Cheapest Way To Ship Large Packages Internationally [9 Easy Steps]

When we buy some items or send some things abroad, the shipping charge has become a critical factor. It adds up to the cost of the items or ingredients if we are going to buy them. Sending items abroad also becomes hard if the shipping charge is higher, especially for large packages.

Fortunately, some courier companies offer the cheapest way to ship large packages. You can check their offers and get the advantages. You should have good knowledge about the system and methods of shipping large items. There are some facts of packaging the significant things which can provide cost-cutting opportunities. So, learn all the details about shipping and packaging the large boxes is helpful to reduce expense.

9 Easy Ways to Ship large Packages Internationally

You should be cautious to keep the items you are going to ship. There are some steps to package and prepare for shipment. Follow the below points and ship large packages cheap.

1. Proper Packaging

Proper packing of the oversized things is the most crucial fact to keep your items intact. Ensure that the package is solid and robust outside and cushioned inside so that the things stay safe and protected.

Cheapest Way to Ship Large Packages

2. Correct Weight Measurement

The cost of shipping depends mainly on the weight of the package. Keep the packaging weight low but strong and measure the weight of the complete package with items correctly. The higher the weight, the higher will be the cost rate.

cheapest way to ship large light boxes

3. Dimension Measurement

Dimension is an essential factor in terms of shipping cost. If the length, width, and height o your package become high, the price will increase. So, correctly measure the dimension of the box. It will help to calculate the cost accurately. Pack your things so that it stays safe and compact. It will help to reduce the shipping expense.

4. Calculation of Rate

Several shipping agencies offer their calculator to find the cost. You have to enter the dimension, origin, destination, and weight of your package is recommended boxes of the calculator. You will find the price you need to pay to those agencies. Calculate who wants how much payment and select the shipment ways.

how to ship bulk packages

5. Printing of Labels

To labeling the package, you have to print the necessary labels. There are some custom documents required. Get them from the right places and print them up.

6. Package Labeling

After completing the package, put the labels with the required information on the package’s flat surface. Stick the custom documents up. To secure the documents and tags with transparent adhesive tapes, which are of good quality.

Cheapest Way to Ship Large Packages

7. Making Bookings and Payment

Check all the ways of shipment and select the least expensive way to ship large packages. Once you have chosen, book the shipment and make your payment within the deadline.

8. Send the Package

After completing packaging and labeling, contact your courier. Some courier comes at the door to take the oversized package and send them to ship. If there is no such option, bring them to the courier shop and send them up.

shipping large items

9. Least Package Cost Couriers

There are several couriers to ship large packages internationally. Before choosing a courier company to send your items, you should know the standards closely. To ship heavy packages, some standards differ. So, check the standards of UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL.

  • Standards of UPS

UPS ships are for large and heavy items. The minimum weight they take is 90 pounds. So, this can be a good choice. There is added charge if your package length is more than 96 inches or 130 inches from combined. The UPS freight service is a linked UPS service that ship packages with more than 150 pounds. The limit for the starting package length is 108 inches long. It can ship more than 165 inches combined size. So, UPS serves well and allows heavier packages.

  • Standards of USPS

USPS ship weight limit is 70 pounds in general. There are higher costs for the higher weight of the packages. There is a particular parcel size list with a standard price. If the package boxes are more than 108 inches long or more than 130 inches length-width combination, they parcel with a typical cost. So, when your package weight and dimension match with the USPS list, you can go for the USPS shipment.

  • Standards of FedEx

When your package has more than 96 inches length or 130 inches length-width combination, FedEx will ship your package. Even more than that weight and height, FedEx takes boxes. There will be a bill for a minimum of 90 pounds and more. The FedEx shipment bill increases at the peak time annually when there are special occasions. So, for the oversized package, FedEx can be a good choice.

Cheapest Way to Ship Large Packages

  • Standards of DHL

DHL is a popular courier agency for shipment. It has a reputation for the best service in shipping products abroad. So, you can go for it to be sure of the security of your package. DHL considers packages oversized when it has the weight more than 70 kg. The dimension should be 120 cm or 47 inches. In case of heavy product shipping, you should contact them and enquire properly about every detail. They may want to know some information about your package. After providing all information, they will make the charge in your favor.

best international shipping

These are the top best courier for the international shipment of heavy products. When your package is around 70 to 80 pounds, you can go for DHL or USPS. If the package weight exceeds 90 pounds, select FedEx. Do not worry about more than 150 pounds weighted package. The UPS serves well. So, get the proper eight and dimension measurement and choose a better shipment courier.

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Final Words

There is a necessity for the safe shipment of your items. It is also suitable to find the cheapest way to ship large packages abroad. Knowing the shipment standards of primary courier services is essential, especially when you need to send large packages.

The proper preparation ensures the shipment correct, and it can minimize your expense too. If you correctly pack your items within limited weight and dimension, you can save some money. But be sure there is no way that can harm your things. Know all the shipping agencies’ standards, pack your items accurately, and select the suitable medium for shipping.

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