  • Does not support Chrome OS

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3. DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter Printer Review

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Key Features

  • High speed
  • Monochrome, thermal
  • Large shipping label printer

The DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL prints label to a width of 4-inch. This DYMO thermal printer prints 4x6inch barcodes, shipping, mailing, and large-sized labels. The DYMO software facilitates the selection of 60 professional templates and customizes the graphics and text to your likings.

The speed of printing addresses on shipping labels is very fast. The printer has the capability of printing 53 labels with 4-line text which is 129 labels of 4-line every minute. This best thermal label printer serves as a direct label printer for companies like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and more for its speed and efficiency.

This monochrome printer is an authentic label printer with large shipping labels. If you have large shipping labels to print this 4XL is the perfect one. The printer comes with 1 roll of an additional large label, power cord, Adapter DYMO label software, and a quick guide.


  • Compatible with marketers
  • Includes DYMO software
  • Accessories


  • Resolution of only 300dpi

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4. Thermal Label Printer  Review

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Key Features

  • Speedy printer
  • Thermal, Monochrome
  • Support multiple systems
  • Prints few width and length

The iDPRT SP410 brand Thermal Label Printer is a monochrome printer that prints on labels, transparencies, plain paper with connectivity to a USB cord. The high-speed printer creates 6 IPM with very little noise and wastage. The quality meets the shipping labels of Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and UPS.

The print head and the printer are durable with the capability of manufacturing 160,000 regular labels at a time. With the incorporation of the advanced technology of thermal printing, the printer has no hassles of toner and ink replacement. It creates crisp prints with less cost.

This device has an automatic label detection function of returning paper so there is no loss of paper with perfect printing in the entire process. The design of the printer is appreciable. It is small and made of durable and quality texture. The plug-in and plug-out are safe as the adapter is built-in.

With compatibility to Mac and windows, you can create any customized label with Free Bartender Label Editing Software.


  • USB enabled
  • Auto label detector
  • Includes software
  • Low noise, no wastage


  • Not an exclusive label printer
  • Driver needs downlodaing

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5. Zebra GK420d Direct Desktop Printer Review

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Key Features

  • Direct thermal
  • Wide printing width
  • Compatible with Mac and windows
  • Connectivity to USB and Parallel port

This Zebra GK420d Direct Thermal Desktop Printer easily prints with connections via the USB, parallel port, or serial system. The best zebra thermal printer uses direct thermal media and does not require a thermal ribbon in the printing process. The printing diameter is the highest of 5-inch and the width of 4.25-inch. This is quite a comfortable desktop label printer for home or office use.

The speed of ZEBRA is 5 inches/second with a dpi of 203. These qualities aid in saving time and money and have therefore received the 5-star for energy. The performance of the printer has enabled it reliance with creating barcodes, mails, shipping address, labels, and tags. This top-quality printer is worth the money.


  • High speed
  • Good, clear printing
  • Dependable performance


  • No warranty

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6. Star Micronics Tsp143iiiu USB Thermal Receipt Printer Review

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Key Features

  • Receipt printer
  • Print speed 250mm/s
  • Gray, thermal printer
  • Compatible with USB port

The Star Micronics is a gray ink thermal receipt printer that works with an easy plug-in connection to USB. The USB port helps detect the specific serial number, Tsp143iiiu on the PC and start printing. The speed of the printer is very high, prints 43 receipts/minute or 250 mm/second.

The printer loads paper easily and fast with the ‘drop-in and print’ technique besides delivering flat receipt with the ‘de-curl functioning. Besides printing receipts, the PromoPRINT included with the printer allows promotional prints.

The FuturePRINT software helps in customizing receipts for customers who want logos and professional graphics on their promotional materials. The small size of the printer saves counter space for offices and businesses.


  • Small size
  • De curls receipt
  • Supports promotional material


  • Does not print black

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7. OFFNOVA Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review

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Key Features

  • Monochrome
  • Thermal Direct
  • High speed of printing
  • Compatible with marketing and service platforms

A printer that is compatible with many versions of Mac and Windows OS is the OFFNOVA Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer. The printer is printing out excellent labels from iPad, smartphone or Bluetooth enable wirelessly operating Windows OS. The installation of the FBA print App allows connection and printing through Bluetooth.

The thermal monochrome printer has wide compatibility with famous shipping platforms and markets. Printing starts with downloading the specific files of those affiliated agencies. The printer effectively prints label widths of 1.57-4.1inch and 4×6 inch size swiftly. At a rate of 150mm per second, the thermal direct printer can work continuously for over 12 hours. On pressing the feeder button, you can change the label size. Its efficiency has reached a level that enables printing outstanding quality barcode and bulk labels.

The OFFNOVA is an affordable printer. Being a thermal printer it does not need frequent replacement with ink or toner, which is expensive. Further, with the printer, you get a label holder and 20 sheets of labels of standard size. OFFNOVA also offers online customer service.


  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Downloadable FBA App
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows


  • None

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8. Logia Thermal 300 DPI Label Printer Review

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Key Features

  • Fast performing
  • Commercial quality
  • Monochrome, thermal
  • Compatible with agencies
  • Compatible with Mac and Window

The Logia Thermal 300 DPI Label Printer is a commercial-grade printer gives professional look to small and large business mailing system. The printing quality of this black thermal printer produces durable, crisp, and clear labels for warehouse and shipping platforms. The durable labels are customizable to different heights and optional width of 1.57-4.1inches.

The lightning speed of 127mm/s helps the production of barcodes, receipts, shelving labels, ID, shipping labels, and much more within a short time. The striking resolution of 300dpi creates no-fade or scratch prints in any thermal paper. The Logia printer is universally compatible with well-known marketplaces and platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shipstation, Shopify, Ordoro, Endicia, USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, and many more. The printer is compatible with Mac and windows. Besides, it comes with a label holder, roll kind labels, power adapter, USB cables, and 100 extra 4x6inch labels. The printer is an affordable device for office, home, or business.


  • Speed of 127mm/s
  • Resolution of 300dpi
  • Stunning prints


  • None

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9. BESTEASY Label Printer Review

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Key Features

  • High speed
  • Commercial grade
  • Thermal, gray, monochrome
  • Compatible with Mac, windows

The BESTEASY Label Printer is a Monochrome gray color printer for labels. For an easy start, the printer comes with 100 extra 4×6” labels and a USB disc with a tutorial for driver installation, driver software, user manual, and setup guide.

The printer carries the print head, Japanese KYOCERA that requires no ink or ribbon and causes no jam or stuck of paper. The outstanding BESTEASY brand prints at speed of 4inches per second. It covers a width of 1.57-4.1” and no limitation of height. With a dpi of 230, the printing quality is good; the fanfold labels are easy to use with a label holder.

One of the best color thermal printers for Mac, it is also compatible with Windows. However, the inclusive Type-C adapter connects to the MAC system. This commercial-grade thermal printer also prints labels of major shipping platforms.


  • 230dpi
  • Clear printing
  • Unlimited height of printing


  • Label holder not included

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10. LabelRange 300DPI Thermal Label Printer Review

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Key Features

  • Label printer
  • 300dpi resolution
  • Monochrome, Thermal

A label printer compatible with a wide range of width is the LabelRange 300DPI Thermal Label Printer. It creates barcodes, mailing, shipping, binder labels, and file folder, besides receipts and tags. The LabelRange brand is compatible with Windows and Mac OS, but not with IPad/iPhone or Chromebook.

As it is a thermal printer, there is no expense of ink and toner. The printing speed is 5in/second so the total time required to finish the scheduled work is much less. The printing quality is 300dpi. This saves time and money. The labels do not have sticky backs.

The printer comes with a 1GB USB drive and 100 blanks of size 4x6inches. Along with the USB, there are driver software, video, and tool software. You can install it by clicking the driver of the software and connecting the printer to your computer. Customer service for installation is available through Email or phone.

The compatibility of LabelRange encompasses many commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, PayPal, Etsy, Shopify, and other shipping platforms. The LabelRange is suitable for office, home, or businesses.


  • 1GB USB
  • Creates barcodes and other labels
  • Compatible with Mac and windows


  • Not compatible with iPad/iPhone or Chromebook
  • No adhesive back

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Thermal Printer for eBay

Why would you want a quality thermal printer? Surely, you want to print and supply the receipts, tickets, tags, barcodes, shipping labels, and more smoothly and efficiently. As we have gone through the review, we observed thermal printers are gaining popularity in the printing industry because of the speed of printing, the productivity of output, the durability of the print, and the lower cost of operation.

Many thermal is available with the variability of the above qualities. You would like to have the best thermal printer that would appropriate for your project. Among the huge number of thermal printers, we have prepared a review of the 10 best ones to allow you to choose a thermal printer you like.

best thermal printer portable

To revisit our concept of printers, let us see how a thermal direct printer works and why is in such demand. The printing process is digital. Selective heating of special heated paper produces images or prints on the desired surface as the printer head passes over it. The heated areas turn black and leave behind the image or text. The adaptability of thermal printing is best when labels need not be long lasting, is far from sunlight, which conforms to its utility in the shipping and freight industry for printing addresses, barcodes, and logos.

The efficiency of a thermal printer is therefore on the following features.

  • The Volume of Print

It is important that the higher the quantity of prints you make on an average day, the more efficient is the printer. This number varies from 500 on the desktop to 10,000 in highly industrial printers. The mid-range and industrial printers produce 3000 and 7000 prints per day. The printer’s heads come with this specification. Buying the one that suits your need is desirable as overloading of prints would injure the head and under-use will be a capital loss.

cheap and best thermal printer

  • The Size of the Label

Thermal printers come with a variable width of printing capability. The standard size is 4×6”. However, label width beyond this also available in many thermal printers. The height also varies and some printers have unlimited heights of printing. If you have large shipping, labels to print you may look for the 4XL size.

best thermal label sticker

  • The Resolution of the Printer

The resolution of printing expressed as dots per sq. inch (dpi) determines the quality and crispiness or brightness of the image. Low-resolution print results in breakage of image when expanded and therefore not desirable. Most are good within the range of 200 to 600 dpi. In a thermal printer, we advise you to look for the dpi or the PPI (pixels per inch) of the printer head.

  • Warranty

Many thermal printers carry a warranty on the hardware. You may find standard warranty, extended or comprehensive warranty with variation in coverage.

Are Thermal Printers Worth It?

As the recurring cost is low, thermal printers worth their price. Your investment in thermal printer purchasing will not be a waste.

Actually, the initial price of a printer is not the only point to be counted. You have to make a budget for the running cost too. Within the initial price range, thermal printers are cheap in the long run. How is that? Thermal printers do not use ink instead it prints images using the power of heat. So, you do not need to count your money for the cost of ink cartridges.

Besides, purchasing a thermal printer is an important job. If you can research the features and the price range of the available thermal printers in the market, you can reduce the initial price when you buy the printer matching your need.

best cheap thermal printer

Moreover, thermal printers are the best choice to print receipts, labels, and signs. A laser printer may perform for a while, but thermal printers are the best to support the big project or daily needs. Some shop owners use thermal printers to print their needed things like labels and use the laser printer to print packing slips or lists when they have loads of label printing jobs.
So, in terms of organizational needs, recurring costs, maintenance costs, thermal printers are worth the expense and investment.

Can A Thermal Printer Print Color?

Most people think that thermal printers cannot print color or colored images. Though there are limitations, and most of the previous models were monochrome printers, newer thermal printers can print colors.

Yes, the most available thermal printers in the market are indeed Monochrome printers. But these monochrome printers can print color if you add colored ribbon in the place of black ribbon. Besides, some newer thermal printers, including the dye-sublimation thermal transfer technology and the ZINK technology, can print high-quality color pages or images. They can print photo-grade colors that enable the creation of nice finished colors in the labels or receipt.

In total, there are five options in thermal printer models that can print colors. The thermal color printers are ZINK thermal printers, Thermal Transfer printers, Zebra IQ color printers, Retransfer Thermal printers, and Dye-sublimation printers.

Though these printers can print varying colors, all colors are not supported by every printer on this list. Some printers can only print a limited amount of color, not all. If you have occasional color printing in only one color, you can do your job using the Monochrome thermal printers. You do not have to spend more money on specialized thermal printers.

How Long Do Thermal Printers Last?

Thermal printers that use a direct thermal printing process will last for seven to fifteen years. The thermal transfer printers stay for longer that is from 20 to 25 years. It is huge. Isn’t it?
This is the average life length of thermal printers, but it depends on two terms: the media on which you print and the storing and handling way for printed items. Some thermal papers are more durable compared to others. So, when the print media tends to wear r rear for less care, you have to handle them softly and keep them out of direct sun exposure.
If you fail to take proper care and do not appropriately store them, printed items can degrade within only 24 hours. Know the ribbon type and take the care that is needed.

Can I Use Thermal Paper In A Normal Printer?

The answer is- “NO.” Thermal paper is not suitable to use in the regular printer. They are only for the thermal printer.
The reason is the thermal mechanism that makes the thermal paper different. Thermal printers work in other mechanisms. It does not use ink. Instead, it uses heat and heat-resistant print media.

When the printer works, it provides heat to the paper, and thermal papers are made with the coating of chemicals and dye. And so, with a touch of warmth, these papers react and make colors of texts and images. This reaction comes when the temperature exceeds the melting point of the thermal papers.
This heat-resistant nature and construction type of thermal paper are not correct for the standard printer. You only can use the thermal forms in the thermal printers to print labels, barcodes, or signs.

How To Clean Thermal Printer Head

Thermal printers are cheaper compared to other printers. These printers are primarily used for printing bar codes, tags, and labels. There are different markings in these labels, which are perfectly set and printed by thermal printers.

Thermal printers use heat to print on thermal papers that react to high temperatures and print dye on those technical papers. This mechanism uses heat to melt the thermal wax ribbon on thermal papers, and so, the heat can harm the printhead. In fact, damaging thermal printers’ print head is a common issue that can cause an extra problem. You may have to spend extra money for the replacement of the printhead frequently.

You can minimize the problem by cleaning the thermal printer’s head after every use. It is the best solution to this problem. Let’s follow the steps below to clean the thermal printer head.

Step-1: First, turn your thermal printer off to clean the printhead. There is an access door for the print head. Open this door by lifting it. It will provide you access to the panel that includes the print head, ribbon, paper spool, and other internal parts of the printer.

Step-2: You will see the lever that attaches the print head. Push this lever and release the print head. It will remove the ribbon first. After pulling the ribbon first, then check the get the print head.

Step-3: Take a lint-free rag and moisten it using isopropyl alcohol. Wipe the print head using the moistened rag and put a little pressure to remove carbon waste buildup and the ribbon dust on the print head. Now let it dry within a few minutes.

Step-4: Now, set the ribbon cable on the print head and press this print head back into the position. Close the access door and turn the power.
If you clean the print head regularly, you will not have to replace the print head frequently.

Final Words

We have tried to give a picture of the best thermal printers and the features for your study. The DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Label Printer and Rollo Label Printer are both good for large loads of printing. There are also desktops, which you might prefer for office and home. Your decision should be right to let you enjoy printing and your business to survive. We hope you enjoy our guide and decide on a printer that will be durable and efficient. Happy shopping!

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