How Much Does A Screen Printer Cost

There are several printing modifications in the actual screen-printing process though the basic steps are the same. The cost of printing products depends on the use of colors, ingredients, designs, price of screen kit, etc. There is a manual screen-printing machine and a digital machine. If you have to know how much is a screen printer, look over this page and detail it.

Screen printers’ cost and using system differ for both manual and digital printers. Automatic digital printers reduce labor costs and time-used. Manual printers are low in price but offer more options to use your talents and creativity. So, know the price range and then decide what will be the best for your purpose.

How Much Does A Screen Printer Cost

Screen printing is a fantastic way to do some dirty jobs and make attractive designs on clothes or fabrics. Screen printing is also possible on plain paper, all arts, cards, or other print media. This process sprays colors on a woven screen and then sets the design on garments layer by layer. You have to set the pattern on the screen and cut it inaccurate size. Then place the screen on garments to develop the design by the emulsion process. Screen printing is a fun and exciting system that makes beautiful things, t-shirts, bags, hoodies, etc., with colorful designs.

How Much is A Screen Printer

If you can find a quality kit, you will make precise color presentations and accurate printing. When you order a t-shirt to print, the price depends on some factors. These factors are brand price range, style and color use, the number of shirts to print, the amount of print placing areas on a shirt, and the number of colors used in the design. If you are going to print at home, the cost will also depend on these factors. You must have all the essentials to print your desired design.

The cost differs based on the forms of prints. You will have to make separate artwork for one color on a different screen in the screen-printing process. If you have a reputable brand or quality-full printer, the cost may reduce, and you can save some money and time.

The Price Range

Many printers work well. Depending on some brands, the price of the printers differs. Usually, manual printers are low in cost than digital printers. Many people like to use the manual shirt screen printer machine as they get more chances to modify their designs. Who are professional printing service providers, they want to use a time-saver screen printer machine. That’s why digital press machine is more popular nowadays.

how much does a screen print cost


Coming to the point price. It was more significant in the past time. Yes, people cannot think of buying a personal screen printer for printing at home. But fortunately, the price has been gone down with technological advancement. Besides, there are added benefits to make your work more flexible and easier, as some software. This software makes the printing or heat pressing easy and precise.

We will break down the price range into two parts. One is for the digital heat press, and the other part is for the manual printer.

1. Digital Screen Printer:

In the past, you had to pay 30,000 to 80,000 to buy a digital heat press machine. But now, you will be able to purchase this printer for between $1500 to $4000. Fortunately, these machines work amazingly. Some printers eliminate the need for emulsion, chemicals, or water. But you have to arrange some accessories like ink, screen, etc.

how much does it cost to buy a screen printer

If you have a top-quality digital heat press printer, you can produce more shirts or things in less time.

2. Manual Screen Printer:

A manual screen printer needs good knowledge to use. If you are a professional designer or professional art-worker, you will like these types of printers. Without the accessories, you will get this printer in the range of about $150 to $1000. You have to pay for supplements. The number of accessories depends on the need for your design and demand. Some printers come with a starter printing kit. These manual printers set costs from $1000 to $4000.

how much is a screen printer machine for t shirts

So, make your plan depending on your need, then buy a small screen printer machine to suit your purpose.


There are many types of accessories you will need while doing screen printing. If you are a professional, you already know it. Let’s understand the necessary accessories that you have to pay for buying.

  • Different types of the screen at different size (depends on design and color)
  • Pens: Lithopaque pen and Blockout pen
  • Plastic containers or tub with handle and cover
  • Ink mixing stick and cleaning card
  • Carrier sheets
  • Scoop coaters
  • Transferable sheets
  • Hand gloves, spatula, squeegee, tape, pallet, etc.

Without these, you may also need some other ingredients, depending on your design. The number of these materials depends on the method and amount of product you are going to print. There is a complete screen-printing set in the market. The price of the screen-printing tool ranges from $700 to $300. So, check closely what things the set includes. Know your need and purchase.


Screen printing is the most traditional and acceptable printing process that uses screen and heat pressing. For the t-shirt design or other designing industries, this process is the most popular. If you want to do it at home, you have to buy a screen printer and make your printing settings.

Be it a manual screen print or digital; you have to know how much is a screen printer. From this page, you will have a clear idea about this matter in detail.

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