How Do I Set My Printer to Print Avery Labels

When it comes to jazzing up your high-school scrapbook or printing mailing labels, Avery gives you plenty of room to get crafty!

Once you get those cool labels, you can go to town on their different sizes and patterns. What do you know- the artsy side of label making goes beyond stamping spice jars and envelopes!

Don’t worry; you are not going to need a label maker for the job.

Your inkjet printer or laser printer is capable of printing labels the way you like it!

Now, how do I set my printer to print Avery labels, you may ask. Well, we’re going to show you how to print Avery labels on all printers! Even for that old-fashioned inkjet that you bought several years ago!

Keep on reading to find out the best printer settings and alignment for printing Avery labels at home!

How Do I Set My Printer to Print Avery Labels?

Printing labels is a multi-step process. One that requires you to customize templates, set the paper size, resolution, prints per page, and alignment correctly.

Even after taking every precaution, the label message can come out shoddily misaligned.

The Avery Design & Print Online software is pretty easy to use. It’s now compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and other popular web browsers.

But you might prefer to get started with label-printing by using familiar applications.

Luckily enough, you can print the full Avery labels on printer directly from Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Without further ado, let’s find out how!

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word & Go to “Mailings”

Visit Microsoft Word from your computer, and open a new document. Once you do that, you’ll see the Mailings option between References and Review. After clicking on Mailings, you will find a top row with options such as Envelopes, Labels, Start Mail Merge, Select Recipients, etc.

How to Print Avery Labels

Step 2: Choose Labels & Select Your Avery Product Number

After you click Labels from Step 1, a pop-up window will open. If you have the Avery 80 160 address label, find and select it from the Avery US dropdown.

How Do I Set My Printer to Print Avery Labels

Now, if you desire the same text on all Avery labels, write it in the Address space.

However, if you want different texts for different labels, go to the New Document option from the same pop-up window.

Step 3: Find the View Gridlines option from the Layout tab

The New Document might appear blank. And if that’s the case, go to its Layout, click View Gridlines, and select Labels from Mailings.

how to adjust printer settings for avery labels

All of these options are in the top row, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding them.

Start filling out the address information for all labels. You can choose different font sizes, colors, and text alignment options. It’s no different than editing a regular Doc file.

Step 4 (optional): Insert, Resize, and Align Photos for Your Avery Labels!

If you want to add an image or a template to your label, we suggest you use the free Avery Design & Print Online software.

However, you can still do it on Microsoft Word to print Avery labels on Canon printer.

First, create a new document like in Step 3. Once the label grids appear on the document, find the Insert option from the top row.

Go to the Pictures option, and select a photo file from any folder on your computer.

If you’re not happy with the photo size and placement, right-click on the photo to reveal your available tools.

Additionally, there’s a Picture Tools option at the top row, including Picture Format, Border, Effects, Position, Wrap Text, Align, and Crop.

how to print avery labels from excel

The options are pretty straight-forward, and they will guide you with arrows to customize and print Avery labels on Brother printer!

Now, go to Mailings again, choose Labels, and select the “Full Page of the Same Label” option for keeping the same pattern for all your labels.

You can work with different patterns and texts by clicking on individual labels or a batch of labels on the same page.

Step 5: Select the File option, and go to Print (You’re almost done!)

Again, we’re back to the top row. This time, choose File and go to the Print option from there. Change the default settings to Color for printing color labels.

how to print labels from word

Now, head on to More Settings for selecting Paper Size, Quality, and Scale.

Click on “Fit to printable area” to avoid cutting out texts and designs from the sides. Never select “Fit to the page” when you’re making address labels.

Step 6: Choose Premium Paper or Cardstock if You Can’t Find Labels

From the dropdown titled Paper Size, uncheck Plain Paper, and select labels. However, if you don’t find Labels anywhere in the supported printing media category, both Cardstock and Heavyweight options are good to go.

How to Correctly Align My Avery Labels on the Software?

On Microsoft Word, you can implement a set of rulers to align your designs on the labels. However, Avery Design & Print Online makes it much easier for you!

The software lets you nudge the entire label template left or right or up and down by your chosen increments.

It goes without saying, Avery Design & Print has a dedicated layout for printing labels.

For example, all you have to do is choose the Avery Product and Design, Customize, Preview & Print, one after another.

Moving on, the software prompts your computer printer app to open after you’ve confirmed the templates. It works with all branded printers successfully.

So, if you’re thinking- Can I print Avery labels on my HP printer? The answer is yes.

What Avery Product Do I Need for My Printer?

Avery makes the best label papers in a lot of sizes. You can shop by shapes, usage, and materials on their website. There are white labels, clear and waterproof labels, color labels, and whatnot!

You can also select your intended use such as Address & Shipping, Color Coding, Party & Events, File and Folder labeling, etc.

Since Avery manufactures labels for both an inkjet printer and a laser printer, you can always hope to find a suitable label stock.

How Do I Set My Printer to Print Avery Labels

For example, you can use your laser printer to print Avery labels. We personally prefer the Print-to-the-Edge 2-inch square labels (Avery 22816) and round labels (Avery 22807).

They allow you to print outside your trim line for achieving full-bleed designs. (No random white borders inside the printed template.)

If you don’t want a white margin on all four sides of your labels, printing totally borderless is a safe choice. Be careful, though. Not all printers support borderless printing.

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of feeding inkjet labels into a laser printer.

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Nothing beats an aesthetic label with nice fonts and a colorful layout. It adds an extra flair to your letters, mailings, and invitation cards.

The popular line of Avery labels can help you personalize products for your art & craft business. It also speeds up the whole process of sending out bulk orders on a one-day rush.

Honestly, it only takes a quality printer and a bunch of Avery labels to step up your mailing game.

Use a 7+ font, do some text wrapping, get the alignment right, and shoot printing commands on the go.

We’ve explained it all here- including troubleshooting guidelines and accurate printer settings from top to bottom!

We hope we answered your question, “how do I set my printer to print Avery labels?” Enjoy!


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