Canon Megatank vs Epson Ecotank : An Insightful Comparison

Changing ink cartridges often is irritating, and it decreases the printing speed and continuity. The cartridges are costly too. You have to pay a lot for each of the cartridges. Ink tanks are a new revolutionary opportunity to get away from this extra cost for the ink in the long run. Ink tanks are easy to use, simple to refill, and low expense to spend. You do not have to fill those ink tanks frequently.

Besides, you had to change the cartridges whereas you have to refill the ink tank. This option minimizes the cost mostly. There are two significant types of ink tanks- Canon Megatank and Epson Ecotank. If you can know the effectiveness between them, it will be easy to choose one from them. That’s why we have focused on Canon Megatank vs Epson Ecotank to provide the best knowledge on it.

What is Ink Tank Printer?

Ink tanks are the quite latest technology. The ink tank does not have any print head; instead, it provides ink to the printer’s print head. These ink tanks hold individual colors separately. The ink tanks supplies the ink to the printer through an airtight pipe. So, it reduces the risk of drying ink up. The ink tanks are filled with ink bottles. Several ink bottles are holding individual colors. Ink tank printers are known as “continuous ink tank printers.”

Canon Megatank vs Epson Ecotank

There was always a debate between ink tanks and ink cartridges. Ink tanks are filled with relevant ink, whereas ink cartridges have to be changed totally. So, it is cheaper to have an ink tank than ink cartridges. Though ink cartridge traditional printers are more affordable than ink tank printers, ink tanks are inexpensive to use in the long run. The cost of ink cartridges and the frequent need to change ink cartridges increase the ink cost. That’s why ink tank printers are preferable by the customers.

  • Canon Megatank Printer

Canon Megatank offers the efficient use of ink. It does not focus on the print speed or print volume. It focuses on the reliability and convenience of usefulness. The Canon Megatank is easy to handle and mess-free to refill. The cost for the long run is lower compared to other tanks in the market.

epson ecotank comparison chart

Canon Megatank can print hundreds of pages per day. You do not get the low-ink signal and use it smoothly in the long run. This canon Megatanks is a perfect-suited option for home use or low amount use per day. So, you can go for the canon Megatank and be sure that you do not have to count lots f money to spend on the mega tank.

  • Epson Ecotank Printer

Keeping the significant business need in mind, Epson comes with the Ecotank idea. Their Ecotanks have a high capacity to hold ink. Epson primarily focuses on print speed and print capacity. If you are growing your business for the long run or having a big-budget project, you can have this Epson Ecotank and get incredible print speed. It can print thousands per month. So, you can manage heavy loads using this Epson Ecotank printer.

best ink tank printer

You can say that these ecotanks are not ideally suited for home use as the refill system is quite complex, and handling the tank job can be challenging to understand. But if you want to set a small home business and collaborate with the ecotank processes, then these Epson Ecotanks are the correct choice.

Canon Megatank vs Epson Ecotank : Parameters Of Comparison

As you know better about Canon Megatank and Epson Ecotank now, you can easily understand their difference. Here, you will get the difference between Canon Megatank vs Epson Ecotank in terms of their print speed, printed quality, overall performance, and expense. It will be easy to choose one when you know these terms in detail.

  • Graphics Quality and Texts

Since ink tanks come for the high-speed or high-capacity necessity, they create a moderate quality range. Yes, they also produce smooth texts and vivid color texture on the printed output. But the quality of in-detail graphics is average comparatively. Their quality does not match with the laser quality texts, but the difference is a little bit.

In terms of photo quality, they create a standard quality that can be professionally acceptable. There is quite a difference between them. Ecotanks models make better quality than megatanks comparatively. The photos’ resolution is about 5670 by 1440 dots per inch with a professional finish. Fortunately, both of them can make quite similar quality photos or color prints. The Eco-tank pro models can produce a little better quality.

canon pixma g7020 vs epson ecotank

If you search for the fast production of images or texts and work with the standard quality, you can work with this tank’s system ink. They are cost-efficient than laser printers and also efficiently use every drop of ink. So, check on other features and then select depending on your demand.

  • Volume and Speed

The print speed and the capacity are significant factors to consider while choosing an ink system. You may astonish to know that Ecotanks perform better than the Megatanks.

Canon Megatanks has advanced technologies and features to perform the best, but there is a slight difference. Most of the Megatanks printer models have the auto-feeding part and the wireless connectivity to work at high speed. There is more design presentation to perform well. Megatanks can print 500 pages per month mostly. This count is fewer than others. That’s why Megatanks are one step back than Ecotanks. This speed cannot meet the demand of the big projects.

canon megatank vs epson ecotank print quality

Comparatively, Ecotanks also have such auto-feeding options or a two-sided printing feature with wireless or ethernet connectivity. They can make thousands of pages per month to tackle a big project.  In terms of prints’ quality, they are similar; even the Ecotanks produce more at the same time range.

So, you can start your large business and handle your job smoothly with the Ecotanks. When you have tons of printing jobs, go for the Ecotanks and have a better experience.

  • Ink Capacity

You can count the capacity of the ink tanks by counting the pages per month. There is a slight difference between the capacity of Megatank and Ecotank. Besides, they both do almost similar amounts of prints. The difference tells that the Ecotanks produces more print out than Megatank.

On average, Ecotank and Megatank printers can print from 5000 pages to 20,000 pages range. That means it can cover four years’ job. So, it is enormous. You do not have to buy ink in years. You can produce 500 pages per day with this capacity.

canon megatank print quality

If we count the capacity in detail, Megatanks models provide black ink that can print 18,000 pages. So, you can print for three years if you need to print 500 pages per day. In comparison, there are Ecotank Models, which can print 40,000 black pages. It meets the demand for four years’ printing job while printing 1000 pages per day is enormous. You can take a larger project in hand. Even if you print 100 pages per day, the Ecotank can last for the 1-year minimum.

So, you can choose the Ecotank models for the best print speed. With high efficiency, you can have loads of jobs by performing this print speed work.

  • Prices and Costs

The initial price of the tank and the cost, in the long run, both are vital when you are going to use the printer for your business, specially. So, let’s know about the price section of the tanks.

Though the Ecotanks is better comparatively in terms of quality, speed, and capacity, they fail regarding the price and cost. Most of the Ecotanks are three times expensive than the Megatanks. The extra expense is the other superior quality of the tank, ink supply system, and premium quality. So, if you want the quality, you may go for the Ecotank. There are some Ecotank models which can be low-priced. You will understand the difference in quality and service if you use both the model.

Canon Megatank vs Epson Ecotank Costs

In the long run, Epson Ecotank costs more than the Megatnks again. The replacement tanks are more pricey than the Megatanks. Ecotanks provides the mess-free refill system and quality ink at the replacing tank too. On the other hand, replacement Megatanks are low-priced. The cost per print for Ecotanks is 2 cents, where the cost for Megatank is 1 cent only. It is a double cost for Ecotank comparatively. So, there are some spaces to think about the printers‘ price and the cost of replacement ink.

  • Connectivity

Canon Megatank has great extras like a motorized multi-page document feeder for scanning and copying. This eliminates the need to manually feed pages into the printer.

There are several Megatank and Ecotank models with built-in Ethernet, allowing them to automatically connect to other network devices nearby. Check the product specifications if this is important to you.

In the Ecotank, ink is forced onto the page using Piezo technology instead of heat, which is better for the environment. The environmental impact of office printer models can be understood by examining their particle emission characteristics.

A Quick Comparison Between Canon Megatank and Epson Ecotank

Parameter Canon Megatank Printers Epson Ecotank Printers
Quality of PrintsMore polished text and images are clearerLess smooth text and less clear images
Speed and VolumeLower printing speed and volumeHigher printing speed and volume
Ink Holding CapacitySmaller ink container. Prints half of Ecotank printers in a single fill.The ink container is larger. Almost double printing capacity with a single fill.
Initial Prices and CostsMuch cheaper.Costlier. Costs almost 3 times more than a Megatank printer
Environment FriendlinessLess environment friendlyMore environment friendly
Maintenance and usage costsLess expensiveConsiderably more expensive
DisplayNo display or minimalistic displayFull-colored smart LCD panel

Pros & Cons of Canon Megatank and Epson Ecotank

Canon Megatank Printers

Reasons To Buy:

  • A very affordable price for the initial purchase
  • Easy to use and maintain for a long time
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Texts are smoother and images are clearer when printed
  • Perfect for home and casual use
  • Good feature set, software bundle, and paper capacity
  • Auto-duplexing print engines

Reasons To Avoid:

  • There is a limited amount of printing capacity. You can only print one or two hundred pages per month.
  • There is a very slow printing speed
  • This is not suitable for businesses that require regular printing
  • The minimalistic display panel lacks definition

Epson Ecotank Printers

Reasons To Buy:

  • Excellent printing quality
  • Prints thousands of pages a month
  • Ideal for businesses with a high printing demand
  • Piezo technology makes it environmentally friendly
  • LCD display panel of high quality
  • Professional outlook
  • Excellent printing speed

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Initial cost is high
  • Ink replacements are very expensive, making maintenance very expensive
  • New users find it difficult to operate
  • The printed texts are less smooth and the images are less clear than the equivalent printers that cost less

Canon Megatank vs Epson Ecotank: Which One Is Better?

There is a transparent debate on Canon Megatank vs Epson Ecotank, and customers fall for confusion while choosing between them. There are differences between them in all the significant factors, and the disparity is slight in amount. So, you can select one for your need without thinking much. If you want the specific distinction between them before buying one, you should reason.

After having the comparison per features above, you already know their difference. But what to choose? Ecotanks won on maximum fields. Epson focused on the quality printing and quality of the ink over the cost. It shows an optimal use for the customers. This design provides better performance for the plan as the quality job is always appreciable to the consumers or clients. Megatanks are almost similar to the Ecotanks regarding the performance. Design and engineering are pretty different that makes a distinction.

Canon megatanks are expensive than the Epson Ecotanks, and you can save almost $1000 at the initial cost. Epson Ecotank replacing ink also push you to spend more than the Canon Megatank. The main point is that both of them cut the expense at a high rate compared to the cartridges. So, going for an ink tank, Ecotank or Megatank is a wise choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:  Which Ink Tank Printer Is Better, Epson or Canon?

Answer: When comparing printers from both brands at the same price, Canon always wins because their equipment is faster and has more useful features. However, Epson printers have better print quality and are easier to use.

Q2:  Are Canon MegaTank Printers Any Good?

Answer: Yes, they are incredibly affordable and offer comparable performance while being priced way less than the competition.

Q3:  Are Epson EcoTank Printers Any Good?

Answer: If you want high quality prints, Epson EcoTank printers are excellent. However, their prices are higher than those of other brands.

Q4:  How Long Do EcoTank Ink Bottles Last?

Answer: The Epson website states that regular use can extend their lifespan to two years. There are approximately 4,000 pages of black-and-white documents and 6,500 pages of color documents.

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Final Words

Canon Megatank vs Epson Ecotank, it is all about the necessity of the customers. You have to find out what your need and how much you can afford to get the best quality products.

Epson Ecotank is better in the sense of quality at most. They serve a better rate than Ecotanks. In terms of speed and capacity, Ecotank is the right choice though the difference is minor. Megatanks may have some flaws in their speed, ability, and quality though they can produce a standard number of prints at a standard quality. Regarding the price and cost, Megatanks are cheaper than Ecotanks.

If you want printers for quality prints and do a premium job in the long run, you can select Epson Ecotank. But you can afford the cost. If you think of some similar printers and ink tanks at a low price you can afford easily, you should go for the Megatanks.


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