How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error

When you find that the ink cartridge in your HP printer is not working, you may panic or be irritated. You may think of it as the seller’s fault. Do not worry. Sometimes, the ink cartridge does not work, even when the ink cartridge is original or generic. 

How to override HP ink cartridge error? After knowing the ink cartridge errors, you can solve the issues yourself. First, you must check all the necessary parts and functions involved in ink cartridge settings and find out where the problem is. Then solve those issues. Here, you will find detailed solutions to every problem. Learn those settings of the HP printer and continue your printing job.

How To Override HP Printer Ink Cartridge Errors

Sometimes, the HP printer cannot recognize the new ink cartridge still when the cartridge is original. To make the ink cartridge work on the HP printer, follow the checking and setting process one by one. 

Firstly, reset the printer memory. Among all the issues, the settings problem is the common problem. So, resetting the memory for the ink cartridge setting can solve the problem easily. This process is done manually, and you do not need any software to reset the printer’s memory. 

Step-1: Reset Printer Memory

  • First, remove the new ink cartridge, which is not working. Then insert the old ink cartridge. Leave the printer ON without printing for at least 10 minutes.

How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error

  • Next, replace the old ink cartridge with the new cartridge. Now check if the printer can recognize the new ink cartridge. If not, then follow the following steps.
How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error
HP Support
  • Remove the new ink cartridge again and turn the printer off. Keep new ink cartridges in a safe place. Now unplug the printer from the wall power connection. Disconnecting the printer from the primary power connection is necessary to reset the memory. It is because without unplugging, it can take the printer to sleep mode only. But you have to turn it off correctly. 
  • After unplugging, leave it off for 10 minutes. Then, plug the printer but do not turn it on. Before pressing the power button, insert the new cartridge into the printer. Turn the printer ON.
how to Reset Printer Memory
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Now, the printer should recognize the ink cartridge. If not, move to the next step that involves cleaning the metal parts of the printer.

Step-2: Clean Metal Contacts of Ink Cartridge

Metal contacts are on the backside of the ink cartridge, and it is only on this side of the ink cartridge or toner cartridge. It looks like a metal base or copper base. Some ink cartridges do not have any metal contacts. So, you can do this step only on those cartridges that have these metal contacts. 

  • First, turn the printer off and then cut the power down. Regarding the inkjet printers, do not turn off their energy as you have to remove the ink cartridge before turning the power off.
Clean Metal Contacts of Ink Cartridge
HP Support
  • Now, keeping the printer in necessary condition, remove the ink cartridge or toner cartridge very carefully. Keep them on a flat smooth surface and make sure that they are in a safe place. It is because ink cartridges get damaged easily. You have to handle cartridges gently.

How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error

  • Check the toner or ink cartridges carefully and inspect the metal contact and the metal connection points inside and outside. Then take a lint-free dry cloth and use it to wipe the metal contacts of cartridges softly. Wipe clean the printer parts where the cartridges are set. Take proper care so that you do not harm this place.

How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error

  • Now insert the cleaned cartridge into the printer back. Turn the printer ON. Now check if the ink cartridge is working correctly. Test some printing jobs.
How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error

If you are having a problem still now, then follow the next step.

Step-3: Check Other Parts

  • Find and purchase the correct, consumable ink or toner cartridge. It is easy to misunderstand the drum unit or other items with the ink cartridge. You can take the seller’s help.  
  • A new cartridge comes in such packaging that has covers and stripes to keep it protected. Ensure that you have removed all the caps and strips before installing them into the printer. You will get instructions in the cartridge manual or package.

How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error

  • When you have a problem with the ink cartridge, check the updates. Ensure that all the printer software, including the Firmware, is updated. Most of the updates come with notifications, and you can update the software yourself.

How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error

Issues With Refilled Ink Cartridges

If you are not replacing the ink cartridge instead of refilling the old cartridge and inserting them back, there may be some issues in recognizing them. 

It can be damaged or broken down while refilling the cartridge, but you may not understand this. In this case, the ink will be leaked inside the printer. So, check the cartridge after filling it and then insert them into the printer.

How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error

When a cartridge is empty or has low ink condition, the microchips of this cartridge record this condition and keep this memory. When you insert the refilled ink cartridge, the HP printer may not read it correctly and show the previously recorded message. So, the microchips of the ink cartridge need to be reset. Specialized software can reset the microchip automatically, like Firmware. Check if it is updated.

Issues With HP Cartridge Protection System

HP printer brand has launched a particular function to protect the generic ink cartridge settings. This is the HP ink cartridge protection system. This system locks the first inserted ink cartridge into the printer. 

There can be more than one HP printer in an office that supports the same ink cartridge model. You personally can have more than one HP printer with the same ink cartridge. In this case, you may need to use the same ink cartridge taking from one printer to another. But the protection system does not let you do it. The new printer cannot recognize the ink cartridge even if the cartridge is the supported one.

How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error

How to override HP printer ink cartridge error for the cartridge protection system? You have to disable this system. This system can create more issues with the ink cartridge settings.

This system does not let the printer recognize refilled and remanufactured ink or toner cartridges. You could not use the cartridge for a new printer if the cartridge were used in the old printer. So, you cannot use an ink cartridge by refilling them even if they are Ok and ready to work. After an ink cartridge is empty, you have to dump it off. It will cause a considerable loss. 

Some reports have found that this system works faulty and cannot recognize a new cartridge for first-time installation.  So, this system becomes a problem heavily. So, you have to disable this system. It is not so hard to disable it, and you can do it yourself if you know the process. Let’s learn the process.

The setting for disabling this system is different for printers with internet features than printers that do not have internet features. Follow the steps below according to the printer type.

For Printer with Internet

  • First, enter the Print Menu and go to the Printer Settings. Here, with the list of different functions, you will see “Disable HP Cartridge Protection.”

How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error

  • Check this option by clicking on it. Then tap on Apply and Save. 

For Printer without Internet

  • On the computer, open a web browser and type the IP address of your HP printer on the search option. If the printer’s IP address is unknown to you, you can find it easily in the printer settings option.
How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error
HP Printer Support
  • After searching the IP address in the search option, the embedded web server of your printer will open. Here, enter the settings and find the option “HP Cartridge Protection.”

How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error

  • Select on Disable option. Click on Apply and Save.

After disabling this protection system, check if the printer is recognizing the ink cartridge now. You can test by printing some pages with the color of the replaced ink cartridge. 

Final Words

HP printers are unique for their supportive features and reasonable expense. When you are out of ink or get an empty ink cartridge, it isn’t charming. You have to stop your printing job. So, you should know the solution to work the ink cartridge on a printer. 

How to override HP printer ink cartridge error? In this article, you will get the physical settings solutions step by step and the process to disable the cartridge protection system. If you follow all the actions which were described here and still have problems running the cartridge, you can be sure that the cartridge is faulty. Then you have to replace it.

Some new models of HP printers have some new technologies that make it hard to recognize new or refilled ink cartridges. So, you have to contact the manufacturers to get the solution. You may need some professional services to make a new ink cartridge work. 


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