How to Make Decal Stickers | 6 Easy Steps with Picture

Decal stickers are a fantastic addition to making your interior beautiful and attractive. The large-sized decal stickers are perfect for decorating your walls, floors, or even windows. If you have a restaurant or a small office, you can decorate it with a professional one with decal stickers. They are low-cost and easily customizable.

If you know how to make decal stickers, you can cut the cost more. You will have fun while making the stickers with your creative designs. This opportunity will offer you to increase your skill and talents. By creating them in loads, you can make some income by selling the stickers too. So, know the technique to make decal stickers and have the benefit out of it.

How to Make Decal Stickers

Cutting the big decal stickers is the essential part of making them efficiently. The vinyl decal adhesive is compatible with the electronic cutting machine. But it is not a wise decision to use the fancy decal cutting machine. You can make your own decal stickers by cutting them with a craft knife or scissors. It is enough, and you can make standard sizes of these decal stickers.

When you have to make some decal stickers with intricate designs or detailed edges, you can use Cricut or a Silhouette. The straight or regular shapes are easy to complete only by hand knife.

Now let’s know the steps to make the decal stickers.

Necessary Elements:

  • Vinyl laminate paper
  • Inkjet vinyl paper
  • Inkjet printer
  • Cutting machine or knife or scissor
  • Applying tool
  • Design for sticker

Steps to Make Decal Stickers

Follow the steps below and make your stickers easily.

Step-1: Set the Size of the Printout

You have to collect or purchase a printer that can support large-format images or designs. The printer should keep at least 8.5 by 11 inches in size.

How to Make Decal Stickers

If you plan to cut your decal with a knife or scissors, you can set the design in any software by editing as much as you need. Then print the sticker at the 8.5 by 11 inches size. If you are concerned about using a cutting machine like Silhouette or Cricut, you should use studio software to set the sticker design size.

Then set the registration mark turned on while commanding for printing. The registration mark will help you to cut the sticker at the right angle and shape.

Step-2: Select a Design

Now make a design if you have enough knowledge or select a design from the free software. Open the chosen design in editing software and set the alignment correctly. The design’s alignment or settings should adjust to cover the entire page so that there will be no waste of your vinyl paper. If there are any necessary edits, do it now.

how to make decal stickers for cars

After setting the design on a page, make a cut line around the design’s edges that helps to mark the cutting line. So, you have to trace the design by entering the trace window. You will see several shapes in the trace window, select a shape like a square or a circle, or rectangle and place it on your design. Set it to the edges of the design. You have to adjust the threshold settings accurately. After completing the trace setting, tap on “Trace Outer Edge.” There will appear a red outer line around the design, and this is the line through which you have to cut the design.

Step-3: Print the Design

Load the vinyl sheet to the inkjet decal stickers printers that the design is placed on the matte side of the design. You can do a test print before printing on your vinyl. It will avoid mistakes. After loading the paper, go to the “File” option of the window where your design is opened. Click on “Print.” The printing will be done slowly and perfectly.

how to make vinyl decals

Step-4: Laminate the Printed Vinyl Decal Stickers

After printing the design, the vinyl sticker is ready to use after cutting it to size. These decal stickers are durable for one year. If you want to use it for a more extended period, you have to laminate this sticker. Laminated stickers are durable for 4 to 5 years long. You will see no change, and it looks like a new decal sticker on your wall or window. After laminating it, you can wash it too. You can use the matte or glossy laminating overlay to make it matte or glossy ass you like.

how to make decal stickers for cars

You have to cut the laminate overlay into 8.5 by 11 inches as the stickers or your sticker’s size to laminate the stickers. Now peel off the edges of the laminate from the backing. Use your nail or a knife to start the peeling from a corner, and then slowly peel the entire laminate. Now set the adhesive part of the laminate over the printed sticker using the application tool. Slowly burnish it so that there is no bubble in it.

Step-5: Cutting

Since the printing design and laminating are complete, it is time to cut it in size. You can cut by hand or cutting machine. Cut the decal sticker through the red line. If you are planning to cut by hand, use a pair of sharp knives or scissors. If you plan to cut it using a Cricut or Silhouette, you must place the vinyl sticker on the cutting mat. Then load it into the cutting machine.

how to make your own decal stickers

Adjust correctly to the red line with the machine cutting blade line. The perfect setting for cutting the laminate overlay is 2 for the blade, 33 for thickness, and five cutting speeds. The machine will now cut the design to the registration marks correctly.

Step-6: Decoration

To use this decal sticker, you have to peel them off carefully from the corner. Then place the sticker over the window or wall smoothly. Make sure that there is no bubble left inside. You can use these stickers as home decal stickers, decal stickers for cups, for kid’s bottles, and even for the floor. You also can decorate your book cover, notebook, etc.

how to make stickers


Printable vinyl adhesives are perfect for decorating anything from cups, bottles, boxes, book covers, etc. They have long-lasting adhesive powers that you can tell that the permanent adhesives. If you laminate your stickers, they become durable for a more extended period. Over the laminate paper, you can wash them too.

Know how to make decal stickers and decorate your room with your choice. The DIY system allows maximum modification on your own. You will be amazed to work with this. If you become an expert, you earn money by making and selling the large-sized decal sticker.


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