How To Bypass HP Instant Ink? Complete Guideline

HP Instant ink is an innovative idea for customers who have a big project of printing job. Maintaining the cost of ink cartridges is hard. HP instant ink package solves this problem to some extent.

If you use printers regularly and have a significant amount of printing needs, then HP instant ink works well. But for occasional printing jobs, HP instant ink is not always suitable. When you have already subscribed for HP instant ink and understand that you do not need this, then you need to turn the registration off. 

How to bypass HP instant ink? In this article, you will get a detailed discussion on the instant ink package and the process of bypassing it. So, let’s know everything about HP instant ink and ensure that you get the best benefit out of it.

What Is HP Instant Ink Program?

Before knowing the system to bypass the HP instant ink program, you should know and understand what this program is and if it is suitable for you or not. 

HP instant ink program is a plan to supply ink in time under subscription. It is a digital service for the customers. If you want this service, you have to subscribe to the HP printer website for instant ink for your HP printer model. A monthly bill-paying system runs this system. This system counts how much ink you have used and then makes your bill. But if you do not use any ink, you have to pay a minimum amount as the rules say.

How To Bypass HP Instant Ink?

This is the problem for the occasional printer user. If you do not use the printer to print, why will you pay? That is why customers who use their printer for occasional use do not subscribe to this option. 

For regular printer users, this HP instant ink program is quite popular. People get benefited from this plan. HP instant ink program is set so that it can monitor the ink use all the time. When you are in a low ink position, this instant ink program sends the necessary ink cartridges to your home through the mail. This procedure is fantastic.

Though it is not so instant, it takes time to send the mail as usual. But no worry about the zero ink cartridges, and you also do not have to stop your printing job. The program sends the mail when your printer has low ink, and the mailed ink generally reaches your home before it is empty. 

Not all HP printers are compatible with this Instant ink program. Most of the latest versions of the HP printers provide this option. When you purchase the printer, you will know if it is compatible or not. Besides, you can check the HP printer website to know the printer model names consistent with the instant ink program. 

Many people think that it is compulsory to subscribe to this instant ink program and mistakenly register. It is not a program that you must register for it. It is for your choice. You can choose it and subscribe or not.

Some people subscribe to it for their heavy-duty printing job, but they do not need it after a while. It is OK to cancel the subscription when you do not want it. You can cancel the subscription right when you think to stop the program for your printer. 

How To Bypass HP Instant Ink

There are two ways to bypass HP instant ink program. Here, follow the steps below one-by-one and bypass this HP instant ink program to save your money by the 1st method.


  • Step-1: At first, enter the HP printer website and log into the HP instant ink program using your account. You will see a window box to open on the screen. Here, you will see the option – “How to Override HP instant ink.” It is the home page of your HP instant ink program.
How To Bypass HP Instant Ink?
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  • Step-2: On this account page, you have to click on the ‘My Plan’ option. Now you will see some options that describe instant ink program options. You have to select Edit from the corner side of the page.

How To Bypass HP Instant Ink

  • Step-3: Now, another box will appear, and you will see the option “Cancel Enrollment on the HP instant ink account.” Click on it. It will directly cancel your subscription.
Cancel Enrollment on the HP instant ink account
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  • Step-4: A request message will appear on the screen to confirm the cancellation process. You have to click on the “Cancel Service” option. 

After following these steps, you can log out of the website and confirm that you have canceled this program successfully. Now you can buy the necessary ink cartridges from the market. They are still available depending on the printer model. 

As per the rules of the HP printer, this program takes time until the running month is ending, and provide the last bill for the ink cartridges that you used before canceling the program. 


  • Step-1: On the computer windows, enter the control panel and click on the “Open Devices and Printers tab.” Here, tap on the “Account settings” tab.

How To Bypass HP Instant Ink

  • Step-2: On the next appeared box, you will see the “Cancel My Instant Ink Subscription button.” Here provide the email address and password of your HP instant ink program account.  Provide them.

How To Bypass HP Instant Ink?

After providing the account details, it will cancel the program right away and bill for the used ink cartridges until you cancel it. 

How To Override Empty HP Printer Ink Cartridges

There is HP instant ink program for post-paid ink cartridges. After registration, if you need to stop the program for a couple of months, but you do not want to cancel it, then you can override the empty HP Printer ink cartridge system. It will enable you to stop the printer from noticing the empty ink cartridges and run the printer without any obstacles by the refilled cartridges. 

The cost of theh ink cartridges can be reduced if you can use the refilled or remanufactured ink cartridges. HP printers allow it, but the ink monitoring program does not let you use the refilled ink cartridges. But refilled or remanufactured ink cartridges work well and provide the same quality printouts.  To use those ink cartridges, you have to know to override the empty ink cartridges. 

Follow the steps below correctly to override the program wisely.

Step-1: At first, turn your HP printer off from the main power supply. That means you have to unplug the printer. Unplugging is necessary as some HP printers go onto sleep mode after turning it off. Unplugging ensures perfect stopping.

Override Empty HP Printer Ink Cartridges
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Step-2: Now, wait for a couple of minutes, plug on the printer, and press the power button to turn it ON. The printer will take a few seconds to finish the setup procedure. Then open the access door of the printer where you can see the ink cartridges. Then insert the refilled ink cartridges gently.

Override Empty HP Printer Ink Cartridges

Step-3: Two dialog boxes will appear on the home screen of the computer. Both of them are giving a warning for empty ink cartridges. Actually, these warnings come as the printer is unable to recognize the new or refilled ink cartridges. Cancel them.

Step-4: Enter the control panel of the computer and then select the ‘Printer’ option. Select your printer model number from the printer list. Now tap on the option “Preferences.”

Override Empty HP Printer Ink Cartridges
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Step-5: Here, you will see the option – “Maintenance.” Click on it. find the option “Ink Level Monitor.” Disable it by clicking on it to keep it unchecked. Click on OK to the Confirmation dialog box.

Override Empty HP Printer Ink Cartridges

When you override the empty ink cartridges, the printer cannot understand if the printer ink cartridges are full or not. 

Free Instant Ink Of HP Printer

HP ink is not found free. The HP instant ink program takes the ink cost by the monthly bill payment process. For the manual method, you have to purchase ink cartridges from the market. The timely matter is that most HP printer models offer some ink cartridges for free as a trial package. There is a fantastic way to get this trial inks more.

The referral links are the solution. You can grab some ink cartridges for a few months using the referral links. These are not for forever; you can have this benefit only for a few months.

How To Bypass HP Instant Ink?

However, the referral links can be shared with other persons if you share the referral links with your friends and family members. The advantage is that you will get HP printer ink cartridges for free for one month for each subscription of your friends and others using your shared referral. 

Actually, the HP printer ink is expensive. You have to invest a tremendous amount of money in the ink cartridges so that you can maintain a good quality of our printouts. That is why people look for options to reduce their costs. You can follow some tips to keep the HP printer ink more durable.

Reduce Ink Cost By Increasing The HP Printer Ink Durability

If you can practice some wise use of HP printer ink, you can reduce its cost to some extent. Be cautious while using printer ink and making prints.

How To Bypass HP Instant Ink

  • Before printing an image or document, review it several times to not reject it after printing is done.
  • Be sure that you need colored prints before printing them in color. Use the monochrome printing option if it is OK not to use color on prints.
  • You can join us in the Economy Mode of the printer that uses the ink wisely and reduces its loss. 
  • Always use a good-quality ink cartridge. Many local ink cartridges do not match with the HP printers and leak ink inside of the printer.
  • When buying the HP printer, be wise. Do not select cheaper printers. Most of the cheap HP printers have a high cost in the long run. They need expensive ink cartridges as a replacement. So, they know the price for the long run and then decide which HP printers are good for you. If you need to run the printer for a massive printing job, then a subscription for HP instant ink is a good choice.

Final Words

HP Instant ink is a fantastic feature that comes with only HP printer’s latest versions. It helps you to reduce the ink cartridge cost while you run a nig printing project. It ensures that you have your ink cartridge in your home before it is empty. The instant ink program monitors your need and mails the ink cartridge when you need it. 

For the occasional use, this program is not suitable. That’s when you may need to know how to bypass HP Instant ink program. In this article, you already have the details about the instant ink program and the bypass process. Learn the process and do it efficiently.


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