How To Fix A Printer Error | Most Common Problems And Solutions

It is a great relaxation and fun to work on a printer until it has no problem. If your printer does not provide the same printing quality or stuck ink cartridge or any other issue, your work will stop all of a sudden. It hampers severely. You may have some emergency works, or you may have loads of printing left. All the job will come to a standstill when your printer works wrongly or stop working.

Many issues arise for different reasons. The ink cartridges may get clogged, or the print quality may be inadequate. You have to find out what the problem is, and then you have to correct it in time. Otherwise, your work will stay stopped. That’s why you have to know how to fix a printer. It’s a crucial fact to know and understand. Let’s learn some common issues and solutions of a printer.

How To Troubleshoot Printer Issues Easily

Your printer may get stuck suddenly, but you do not understand what had happened. It becomes frustrating as you do not know the problem. How do you solve it? So, to find out the problem, follow the steps below at first.

How to Fix a Printer

Step-1: Cable Connection Issue

At first, check if the connection or cable is okay and correctly connected. Hen you find any issue with this, you can quickly solve this problem.

Step-2: Self-Testing

There is always an option in the printer to check the problem, which is called Self-testing. This test will isolate the printer issues and show a list of print quality, print density, printer settings, and other options. You can find the problem here.

Step-3: Configuration Issue

Check the printer configuration correctly. You have to look into the printer software and the printer drivers to check if the printer configuration is alright. If you find any changes, reform it and make it as before correctly.

Step-4: Cleaning

Clean the printer and its parts as the manual or instructions suggested. It may provide the same printing result and solve the problem.

How To Troubleshoot Printer Issues Easily

Step-5: Paper Jam

Check your printer where paper can get jammed. There can be jammed paper under the roller or pattern of the paper. If you find it, unplug the printer and remove jammed papers. If the printer recommends handling the paper release manually, check the printer’s manual and do what it suggests. If there is more than one paper jammed, clean all the paper one by one. Do it softly so that the printer cannot be harmed.

Step-6: Rebooting

At first, delete the printer commands you have sent in recent times. Now turn off the printer. Keep the printer off for about ten to 15 minutes. Then again, restart it. If you have any pending printing, the printer will ask you to print them. Do not print them; instead, save them and then close the window. Next, start printing. If there is no other problem, the printer will work well.

Step-7: Ink Cartridge Issues

The printer has several ink issues. At first, the printer provides a message saying about the shortage of ink. You have to order a new ink cartridge if the message comes out. The HP printer offers the instant ink option to order online, and the ink will be delivered within 7 to 10 days. You should not install the new ink cartridge as soon as you get it. You have to wait until the ink cartridge is empty entirely because there is still some ink left when the message comes.

How To Fix A Printer

If you use a laser printer, you can shake the toner cartridge a little when you get no ink while printing. It will release the last portion of toner left in the bottom of the toner cartridge. Us the toner to the previous and then install new replacement toner.

If the printer provides white lines or faded printouts, you can assume that there can be clogging in ink cartridges. Then you have to clean the ink cartridge. To clean the ink cartridges, remove them from the printer ink compartment at first. Get a plastic pan and keep a paper towel on it.

Now sink the paper towel with lukewarm water to half an inch of height. Next, place the cartridges into the plastic pan with water and move it every 2 minutes interval. It will clean the ink clogging and let the ink comes out to the water. So, you can be sure that the clogged ink got release when you see the color of the ink in the water. Now dry the cartridges and install them back to the printer.

Try printing and check if the print quality is okay. This cleaning process may differ for different printer brands.


Many elements work with the printer connections. You should have a good knowledge of those things and find the problem soon. If you know how to fix a printer, you will see where the problem is and what to do to correct it.

It is obvious to get an issue with the printer. Know the searching problem criteria and fix them. Follow the steps that have been given on this page so that you will not perform more work. You may clean your ink cartridges and later find the problem was on the configuration. So, do the process one by one from the beginning to last.


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