how long do laser toners last

How Long Does Laser Printer Toner Last?

How long does laser printer toner last? Simply answered, there is an expected expiration date for every ink or toner cartridge. But a toner cartridge can live forever if you can maintain its handling and cleanliness properly.

After purchasing an expensive toner cartridge, people are concerned about its life length. They like to use them for a more extended period. Though it is suitable for your Printer not to use the toner cartridge after the expiration, toner cartridges can last a long-long time. 

If you want to benefit from the durability of a toner cartridge, you have to know how to maintain them. So, let’s learn the detailing procedures to handle and store the toner cartridge properly and use them for an extended period.

How Long Does Laser Printer Toner Last?

Why does toner last long? As the inkjet printer ink, toner is not a liquid. It is powdered ink. That is why toner can last longer comparatively. It can be a confusing answer, though. What will you do?

Actually, a toner can be a long-lasting product, and this benefit is valuable as toners are expensive compared to the Printer’s price. Customers want to use toners for a long. But a toner cartridge used after the expiration date can void the warranty in time. The solution is to use a new toner cartridge refilling with the old toner. It will reduce the risk to a great extent.

Do you understand the warranty and expiration date from the toner cartridges? It can be challenging for some customers if they do not know to recognize them. So, clear your knowledge afresh.

What is Warranty and Expiration Dates?

The most important two dates for a toner cartridge are the manufacturers’ warranty date and the expiration date of the toner. You will find both the dates on the packaging of the OEM box that is the original equipment manufacturer box or directly on the cartridge body.

How Long Does Laser Printer Toner Last?
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The first date is the manufacturers’ warranty date that means manufacturers will cover the necessary repair. The second date shows the expiration date. 

These dates are not present on the refurbished toner cartridges. So, the expiration date may have already passed when you are buying it. Do not worry about it. Note the date when you purchase the toner cartridge and keep this record. Then use the toner cartridge for up to two years. Comparatively, inkjet printer ink can last only a few months. 

So, it is sure that the standard expiration time is longer for toner cartridges than the inkjet printer ink. If you want to use them longer, you can concentrate on the maintenance of the toner cartridges.

What Happens After Expiration

After the expired date, liquid inkjet ink gets sluggish and moves slowly through the printer head. Then it easily clogs the print head. On the other hand, powdered ink cannot be damaged so fast. It loses its quality after getting moisture inside the toner cartridges. It takes time to enter the humidity inside the toner cartridges. That is why the toner has more durability than the inkjet ink.

how long do laser toners last

There is a history of consumers who have used a toner cartridge for more than three years. So, they had used their toner cartridge after passing the expiration date. The number of these customers is not so low. 

The decision is yours. Because you have to risk losing the warranty service from the printer brands for using the expired cartridges, you can use a new toner cartridge from the OEM service. You also can use a refurbished cartridge that is cheaper comparatively. Then you will be risk-free. 

Maintenance To Use Toner Cartridge For Longer

People may think that there is nothing to do for resisting the inevitable incidents. If the toner does not last long, there is nothing to do for us. It is a wrong saying. There is a massive difference between toner with high-quality maintenance and without maintenance.

Maintenance To Use Toner Cartridge For Longer
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In terms of the toner cartridge, some general rules include keeping the toner inside the original packaging for storage, storing it in a cold environment, and touching them or handling them with gentle hands when cleaning and inserting it. You should be careful that too hot or too cold temperature is harmful to toner storage. It will damage the toner even before the expiration.

Next comes the frequency of toner use. A printer user can use the Printer for different purposes. Depending on the goal, the frequency of uses increases or decreases. Some people use a printer for their personal use. They can print photos once a week. Some people print once a month or once a year. Such occasional use needs less toner, and you have to take proper steps to store them well.

The use of laser toner also depends on the page coverage. If you print pages with some lines of text, it will spend a tiny amount of toner. Comparatively, if you print heavy coloured images, the Printer will spend more toner. So, on this count, you can get the idea of the amount of toner you used and the remaining. Whatever is remaining, you should take proper steps to maintain their quality. Three significant measures to store toner properly are-

  1. Keep the toner cartridge clean
  2. Edit the toner settings 
  3. Purchase High-Yield toner
  4. Storage 

1. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is the most effective way to increase the life of both the Printer and toner cartridge. You should clean both the inside of the Printer and the toner cartridges. Follow the steps below:

Step-1: Take a damp or lint-free cloth and then wipe the toner cartridge gently after removing them from the Printer. Wipe clean the inside part of the Printer where the cartridges are set.

Maintenance To Use Toner Cartridge For Longer
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Step-2: Now, take a soft-bristled brush and Q-tips. Brush the inside part of the Printer. Use the Q-tips to clean the grime. You have to use the isopropyl alcohol to wash clean the rubber feeder rollers. 

If you can maintain a regular time interval to repeat this process, the toner cartridge will work the better and stay longer. You should not use a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to clean the printer toner cartridge. Excess air pressure can damage the printer toner cartridge.

2. Edit the Mode

You may need to make some test copies. In this case, you should not use much toner. Using less toner and grayscale toner use can reduce the waste of toner. All you have to do is that changing the print mode for different types of printing purposes.

On the printer software, there are different options to print that helps in reducing toner waste. On high-quality prints, more toner is used. So, keep the high-level toner use settings for the last and final printouts. 

To set different modes, enter the Print Properties from the Printer’s settings. You can enter the Print option from the computer’s control panel and find this Print property or Print Preferences option. Here you can set a variety of features under the “Paper/Quality” option. You can set the grayscale settings under the Color option. On grayscale, the Printer will only use black toner. Like this, you can use less toner from the grayscale setting regarding draft page printing. 

3. Select High Yield Toner Cartridge

There are some toner cartridges that are meant for high yielding prints. When you choose a toner cartridge for your laser printer, you should select the high-yielding toner cartridge. These toners can be more expensive. But spending a little more on the initial price of the cartridge will help you maintain a correct toner use. It helps in controlling toner use.

 Laser Printer Toner

Inside of the toner cartridge, it holds more toner than a regular toner cartridge. These toner cartridges can print more pages and supply a sufficient quantity of toner. So, they are cost-effective and supportive for increasing the printer toner cartridge life length.

4. Storage Procedure:

While storing the toner cartridge outside of the Printer, you have to keep it carefully not to harm it. Maintain some tips to hold the toner cartridge.

storing the toner cartridge

  • Keep the toner cartridge lying on a flat surface. Keeping them upright position is not wise. It can make it compact. 
  • Keep the toner cartridges in and place that is free of dust. No dust should enter the inside of the toner cartridges. 
  • Keep them near the corrosive gasses. 
  • Keep them where the moisture content is low. Moisture can harm the toner and reduce its life. 

Final Words

How does a laser printer toner last? It is more or less one or two years as the expiration date. The expiration date is similar for different printers, including Brother, HP, Epson, or Canon printers. Though it is unsuitable to use toner cartridges even after the expiry date, they are helpful for longer. It is possible for the proper maintenances.

As the toner cartridges are expensive, you can use them even after the expiry date. So, do not hesitate to use the toner cartridges for longer. 

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