How To Bypass Ink Cartridge On Epson Printer [Top 3 Process]

In a printer, printing will be on until there is ink. After the ink level reaches a certain level, the printer refuses to print. Sometimes, there is still ink even it stops working. Epson printer also does this. There is an easy solution, and that is changing the ink cartridge of the printer. But inserting a new cartridge increase the cost of your work heavily. So, an alternative that utilizes left color can be a money-saving way.

Bypassing ink cartridges is an efficient alternative. If you know how to bypass ink cartridge on Epson printer, that will benefit you grossly. So, go through this page and continue your printing work.

Why should I Bypass Ink Cartridge on My Epson Printer?

When Epson printers run out of ink, you can bypass the cartridge so you can keep printing. Even if you have ink left in the cartridges, the printer can prevent you from printing. If you have a new ink cartridge, you may replace the old one. You can print in black ink for some time while using color ink cartridges. Nevertheless, it may take a long time before you can do so. For those without replacement cartridges, bypassing the ink cartridge is the only option.

How To Bypass Ink Cartridge On Epson Printer Properly

In the Epson printer, there are sensor chips to track ink use levels. This chip signals when the ink level goes downward. It also sends a message if the cartridges are not installed correctly or if an unacceptable-cartridges are set. So, for the alternative process to utilize the extra inks, you have to disable the functions that support the monitoring and operating system. This is the software which you had installed at the beginning of using the printer.

Disabling or Overriding the Monitoring Functions

This disabling process needs to be done following some steps. The steps are given below.

Step-1: At first, enter the control panel in your computer windows and then access the printer’s preferences. Click on the “Speed & Progress” button, and you will see a dialog box. Now tap on the checkbox that will activate it. This will disable the Epson Status Monitor.

How to Bypass Ink Cartridge on Epson Printer

Step-2: After stopping the Status Monitor, you can install the refilled cartridges. You will not have the “Ink Cartridge Error” message that is irritating and does not go away. Since the ink monitoring system is disabled, you have to ensure the output quality. If you find any missing colors or vague print, you have to change the cartridge immediately. You also have to change the cartridge at a low ink level.

Note: While you use a cartridge from another brand, the Epson warranty can be refused in case of malfunction. So, you may use an alternative utility application that enables hidden settings.

Top 3 Process of Bypassing Ink Cartridge

There are some different processes to bypass the ink cartridge on the Epson printer.

Process-1: Simplest Process

This process is the simplest one. Some older version of Epson printer does not have the ink cartridges’ microchips that trace the ink level and provide the alert message. This process is for those older printers, and you do not have to disable the Status Monitor.

How to Bypass Ink Cartridge on Epson Printer

Step-1: At first, open the lid of the printer. Now, hold the ink button for a couple of minutes. The ink holder will move slowly.

Step-2: When the holder reaches its position, you have to open the cartridge lid, which has to be filled. Then again, close the lid but do not remove that cartridge. Now close the printer lid, and the printer is ready to print.

Process-2: Resetting Cartridges

It is also a simple method that has to be done after disabling the monitoring.

Step-1: At first, on your printer and keep it on standby mode. Open the cover of the printer. Now, pause its work. When the carriage stops moving, keep it on again.

Step-2: Press all tabs of every cartridge that stays at the short end of the cartridge. Lift straight to put them out. After getting all cartridges out of the printer, shut it down. The printer shutting may take some time and so, wait for that. Now remove the printer plug out of the power. Wait until printer memory gets reset.

How to Bypass Ink Cartridge on Epson Printer

Step-2: Each of the cartridges has a copper end contact. Some Epson printer versions have an ink cartridge resetting button. Press the button or the copper contact with a paper clip. After pressing all the cartridge buttons, put them back in their places.

Now start your printer and get to your printing work again.

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Process-3: Shaking Cartridges

After disabling the Status Monitor, you can perform this process and have your printer saying full of ink.

Step-1: Put all the cartridges out of the printer following the steps described in method-2.

Step-2: Now shake well each of the cartridges separately. It will spread out inside ink and distribute evenly. After shaking, set all the cartridges to the same place as the printer at the same order as before.

How to Bypass Ink Cartridge on Epson Printer

Now connect the printer to power and tap the “on” button. This will reset the left inks that were inside the cartridges and keep the printing job done.

How Do You Trick An Epson Printer Cartridge?

You’re likely to purchase an ink cartridge when you purchase an Epson printer for the first time. Eventually, your cartridge will run out, and you may feel tempted to switch brands.

Your printer may have difficulty printing due to this. If you need more options, try these:

  • Turn off the printer
  • Pour water into the empty ink cartridge.
  • Place a book on top of the cartridge to keep air out.
  • Reconnect and restart your printer.
  • Then unplug your printer and remove the book from atop the cartridge.
  • Print without buying new ink.

Why is my Epson printer constantly out of ink?

The amount of ink your printer can hold or the cartridge capacity varies depending on its model. You can determine whether a cartridge is empty by looking at the light on your printer. When the light turns red, check to see if there is paper in your printer, then press Cancel.

For best results, replace the ink cartridge as soon as possible if it is empty. How to troubleshoot why your Epson printer keeps saying it’s out of ink despite having new cartridges installed.

How To Print With Epson Printer Without Replacing Cartridges

Learn how to continue using Epson printer without replacing cartridges:

  1. Many people prefer Epson printers for their quality and affordability. Color cartridge replacement is not necessary with Epson ink refill kits.
  2. You can buy ink refill kits online or in stores near you to save money on new cartridges.
  3. Your Epson printer’s color cartridge may be empty or clogged.
  4. To check for ink shortages, print a test page and note which colors are missing.
  5. Cleaning your printer will ensure that nothing is blocking the ink flow.
  6. Replace your cartridges if your inks are clogged or dried up.
  7. If none of these work, contact customer service.
  8. See how to get your Epson printer to print without changing the color.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bypassing Ink Cartridge

There may be some questions in mind while bypassing ink cartridges in the Epson printer. Know them to stay confusion-free.

Q: How to force the Epson printer to print at low ink?

Ans: If you want to force print, then you have to reduce the print quality. To do that, reset all the options in the Epson printer option from the Device & printer tab. Set plain paper at quality, greyscale at print.

Q: Why does the Epson printer alert low ink even after placing a new cartridge?

Ans: If you do not install ink cartridges in proper steps, the Epson printer will say that it has low ink. When the message saying ‘ink low’ arrives, click on that option, replace the cartridge and select ‘OK.’

Q: Can I print if one ink cartridge is low?

Ans: No, because the printer has the setup that needs sufficient ink storage in all cartridges.

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Summing Up!

Though some ink is still left on the ink cartridge, the machine says that the ink is low. It happens in case of uneven distribution of ink inside the cartridges. If you know how to bypass ink cartridge on Epson printer, you can use those left inks.

Frequent changing the ink cartridges will cost massively. So, why waste money? Bypass the ink cartridges and get set to print using the last portion of the ink.


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