How Many Pages Can An Ink Cartridge Print [Exact Calculation]

When you have plenty of printing works, you may feel like you are frequently pushed to change the ink cartridge. Actually, you need to know how many pages an ink cartridge print. If you have an idea about it, you can calculate your printer’s capacity and capacity for each of the ink cartridges. When you know the ability, you can manage your printing job and changing cartridges quickly.

There are some ways to calculate the capacity of an ink cartridge. Let’s know about those in detail and calculate the amounts of pages of printing by an ink cartridge.

How Many Prints Can You Get Out Of Your Ink Cartridge?

The printing capacity of an ink cartridge depends on the amount of ink that the ink tank holds. Generally, a standard ink cartridge can print 220 pages on average since it contains 11 ml of ink. There is some high-capacities large printer which can print up to 350 pages.

how many pages can 1 ink cartridge print

In fact, it is just an average prediction of ink use of an ink cartridge. It does not happen this way. Many factors change the calculation. The capacity or number of pages to print depends on what type of page or design, or text you are printing. Photos need more inks than text images. Besides, text type also a factor that acts to change the ink used. Above-average inking calculation is only when 5% of pages have colors on one page.

If you calculate your printer capacity depending on your print text or design type, you will get a sharp idea. Many online calculators will calculate your printing capacity correctly. However, you can figure this number manually by the manufacturer’s print number; you will find the number from your printer’s manual. Let’s have a look at how to calculate quickly in a manual process.

1. Page Prints Number Calculation by Manufacturer’s Prints Number

The page coverage is how many printed inks are there on one page. The primary page coverage is 5%of the printed page. But depending on your image or text density, it changes or increases. It can be 10 to 20%. When a page contains over four paragraphs or a sizeable colored design, the coverage is almost 15 %. More than that means 20% coverage.

Step-1: To calculate the page number variation, you have to divide the new page coverage number by the old coverage page number. For example, if the new page coverage is about 20 and the old one is about 10, then the division will be – 20/10=2.

How Many Pages Can An Ink Cartridge Print

Step-2: Now, collect the manufacturer’s print number. Divide this print number by the previous result, and it will be the new calculated page printing capacity for an ink cartridge.

This is the easier calculation to do yourself manually. Another easy and handy online tool for counting this printed page capacity is the “Page Prints Calculator.” Let’s explore the process of using this medium.

2. Page Prints calculator

This tool is useful to get daily, weekly, or monthly page prints count. Just provide the required information in the given areas and get your result. Follow the below instruction.

Step-1: There, you will see several boxes that seek some information. At the first drop-down box, you have to put on the manufacturer’s name of your printer by selecting from the list. Now put on your printer’s name at the third box, select the cartridge, and provide an approximate number of pages that you print per day, week, or month.

how many pages can an ink cartridge print epson

Step-2: At last, guess the page coverage that you print per page. Enter the page coverage number at the mentioned box. Now click on “Calculate Estimate.” The result will automatically come in front. Based on this, you can go for your printing works and do it in a regular system.

This online tool is easy to find and simple to calculate. There are other tools too, and you can use them to calculate.

Quality vs Ink Use

Quality matters the most always. We all should keep this in our minds at first. To cut the cost of ink cartridges, we must not compromise the quality of printing. With time, ink automatically dries up. If you have loads of printing jobs, then ink does not get the chance to dry up. Besides, there are some rules that you should follow to keep up the quality.

  • You should not refill ink cartridges when an ink cartridge is empty; you should replace it. Refilling can be messy, and it can affect the print quality.
  • You must not use cheap papers. With the ink quality, the papers should also be quality full to get excellent print quality.
  • You should use the original ink cartridges that the manufacturers recommend. So, you should not use compatible ink cartridges from another brand. It may affect the print quality.

So, calculate how many pages can an ink cartridge print and then make your plan and schedule when you have to change the cartridge and keep the quality right.

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When you have to work with a printer, it would be helpful to know about this printer and its capacity well. In a printer, the ink cartridge is an important part. If we know about an ink cartridge’s ability, it would help you make proper use of the printer.

There are several processes to know the ink cartridge capacity. Some calculators work well to find out how many pages can an ink cartridge print. Learn to use those calculators correctly and get the idea from this page.


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