How To Cut Business Cards On Cricut {Handy and Handsome}

Business cards are helpful for several purposes. They are essential to advertise your business or your identity. These cards let you network with your fellow companies and target audients of your business.

Business cards hold your logo, identity information for your businesses, and contact information. But making business cards from stores is a pretty expensive job. It is a wise decision to learn DIY processes to make business cards. Cricut can work well for making business cards.

How to cut business cards on Cricut? The process is easy if you know the procedure. You just have to follow some simple steps and make your business cards to keep your necessary items. So, why wait? Let’s learn those steps and craft business cards.

How To Cut Business Cards On Cricut

Making business cards yourself reduces your expense and allows you to create different crafting and necessary modifications that you cannot from online stores. Besides, it is not such a time-consuming fact. It takes only 10 to 30 minutes to prepare the business card.

Necessary Tools

Step-1: Preparation of ‘Cricut space’ Design for Business Cards

This part seems pretty hard, but it is not. After making a few tries, it seems easier to make business cards on your own terms. This step involves some unique settings that include adding shapes, selecting the size, adding images or text, adjusting the contrast, etc. So, follow accordingly.

  • First, choosing a design can be difficult if you have less idea. You can take a picture from the free web options. It is wise to select a simple business card design first. 
  • Next, set the shape in the ‘Cricut design space app. You will find the ‘Shapes’ option on the left side of the panel. Click on it and drop a square on the editing canvas area. First, the square will be in grey.

How To Cut Business Cards On Cricut

  • Then resize it by clicking on the top menu ‘resize the card’ option. Now, what will be the right size? The standard size is between 3.2 × 1.5 and 3.5 × 2 inches. If you like to avoid making waste of cardstock or base, you can select the size of 3.2 × 1.75. The size will be pretty ideal, and you also can make 10 cards on one piece of paper.
  • When your card size is okay, you can change the color. So, click on the color tab next to the Operations tab of the top menu bar. The color is your choice, but you should contrast with text color and base color to clear the text and images on the card.
  • Nowadays, many business cards have two different colors holding logos and personal information. It makes different focus on two information.
  • Next, add some different shapes to give the card a distinctive style. Take another square and resize it similar to card size. The second square should have the same height, but the width should be flexible. Now align the second square to create a precise form. Select both the square shapes and tap on the ‘Align’ option. Under the align option, you have to select ‘Align Left.’ Do these things again and select the option ‘Align Top.’
  • Now add a small circle in a specific place on the card to set your logo inside it.

Preparation of ‘Cricut space’ Design for Business Cards

  • Now add necessary information one by one. Add images and texts to show your data on cards.
  • First, add your logo to the circle. Then if you need, you can add an image depending on your business type. There are many options to get pictures. The Cricut app has free images, but you have to get access by paying a little.
  • Then add text. You will get the Text icon on the left side of the Cricut panel. Then select the desired font for adding your text. You can choose different text fonts for the business name and others. Here, you have to add all the necessary information to include in the card.

After performing all the required settings, click on ‘Make it,’ which is present on the upper-right corner side of the interface. Now your card is ready to print and prepare.

Step-2: Material Selection and Mat Preview

There are specific options for ‘Mat Preview and material selection’ on Cricut software. This interface allows you to make multiple copies of cards easily. So, add your card to this interface and document as many as you want.

  • First, input the number of cards you like to print at once and tap on the ‘Apply’ option. It will make the necessary changes and take effect. Now the Print option will arrive, and click on continue to print it. Now select desired materials. Then under the Print option, you have to click on the ‘Send to Printer’ option.
Business Cards On Cricut
  • The ‘Printer Setup’ window will open. Here, you have to find the name of your printer and select it. Then add extra copies of your cards and turn the option ‘bleed’ on. If you do not find the print setup option, you must set things from the ‘System Dialog’ box. Here, you can find the printer model name and number, set the paper type and other paper settings, turn the file type into PDF and save it in a specific location.
best cardstock for business card
  • Now select material. Some innovative Cricut machine has an intelligent dial that you can customize easily and select the specific material from the Cricut design space. Here, you have to choose the cardstock type you have already collected to print on. The cardstock in 80 Ib weight is perfectly suitable to print business cards.
  • Now set the cardstock on your printer and then click OK to print. Then your card is out.

Step-3: Preparation of the Mat and Cut

  • Take the printed copy from the printer output tray and place it on the Cricut mat.
  • Here, you have to stick the copy on your mat. You can use a brayer to stick it correctly. Be gentle and soft to attach the card on the mat because harsh handling can harm the card, and it can also be hard to remove later.

Preparation of the Mat and Cut

  • Now install a fine point blade in your Cricut machine and then set the business card printed paper on the mat. Then place the mat into the Cricut machine. Now press the flashing button and start the cutting process.
  • The Cricut machine will cut the black frame of the paper which holds business cards. Then it will cut the cards separately, one by one.
  • After finishing the cutting process, remove the mat from the machine and bend it. It will release your business card.

Final Words

When you know how to cut business cards on Cricut, you can create your own business cards as many cards as you need. It becomes easier to modify your cards and prepare new ones when you need them. So, you get much flexibility.

Cricut machine provides an easy option. After creating business cards a few times, it will be an easy task for you. You can begin a business of making business cards when you become an expert. So, learning this process can be more fruitful than you think.

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