How To Ping A Printer [Expert Printing Tips]

We are used to working with network-connected printers nowadays. It is obvious to face troubleshooting issues or network connection errors while working with a printer every day. Yes, it causes massive problems when we are in a hurry in our printing job. So, searching for the issues that cause network connection problems, troubleshooting connectivity, and network errors is necessary.

There is a ping process to solve this issue. The ping process verifies the connections between the network and a machine or between two devices. You can check if your device is correctly connected to a router. So, it is a must to know how to ping a printer. Let’s find out the detailed process.

How To Ping A Printer

When you have a problem with the connections, you have to use the ping commands to know the situation that becomes the obstacle for the connections. When you find that the Ping works fast, it means the connection is OK. Then you have to look to the server or other application to find the issue. When you see that the Ping is late to come, you have to solve it. So, ping network printer from the computer or Mac.

ping command

How to Ping A Printer with A Desktop Microsoft Windows Operating System

Since the ping process is a testing method to check the network connections, you need to know the computer’s IP address. You have to collect the configuration report from the control panel of the computer. You can print the report so that you can see it when the necessity comes. Now, follow the steps below to Ping the printer, and you can also ping from the LaserJet printer with these steps.

How to Ping a Printer

Step-1: In your PC, start the Ping and click on “Run,” and see the run window open. In the following interface, you have to type- “cmd,” which means command. Then tap on the “OK” button. You will see the DOS prompt window.

Step-2: At the DOS prompt window, you have to type the word “ping,” space, and then the IP address. Now you have to press the Enter button on the keyboard.

Step-3: At this point of the process, there are four types of messages to come. You will have one from these four. Let’s know what they are and what you have to do to solve them.

  • Requested Timed Out

This message indicates that Ping sent the command to the computer printer through the network connection, but there is no response or reply.

Solution: you have to contact the network administrator to solve the issue from the hub support.

  • Bad Command or Filename

This message means that the command can be wrongly written or your desktop cannot understand how to use the IP protocol or TCP.

Solution: The network administrator can resolve this issue.

  • Destination Host Unreachable

This means that the ping command sent by the computer cannot reach the network segment of the printer. The printer network is unreachable to the computer.

Solution- For this problem, you also have to contact the network administrator.

  • Reply From (IP address)

This reply indicates that your computer has the reply from another network connection for the assigned IP address. Though it is the better network connection with the printer, this is not your network or desired network. It happens when the printer already has a print queue from the previous connection. It also occurs when there is a duplicate IP address left and its conflicts with the printer.

Solution- At first, disconnect the ethernet cable connection from the printer and repeat the ping process. If there is no reply, the problem is solved. If you can have the other three responses, you can solve the issue. But if you again find that there is another printer on the network or another PC to connect to the printer, you have to solve the TCP addressing conflict. Contact the network administrator and let them do the solving part.
Your problem is solved when you find it in the Ping.

How to Ping A Printer from Mac Operating System

At this time, most people use their Mac OS to connect to their printer and do their printing job smoothly. It makes the printing job in your palm. So, solving the network issue should also be easy and simple. The ping command process makes this work more accessible. The Ping ensures that the printer connects to the desired network and works well. It is possible to learn the issue by using the network utility only. The Ping makes it easier than the network utility troubleshooting. The Ping only sends small data to your printer and ensures that the printer can communicate with the device well.

how to ping a printer on a mac

If you cannot ping printer on wireless network, follow the steps below and perform the Ping from the Mac operating system to the printer.

Step-1: Go to the menu bar of the Mac and select “Go.” Find the tab “Utility” and click on it. You will see the “Network Utility” option. When you bring the cursor on it, you will see a list. Get the “Ping” tab and tap on it. On the following interface, you will see a box with the command saying “Enter a Network Address to Ping Box.” Fill the empty box with the IP address of your printer. Be sure of the IP address before pacing it on the box.

Step-2: You will see a section where you have to select the number of pings you want to send. Select “Send only ten pings.” You can edit the number manually and change it. But the default option for ten pings is OK to test the printer sufficiently.

Step-3: At last, tap on the “Ping” tab. You have to wait for a couple of minutes to begin the ping process. When you see the message coming to your Mac, check. If it is saying “Request Timeout,” and check again if you provide the correct IP address. Fill the required place with the valid IP address and then ping again.
For solving the problem, contact the network administrator to solve the issue.

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Final Thoughts

Since we are network-dependent already in the present time, we should have the basic knowledge to solve some problems ourselves. Printing is also a network-related job mostly. We prefer to work with a network-connected printer to work using our computer or Mac easily.
For solving network-related issues, you should know how to ping a printer. With this knowledge, you can find the issue efficiently and go ahead with the right solution. Otherwise, you may have to waste lots of time finding out where to go to solve the problem.


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