How To Clean Cricut Mat With Awesome [3 Easy Methods]

A Cricut mat is a partner of a crafter. It always stays beside you while you work. You start crafting some bags, shoes or t-shirts; your work will never wilt. The mat will wither and slowly lose the stickiness for the continuous support of a mat. You may think of purchasing a new mat while it loses its stickiness. It is not a wise decision at all. The expense of buying mats frequently will be more than you earn from your crating works.

Keeping this matter in mind, cleaning and re-sticking your mat is the ultimate solution. Why wasting extra dollars? Clean your mat at a regular plan and re-stick it. For doing this, you have to know how to clean Cricut mat. There are some DIY methods of cleaning the Cricut mat. Know them well and work smoothly.

How To Clean Cricut Mat Properly In 3 Methods

Though there are some differences in types of cricut mats, cleaning it is quite similar. To increase your mat’s durability and save some money, clean your mat regularly.

Method-1: Soft Cleaning Process

If you regularly clean your mat and your mat is less withered, you should use this method to wash. Wash your mat softly. Do not scrape the mat hardly, because this can remove the sticky layer.

  • Step-1: Removing Large Things

There are different sized materials on your mat as all types of remains fall on it. To remove large remains, use tweezers.

How To Clean Cricut Mat

  • Step-2: Washing

Take a flat holder with a smooth surface for the mat and place the mat on it. Then keep the holder into the sink. At first, wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Then scrub it gently in a round motion using a plastic brush. After brushing the mat, wash it with warm water again.

  • Step-3: Dry

At first, pat it with a paper towel to remove extra water. Then keep it at a warm pace for some time to dry completely.

Your mat will be completely clean.

Method-2: Hard Cleaning Process

When you work for a big budget and loads of work, the pressure will fall upon your mat. In that case, use this challenging but safe cleaning process step by step.

  • Step-1: Remove Small Things

Take a safe plastic scraper. The safe scraper has hard-bristled but not harder than much, which can wither the stick layer. Now, scrape the top side of the mat in an organized move. Do this very gently, and it will eliminate small debris. Repeat scraping until all small remains are cleaned.

How To Clean Cricut Mat

  • Step-2: Rubbing With Wipes And Lint-Rollers

Now use the baby wipes to clean it in the next step, but be sure that the wipes are alcohol and bleach-free. Rub the mat with wipes in a straight line and ensure that the full surface is covered. Now use the lint-rollers to rub the mat surface again. The lint rollers will remove all stubborn debris that wipes cannot remove. These lint rollers can also put some stickiness on the mat too.

  • Step-3: Wash With Water And Soap

Wash your mat with lukewarm soapy water. You may use some dishwasher too to mix with water and then sink the mat into it. If you see some debris yet, clean it with a sponge or small soft brush.

  • Ste-4: Dry

Now slowly pat a towel over it and then hang it to dry up properly. It must be dried completely.

Now it is ready to join you again

Method-3: Using Adhesive To Clean

Adhesive remover is an agent to help you clean the mat. It removes all stubborn remains and debris. But carefully use this.

  • Step-1: Apply The Remover

Apply the adhesive with the help of a scraper. Try to spread it all over the mat surface. This element can remove smaller and sticky waste. Apply a small amount at a to clean cricut mat with awesome

  • Step-2: Let It Sit

Let the adhesive remover sit for 10 to 20 minutes. If your mat is quite old and you have already cleaned it and re-stick it several times, then let it sit for 30 minutes.

  • Step-3: Scrape And Wash

Now, gently scrape the mat and wipe it with a damp cloth or towel. All the waste will get out smoothly. Then wash it thoroughly with warm water.

  • Step-4: Hang It Until It Dried Up Totally

Now your mat is fine and all set to get into work.

Restore The Stickiness Of The Mat

While cleaning several times, your mat can lose the stickiness. It won’t be very worth working more. But there is a DIY solution to it. You will need an adhesive spray to restore the stickiness of your mat.

How To Clean Cricut Mat

Note: Read the instruction in the spray package because there may be some instructions to follow. If you miss them, the mat may be severely damaged.

Step-1: Remove Remaining Stickiness

To make an even adhesive coat, you have to clean it properly to remove all the sticky remains. Scrape the mat after applying some rubbing alcohol.

Step-2: Apply Adhesive Spray

Fix tape at the corner of the mat so that the adhesive cannot split out. Apply the adhesive spray gently and slowly. If there is any instruction within the package, follow it. Some spays need to be smeared evenly.

Step-3: Rest Applied Adhesive

The adhesive needs some time to bond with the mat material. So, keep the adhesive like this for about 15 to 20 minutes. Check if the adhesive is fixed well. Now remove the tape, and your mat is ready and sticky enough to support you.

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When all materials cutting pieces and waste fall and are stuck on your mat, it is apparent that it will not work for long. When the mat stops to stick your cutting wastes and already got dirty, your designing job will be at stake.

For the precision of your work, cleaning it and, when needed, restoring it in time is a must-doing job. So, learn how to clean Cricut mat and do it with care.


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