A Guide to Choosing Camping Projectors + 5 of the Best Ones Reviewed!

Outdoor camping has become quite a popular choice for a recreational activity in the past couple of years, but hikes in the middle of nowhere can be quite exhausting. Zero in on a portable camping projector and take your vacation up a notch. Here’s a guide on how to choose camping projectors along with reviews on the best five available.

All You Need to Consider When Buying a Camping Projector

Here are a few features to prioritize when buying a camping projector:

Size and Weight

Since you’ll most probably be lugging a hefty backpack up to your campsite, make sure the camping projector you choose is light, portable, and compact in size. 

The best recommended weight for a camping projector is less than or equal to five pounds. 

Projection Power

The brightness of a projector can make or break your time at the camp. So, make sure the projection power of the hand-held entertainment system matches the time of day at the camp. 

If you’ll mostly be powering the projector up during the daytime, it’s best to choose one that has at least 3000 lumens and at least 2000 lumens for nighttime enjoyment.

Screen Resolution

Just because you’re outside, it shouldn’t mean your movies can’t be picture-perfect. There are many camping projectors that offer HD viewing and some even have the option of customizing the resolution per your liking. 

Look for projectors that have a high contrast ratio and a screen resolution between 780p to 1080p.

Charging Source

At most camping facilities, power outlets are scarcely available. Make sure the camping projector you choose has an internal battery that can run for at least two to four hours. It is best recommended to go for projectors that are either wireless or can be charged using a power bank.

The Top 5 Camping Projectors Available

1. NEBULA Anker Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

This soda can-sized camping projector by NEBULA pumps up the night’s entertainment with its 360° speaker that can run over 30 hours of music via HDMI or even WiFi on only 2.5 hours of charge. 

The award-winning design is lightweight, portable, comes with a power adapter, and offers a 16:9 resolution, perfect for a night out.

  • Cylindrical design
  • Omnidirectional
  • Battery life of 4 hours
  • HDMI and USB ports
  • Wireless capability
  • App-controlled
  • 100 ANSI Lumen brightness
  • 854×480 screen resolution
  • Built-in Android OS
  • Can be controlled remotely via Airplay, Bluetooth and Miracast
  • Can run Google app
  • Privacy policy may be concerning

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2. KODAK Luma 350 Portable Smart Projector

The KODAK Luma 350 is a pocket-sized camping projector that allows you to remotely control what goes up on the screen via the app and has a light-up touch-controlled surface too.

The best feature, though, is the built-in DLP technology that streams high-quality images and videos and brings the cinema to the camp.

  • Small form factor
  • Built-in speaker
  • Built-in DLP technology
  • Touch controls
  • Tripod-mountable
  • Android-powered
  • 200″ widescreen format
  • 350 ANSI Lumen brightness
  • Lightweight, can be carried around in a kids backpack as well
  • Displays blur-free image and video on the screen
  • The built-in fan is louder than most camping projectors

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3. WEMAX DICE Smart Mini Projector

The WeMax Dice camping projector boasts an impressive 700 ANSI lumen brightness that displays full HD-quality blur-free images and videos – streaming them directly from Netflix, HULU, and more.

The sleek design is benefited by a handle for easy carry and a battery life of up to 3 hours.

  • 700 ANSI lumen brightness
  • Weighs 4.8 lb
  • 1080p FHD screen resolution
  • 120″ widescreen format
  • 16000mAh battery built-in
  • 10W Dolby speaker
  • HDMI, USB, and speaker jack ports built-in
  • Supports Android TV 9.0 OS
  • DLP technology engineered
  • AutoFocus function available to reduce blur and jitters on images
  • Has a USB 2.0 port built-in that can charge mobile phones
  • Expensive

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4. NEBULA Anker Solar Portable Smart Projector

NEBULA has left entertainment-enthusiasts in awe again with its amazing features in a budget-friendly Solar projector.

It offers a comfortable 400 ANSI lumen brightness that displays images and videos (chosen from over 7000+ compatible streaming apps) at a 1080p HD resolution and focuses them in 3 seconds for eye comfort.

  • 400 ANSI lumen brightness
  • 4-point keystone projection
  • HDR10 screen resolution
  • HDMI and USB ports
  • 3-hour battery life
  • Wireless capability
  • Has a rechargeable battery built-in, does not need an external power source
  • Screen is centered from a viewing angle up to 120°
  • Bulkier than most portable projectors

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5. Emotn H1 Mini Portable Outdoor Projector

The Emotn H1 camping projector offers a leather handle for easy carriage, 5G network connection, and a 4-point keystone projection for easy screen adjustments. Also, the speakers are fit to even resonate whispers!

  • 250 ANSI lumen brightness
  • Supports 5G WiFi network
  • 240″ widescreen display
  • 1080p FHD screen resolution
  • Battery life of 4 hours
  • Built-in HDMI, USB, and speaker jacks
  • Two 3W speakers built-in
  • Can project FHD quality blur-free images and videos at a distance of up to 6m
  • The fan has a noise level of 28dB and is whisper-quiet 
  • Heavier than most camping projectors

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the best outdoor projector for daylight?

In this guide, the best outdoor projector for daylight is the WEMAX Dice, offering a sharp 700 ANSI Lumen brightness.

Can I power my projector with a power bank?

Yes, some camping projectors can be recharged by a power bank. You’ll need to specifically look for camping projectors that have a built-in USB-C port so you can simply connect a Type C cable from the power bank to the projector.

Final Thoughts

When you’re camping outdoors, the daytime is fun and lively but by nighttime, the world goes silent, and for some that can be boring. With a camping projector available, you can enjoy every minute of your day (and night!)

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