Can I Print On Construction Paper? Definitive Guide

Have you ever tried printing your self-designed cards of heavyweight construction paper? Are you worried you will damage your printer?

Construction papers are a mixture of recycled paper, wood pulp, and dye mashed together to make thick sheets. They come in all different colors and is best to print out your DIY projects. To enable printing your designs on construction, you would need the printer. Let us see how and which of the printers would do your job with satisfaction.

How to Print a Photo on Construction Paper?

Photo printing is simple on any paper. However, here we are talking about how to print a photo on construction paper, which is tough and heavy-duty. Therefore, you would need to adjust your printer and follow some easy instructions.

To print your design or photo you will need the following.

Ingredients for Print a Photo on Construction Paper

  • Colored construction paper
  • A ruler for measuring
  • A pair of scissors to cut out the shape you want
  • An inkjet and laser printer

Steps to Follow:

  1. Usually, the construction paper is large and does not feed into a regular printer. Cut the heavy paper into 8.5 x 11-inch sizes.
  2. Set the printer according to the manufacturer’s instructions for thick photo paper printing. Feed the paper into the printer.
  3. From your computer open the file that has your design or photo that you want to print. Set your font color to black so that the prints are visible on a colored background. If your construction paper is white, you may choose your desired color. You can choose from several options. You may adjust the font size and typography of the text.
  4. Place your command and see it on the screen display if you selected the right options for printing.
  5. Take out the prints from the tray and let them dry naturally

Now you know how to print a photo on construction paper for you to send to friends and family.

To make the remarkable prints in construction paper, let us see how best the two types of printers work.

Laser Print on Construction Paper

Once you use a standard legal or letter size, it should be easy to print photos on construction paper. However, laser printers are not compatible with transparent papers as it has the possibility of melting and making the printer inoperable. Thin papers may also get jammed in the printer making them difficult to remove.

Can I Print On Construction Paper

Before feeding in the construction paper for printing, checking the recommendations of the company about the paper thickness is important. Laser printers usually take papers thick papers, an 80-pound card stock should be okay for printing in a laser printer. It is best to use sticky back adhesive construction papers for printing your photos. Again, loose labels may stick in the printer and create a mess. If you follow the instructions laser print on construction paper may not be a tough job.

Inkjet Print on Construction Paper

The inkjet printers are more adaptable to the thickness of paper and therefore more practical to print photos on construction paper. Inkjets are compatible with papers having fibers. However, if materials specially coated are used, the inkjet works fine. On treating the construction paper with a special inkjet coating, make the inkjet compatible. In uncoated material, the ink remains unbounded with the paper, resulting in dripping of ink on the page. For beginners, it may be a good idea to use an inkjet printer on construction paper for your DIY project.

Inkjet print on construction paper

FAQ Section On Construction Paper Printing

Q: Is it possible to use construction paper for printing cards?

Ans: The answer is yes, it is possible. However, all printers are compatible to print on heavy-duty paper. Look for instruction on the use of a type of paper for the printer you have before you feed in.

Q: What type of printer is best for printing on construction paper?

Ans: Laser and inkjet printers are compatible for printing on construction paper. You need to set the paper model of the printer to heavy-duty. The stencil and paper size should be legal or letter.

Q: What should be the font color for printing on colored construction paper?

Ans: If your construction paper is black; you have to use white or light shades of any color so the prints are legible. For other color backgrounds, you can use the color of the font that contrasts and makes the printing of your photo attractive.

Q: Is there any special technique to make inkjet-printing perfect in construction paper?

Ans: The use of an inkjet printer in regular construction paper usually smudges, because of the fibrous makeup of the paper. In that case specialized papers with a clay coating, which make perfect prints.

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Printing on construction paper can be a fun job especially if you have a DIY project to greet people with Christmas and New Year’s cards. Once you have the right printer, the construction papers, and the skill to create designs, you are ready to go. However, before investing in a lot of different colored paper and an expensive printer, you may need some initial exercise on the resources you have.

Practice never goes futile. Drawing or gathering your unique design and photographs should be a good start. Try out first on simple photos, using fewer combinations and less typography. After a couple of prints, we believe you will grow into an expert on printing on construction paper. Good luck with your new project!

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