How To Design A Label Professionally [Perfect Product Labels]

Labels carry information, identification, and messages in simple and short forms. Labeling is a popular method identifying of products for advertising and sale. To attract customers, you require designing your label of the product in a way that your brand will stand out from others and last a long time in the customer’s mind.

Designing a label is not a hard job if you have all the information about the product you want to sell, and the tools to design and produce a label or in another sense a sticker. As the label talks about a product, the design should have the components or information that identifies a quality product at a glance.

Types Of Required Labels

In designing a label, the first thing you need to figure out the type of label you want or are in demand. The various types are

  • Address labels
  • Product labels
  • Call-to-action labels
  • Name labels
  • Packaging labels

How To Design A Professional Label

Designing an eye-catching label is no doubt the work of a professional designer. However, without being critical, following a few basic steps with fun and ease, you will get the desired label. We would like to discuss how easily you become an expert in creating labels.

1. Get Hands-On the Best Tools

Label designs are creations of computers that enable the use of many software tools with the aid of the internet. There are many design tools to create designs for labels. These tools apply to your home office or a modest business.

You may use one of three tools to create your design

Microsoft word: The simple to use Microsoft word software has templates suitable for labels. You can use the formats to create designs and print numerous labels on a page.

How to Design a Label

Adobe Suite: Quite a versatile software with programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. These programs allow the creation of innovative graphic designs suitable for labels.

Canava: The Canava is an online software having a collection of free design templates. The templates are applicable as it is or you can edit them into your innovative design. 

2. Prioritize the Information: Use the Utmost Important One

You obviously may have a lot of information about your product. Putting every piece of information in a small space will clutter the design. Therefore, you need to prioritize all the information and select the important fact to focus on the design.

3. The Logo of the Brand

The logo is a unique way of branding your product. Develop an appropriate logo that signifies the product and promotes your company. Use your logo in all your products in a prominent position no matter how small.

4. Packaging of the Product

The label design usually depends on the type, size, and shape of the product. Although each package looks different, such as a ketchup jar and a box of teabags, both should be of the size to attract the attention of the buyer. A consideration of the location of placing the label is important before designing the label. Therefore, the color and font size should make all information visible.

5. Labels Should be Legible and Clear

The most beautiful and informative label will not attract a buyer if it is not legible. Legibility depends on the colors used, the size and type of fonts used, in harmony with the product.

how to make clear labels for jars

Graphic designing appropriate to the product should make the name of the product and brand visible from far. Create several labels and see which one is readable without effort and at the same time attracts attention. Use techniques in the label to draw customers towards your product.

6. Smart Fonts- Smart Look

The design of the product draws the attention of customers if the combination of colors is attractive. The fonts also add to the smart look of the design. Using a combination of 2 to 3 fonts of various thicknesses and styles makes the label easy to read.

The dissimilar look of messages by playing with fonts and colors makes all information at a glance. The designs become attractive if a mixture of size, shape, and color is an easy method of conveying what the product carries. Further, sentences written about the product should be short and accurate.

7. Spaces in the Labels

Every label, be it business cards, jam jars should have space in between the distinct elements of the graphic design to accurate visibility of each message. A small space between the name of the product, the logo, and the image of the product will give a cluttered look whereby, the sight of a person will not be in focus.

A good design demands sufficient blank background between elements and outside the entire graphics to create better visibility.

8. Including a Decorative Look

The design should have an artistic flair. Usually, the picture of the product or an illustration that speaks about the product attracts the attention of customers. However, the color combinations should complement the other elements in the design of a label.

label design template

9. Use Your Creativity

It is always good to be creative in designing. Giving the label a personal touch of your creative mind will not only satisfy but also draw the attention of the ingenious customer. For example, not all labels should be square/rectangular shaped, it can go with the shape of your product. Think “out of the box” when creating a design.

Printer for Printing Labels

After you have done with your design, you need the best label maker for printing your labels and stickers. There are many black and white and colored label printers available in the market. We have a few suggestions on the printers that do an excellent job of printing labels for your homemade and commercial products.

The Canon Pixma pro-100 is one of the best inkjet printers that have 4 dye-based ink allowing the best printouts. You will appreciate this printer for its high speed and high resolution. The Canon PiXma label printer is compatible with Wi-Fi and all your mobile devices.

product label printer

An all-one-printer that allows you to scan, copy and print is the HP ENVY Photo 7855. The printer is amazingly fast, creating labels at 5 seconds apiece. The compatibility of the printer Wi-Fi, and direct printing lets you keep any place. The printer is a solution to printing label stickers with actual colors.

The Brother VC -500W Versatile is a highly appreciated printer using ZINK zero technology. You will like the Brother label maker for its compatibility with Android devices.


The techniques of how to design a label must be clear to you now. With a little practice on one of the three software we mentioned, label designing should make a good start. However, it is always good to use your innovative ideas to create eye-catching labels. Keeping in mind the objective of promoting your product and brand is an excellent way to begin.

The software tools will help you get a fantastic idea of label designs. The editing tools are a great help in creating versatility and using your innovative thoughts in label designing. Printing is not only fun but lets you enjoy your creative label designing ability.


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