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Epson F2100 vs Brother GTX – Which One Should I Get?

Imagine the days of the typewriters! In those days, writing on a piece of paper would cost you countless hours of patience and labor. If you go further back, then the entire process of writing on paper becomes more and more tricky. But nowadays, because of printers, all you need to do is install some pages and click.

Printers have made our lives so much easier, and here we shall make it even more straightforward. You see, there has always been a debate on which is the better between the two.

So, here in Epson F2100 vs. Brother GTX comparison guide, we are going to pin these two finest options of the printer world against one another and finally crack the case of which one you should get. Therefore, let’s cut the chase and dive straight into finding out which is superior for you.

A Little About the Two Products!

Well, before we can start comparing the two items, it is necessary that we have a strong understanding of the two. To give you that, we have composed this section, which comes with all the relevant and essential info on the two accessories.

Epson F2100

By now, it should be evident that this product belongs to the company that is renowned for making top-class printers and other gadgets regarding photography, printing, etc. Epson is a Japanese company that was first established in 1942.

Epson F2100 vs Brother GTX – Which One Should I Get?

Their real name is Seiko Epson, which you might recognize from their A-grade watches.

In short, the company has been around for 72 years, and their vast experience and wisdom are visible in their products. One good example of this is the Epson F2100 DTG (Direct-To-Garment). The F2100 was first released in 2018 and was a huge hit right after the release.

The printer features a wide array of features like high resolutions, swift printing, and the list goes on. Furthermore, the product ensures all the state-of-the-art functionalities, effortless usability, and more. However, there is another product that is just as good as this one, and you will find out about it in a minute.

Brother GTX

If you thought Epson was old, then this company might change your ideology. The Brother Industry has been around for roughly 108 years, which means their products are similarly refined or more. However, that is not the case. You see, Epson has been making products that will offer similar functionalities.

brother gtx pro review

Anyways, let us find out a little about the GTX. Well, first of all, the GTX comes in two forms: the standard one and the pro version. In this article, we shall not be talking about the GTXpro. In Any Case, the GTX is highly known for its versatile and flexible usage.

Using this product, you can not only print on paper but on almost anything you desire. Furthermore, the product is guaranteed to offer you exceptional features and quality on every print. In short, the experience of printing on garments is going to be on a different level.

Epson F2100 Vs. Brother GTX: Which One Is Better?

Now, it is time for what you all have been waiting for. We are now going to pin these two items against one another. So, are you ready to find out which of the two items is going to be good for you? Let us get started!

  • Accessories

Well, the first thing that you have to consider is the availability of accessories. Now, by that, we are implying how readily you can find all the gadgets regarding the two products. We are talking about the materials, the ink, compartments, and several other stuff.

Epson F2100 vs Brother GTX

So, do you want to know which one takes the win? In this case, it is a tie. Both Epson and Brother industries are famous companies, and it is not very difficult to get parts for both of these products. All you have to do is look around a little bit, and you should find whatever you need.

  • Print Speed

When it comes to print speed, the GTX takes the win. Allow us to tell you how! Take a 10 by 11 image or design for an instance. If you want to print that on a shirt, it will take the F2100 roughly a minute and 40 seconds to do the task; however, with the GTX, that is not the case.

Epson F2100 vs Brother GTX printing speed

The GTX requires exactly 30 seconds less. That means it takes a minute and 10 seconds to print a design or image of the same dimensions on a shirt. Now, this might not seem like a very exceptional feat. Allow us to bring you to the light.

If you print on 240 shirts, the GTX will print approximately 50 minutes faster than the F2100. In a world where efficiency equals money, such an attribute might help you make a fortune.

  • Ink

For any DTG printer, the biggest downfall is the high cost of ink. The inks for these printers are expensive and require frequent refills. That is why it is very necessary to determine which of the two uses the most ink. And, in this case, the F2100 is the best in this case.

Epson F2100 vs Brother GTX ink cost

The F2100 uses roughly 10% less ink than the GTX. Furthermore, the self-lasting of the F2100’s ink is much more convenient. Hence, it prevents you from purchasing the product daily, and ultimately, saves up a lot of your money.

Apart from that, ink for the F2100 lasts for almost 0.5 years or more. Nevertheless, the GTX lasts for a maximum of 1-3 months.

  • Prices

Lastly, when it comes to prices, both the products are pretty similar. Hence, this round is also a draw between Brother vs. Epson. But, the fact is that both of these top-end printers are generally very expensive, and buying one of the best printers in the market might put a good dent in your wallet.

  • Sustenance

Well, right now, it is a draw between the two. However, with the help of this section, we will finally be able to decide which of the two is the superior option for you. So, are you ready? Let us get started!

Shockingly, it is a draw. You see, the F2100 and the GTX both have an auto cleaning feature. Now, the F2100’s cleaning system kicks in after every 5 hours of being in operation. On the other hand, the GTX’s starts cleaning after 24 prints. So, you would have to pay less attention.

Epson F2100 vs Brother GTX Sustenance

But when the time comes to cleaning the tool after some time, the GTX actually takes 15 minutes to do the task, whereas the F2100 needs a minute for this.

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Final Words

Now, it is time to draw a conclusion, and it is a draw between the two. You see, any one of them can be suitable for you if you take the situation and preference into condition. They both will offer you identical perks and functionalities, and the results will be perfect for both products.

If you desire a printer that will offer you more efficient and money-saving operations, then you can opt for the F2100. But, if you are looking for something that will grant you the best operation in the shortest amount of time, then the GTX is your pick.

So, the conclusion of Epson F2100 vs. Brother GTX debate is a draw.

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